Chinese Couple Having Sex By Window Fall to Their Deaths

A Chinese couple fell to their deaths after having sex next to a window.

From NetEase:

The Weather’s so Hot that It Kills! Wuhan Lovers Making Love By Window Fall Off Building & Die

Recently, a netizen revealed that because the weather is so hot in Wuhan, it led to a couple broadcasting a “romance action film” [having sex] by the window to keep cool. Unfortunately, these two didn’t seem to notice the window was of poor quality in their moment of pleasure. Just as they were in the throes of passion, the window suddenly broke and the two of them falling out the building and died, leading to an irreversible tragedy. However, the source and authenticity of this incident has yet to be verified.

According to the netizen, it seems the couple didn’t notice the windows were in poor condition in their moment of pleasure. Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the windows broke, and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.

A netizen sighed that all sorts of bizarre things happen when the weather is hot.

WARNING: An image of the couple’s bodies on the ground was included with the article that may be upsetting to certain viewers. Discretion advised.

Comments from NetEase:

铲除贱B [网易甘肃省兰州市网友]:

It is said that “everyone dies, but if it is a worthy death, what do you have to regret?” Died fucking! Died having a great time! This is also counted as a worthy death. They died without regret. They should be smiling in their graves!

网易河南省平顶山市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

This is called being born for cunt, dying for cunt, struggling a lifetime for cunt, and eventually dying as a result of cunt.

网易江西省赣州市手机网友 ip: 111.79.*.*:

So embarrassing.

tym80113340 [网易贵州省遵义市网友]: (responding to above)

If she had a husband and was having sex with another man, then that would really be embarrassing!

网易四川省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

The house has a quality problem! Pay more attention when decorating it!

笨笨Lxs [网易河南省驻马店市网友]:

They lived a great life and died a bizarre death.

扑克牛仔 [网易上海市网友]:

Sex is a private thing for one to enjoy by oneself and their lover, and not to be shown to others. Some people intentionally let others see them having sex, and even think themselves noble and open-minded. Actually, it is a kind of perversion.

love3810380670 [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:

How come I didn’t fall when I was having sex by the window?

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:27.19.*.*:

Wuhan truly is a place where the odd are produced in large numbers.

zhaozhongxiansy [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Gotta have an air conditioner.

忘却过去的我 [网易吉林省长春市网友]:

Damn, this really is loving until death.

88085572 [网易河北省秦皇岛市网友]:

This reminds me of a song–The price for love.


The quality of the window was too poor, is there anything left in the Heavenly Kingdom that one can not worry about?


This is the best way to die.


Too crazy.


If they really loved each other, only one of them would die in this situation. That would be achieved by one person choosing to be the cushion to protect [break the fall of] the other one.


They weren’t born on the same day of the same month of the same year, but they managed to die on the same day of the same month of the same year.


Men must be firm in using doggy-style.


When Yama asks, they should reply they died having too much fun.

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  • whiskersthecat

    I got back in time for the sex scene, apparently.

    • Mighty曹

      Where d’ya go?

      • whiskersthecat

        I was in Dallas for a few days. I missed the shootout, drugs, and car chase stories from this Big Trouble in Big China movie that is apparently going on across the Pacific.

        • Mighty曹

          You should’ve gone to Detroit. You wouldn’t miss any of that.

  • Germandude

    I think it’s fair to say they died happily.


      Well yes, but right after they fell from the window but before hitting the ground I bet they were both thinking “oh, no, we’re fucked” before . . . . . SPLAAAAAT.

  • sam

    This story has been say to be false on weibo, the picture is from couple years ago. I advise Chinasmack to check the again.

    • MrT


      • sam

        Yes. saw it couple days ago.

        • MrT

          so basically a rerun off a old story for the sake of talking some sht on weibo because nothing interesting going on in China each week.?

          • terroir

            Global Times is saying that it is false. So adjust your credulity appropriately.

          • MrT

            well is there any interesting sex stories going on this week or is it just like a 2 year moon phase cycle for Chinese people?
            oh forget it i know the answer.
            any way what do you fink about Kevin Crud?
            Like snakes and ladder’s waaaaaa

          • MrT


          • Kai

            It’s Weibo. Like Twitter, people can start rumors and make up stuff that other people will believe and spread. The significance is in the phenomenon.

          • MrT

            yea, so like twitter in the west governments can access who spreads bullshit to cause riots and then lock them up, CHINA cant access Twatter or facefook so its banned in CHINA,so i get what you saying.

            CHINA needs to keep them systems banned because wanker governments like the US and UK use it to spread lies and cause trouble in other countries like CHINA.

            China should keep the bans in place, fuck Twatter and Facefook.

            I agree. Well pointed out.

          • MrT

            and Google.
            Baidu rulesz! waaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • Kai

            Er, that wasn’t what I was alluding to but sure, that can be true too. I was thinking more about things like Kevin Bacon dying.

            Just to be clear, cS translates a lot of things that aren’t necessarily true (maybe because they’re one-sided, preliminary reports, rumors, propaganda, publicity stunts, conspiracy theories, opinions, etc.) but they DID make a blip on the Chinese internet.

            The very nature of cS is not about determining the facts and finding out the truth, but about watching internet trends and phenomena, about seeing what Chinese netizens themselves are seeing and saying. That includes things like this. cS aims to be accurate in its translations, but that doesn’t mean the content of the articles it translates are objectively accurate.

          • MrT

            So great! I will QQ all my friends and tell them!

          • MrT

            can you add a QQ link back button, sick of all these western run web sites that can only link back to twatter or facefook!
            I’m in china after all i dont use that shit!

          • MrT

            and weixin, weibo and momo rule the world!

          • BiggJ

            If that’s the case just make your own shit up and accurately translate it. Why even bother to make sure chinese are talking about it weibo or whatever? Don’t get me wrong it’s funny to read chinasmack, but if your not sure if the story true or not why not just make your own story up? Then maybe chinese will copy from you.I would think the translation would come second to making sure the story is legit. But if that’s not how you want to do it then just do the same format as this news paper. Just add a chinese theme. Like” Woman in Harbin gives birth to 3 headed baby with a tail.

          • terroir

            “Batboy” ==> “Batboy with Chinese characteristics”. Great.

            Even after I debunked this story (terroir with a small “t”) this story still needs to be published.

            Because. People are going to fight and hate no matter what.

            Because. Facts are irrelevant.

            Because. You are the phenomenon.

          • Kai

            There’s a big difference between reporting what is trending via translation and simply making things up. The former is about observing phenomena in a system. It’s not about “truth” but about behavior. For example, why would anyone report someone’s opinion if it might not be true? Because there is still significance in the existence of that opinion and the expression of it.

            Whether a reader finds Chinese internet phenomenon and behavior significant is up to them of course. Thing is, it isn’t fair to judge cS when you don’t even bother to understand the editorial mission and methodology of cS.

            Different sites and publications have different editorial missions. cS aims to translate some of the things that many Chinese netizens have recently been talking about. We provide links to our sources and the original Chinese text so people can corroborate it and investigate further themselves if they want. It’s not like we make something up and then see if Chinese people are talking about it. It is the other way around. It is only when Chinese people are talking about something that we might translate it here. Horse before the cart.

            Other sites might aim to make up their own stories, with a Chinese theme. Check out sites like the China Daily Show or the Ministry of Harmony for example. However, they have an editorial mission too, and that is satire and parody. That’s their thing. It doesn’t make sense to judge them without understanding what they’re doing. Same with cS.

            Your image is relevant. cS can be very tabloidy at times due the nature of some of the stories that become popular on a populist medium like the internet. The big difference is that we explicitly provide our sources and our sources are mainstream, reputable, and widely influential Chinese news portals and social media sites. When sites as big as NetEase report the content of a Weibo post, even with the disclaimer that it is still waiting verification, and thereby perpetuates what turns out to be the rehash of an old story, it still reveals something about the Chinese media and internet that cS set itself to provide access to.

            As a long-time reader of cS, BiggJ, you should already know the wide breadth and diversity of topics and formats that cS translates. We’ve translated online news articles, discussion forum posts, microblog posts, and comments to them all. Whether the statements in these articles, posts, or comments are true or not is irrelevant. What is relevant to our mission is that they reflect an aspect of the Chinese internet through their popularity. Our mission isn’t to be sure if any particular thing is true or not except that what we’ve translated reflects an aspect of the Chinese internet we consider notable. Do you understand?

          • BiggJ

            All I’m saying is you can make your own shit up. Like make a bogus account on sina or weibo or whatever it’s called. Then for example find a foreigner and get him to pretend to pull a chinese girl hair or something and take a picture of it, then blur out both actors faces and write a bogus story Like ” foreigner seen assaulting woman in_______(insert small shitty chinese city here) and just write a story from the persons point of view who took the picture. Then post and wait a few days. Then translate to English on cS and and let chinese people say”kick all foreigners out of the middle kingdom!!!” And foreigners go on defense. Then just rinse and repeat. Keep posting real news stories….but just make some good ones up to when news is boring. Like The articles on here with the chinese person saying how foreigners are bad spouses or just use chinese GF’s for fuck toys.Well why not you guys write something like that and post it on weibo under a bogus name, then put on cS. The possibilities are endless. And you would have the advantage of being the first to post it.

            The beauty of this is cS doesn’t take an responsibility for posting these stories. If the story does get found out to fake just say” Well we were just posting something being talked about on weibo…….oops” The just repeat the response you gave to me to clear your name. I’d believe it. I know you guys could make up better stories then the ones found out to be fake on here. There are ways to tell a story to be unprovable. So if you did it right no one would ever know….and would be a lot more interesting. You know what kind of stories make good discussions starters. Just make them up.

          • Kai

            I’m having a hard time understanding the perspective you are coming from. Why would we go through the trouble of fabricating a story, planting it on the Chinese internet, hoping and waiting for it to go viral (if it ever does), to then translate it into English to post on cS just to have the “foreigners” in our comments “go on defense”?

            You must a seriously warped view of what this site is about and our motivations behind running this site if that example you gave sounds remotely like what we’re interested in doing here with cS.

            Our translators and editors already spend a lot of time finding, translating, editing, and formatting the posts we publish each day. There are tons of legitimately trending stories on the Chinese internet that we routinely are criticized for missing. Why would we waste our time making shit up and hoping it’ll go viral just so we can then dishonestly report it?

            Every so often, we do get some foreigners emailing us asking us to help them promote their story of injustice on our site or on the Chinese internet. Enough that we have a FAQ entry for it.

            We take a responsibility for what we promise to do, which is identify and accurately translate stories that are trending on the Chinese internet as best we can. There is no promise that the CONTENT of the translated articles, posts, or comments are 100% objective, true, or fact-checked. If we promised you that, you’d have a case, but we never have.

            We don’t “just say” we were posting something being talked about on the Chinese internet, it’s what has always been said in our About and FAQ pages. Do you need us to put disclaimers on every post and comment? Wait, isn’t that what our citing and blockquoting for?

            Furthermore, did you not see that the NetEase article itself cites where they heard the story and that the story was not yet verified? Did you not see that Angie translated it accurately?

            One of our ideals with this site is to present the Chinese internet as it is but simply make some of it accessible to people who are interested in what Chinese netizens are reading and saying online but just can’t read Chinese. We stress to every contributor that they do their absolute best to translate stories and comments on the basis of their popularity and representativeness instead of their own personal biases. I’m not sure why you think our primary motivation is to “make good discussion starters” instead of what is prominently displayed in our About page.

            As I already said, there are sites who want to get things straight, like Snopes. We’re not Snopes and we don’t pass ourselves off as Snopes. We have a very simple premise: Translate what’s trending with Chinese netizens. NOT translate what WE wrote that WE somehow made viral on the Chinese internet. If you don’t care for our premise, why are you here? We set out to build a SUV and built one, but you’re knocking us because our SUV isn’t more like a minivan?

          • BiggJ

            Don’t get me wrong im not saying you should do it, I’m just saying you could and nobody would be none the wiser. It was just a funny suggestion. And if i never like the website or how it was presented I would not read it. Only thing I think is translation should not be the goal of the site. The stories should be the main thing. That’s just my opinion. But for a real suggestion I would say to add more stories that are international news or real news about china. I would add more international stories before just internet gossip…not gossip but unverified chinese stories. Like the one about the american business man getting held hostage by factory workers in china…that was a good one. I know there are so many stories to pick from but people will get pissie if the stories are found out to be false even if you say they are not verified. People don’t like that sort of thing. That is what I was getting at by saying they are not verified it leave you open to criticism when they are debunked.And my suggestion about making stories up are just one thing people may think if story like that are on here. I could care less either way, I just get a laugh at the stories and comments, real or not.

          • Kai

            I think cS is the way it is because of its roots. Fauna saw herself as a wangyou herself and liked sharing the stuff that was making the rounds online. It was part of her life and the lives of Chinese people like her, a part she felt was underrepresented in English media, something foreigners didn’t really know much about at the time. She also felt translating was a easier way to practice her English than trying to write her own stuff.

            Over time, I think it became apparent that the emphasis on translating and not editorializing set the site apart from the other English-language sites/media covering China. The notion that you get a less-filtered look at the Chinese internet and internet discussions is part of cS’s appeal. Not everyone cares for it, but I suspect cS wouldn’t be where it is today if it simply paraphrased and rehashed news. That there have been sites that sprung up after cS emulating its style also speaks to the appeal of its style.

            I can understand people getting upset when they realize something they chose to believe turned out to be false. People hate feeling wrong or “made a fool of”. It’s a very human reaction. I think we just believe people need to learn for themselves how to read and think critically because it isn’t just internet stuff that can be unreliable. If the goal and mission we’ve given ourselves is to show aspects of the Chinese internet, I think it would be remiss of us if we didn’t show that there are rumors and lies and people who readily believe them. I’m just saying you have to judge something by the appropriate criteria.

            We understand we’re going to be criticized by some people no matter what, or that people will want this site to be something they want but we don’t want. That’s pretty human. All we can do is speak up for ourselves when we feel we ought to.

            The comments are real. You should click over to the original sources sometime and verify them yourself. Whether the Chinese person making them or voting them up are legit or not can’t always be determined. For example, we know there are wumaos, but we can’t always know if any specific comment was made by one or just someone who genuinely believes what they’re saying. Same with the comments on cS.

  • Guang Xiang

    The story sounds fabricated the moment it added details such as “just about to climax.” How would whoever is reporting this know?

    • whiskersthecat

      Scandalous reporter ; )

    • slob

      Obviously the ‘netizen’ was fapping while watching and has jerked it off many times to AV films.
      But from wherever you see it, you can’t know she’s going to orgasm unless you are actually the girl because it’s easy to fake anyway, maybe she leant back in order to try to GET more pleasure because she wasn’t anywhere near climaxing?

    • Jimney Cricket

      reporter was in the room watching

    • Mighty曹

      If “broadcasting a “romance action film” [having sex] by the window” means they were putting on a show then the entire neighborhood was watching. Well, maybe she was faking it too.

  • slob

    They have sex next to a window to keep cool and can’t afford an air-conditioner or fan.
    Why are these people still breeding?

    • Guest

      they aren’t still breeding. they feel out a window and died.


    If this story is real, which I question, this couple will provide the stiffest competition yet for the couple who died while parking their SUV a few stories back for the coveted Darwin award.

    • The Enlightened One

      It’s tough one, but I am still going to go with the SUV one. I mean she killed herself and her husband, while parking… and she was inside the vehicle… INSIDE! PARKING!

      This one is ridiculous but more feasible.

    • Darwin

      The woman parking the car had her 6 year old in the car at the time…so no Darwin Award as they had already had children.

      • Richard Ford

        Crap – I didn’t get the memo about the TPS reports…

    • Boris

      Stay safe kids. Always carry a condom and a parachute.

      • Danforce

        Chinese girls can always use their large panties as parachutes!!!

    • Richard Ford

      The SUV couple had kids. Do you even know what the requirements are for a Darwin award?


        I did forget for a monent what a Darwin award is, okay you’re right but I just wanted to point out how brutally incompetent they were. It’s still partially relevant in that they won’t be having anymore kids. Also I have no idea if either of those two that fell out the window had any kids so they may not qualify either.

        • Richard Ford

          If their kids get erased – and it can be linked back to the parents – then they may be in with a shot for sure.

  • Ralphrepo

    “…Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the
    windows broke, and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each
    other tight…”

    I can’t believe the dramatic license taken here; I’m sure that is “exactly” how it happened. That said, what I don’t understand is, if they were positioned next to a window to keep cool, presumably it is open; so why the hell would they even lean against it? There’s a lot that doesn’t seem to make sense here. Further, most ‘jumper’ stories are almost always replete with pictures of where the victims fell from, to add visual drama as it were. So where’s the pics of the broken window that they fell out of? Also, how come no broken glass or window frame fragments around the bodies? I notice too, that the story doesn’t even say where or how high they fell from, only a “window in poor condition…”


    • The Enlightened One

      Is it possible, she or was cheating on her husband or something and he came home to find her banging some other dude?

      He’s like GTFO! and out they went! I guess we will have to see the video evidence to make a conclusion.

      • Tark

        This is Sparta! style? I could picture that.

        • mr.wiener

          Good thing I live on the ground floor.

    • maja

      after a very quick search on baidu and weibo I can say no photos of the broken window are published, or at least the reports are REALLY focused on the dead naked bodies, someone using the screencap of an english language tweet instead of the original picture, I suppose to add some hipster estethics to the news.

      please prove me wrong, please please please.

  • The Enlightened One

    HAHAHAHA…. Chinese… what you guys lack in creative thinking you make up for in chaotic actions! I salute you!

    • iLL

      Your a retard. wtf is with making it a whole race thing. Lack of thinking makes you group a whole entire race rather then the action of 2 people. Enlighten yourself numb nuts

      • The Enlightened One

        Well that’s ironic, the guy named “iLL’ is calling me mentally ill.

        Calm down, it is true and you know it. I have had doctors, lawyers and other highly educated Chinese people admit that Chinese people lack creativity and it is a huge problem.

        Don’t get mad at me about it, talk to your government about the educational system.

        • Maji

          Our education system seriously needs your majesty’s help. Please educate us about how noble, how manly and how educated it is to laugh at two already deceased and to mock their entire race. The following link leads you to the website of ministry of education of China. Please apply for a job (you shouldn’t go for anything inferior than a vice minister) and help us:

          • lonetrey / Dan

            That’s… a really convenient link.

            My mind read it as “Mo'[re] edu cation”

          • maja

            That’s… some good looking profile photo there, where did you find this pic?

          • maja

            很男人: something like “upstanding” or “virtuous”, not “manly”. manly would be muscolar and/or hirsute, beer drinking, sports loving, etc.

          • maja

            not that there wouldn’t be people in the west supporting the Chinese version, but it’s still very difficult to understand if used in that way.

          • Muscolar

            I am sure manly means “having qualities traditionally attributed to a man or in a manly manner”. But since you said so, maybe that was not the right way for native speakers.Mo si wa ke a ri ma sen de si ta. – Maji

        • iLL

          You are a truly dumb arent you. Chinese people are a race and there are creativity Chinese people outside China. I am not talking about just China because there are Chinese people all over the world. Ya a whole entire race lacks creativity. You are talking about a whole race. That is stupid to say a race is not creative. Its insulting to Chinese people including me who is born Canadian. Get Enlightened about Chinese people being a race. I could give a crap about mainland China and the education system there.

          • BiggJ

            Chinese is not a race….. You should know that. Would be like saying Canadians are a race of people.

          • The Enlightened One

            Okay Chinese people are a race now because you said so…

            Just like the American race, the Russian race, the French race… see… is it starting to sound stupid?

          • Dan

            Have pity on the fool He is the product of an insular society.

          • iLL

            sure i take your point and i admit ok were not a race. Even though you can be racist towards Chinese. Still doesn’t take away the point to say Chinese people are not creative. There are people outside of China who are Chinese that just as creative as others.

          • Can’t remember my username

            Canadian? Really? Wow, I thought the Canadian education
            system was better than that? Of course Chinese isn’t a race. If it were, I’d refer to a Chinese person like you as a member of ‘the great Chinese master race’, but this is obviously incorrect.

            Whenever Chinese, like you, are insulting and divisive by classifying everyone as ‘us/we v them’ in a futile attempt to espouse the superiority of Chinese above all others who are non-Chinese, I refer to that symptom of a syphilitic, Mainland education system as the ‘Great Han master race’ inferiority complex. There’s a difference, see?

          • iLL

            So you can be racist against the chinese, yet its not a race. Ok, i then admit i was wrong. Were not a race, but we are ethnic chinese.

          • The Enlightened One

            You see why the word “racist” doesn’t even really make sense when used against other people?

            I think it is better to say I “discriminated” or “stereotyped”. Keep in mind, I meant da lu ren (Mainland Chinese) and more particularly blaming the educational system. I know there are some VERY creative Chinese people. It’s just they are few and far between in the Mainland.

          • iLL

            My point is this, Chinese people are not just in China. Hong Kong has lots of talented creative people, Taiwan has lots of creative people. Look even in mainland China have creative people. Look at food…there are amazing creative dishes in China. Even all the fucked up food they have, man it takes a creative person to make a fucking fake egg passable as a real egg. Before Mao, China was full of creative people, its just there belief of destroying everything and starting over really stalled the country. All the arts, literature, etc destroyed during the revolution was tragic and stalled all that growth. To say Chinese people are not creative is wrong. I understand when u say this about mainland China, but there are Chinese people outside China.

          • The Enlightened One

            You’re right. I am not really big on the proper classification of living organisms. But technically human being are a race (homo-sapiens) correct? So then sub-categories in that group would be better referred to as “breeds”, “species” or “ethnicity”.

            For example dogs are a race (canines) and there are different breeds or species of dogs (each with their own specific classification) that define many of their physical characteristics and possibly their characters.

            So, how can someone really be a racist? Wouldn’t it be like hating all people and yourself? If someone says they hate cats… wouldn’t that suggest they are a racist?

          • maja

            who would hate cats?

          • iLL

            Chinese is also a person from Chinese decent. You dont have to be from China to be Chinese.

          • BiggJ

            Yes you do. If you were born in Canada you are Canadian, not chinese. Your maybe Han or something but not chinese.

          • iLL

            The Chinese usually identify a person by ethnic origin instead of nationality. As long as the person is of Chinese descent, that person is considered Chinese, and if that person lives outside of China, that person is overseas Chinese.


          • BiggJ

            A person born outside China, including those with parent(s) holding Chinese nationality, does not have Chinese nationality if a foreign nationality is acquired at birth, if a Chinese national parent has settled abroad.


            Your Asian, and most likey a desent of Han chinese. But you’re Canadian.

          • iLL

            I am not talking about Chinese Nationality. Chinese does not just stand for Nationality and i never stated i was a Chinese citizen or hold Chinese Nationality. I am just saying people of Chinese Descent still consider themselves Chinese. Its our heritage, culture and descent.


            Overseas Chinese (traditional Chinese: 海外華人; simplified Chinese: 海外华人; pinyin: Hǎiwài Huárén) are people of Chinese birth or descent who live outside the People’s Republic of China and Republic of China (Taiwan). People of partial Chinese ancestry living outside the Greater China Area may also consider themselves Overseas Chinese. Overseas Chinese can be of the Han Chinese ethnic majority, or from any of the other ethnic groups in China.[22] A person may self-identify or be identified by others as an overseas Chinese person based upon any of several criteria, such as a direct lineal descent from groups originating from China, retention of Chinese cultural practices, self-identity with Chinese culture, or acknowledgement of a Chinese origin.

            I am Canadian, but Chinese as well. In Hong Kong they would call us CBC. Canadian Born Chinese.

          • ABC

            Lots of creative people in HK and also in Taiwan. However, they don’t like to be called Chinese and surely don’t count themselfe to be a part of the Chinese race/nation/ ethnic group.

          • Repatriated

            Just out of curiosity, Mr. Canada, have you ever BEEN to China?

          • maja


            as for the plural/singular tense, since I can’t access google right now I can’t provide the source, but in those cases when using “my people”, “the X country people” you’re supposed to use the singular.


          • maja

            btw, it’s not only nazi grammar. they are basically TWO DIFFERENT WORDS. a very approximate translation would be
            singular: 人民, implying an identification with something

            plural: 大众, implying many different persons
            you can have both at the same time, but if you say one of those, you’re not necessarily talking about the other.

          • Mighty曹

            Funny how three ‘men’ = 众 = crowd, while three ‘women’ = 姦 (traditional Chinese) = rape

          • maja

            I guess it’s supposed to be some real fun ;)
            btw, rape AND adultery AND fornication

          • Mighty曹

            So 大众 should be ‘big gang bang’. :D

          • terroir

            That’s nothing.

            Two men with a woman in between them: 嬲 (“niao3″) means “to tease” or “to ply with”.

            Use your imagination.

          • Mighty曹

            Yep, I was heading there by asking for the Chinese word for ‘menage a troi’.


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      Anyhow, weasels like you from poverty and trailer park backgrounds who are into Anime and play Xbox who speak the way you speak are a disgrace to the white race, and just shouldn’t speak.

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      If you think for even one second that you, yourself or those like you have produced any creativity, all your dead European artist intellectually whatevers forefather whatevers would send a swift elbow blow to your eye socket and tell you, you ain’t got nothing on The KHAN. They know who is the real king of the great arts and style. The KHAN so ahead that creativity take notes and ask me, so what’s next Mr. Khan? I take 99%, they get the rest and still pay me royalties and licensing fees you gas station boy.

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      Little White Lies, Little White Lies, Little White Lies…………
      Elvis invented Rock and Roll. British Ballroom Dancing didn’t come from the Africans.
      Khan built the Pyramids.

      • BiggJ

        You are so full of shit….shit must be just spraying right out your ears.

        • KHAN SMACKS

          Keep spreading Little White Lies Captain China, and youtube “Real Life Superheroes” to get a good laugh. And get treated for your Obesity Epidemic issues you health hazard.

          • BiggJ

            And you should get out of your mom’s basement and stop watching MTV. It’s really fucking with your sense of reality.

          • KHAN SMACKS

            Living in mom’s basement and watching MTV is a white boy thing as we all know… hmmmmmm? how’d you get that idea you Real Life Superhero looking fat fuck?

          • BiggJ

            And you’re a chinamen who thinks hes 50 cent while coasting off your parents accomplishment just like every other ABC. With you NBA hat on with the price tag still hangin off the side of it and pants down past the bottom of your ass while asking your mom for money to go to the mall or some shit. You’re just a 4 foot tall chinese fuck. Now that’s real.

          • KHAN SMACKS

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          • KHAN SMACKS

            Hey KHAN, you are a fucking legendary narcissistic douche. You done put a tombstone on every Loser on this site.

            I know, I know.

            Mind made of Gold, Body of a Womanizer and Soul that is Bloody Titanium.

            The Most Creative Pretty Bitch was here.


          • MrT

            “douche” is gay word

          • KHAN SMACKS

            gay is happy

          • MrT

            I is happy and not gay!

          • KHAN SMACKS

            Hey KHAN since there is no competition, I’m aiming for your undefeated title. Until next time you Pretty Bitch.

      • The Enlightened One

        I didn’t bother reading all of it… but I appreciate you writing the essay in my honor. Thank you.

        • KHAN SMACKS

          No worries, I thank you for giving me a practice dummy to smash around. You are one of those nice guys, and this serves as a study lesson for those who seek to learn the true Enlightened art of Khanthology.

          Just wait till everyone catches on and dismisses all those Little White Lies.

          • Mighty曹

            Sup Khan Bro! Loan me some hoes for the weekend.

          • The Enlightened One

            I love guys like you. Entertaining delusions of grandeur, portraying yourself like some bad ass, Hugh Hefner with tourretts or something.

            With all due no respect (to you of course), anyone can a rant like psycho and call themselves creative.


            Impressive, yes? Personally, I would rather just punch you in the face and watch you do the funky chicken, flying into a massive seizure when the sudden realization dawns over you… those Little White Lies are your master and there is nothing you can do.

          • KHAN SMACKS

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            You don’t know shit about the Enlightened movement and its a shame you choose to call yourself that. Uncreative ugly slob.

          • The Enlightened One

            Well that makes two of us that are unimpressed doesn’t it?

            You did realize the all caps rant was mocking you right?


            I prefer the Kagato-Jime (otherwise know at the Gogoplata) but to each their own.

            You shouldn’t presume to know someone based on staring at their thumbnails. Enough trolling for now, it’s boring. You are WAY off… I probably know Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and every other martial art better than you.

            Have a nice day!

          • KHAN SMACKS

            Internet warrior, you know you went and googled Omoplata right after reading my comment. You’re the one that self sabotaged yourself talking smack while putting a thumbnail of you and your old looking oriental maid on this site. Just stick to being a nice guy, which I’m sure you are in real life. Don’t be ashamed to be the One that pedastols your gf/wife. We all need people like you in this world to save them and grateful you are doing a good job. Therefore, I would never lay a punch on you if I met you in person. Even if you brag about KNOWING Japanese Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Karate, Taijitsu, Kenpo, Tai Chi, Taebo, whatever. I’m more of a PRACTICIONER of Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Escrima, Sambo and more but thats another conversation you can have with me when you buy me a drink when you see me at your bar.

            It’s a sunny day in Cali, so I will smack you later after I come back.

            And, Youtube “Real Life Superheros” to calm your anger.

  • The Enlightened One

    Well in the words of Joker…

    “If you gotta go, go with a smile.”

    • Irvin

      People don’t smile during sex.

      • MrT


  • MrT

    Well I bet the Chinese dude cum and she didn’t.
    Takes a Chinese bird more then 5 minutes to hit it.
    So he died happy, she died wondering whats it all about.

    • slob

      She probably arched back about to scream “Why can’t I ever orgasm WHYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!!!!!” but then suddenly quality windows got the better of them.

      • MrT

        they started on the bed, she was screaming harder harder (cant feel a thing) and before they knew it they were out the window.

    • Mighty曹

      She told him “Hurry! Your WINDOW of opportunity is closing!”.

  • wut

    just another peaceful day in china…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    They certainly fell hard for each other. :/

    • mr.wiener


    • The Enlightened One

      I think that is about as hard as one can fall… well unless they lived in a 50 story skyscraper or fell off a plane or something.

      • Irvin

        nah, I think they reached terminal velocity.

    • Boris

      China -someone finally gave a flying f**k.

      • mr.wiener


      • bruce lee fan

        that’s a good one and I thought the Chinese are extremely private shy people

    • asfd

      Very tact of you to make a joke at the expense of two people dying :/

      • whiskersthecat

        So many chances for humor and you just want to throw them all…out the window

    • bruce usa

      u have no compassion.

    • linette lee

      I want to say something, but forget it. XD

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Haha now I’m curious what you were going to say!

        • linette lee

          hahaha…. XD

          That was hardcore action. Kids please don’t try.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I feel like there are other things that can be considered “hardcore”, but definitely “deviant”! :P

  • Dr Sun

    who was riding the bike ?

    This story is bs

    • terroir

      A woman having an orgasm during sex?

      complete bs

    • whiskersthecat

      Probably a terrified bystander.

  • terroir

    “Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the windows broke, and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.”

    Never come. You will die if you do.

  • jeffli

    It goes to show Chinese construction quality is found wanting and not satisfactory

    • Dan

      A Chinese is going to reply to you stating that the windows was of Japanese manufacture in 3.2.1….

  • terroir

    Notice how there aren’t any details? Like a date? And the fact that the above report says “source to be determined”?

    Shenanigans. For once, the Global Times is right.

    On June 10th, some guy called “Vincit Omnia Veritas” (latin for “truth conquers all”) made a post on (click if you want, but its NSFW:

    If you don’t want to click, the story “Naked Asian Couple Fell from 5th Floor Window During Wild Sex” says:
    “This Asian couple was allegedly having wild sex in the window of their 5th floor apartment and as things got heated, they lost balance and fell to their deaths. Two dead, naked Asian bodies in front of the apartment building – how awesome is that? Looks like the dude took out street lamp on his way down. Hopefully they died happy.”

    A picture of this same post with “Vincit’s” name on it began making the rounds. Yes, this “news” originated from outside China. As seen here:

    The actual “REAL” incident looks like it’s from 2007 in which a young naked couple fell to their death from an 18th story window in the Fengtai district of Beijng, a correction as reported by

    Still wanting to confer a Darwin award?

    • maja

      thank you

  • Devin

    envious,jealous and hateful

    • Irvin

      don’t be, there’re plenty of old windows in china.

  • BiggJ

    They fucked themselves to death. That’s hardcore.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yep, their lust for each other was LEGIT.

      • BiggJ

        Too legit to quit.

  • Mighty曹

    Young lovers intimacy took flight.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    THE question is, was he still inside of her when they died?

  • Marcus Black

    sexing on the edge can get you killed people.

  • Irvin

    I guess you can say they “came” outta the window hehehehehehehehe >:)

  • Californiaz

    Darwin strikes again.



  • M Butterfly

    Cheap ass quality Japanese made windows.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Fucking Japs, had they made quality concrete & pavers for the sidewalk below, these two lovebirds would still be alive and banging.

      • Mighty曹

        Fucking Japs, didn’t they experiment with this type of fall at Unit-731?!!

        • YourSupremeCommander

          I am impressed by your knowledge of history.

          – Your History Professor

          • Mighty曹

            You really shouldn’t be.
            -Your Supreme Professor

        • maja

          I hope they didn’t…

          • Mighty曹

            Me too.

  • Patrick Chuen

    They die is worth.

    • YourSupremeCommander


      • Mighty曹


    • BiggJ

      ….Says Yoda’s retarded brother.

  • mattman_183

    Oh yeah. This story is fake. As if the way too detailed story wasn’t enough. from 2007.

    • Mighty曹

      Thanks for the link.

  • g

    one less idiot couple having an idiot child. Good construction work

  • Fiona Wong

    what the fuck did I just read?

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  • guest

    Made in china

  • dumbledore

    “Just as the female climaxed and involuntarily arched her back, the windows broke, and she lost balance. With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.”

    Dumbass speculation and guessing. I know the Chinese media has issues with decent reporting, but this is just plain retarded.

    • MrT


  • Tony Heaney

    this story is vague at the very best get your story right before you publish it. Facts are important. 3/10 fail

  • Albasoft

  • ldkqj

    **Chinasmack. Because the laowai needed to see this.**
    Good job Fauna as always.

  • Kochigachi

    They could have been murdered or forced to jump and local police was paid to fabricate story.

  • (.__.” }

    He must have really busted a nut when he landed.

  • Ryo Saeba

    The guy try to copy Japanese porn. Too bad the window is installed from corrupted officials which, apparently, is there just for looks.

  • xxx

    Suht lamp

  • Peppy

    Were they inspired by this?

  • Middle_Kingdum

    If she is wearing her hairy-leg stockings, the man would not wish for such passion and both would be alive today.

  • Alakhai

    They committed suicide.. sad and romantic.

  • Calles

    Lol, well, I just can say Wuhan is indeed very hot in summer…

  • trouse


  • trouse

    kung fu doesn’t work

  • Jacqui Low

    Where was the climax of the story LOL

  • Jolie Chen

    Very priceless

    – K&J Fashion)

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