Shanghai’s Pink Piggy vs. Hong Kong’s Yellow Rubber Ducky

A pink piggy in Shanghai's Huangpu River, a Chinese netizen photoshop joke targeted at Hong Kong's yellow rubber ducky.

Currently the 3rd “hottest” microblog post on the Sina Weibo social network over the past week [at time of translation]…

On Sina Weibo:

巴黎Feng: Shanghai should do this [above image] and Hong Kong’s Little Yellow [Rubber] Ducky will be nothing anymore! [嘻嘻]

A 16.5-meter-high giant Rubber Duck by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is towed along Hong Kong's Victoria Habour Thursday, May 2, 2013. Since 2007 the Rubber Duck has traveled to veries cites including Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Worthy of a shanzhai power, haha.


Support! [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


[哈哈] Well-mocked!


Dong Fang Min Zhu [哈哈] [a pun on the Chinese name of the “Oriental Pearl Tower” that literally means “Oriental Famous Pig”]


[猪头] How can one floating pig be enough? There at least needs to be several tens of thousands of pigs floating in the Huangpu River in order to be invincible!


Is this real or not? Haha.


This is sprinkling salt in the wounds of the Shanghai people, Shanghai people will be upset about this!


Mommy Pig has come to find her over 10,000 children!


I strongly recommend doing this.


Magic City wins. [魔都 mo du, “Magic City”, is one of Shanghai’s nicknames, originating from the Japanese.]


[哈哈] — It should have all four legs pointing to the sky to match reality, but be careful, if the Shanghainese get upset, the entire country’s people will be having pork soup!


Its belly should be facing upward to be accurate.


I’m currently on The Bund, but there is no such thing?!


The Oriental Famous Pig totally beats the Pearl of the Orient‘s little yellow ducky.

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  • Haha

    First to ride the piggy! So cute~

    • Jay K.

      fuck i got sloppy seconds!

  • seven

    The piggy maybe die of butts

  • Germandude

    Is this truely one of the hottest stories on the chinese interwebs? Truely pathetic…

    • BiggJ

      This was the 3rd talked about thing….really?? What was 1 and 2 about? It had to be better then this.

      • Germandude

        C’mon, easy guess BiggJ.

        1st: some love song with really deep lyrics. Like: Outside the sun is shining, I am alone playing WoW, never meet my soulmate…

        or sth of that kind

        2nd: some cool jokes that appear to be lost in translation.

        • BiggJ

          haha, yeah you’re probably

    • slob

      It’s obviously a photoshop, the quality is pretty shitty if you enlarge the picture. It’s a statement made about the thousands of dead pigs in the Shanghai river.

      I agree though, how the fck does a shitty photoshop picture become the 3rd hottest topic? Then again, remember the floating politicians?

      • lonetrey / Dan

        No need to enlarge. The way the lighting is on the animals should tell you automatically that they are lit as if they were in a room, while the background looks like a grey-ish outdoors.

        • Jimney Cricket

          No need to enlarge ’cause it’s dumb

    • Barney Rubble

      but then again, in comparison, have you ever looked at any of the most popular videos on youtube?

    • Quentin

      Yes, because Western sites like reddit are too sophisticated to have stupid memes on their front page.

      • Insulting cS by comparing it to reddit isn’t something you can take back, you know.

    • Kuramano

      I thought Germans are smart people…

  • mr.wiener

    “How can one floating pig be enough? There at least needs to be severaltens of thousands of pigs floating in the Huangpu River in order to be invincible!”

    Proving once again that many netizins are smarter than the are given credit for.
    Since the rubber ducky is under repairs. [apparently mainland tourists flicked lit cigerettes at it] I predict a horde of pissed off Honkies heading for Shanghai ,cartons of of coffin nails ready to light.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • carmouflagger

    Fake, its not upside-down.

  • Chinaprat

    My boogers taste funny!

  • Dave

    Duck is depressed over this.

  • MrT

    The pink pig fucks the yellow duck.

    Always said HK was the arsehole of China.

    • linette lee

      be quiet. They need to put 3000 pink pigs in their river. lol

      • MrT

        I’m thinking you like it yellow ducky style?
        and im often called a pig so maybe…
        no only joking! never go where a yanks been;0

        • uiop

          what is more depressing, fauna selling her own country’s honor or the fact that she is selling it to amazingly stupid people.

          • If these translated articles destroy China’s honor, and they are real events/popular topics in China, then…what honor?

          • uiop

            because if no translation, foreigners here would’t know anything about events/popular topics in China, i don’t see the point of translating for them, especially when you read the comments
            this is like serving fine cuisine in burger king, but in these case what is being served is an entire culture and the opinions of people who are then being talked about and judged by people that shouldn’t be given the right to talk in the first place

          • But this stuff exists anyway, translated or not. So, again, if it exists…then how is there “honor” in any of it? I would think that someone who admit that bad things happen would have more honor than the person who does everything they can to hide it and pretend everything is A-OK. So, again, what honor?

          • James

            he means he’s ashamed foreigners know how truly pathetic so much of their stuff is & makes him feel inferior

          • James

            lol someone’s feelings got hurt because of internet criticism

            of how pathetic a lot of crap in china is. grow a fucking pair

            calling the blitherings of various clowns on the chinese webboards fine cuisine reminds me of how McD’s is looked at as expensive by many there

        • It’d be impossible for you to pass muster after that.

      • James


  • BiggJ

    Was there a Pink Floyd concert in shanghai recently?

    • ChinaSpit

      Yes, but it was fake.

      • BiggJ

        It was fake??Well..I could have swore I was at the concert…..that’s the last time I take LSD and listen to dark side of moon. I knew something was up when a griffin gave me a ride to the concert on his back…and all around me “black magic woman” by Santana was playing as we flew.

  • the ace of books

    Who says Chinese can’t enjoy situational irony?

  • BiggJ

    I think the yellow ducky is pretty cool. It looks a like its in a bathtub with little boats. This pig just look retarded. Just looks like a pig drowning in a cesspool. It’s just like all chinese things…they just copy and idea from someone else and make a cheap knockoff of it …..probably has lead paint on it too. lol

    • filabusta

      Its fake… Just a joke.

    • Jin Ch’in

      actually the original idea was the duck in the New york few years back..Hong copied that concept

  • filabusta

    What about the mysterious foam of Nanjing? I would rather read about that.

    • Metian

      Or the girl in Xiamen that stripped outside a nightclub at 8pm, then killed herself? That’d be better, Chinasmack’s articles are getting weak lately.

      • CoC

        link or it never happened

    • The Enlightened One

      True, both these stories mentioned here would be more interesting to me than a huge floating pig…

      • radbab

        except it’s neither huge, nor floating since it’s all photoshopped. Next on Chinasmack: North Korean UFO spotted over Dandong!

        • Charles

          I am in Dandong and I can tell you without a doubt that this story about North Korean UFOs is utter nonsense! ;)

  • Jin Ch’in

    at least this pig look look healthy and not rotting with diseases

  • linette lee

    Who cares about your floating pig. Shanghai can never beat HK. We have the world largest floating restaurant. It’s absolutely stunning. Try that shanghai. HK Jumbo floating restaurant.

    • forgive me for bursting your bubble, but everyone knows the following:

      Harbin > Lanzhou > Urumqi > Taiyuan >…. Shanghai > Taiwan > Hong Kong

      • Germandude

        Throw Qingdao, Xi’An and Xiamen into the mix. All prettier cities than Hong Kong.

        • and they’re great for dinner conversation

          A: So where did you go?
          B: Oh y’know, Hong Kong
          A: Oh… more vegetable for you dear?

          in contrast to

          A: So where did you go?
          B: Oh y’know Xi’An
          A-Z: Oh Xi’An!! Tell me all about it!

          Poor Hong Kong :(

          • radbab

            the terracotta warriors are more impressive on photos. The muslim quarter would have been beautiful with less people and less fast food garbage all over the street – or the guy peeing against some ancient chinese pedestal in the middle of the street. Xi’an subway was very clean and new. The “bazaar” was ok but touristy. I wonder if anyone bought the Osama bin Ladin playing card set. The mosque was nice but in a neglected state. The City wall was very impressive. Nice to walk on in the morning. Otherwise it was a pleasant city. Local food was also quite okay. Imho I’d rather go to Pingyao again than to Xi’an.

            Went to the big buddha on lantau. Went to Ocean Park, Went to Disney World, had great dimsum in Kowloon. Went to the peak (take a taxi, the tram is a rip off and waste of time). Went to the jumbo restaurant. Saw the new years parade. Saw the fireworks from a hotel with harbor view. Enjoyed taking the ferry whenever possible. Enjoyed nice attentive service in pretty much all restaurants. Did a day trip to Tai’O fishing village. Did a day trip to Macau. There was so much to do, we totally forgot to go shopping and buy essentials like milk powder or iPhone :)

          • linette lee


        • BiggJ

          Are they as much fun?:)

        • James

          ha germandude led w qingdao

          at least your people taught them to make decent beer there

      • linette lee

        Have you ever been to Hong kong? Have you taken the tram to the peak tower during night time and look down?

        • im just playing with you since youre so defensive about HK. Im sure Hong Kong have its own attraction.

          • MrT

            yea the border crossing back out!

          • haha

          • linette lee


            Next time if you go take the tram to the peak around 5 or 6pm when the sun is about to set. You won’t be disappointed with the night skyline of HK. It’s breathtaking.


            There is a restaurant at the peak. The name of the restaurant is Pearl on the Peak. You can dine there with a panoramic views of HK. Do that at night time. Book the restaurant. It’s pricey but it’s worth it.



          • I might do that. That first picture looks like a toy model rather than a real picture, did you notice.

          • linette lee

            also make sure you ride the cable car….if you are not afraid of height. It’s from mountain to mountain with oceanview.

            I ride it many time and I still couldn’t get over the fear of height.


          • radbab

            seriously, take the Taxi. views are nearly as good, but you won’t have to wait for 1 hour when everyone wants to take the tram up to see the sunset.

            With that many people you have to be lucky to get a window place in the tram anyway. And then make a photo in just that moment when there’s no trees or buildings blocking the view…

          • linette lee

            take the taxi yes. But the tram has history. So must take it at least once.

          • Mighty

            The Mini bus up to the Peak is even more enjoyable and cheaper.

          • Rick in China

            HK is one of my favorite cities -in the world-, and I’ve been to many..not just for some stunning views, but in general it’s got a good vibe and there is lots to keep you occupied in a very small space, which means less travel time between attractions.

            No need to go to ‘famous’ spots, lots of bars with great rooftop views, or restaurants – one of my fave is aqua in TST, great harbour view. Or Ozone – if you want to go to the highest club in the world, their Jap food is awesome, finish off with a bottle of goose along the bar top on the window, and enjoy.

          • Rick in China

            Nevermind “world’s highest” – I think it was when it was new :D seems not so any more.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I would say the same. One of the my favorites.I always end up staying longer then I intend to. Las Vegas is fun too…..but I just don’t like to gamble…If I was a gambler that would be number 1 for me. My all time favorite place is Acapulco….Mexico in general is fun. I don’t know why people don’t like it. Sure there are drug murders and kidnapping and all that…but who cares…It’s not as fun when it’s safe away. And another plus is there are not a lot of chinese people there. lol

          • I’m not a fan of cities, and especially not a fan of flashy, expensive places. But Las Vegas surprised me. I had a blast. I also don’t like to gamble, and have been to a casino maybe four times in my life. My first time to Vegas, though, I won $300 on a total of $33, and quit. The Las Vegas strip is seriously the most fun place full of the strangest people in the world.

            I would much rather be living out in the Pacific Northwest countryside than anywhere else in the world.

          • BiggJ

            I agree with you, I like my country side life the best. That where I live. I do like to travel to big cities but to live in them…no fuckin way. I have a soft spot for mexico though…all inclusive resorts are hard to beat. I go a few times a year. Usually only cost me $1000 for a week including plane ticket. Hard to beat that. ANd usually have nice golf courses too….golf is also hard to beat.

          • linette lee

            hheheeheh.. mexico always good price. All inclusive food and stay.. I don’t think they cover alcoholic drinks though. I need to go to one of those all inclusive too. I will eat myself to a pig. Dominican republic is dirt cheap too.
            Also those cruise ship is dirt cheap. Eat all you want.
            With shows on board in their auditorium and casino.

            The expensive one is atlantis at bahama. I need to save money for that one.


          • BiggJ

            Every all inclusive resort I’ve even been to the booze is all free…as much as you can drink. Food is all free. Mostly buffet style but they have a la cart that you have to sign up for but its every night and its free. Some resorts have a European meal plan….don’t ever go to one of them. The only thing I buy down there is weed. And there is a trick at these places. You can buy it right on the resort. Usually every resort has mini night market thing on the resort where they sell silver and people do painting and odds and end. There are always a few that sell pipes. Find these guys and just buy A pipe and ask them for some. Just figure out how much you want and what price and when they bag up your pipe they put the weed right in the bag with your pipe. it done one knows:) I done this on every resort.You don’t even usually have to ask, they will ask you…but you have to buy a pipe though…it’s like the password lol.

            I’ve wanted to go to the Dominican but just never went.Always Mexico. Just there is the best selection of resorts there for good prices. They are pretty much the same. I just pick a different one everytime.

            And don’t worry about the price. You will have just as much fun at a place that is $1000 or a place that is 4000. I always go around 1000-1500 and never been disappointed. And that is airfare from canada and 7 nights. 2 weeks is perfect though. Also what kind of people they let in. The ones that are family friendly are fun too…but if you go to the adults only ones…that gets kinky fun. lol You can end up doing lines of blow off some chicks My wife is not to happy about that story). They wont let you swim at night which sucks. It’s always a blast though. But resort picks you up from the airport and takes you back…all you need to do is have fun.

          • Yeah that’s a good deal. I haven’t been to any resorts in Mexico, though. Just went to a few cities with some friends, back before it really went bonkers with all of this drug cartel violence. But, man, I use to want to live in a city when I was in my early 20’s. I tried it a few times, but could never really enjoy it longer than the first month or so. Then one day I took a week long backpacking trip through the Ozark mountains, managed to get a fish hook stuck deep into my shin, and while sitting on a nice, cool rock in the shade next to a stream, thinking of any way to not have to hike 16 miles back to my car to go to the hospital (hadn’t had my tetanus booster in a while, didn’t want to have to dig into my own shin with my dirty pocket knife), I felt so relaxed and realized that this is where I need to be. Then I went back to school for a new degree in environmental, water, and soil sciences to try and get a job in a national park. Mostly successful so far. Also I did end up hiking the whole 16 miles back, with the last few miles being in the dark with the worst choice of flashlight ever.

          • Mighty

            Being a park ranger in Yosemite would be good too.
            BigJJ would’ve smoked a fat one and worried about the fish hook the next day.

          • linette lee

            You live a great adventure life. :)

          • linette lee

            I can never get used to the countryside. Not my style of living. Life is too short to live quietly. I went to many states in USA and majority of them are nothing like NYC. IT’s so quiet there and boring. EVerything close at 5pm. Foods are horrible. I want to live in an international city with people from different background. And experience their foods and culture. Beautiful quiet countryside is for vacation. I can go for vacation twice or so per year and enjoy some quiet time. I went to many carribbean islands like St.Thomas, barbados, etc..and I loved it. Love the clean clear water beach. The beach water is so clear and shallow miles away with fishes swimming around my feet.
            I love the woods too. So peaceful. I like hiking and listening to the insect sounds.
            I wish I know how to ski. :(

          • You obviously went to the wrong parts of the countryside. I don’t understand how you couldn’t appreciate the fresh air and amazing landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, or other places, but I guess you probably can’t understand why I can’t appreciate the filthy air, rude people, and overpriced everything of the big cities. Different stroke for different folks, though.

            All-inclusive tropical resorts don’t count as the countryside. Also, on the topic of experiencing different cultures and a variety of international foods, it’s really not that hard to find anywhere in California, at least as far as I’ve experienced.

          • Mighty

            2 years ago I was driving up to Canada. 50 miles from the border I realized I didn’t have my passport with me. But it was the best brainfart in my life because I ended up spending a whole week on the Washington and Oregon coasts. On the way home I even visited ‘Trees of Mystery’ up in the northern part of Calif.

            Yup, the Pacific Northwest is awesome!

          • It’s always a tough decision on whether to take the Coastal highway 1 or the Avenue of the Giants.

          • Mighty

            On that trip I drove thru the Ave of the Giants (it was dark as dusk in some stretch) then went back out to Hwy-1. The drive took twice as long but well worth it.

          • linette lee

            I can definitely do without the polluted air in major cities.

            But fresh in the morning in winter the air in HK and NYC is not so bad. haha…It’s cool in HK and cold in NYC.

            rude people? well..I am pretty rude myself. lol.

            over priced? If you work there you won’t feel it because your salary will have cost of living adjustment.

            I have been to san francisco and san diego and still they are not as multicultural as NYC. NYc is more international. I like it better.
            San diego you don’t even need to speak english. YOu can just speak spanish like florida.

            I am sure as I age I will like a slower and more quiet life. May be I will move to another state to live a while. who knows.

          • linette lee

            I have never been to las vegas. Love to go for a weekend also.

          • I went twice in one year haha, on two different road trips through the US Southwest and up through California. Amazing road trip.

          • linette lee

            Did you photographed the grand canyon? It’s surely a beautiful stunning landscape.

            You just reminded me I still have 2 free hotel stay in las vegas. I got it through casino promotion. haha. Maybe I really should go for weekend trip. Those casino occassionally give out promotion free hotel nights to draw in people to turn them into gambler. lol.

          • BiggJ

            Same here man, I go to casinos sometime but its always with someone who wants to gamble. I only play until i loose the money I bring in,..or if i win some. I dont have that gamble bug people have.

            Yeah Vegas is a funny place. It’s the energy of the place. There is just something about it. They have good shows too. And always cheap deals there too. That is the cheapest place I would say you can get to. including flight and hotel. But they want you to gamble. lol

            I feel that about the east coast like you do the west. There is no other place I would rather be. My idle thing to do is get in my boat just before sunrise with a 12 pack of beer and a few joints rolled and my fishing rod and just sit there as the sun comes up with the mist rising off the lake and loons calling out and just sit there until about noon. I don’t even keep the fish lol. I just throw them back. Something about doing that rewinds my chi up and the world seems to just turn for me in that moment in time…. I want to die doing that.

          • That sounds amazing. I just haven’t spent much time at all on the east coast, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve only been up the New England area a few times, maybe spent a month total in time there.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah the west i’ve never been too many spots. Not for any amount of time. I’ve been to Vancouver a few times…but not for vacation reasons. But never to the west side of america. I’ve been though the east cost of America a lot. I know they say there is no place like home…but Nova Scotia is one of the best places in the world. And it’s not because that is where I was born…if you like the country life…that is the spot. The capital of NS only has 400,000 people…and thats the biggest city. So imagine what the country is like. I live in a pretty unique place in the world.. like 5 min drive from my house is the Bay of Fundy. It has the highest tides in the world. Some of the best whale watching in the world. And inland NS had over 5000 lakes in that small area of land with great fishing. There are 10 lakes withing a 10 min drive in all directions from my house. And it’s great for camping. If that is your style then NS is the spot to be. No other place I’d rather be. Here are some pics. And when I do go to America I always take “The Cat” It’s a ferry from yarmouth to bar harbor, Maine. The fucker goes 90 KM an hour.:)

            That pic is low tide/high hide.

          • Rick in China

            This is my favorite quote:

            “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain
            In my last decade or so, travelling profusely, I’ve gotten rid of many stereotypical views.. an example of this is re: ‘safety’

            My first trip to Africa was to climb Kilimanjaro. Being from Canada, my only real interactions with Africans were African Americans in the US – and they were mostly negative, in terms of..yeah, I didn’t feel safe. So, travelling alone at 25 to Africa for the first time – without planned/purchased mid-trip flights/hotels, I thought safety might be an issue. Especially since I was arriving in Nairobi (aka “nairobbery”). Even the people at the hotel were like “don’t go out alone”, but that’s exactly what I did my first day there, walked from the ‘secured’ hotel (Fairmont, if you’re in Nairobi, it’s awesome, stayed several times) just outside of the city to the city center based on a general pointing of “it’s that direction”. It was a great experience in that – while I was fit like a m’fer with my head shaved and ready to climb Kili, I was expecting to likely encounter some sort of “criminal elements” the internet rants about. In fact, I met a refugee from Sudan on the street and wandered with him for a few hours, he convinced me to buy some malaria tablets, and I convinced him to let me buy him some food from a supermarket..all he wanted was ‘lard and rice’. I walked back to the hotel at night, somehow found my way back in the dark without any issues.. In my experiences on that first trip, all I found were *great* people and new perspectives…the opposite of what I would have expected.

            Future trips have made me come to believe people in Africa (or just Nairobi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda) are among the kindest and most compassionate people. If you walk around downtown in a metropolitan city in the US at night, you’d never believe it was the case..but that’s where the twain quote comes in – travel and first-hand perspectives kills a lot of negative stereotyping media and those-less-travelled helps perpetuate.

            We hear about horrors in Mexico as you mentioned, but the fact remains: while a tourist might get f’d up every once in a while, the VAST majority have an amazing time – and it’s really unfortunate that a bad news piece or two turn so many people off of travelling out of fear, when they often have just as much (or more) to fear in their own neighbourhoods.

          • BiggJ

            That sounds like a wild time. I’ve never been to Africa. Just never seem to have time to go. Yeah people will get put off by some bad news from a country. But also criminals are not stupid..they wont fuck with someone that will give them trouble. They are like hyenas…they will only fuck with the weak or hurt animals. When you hear about things like that it’s usually some old couple or a young woman or something like that who get something done to them. A big man in his 20 or 30 is not the first target of a petty criminal. But in general people don’t have too much to worry about. Just be smart about it. And like you said you most likely have more to fear right in your own back yard.

      • Taiwan isn’t a city. Hong Kong happens to be a City.

        • James

          if you want to get technical, taiwan was originally something like tayuan in a native language & was only a small area on the sw coast near todays tainan,

          • Guest

            What about the natives?

      • The Enlightened One

        Everything is better than Taiyuan, I hate that city so much. I only go there if I absolutely have to… it’s gloomy when there isn’t a cloud in the sky in the middle of Summer. That city reminds me of Mordor from the LOTR.

      • You misplace Taiwan, it’s supposed to be miles ahead of everything else listed there.

      • David S.

        If a coal mine and a steel mill had a baby, they’d call it Taiyuan.

    • MrT

      HK all so go the most wogs from every corner of world hanging out in 7/11 shops all day drinking beer and gin.
      Go HK Go HK!

      • linette lee

        hahahah…you hate hk. lol

        • MrT

          well if you had ever lived in the motherland you would know why…

    • filabusta

      Hong Kong is only cool if you’re rich.

      • Harold Janson

        C’mon, be fair… living in rented out chicken cages can be cool too

    • iLL

      To bad that floating restaurant serves crappy food over priced food, to lure in stupid tourist. I love how you try to make this HK vs Shanghai. Troll

    • James
    • Rick in China

      Jumbo is great. That reminds me:

      “I like a woman to take control but they’re hard to find. For example, when I go out to a restaurant I know every girl in there wants to come say hi and be sexually aggressive, but they’re all so gripped by shyness that they don’t even make a move. In some cases the shyness is so severe they won’t even look at me.”

    • LuoyangLaowai

      Dont give the Mainlanders any more Ideas to Copy!

  • linette lee

    ,,,,,,,,,,The Oriental Famous Pig totally beats the Pearl of the Orient‘s little yellow ducky………….

    I don’t think so shanghai. Keep dreaming. HK is constantly named the most beautiful city in the world by many foreign magazines.

    • Germandude


      your link mentiones:
      The 25 Most Beautiful Skylines in the World

      Hong Kong the most beautiful city in the world. LMAO. Let’s come up with other sources:

      aaaaaaaaaand just broke down for me again. Anyways, I could name you at least 50 cities that are more beautiful than HKG, but that would just be my opinion.

      Hong Kong is NOT a beautiful city. Just another Mega-city. But well organized and with loads of choices for shopping and dining.

      • linette lee

        Hong kong is known for its amazing architecture. All the skyscrapers have special designs. Architects from around the world would go to HK just to have a look at the skyscraper designs.

        “Modern Architecture
        When faced with the challenge of a lack of available land, Hong Kong decided to look up. Today, Asia’s world city has more than 7,600 skyscrapers, high-rises and other iconic buildings that make it a living showcase of the best in international contemporary architecture.”

        On top of that, Hongkong is a mountainous city with water all around. Which makes it even more challenging for the architects. The mountains and Harbour complementing the skyscrapers give you a stunning view especially at night time when the whole city is light up. HK has a nick name The pearl of east 東方之珠.

        • iLL

          lol..seriously give that shit up. All major cities has its up and downs. Stop making Hong Kong like its the all to be all. Should we start listing all the crappy shit about Hong Kong. Lift your blindfolds off. Its like your the Chinasmack republican. All the shit you talk just a turn off.

        • Chinamark

          We get it, you’re from HK (or at least claim to be).

        • Mighty

          “WinterFest” HK’s trademark. It’s the world’s ‘one of a kind’. No other city, including New York, Shanghai, or Tokyo, comes close to its awesome display of lights.

          • Mighty

            Also: The elevated pedestrian walkway network is arguably the best in the world. It connects major ferry, MTR, bus stations to buildings (restaurants and shops in every building). One can walk all day without ever setting foot on the streets.

            *MTR timing is also amazing. Just as your train is slowing to a stop the train that you’re about to transfer to will be arriving on the other side of the platform.

          • linette lee

            yes, that’s right. Not only that. Those residential buildings in HK many have tunnels connecting to each other. YOu stay inside buildings without stepping foot outside the street from one building to another building few blocks down. It’s awesome.

            And so many indoor super size shopping malls. You practically never need to go outside the streets.

            HK is filled with malls. Shopping malls everywhere. Subways take you there. Inside the malls they have everything from rollercoaster to ice skating rings. Theaters….it’s just crazy. lol.

          • Mighty

            Damn, I miss HK already (and I was just there).

          • linette lee

            HK is very festive like all major cities in the world like NYC. Christmas , easter, new year , moon festival..lantern…..lights lights lights..

          • Mighty

            WinterFest, generally from Christmas season til Chinese New Year, is really unmatched by any city. Shanghai may be the next closest with its harbors.

        • Germandude

          There is a reason why the most beautiful cities in the world are NOT famous for their skyscrapers. Not everybody likes to be corraled on small space with millions of people, suffering from noise, dust, traffic.
          Let alone architectual differences between a (e.g.) 500 year old castle/city wall compared to 1 out of 7.600 skyscrapers that is less than 50 years old.

      • BiggJ

        Well Hong Kong skyline is one the best. The city in general is just so so. Hong Kong is nicer then any mainland city….but out of all the cities in the world it would be like top 50. Like you said it’s not beautiful…it’s just cool. Do you use a VPN? If not use…it‘s better then after about 3 searches google just magically fucks off. Bing is the best English option in china unless you have a vpn to use google.

      • linette lee

        HK is not just a mega city. There is many places with nature. Go to lamma island, lantau island, and many more.

        Po Lin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery. Is on Lantau Island. It also has stunning night view.

      • radbab

        Is there any really beautiful mega city anyway? I wouldn’t really call New York or Chicago beautiful, although just like HK they have some really cool places with great views.
        Although comparing cities like Venice with Hongkong is like like comparing apples and pears. Why not compare Pyongyang and Yeehaw-Junction, FL? Makes just as much sense.

    • laoshu

      Linette, HK is pretty and so are you :-) I will be in HK next week.. Diner with a view ?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Imagining you two doing the nasty made me almost throw up my dinner from 3 years ago.

        • Paul Schoe

          Letting your imagination get the better of you again?
          Like I said above, it is dangerous for your blood pressure.

    • radbab

      dissing shanghai is really dangerous here on China Smack. Don’t you know it’s the most awesomestestest city in the world? Just ask any Shanghairen. Plus, Hong Kong’s river really sucks compared to the mighty Hunagpu and it’s majestic pig!

      Go Shanghai! Go Shanghai! …oh well, whom am I kidding? :/

      • Shanghai is a cesspool, full of the most obnoxious people the world has to offer, both Chinese and foreign.

        Kunming rocks.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Someone has a HK fetish, so why are you NOT living there now?


      • linette lee

        I do. I travel back and live there also. I still have my HK ID. They call that dual citizenship duhhhh…… :)

        • Mighty

          My uncle has a unit at the infamous “Elizabeth House”. I always stay there. Awesome view overlooking the Cross Tunnel and the bay.

          • linette lee

            wow….I want to stay there. hahaha…lol

            My family is not rich. We have a small old apartment in

            大角咀 Tai Kok Tsui. My mom’s family live there for now.

          • linette lee

            wrong word. It’s 大角嘴.

          • Mighty

            大角咀 is right too.

          • Mighty

            That’s by wong kok?

      • Paul Schoe

        Seems that Linette got you, didn’t she?
        (please stop assuming so much about other people, it only makes your blood pressure rise ;-))

  • Ryo

    Anyone that has done even the slightest amount of picture taken with a good camera can clearly see the pig is lighten up by a camera flash. The shadows are way too harsh to be an outdoor picture as well.

  • The Enlightened One

    The guy should have photoshopped the pig belly-up with its legs sticking out of the water. And there should be “X” marks for its eyes with its tongue hanging out of its mouth.

    Now that would be authentic and funny!

    • Mighty

      That would be too much of a parody and would never pass censorship.

    • boo

      i wonder why they didn’t photoshop the color of the water. see the differences?

  • boo

    this is soooooooooooooooooooo unoriginal!!!!!!!

  • jeffli

    Oooooh weeeeeee sum nongmin CCP member is gonna open a can ‘o wup ass on the wise ass that put that pig in the Huangpu river!

    update:- one Danish guy accused of pissing on the street and installing a pink pig in the huangpu has disappeared. last seen being pushed into a police vehicle in Nanjing road

  • Mighty

    Didn’t some mainland Chinese tourist deflate the Hong Kong duck with a cigarette?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Fucking “artists” and their fucking useless shenanigans.

    • Mighty

      I don’t understand why “artists” get to legally deface the environment?

  • Jimney Cricket

    They forgot to add weapons in case North Korea try to steal it for its petrol

  • Jahar

    Copy copy copy

  • mukanis

    I think it’s meant to mock them. I mean, a PIG symbolizes what? Right?

    • Mighty

      A month ago 16 thousand dead pigs were floating down the Huangpu river, which supplies drinking water for Shanghai..

      • mukanis

        Aside from that incident, I’m thinking of the word “greed.”

  • Maomao

    Who ever thinks and made this pig is a pig.

  • Cv

    How we make a gaint blow up pennis?
    For all chinese to see.

  • hehehehh

    both are freaking stupid, looks bad and wastes space… someone please deflate them.

  • pelucas

    this is a good interpretation of chinese stupidity

  • hacienda

    and…they copied another one.

  • What… is it real?

    – K&J Fashion)

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