Chinese Tourists Trapped in the Philippines, Netizen Reactions

Scene after "Haiyan" struck.

From Sina:

400 Zhejiang Tourists Trapped in the Philippines, 14 Kicked Out of Hotel For Not Having Enough Money


November 10, a netizen from Hangzhou asked for help on Weibo. His group of 14 people from Hangzhou who had joined a tour group to the Philippines were trapped on Boracay Island because of typhoon “Haiyan”. Because they didn’t have enough cash, they were driven out of their hotel.

As it is understood, there about currently about 400 tourists from Zhejiang who are trapped in the Philippines because of “Haiyan”, and most of them are on Boracay Island.

Li Weigang, section chief of Zhejiang Province Tourism Safety Management told reporters of this article: ”Presently, there are some Zhejiang tourists trapped on Boracay Island. They are all very safe, and no one is hurt.” Reported by Zhu Hongxin, Jin Hongbin, and Lin Bibo.


According to this netizen, their accommodations were only arranged till [November] 7th that day. After [November] 8, the [tour group] leader and the local travel agency negotiated for lodgings, but because the cash they were carrying wasn’t enough to pay for the room charge and they couldn’t use their credit cards because of the local power failure, all 14 of them were kicked out of the hotel. Currently, they have put together enough money to stay at a local hostel.


Comments from Sina:

手机用户 [广东深圳]:

Good that they were kicked out, those lackeys with short-term memory. Instead of going to visit the great landscapes and scenery of our motherland, they went to the Philippines to be treated as dogs. Now that you have no value, of course they’re going to shoo you away like a dog.

亩产十万斤 [安徽蚌埠]:

These Chinese traitors deserve to die in a foreign land. They deserve it! Each one that dies is one less [we have to put up with]. And you even fucking travel to the Philippines, travel to Japan, go traveling, go spending money, all Chinese traitors.

手机用户 [广东湛江]:

Scum, and yet they think themselves VIPs in the Philippines. It’d be best if they don’t return. Let “Haiyan” take them.

新哥6868 [北京]:

The Hong Kong hostage incident is still unresolved, and yet you people still went there. Did you want to become new hostages?

cjhhingis [湖南株洲]:

Why still go to a country like the Philippines? You did it to yourselves!

亩产十万斤 [安徽蚌埠]:

One more of these traitors to China dies, one less of them there are!

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Those who spend money in an enemy country are all traitors to China! They deserve it!

相约在春天2008 [河北邯郸]:

Exactly, there are so many good places you could’ve visited, why did you have to go on a tour to the Philippines? That country is so dangerous, you’d be lucky just being able to return alive. Speechless.

天宫一号1980 [广西南宁]:

They deserve it. A bunch of SB.

塞外囚徒 [黑龙江双鸭山]:

Are you nao can?! The hostility and persecution the Philippines have towards Chinese people aren’t just some public opinion or notion, they are things backed up with real behavior/action. You couldn’t even tell a difference like this? In fact, the dangers of going to the Philippines is the about the same as going to Afghanistan or Syria. There is an inherent difference between it and America and even Japan, a sort of extreme violence and wickedness.

Comments from Sohu:


Those who go sightseeing in the Philippines are all idiots, bastards, and traitors to China so there’s no need to pity them. Just because they have some money, they shamelessly think they’re somebody. They deserve it. How come they weren’t bitten to death by Philippine dogs?


They deserve it. It’d be even better if they were driven into the sea by the hotel. A bunch of assholes with no national integrity who only care about their own enjoyment! The relationship between the Philippines and China is so tense, and they still give their money to them. They might as well jump into the sea and drown themselves!

langyazuiweng [搜狐安徽省网友]: (responding to above)

Besides money, they have nothing else. Poor things.

搜狐网友 [搜狐河北省沧州市网友]:

Serves them right for going to the Philippines for tourism.

搜狐网友 [搜狐浙江省温州市网友]:

There is a group of Chinese people who lack the slightest moral backbone, courage, and self-respect. These Chinese people are opportunists, who only have themselves in their hearts. We want to defeat Japan, cower the little Philippines, retake southern Tibet and the islands in South China Sea. If we want to stand tall in the world, there is so much that must change, and not just cracking down on corrupt officials, but also improving the characters of many of our nationals, especially their national consciousness, especially their patriotism, especially their crisis awareness, and especially their political awareness. In other words, if you can afford a car, you must refuse to buy a Japanese one. If you can afford to travel overseas, you should try to avoid going to Japan, or the Philippines. At any time, the rise and fall of the country is the responsibility of every man! No matter how unhappy you were and how many complaints you have about today’s China, you must know that only harmony can bring prosperity! I believe that some ugly phenomenons will be less and less in China!

我爱我家 [搜狐河北省张家口市网友]: (responding to above)

Good, well said. I support your point of view. It’s praise-worthy. Support.

搜狐网友 [搜狐广东省珠海市网友]:

Our country quarrels with the Philippines everyday, but the people of our country continuously go there to play all the time, so when something happens, of course it won’t care about. You deserve it!

搜狐网友 [搜狐河北省承德市网友]:

As Chinese, you should examine yourselves. The Philippines treat Chinese people so shamelessly, and yet you still go travel there with a thick skin, increasing their income. Now you’ve encountered a typhoon, have no money, and have been thrown out by them. It’s difficult to get things done without money, right? And you have to pay more than you should… Sigh, wouldn’t it better to spend such money on your own life? If you have more than you can spend, provide financial aid to some impoverished children, wouldn’t that be better… Sigh, Chinese people…

搜狐网友 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

Compatriots without backbones. The Philippines quarrel so fiercely with us, yet you still go to the Philippines for tourism. Being kicked out of the hotel is deserved.

手机搜狐网友 [手机搜狐网友]:

Not bad, merely thrown out of the hotel. They should’ve slaughtered you people, because you people don’t have the spirit/backbone of Chinese people. You are pigs when you’re in China, and stray dogs in the Philippines.

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  • Duke of Qin

    Bless their vengeful little hearts. There is hope for China yet.

    • diverdude7



      get the concept of sarcasm here…… basically a nation of dim-bulbs…

    • Riddler

      Love the name by the way. Duke of Qin. hahaha. I think, except for a few, the meaning will not be comprehended by the majority of local posters.

    • Riddler

      Is there?

  • markus peg

    That comment section is full of morons…
    They even condemn their own people to death for being in the Philippines or Japan..

    NOTE: the Typhoon has now hit China and

    have died, how many non Chinese were seen cheering on the street in celebration of this? Answer: none

    • Guest23

      Could say those who are gloating with glee with those comments are sociopaths, but they seem to be making themselves feel good by making these nationalistic throw downs and getting the approval of their fellow compatriots, pretty scary.

      • wes707

        It’s called fascism.

      • Riddler

        For f SAKE! I recall the iranian earthquake when America AND ISRAEL offered immediate assistance.

        The comments above are tempting mother nature to get really pissed,

        • Guest23

          The track record for the Chinese “gloating over the enemy” routine is appalling, they celebrated the 9-11 attacks against the US, they gloated on the floods in India, the earthquake/tsunami and Fukushima meltdown in Japan, and in the past they gloat about every time a typhoon or storm kills a Filipino and call it as divine retribution for standing against the heavenly kingdom, it’s freaking terrible to read most of them.

          The most atrocious thing is, they get tacit approval for this type of nationalism.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      The wumao are out in full force today…

    • Joseph Lau

      My people have died too! how dare you use this disaster to prove your point?Don’t blame us if Philippines government is not competent enough to build proper infrastructures to reduce casualties when typhoons come.

      • Riddler

        No one is blaming you for that robert, oh sorry, i meant joseph.

        • Nessquick Choco

          yeah, robert, it was the first what comes to my mind when read the post and name :)

          • Riddler


        • whuddyasack

          Is it true that guy is really Robert…? Has this been confirmed by the mods?

          I know how you guys dislike Rou, but he always struck me as more intelligent, more witty and less butthurt than that guy above.

          I actually had quite a bit of respect for yours truly, and if you read one of my exchanges with him, he was defending America and considered himself Chinese American when I was bashing it. Told me about the American principles and what the foundations it was built on. Something we’ve all had beaten into our heads. Sure, he hated Britain heaps, but he seemed to tolerate America much better.

          From reading his history Joseph appears to be ChinesexFilipino or Hong Kongese, not sure which. But if that really is Robert, then I guess he really is quite a chameleon.

          • Riddler

            Not sure man but he does have certain traits and he has certainly not responded to the question.

          • TheSOP

            Whuddyasack on another thread: Whuddyasack “filthy disgusting White trash.”

            “Of course, Japanese are always polite. Unlike White American trolls that stink of burgers and fart all over the place.”

            -you are a racist and bigot, don’t even imagine for one second that you will ever hold a candle to me. You will never be 1/100th as knowledgeable and well traveled as I am. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. Nothing is over, I will keep calling you out as the bigoted racist that you are.

          • Probotector

            “I actually had quite a bit of respect for yours truly”

            You had quite a bit of respect for yourself. Well that’s helpful.

          • TheSOP

            This kid is the most inflammatory bigot on this site, I think he gets too much leeway compared others…

          • Probotector

            Probably because the main moderator on CS is Chinese-American, exuding the worst traits of a Western liberal and an Asian nationalist.

          • TheSOP

            I’ve seen Kai’s posts over the years (I didn’t post here often but have been reading cS for years) both here and at ChinaHush I believe it was called. I think he is fairly middle of the road on the surface but with a definite undercurrent of sympathy for those who see them selves as “defenders” of China below the surface. For example he tried to mentor whuddyasack away from his current overtly racist tactics (didnt seem to help given the hate speech that kid is spewing over on GT) whereas I don’t think I non-Chinese poster would have warranted as much patience. Of course he was pretty blunt with the kid… perhaps it is my intuition, I won’t try and go deconstruct his comment history, its just my feeling after reading posts over the years. I think Chinese-Americans need to be extra vigilant about not letting their ethnic biases color their responses and reasoning, it seems many get reactionary very quickly about subjects dealing with China, whereas as a WAM I could give a crap about a Chinese national tearing a hole in the UKs rear for its history of imperialism although my own cultural and ethnic lineage extends (partially) to that country.

          • Kai

            You’re anon-Chinese poster and I spent last week patiently trying to reason with you, overlapping with my efforts to reason with @whuddyasack:disqus this past week.

            I DO have some measure of sympathy for people who see themselves as having to defend China against what they consider unfair criticisms. However, I don’t think I sympathize with people who defend China poorly against such unfair criticisms or get unfairy defensive about criticisms expressed quite tactfully in my opinion. If I have, please feel free to point out some examples. I’m sad you think I unfairly sympathize because of shared ethnicity.

            I did have some pretty blunt moments with whuddyasack. Thank you for remembering those.

          • whuddyasack

            It’s not much use reasoning with him, Kai. I’ll tell you something for nothing. The POS secretly resents you and thinks your biased just because you are “Chinese”. And here he is talking about bigotry. I think you shouldn’t be sad, but just let him simmer, even though it might not be a good idea to let him spew his poison.

            He always overlooks his own kind, many who are genuinely much more wacist than I can hope to be. He never said anything about people with names like “Asian Male Insecurity”, BiggBaddWolf, GenXYZ and the other vitriolic posters that are allowed to post here with impunity.

            There are many posts much more “racist” than mine (even if he calls me the “most racist” fellow) but that doesn’t even bother him, but somehow mine does… He’s never even explained why I’m racist; I am racist just because I’m Chinese and can’t tolerate people like him I guess.

            He’s also tracked down my comments all the way to GT (and I only reacted because it was an interesting discussion, with even worse trolls than here. I think he’s guilty of racism himself, since standing up against those trolls is an attack on all White people, according to him. Inspite of all that, I kept a consistent view there and I’ll keep them here.

          • Kai

            I wish both of you would stop talking shit about each other behind each other’s back to me.

            @TheSOP:disqus has tried explaining why you are racist to you by quoting things you’ve said that are arguably racist. I have too. I just give BOTH of you more benefit of the doubt that you guys give each other.

            Also, we’re not gonna moderate either of you for racism because that isn’t out current policy. If you guys want to be racists, go for it, you’re only embarrassing yourselves. I and the other mods will however moderate either of you if you violate our comment policy in other ways. The ones you two risk being in violation for is harrassment and disruptive flame wars. Keep your disagreements and criticisms to actual proximate and relevant causes without degenerating into back-and-forth ad hominems that flood the comments section and you’ll be fine.

            I haven’t seen your comments on GT but I know at least that he wasn’t wrong about you also being on GT. I’m not a moderator for GT so I can’t do anything about that but if he wants to (and is able to) discredit you in the eyes of others with comments you’ve made on GT, you only have yourself to blame, right?

            I think both of you often “stand up” to things in the wrong or at least ineffective way. Or you guys are more interested in flaming and bashing your perceived “enemies” rather than actual civil and constructive discussion with peers.

          • whuddyasack

            He’s done it while twisting my words and intentions. That’s definitely not the way to go about it. For instance, he went all the way to GT to post this “filthy disgusting White trash”. He didn’t post the full sentence, you know why? Because it wasn’t generalizing ALL White people, but a certain unpleasant individual. BTW, I wasn’t even the person who originally used that quote, but I don’t blame the original user for using it. She was harrassed and trolled rather disgustingly, her English and intelligence mocked, even though the hairy neckbeard couldn’t speak a word of Japanese. But hey, where’s Asian Male Insecurity/Amused/Gookfilth now hahaha?

            But yeah, tribal, ooga booga neckbeard primitives just haaaave to get offended. Betcha they’re going to say I mean all Whites yet again… BIG YAWN. Let’s hand them some KFC, maybe that would cheer em up. I highly doubt it though lol.

            Yes, I admitted to going there (GT) and I also spoke against some of the racism there. You see, unlike them, at least I’m not insecure enough to lie about myself or pretend I do nothing… or act like some accursed, violated, butthurt victim of “tribalism”.

          • TheSOP

            “ooga booga neckbeard primitives” what does that even mean? And that “Michiko” if she is Japanese (you’d be surprised at the facade that some PRC posters are willing to put up [ask Kai, I’m sure he has stories], the PRC gov often actually pays for this kind of astroturfing to give the appearance of international support of Chinese posting if you are familiar with Chinese water posters 网络水军) certainly isn’t representative of Japan or Japanese. You can find some Maoists at Berkeley but they dont represent America. She seems to be a bigot also “white trash” this and that, very crude for a Japanese right (playing on your stereotypes of Japanese here). You ever live in Japan and study the language btw???

          • whuddyasack

            I’m quite aware of 网络水军, but let’s be honest. Outside of the Chinese internet, they barely pose a problem in foreign sites. Most international sites that matter can detect the origins of these posters, and zap these people out of existence. Besides, the overall perception of China is so negative, sometimes with intentional references to old and fake data, that they are difficult to believe. I’ve seen more astroturfing “White” posters posing as other nationalities and people TBH.

            As for Michiko, I’m more than certain she is Japanese. You’re always welcome to tell her she’s not if you like, it’ll just make you rather silly. For one, her Japanese is fluent. Two, her depth of knowledge of Japanese culture and what is currently happening there can only be matched by someone who’s actually living there and three, she has her own ameblo. You can check out her blog if you like.

            It doesn’t matter if she represents all Japanese or not, at least she is interested in peace between both nations which is a good thing. The fact is she represents a significant majority since most Japanese prefer peace and believe it or not, most Chinese do too. Her main complaints about the US aren’t that uncommon actually. Many do resent the rapes and abuse of American militia in their country. The only outlier is that most Japanese don’t have a favorable view of China, IMO, but all that I’ve talked too know how to separate people from politics.

            “She seems to be a bigot also “white trash” this and that”

            She only used that word once, and I think she had every right to give back what that douche gave. Have you checked the comment history of the jerk she was responding to BTW? I was told he was far more abusive than that.

            “You ever live in Japan and study the language btw???”

            Well, have you? Clearly not hahaha.

            I’ve visited the country a couple of times. I read up on their news. I have plenty of friends that are Japanese and know many international students from that country. My family has hosted Japanese exchange students in the past. Because of this, I understand the strength of their character and know that most really don’t give two shits about this geopolitical bickering and lead non-hate filled lives. FYI, most Chinese don’t either.

            And prior to coming here, I used to debate with them all the time. So I can more or less tell who’s Japanese and who isn’t.

            You see, SOP, the way to make friends and understand another culture is to be empathetic and not harrass potential friends demonizing them and their country. The reason why you see so much evil Chinese in your life is because you shoot down potential friends even without really knowing them. Go out, explore, work and then maybe you can finally afford to travel.

          • TheSOP

            You make friends for one purpose only; to ally yourself with those that share your bigoted world view and perverse racialist politics. Hardly healthy relationships. Michiko is a hack from what I’ve seen.

            Afford to travel, haha. Well Kai can see my IP, I’ve been in a number of different Asian countries just in the last couple of months.

          • TheSOP

            I have no problem with Chinese people, I didn’t devote years to learning the language, culture, and history because I despise them. Quite the opposite; I approached China with a very idealist mindset that the country would and could be a force for good in Asia and the world and contribute to humanity in the 21st century. However I was pretty ignorant of China at that time, I’ve since traveled the country widely, studied the language, politics, and history, and met many people. The evolution of my views on China have turned much more realistic and even a bit pessimistic since. I’ve met many great people and have many good memories of living in some nice places (despite the grit and pollution), but I’ve also come to see behind the veneer of China as a nation and society and therein lies a sickness which is rooted in its government and history (other factors as well but the 60+ years of CCP rule is the greatest factor IMHO). I’d like to see a progressive, liberal, peaceful China succeed, but the path China is on at the moment doesn’t lead to anywhere near any of those outcomes; China is on the path of 1930s Japan. I’m not the kind of person who will just pretend that historical revisionism, xenophobia, and hypernationalism in one of the world’s super powers is nothing to be concerned about. And I will be blunt about calling a spade a spade.

            You are right, I haven’t called out some of the anti-Chinese posters who have spouted racist comments or who have tried to rationalize/equivocate such racism. But then again you are actively spouting racist filth continuously, a brief look at your comment history reveals comment after comment with phrases like “White filth” “White trash” “ugly Whites”. In fact cutting and pasting just your past

            hours worth of comments and searching “white” reveals

            separate references, all negative all derogatory (btw writing 23—edit 26—pages worth of 10p font comments within

            hours spewing bigotry towards a group or race of people makes me question your mental health… diagnosis: unhealthy). You lecturing me on not calling out racists is difficult to take seriously. Please reflect on yourself and the poison racism that is infecting your mind.

          • whuddyasack

            “I’d like to see a progressive, liberal, peaceful China succeed, but the
            path China is on at the moment doesn’t lead to anywhere near any of
            those outcomes; China is on the path of 1930s Japan.”

            Therein lies the problem. You’re over politicizing things. I can agree with you that hyper Chinese nationalism can be ugly, but so can just about every other form of nationalism. American neo-con nationalism, Black nationalism, White nationalism, Muslim nationalism, the list goes on.

            The thing is not everyone takes things so seriously there. Of course there are genuine concerns in China, but it’s not like the Chinese nationalists are actively running around lynching and beating up laowai the same way Asian international students, tourists and even citizens are raped, killed, robbed, assaulted and beaten on a regular basis in the US. Comparing China to the 1930s imperialist Japan is way off the mark. I disagree with the rhetoric and boorish tone of Chinese Officials and Governments, but it’s not like they don’t have genuine concerns about the US either. I mean, if there were Chinese military bases and carriers floating all around the US neighborhood, and Mexico and Canada were staunch Chinese allies, and China decided on a pivot to the Americas, I’m sure we’d label them a HUGE threat too. Now if they decided to announce an Air-Sea Battle right on the US doorstep of course it’ll be intimidating, but that’s Geopolitics.

            I sometimes argue about this, but I think it’s more bluff and the defense industry trying to legitimize funding. By far the majority of Chinese don’t take this seriously. Many are too busy with work, having fun somewhere else or too poor to even own a computer.

            “You lecturing me on not calling out racists is difficult to take seriously.”

            Actually, I’m not lecturing you at all. I already know what you’re like. Rather, I’m pointing out to Kai your hypocrisy in labeling someone else a bigot and your attempts to influence Kai is quite honestly pathetic.

            If I do get banned, I bet you’ll do a little jiggle and dance your happy dance.

            The fact that you frequently misquote me only goes to show that you’re reaching… it’s a desperate sign.

          • TheSOP

            Actually Chinese “nationalists” have beat the nationals of other countries in the streets, do you not follow Chinese news at all or only the news that conforms to you bizarre Asian nationalist nonsense. And China is aggressively usurping the lands and seas of other Asian states; Nine-Dash Line sound familiar? Arunachal Pradesh sound familiar? Senkakus sound familiar? And China has a long demonstrated history of taking the lands of other Asians in a process of colonization with Chinese characteristics.

            You need to keep up more with current events and history and less writing

            pages of racist screeds within

            hours that reference “white” 40+ times all in derogatory and racist ways.

          • TheSOP

            Yes you are more tactful than most and you called out whyddsack (although not in a way I always agreed with, his racist message is the problem, not just how he delivers it) with some pretty stinging rebuttals (“masturbatory self congratulations” or some such, that was a pretty good line).

            My criticism would be more directed at how you point out some historically inaccurate but not really game changing misinformation posted by PRC critics (Tiananmen massacre taking place in the avenues around the square and not in the square itself for example) but other gross attempts at historical revisionism by CCP apologists such as the US was responsible for the GLF because it had an embargo in place or the numbers of dead are a complete Western falsification plot etc, don’t receive the same criticisms in my recollection…. given there are thousands of comment so perhaps what held true on one occasion wasn’t the same on another, but these same few inaccuracies seem to come to the fore again and again, yet they dont always receive the same treatment in my recollection.

            I think China needs this criticism, it is perhaps the greatest historical revisionist in East Asia/world (outside of DPRK) and does so proactively at both the government and academic level. A country that cant face its own past is in no position to lead a healthy future, and this is especially true for China.

          • Kai

            See the recent exchanges betwen him and I about racism, but I hope you understand that while I understand you think he has a racist message, I’m not trying to reason with him on how to deliver the racist message you think he has but rather the OTHER messages I think he has. I’m actually trying to get him to realize how his racist messages or how he mixes racism into his OTHER messages results in his messages being dismissed as uncredible.

            In my opinion, I don’t criticize every instance of inaccuracy from either “side” because I just don’t have the time to get involved in that many conversations. We both pick and choose when we engage. I of course think I’m quite even-handed. When I engage, it isn’t because I’m tallying how many times i’ve supported/criticized one “side” or the other and next up should be “this” side’s turn for some of my attention. In many cases, discussions aren’t even between “sides” characterized as China critics or China defenders. I personally think I tend to engage when I think someone’s speech or zealotry goes too far, and in certain conversations, it can be for both China “critics” or “defenders”.

            I know people will have reasons for having a different impression about how even-handed I am. I just hope they also consider maybe they’re remembering certain things and forgetting others because they took it for granted. Our impressions can be faulty, and I’m cool with people wanting to use actual historical public record to prove something about me. I’ll look it over and I’ll defend myself. That’s a bit more productive than just insisting upon one’s subjective and possibly faulty impressions, right?

            As for characterizing things as historically inaccurate but not game changing, I think we should just bring that criticism up on those actual instances to argue about. I get that some people think I nitpick but come on, we see people nitpicking all the time. This isn’t to justify nitpicking, I’m just saying it’s up to each situation for it to be argued out.

            Your examples of Tiananmen and the GLF don’t remind me of any recent discussions I was in. I only recall recently using the semantic “square” issue of Tiananmen to illustrate a larger point about argumentation.

            I think China needs feedback but also constructive, tactful feedback so natural defensiveness doesn’t get in the way of reflection, introspection and thus progress. I think people are intelligent enough to understand there are ways of communicating effectively and ineffectively. If they insist on communicating ineffectively, it is ultimately a reflection of self-interest instead of any genuine interest for the subject/target.

          • Kai

            Oh yes, appealing to racial bias is the way to go here. Good job, Probotector.

            I’ve had very long discussions with both @TheSOP:disqus and @whuddyasack:disqus about how they comment on here. I’ve struggled to give both of them the benefit of the doubt trying to reason with them and I’m extending the same patience to both of them since they’ve both been involved in the same flamewars for which they could’ve been banned ages ago.

            I admit I have many liberal values but I’m kinda confused about what makes me an Asian nationalist. Is it because I consider certain criticisms of Asians unfair?

          • TheSOP

            I would most certainly plead guilty to flaming on certain threads in the past, however the overt and blatant racism we see used by the other poster is completely unacceptable and I’m surprised you haven’t called him out more on it. The use of “chink” is certainly worthy of condemnation and white trash doesnt have the same cutting edge however the frequency of ‘whatasack’s use of racist narratives and phrases should definitely warrant a stronger response, not reasoning with him about how to deliver his message.

            The kid is an unrepentant bigot, very much ignorant of the reality of Asia; he was even surprised by the nature of the Chinese netizens comments about the Philippines which shows that he is probably an Asian-American living in the bubbleland that the US is.

            All I’m saying is that if you are gonna call out the Reptilian guy in no uncertain terms then I think the same needs to be done with this bigot.

          • Kai

            A lot of our moderating work goes unseen. I’ve actually called him out on it more than I think you give credit for, and I actually had an private email back and forth with him in addition to my public efforts. He’s also been moderated and banned before which is more than what you’ve experienced.

            However, keep in mind that we’re not moderating or banning him for his racist narratives and phrases but only when we feel he is grossly violating our comment policy. This is similar to how I was trying to reason with you that your spamming “Mao is an STD infested pedophile” on irrelevant discussions is a violation of our comment policy. We don’t moderate on racism alone. We primarily moderate against grossly dishonest or disruptive behavior.

            I don’t think I was reasoning with him on how to deliver any racist message. I was pretty clearly reasoning with him on how to respond to what can be considered unfair China bashing. I know you’ve concluded he is a racist bigot but I’ve so far recognzied offensively racist things he’s said and have tried to separately reason with him on being more effective in responding to legitimate grievances. They’re separate issues to me, just like how I can disagree with you on some things but agree with you on other things.

            It wasn’t me who called out the Reptiian guy. It was another commenter. I called out Probotector because I felt he was defending Reptilian’s use of the word with a deflection.

          • Probotector

            Well liberal is obvious. Asian nationalist , well yeah because I seldom saw you call bullshit on the Asian trolls. I saw it once with white cotton panties. It looks like you are more lenient with the Asian trolls.

          • Kai

            I’m sad you think “liberal” is an obvious negative and can be used as an insult.

            You seldom see me call bullshit on Asian “trolls” because they are the minority in this community, you aren’t paying attention, or you have selective memory…or all of the above. Not to mention that much of our moderating work is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed.

            White cotton panties is a bit old of an example. The most recent were whuddyasack and Robert Rou. Feel free to follow me on Disqus and you won’t miss every public instance of me sticking it to “Asian” trolls.

          • Probotector

            Being liberal is nothing to be proud of, no.

            I guess I just haven’t seen you moderate them, but yes Robert Rou is a newer example. No argument there.

          • whuddyasack

            That’s the nickname Rou called himself.

          • Probotector

            He called himself “yours truly”?

          • whuddyasack

            Yes. In one of his posts, can’t remember which one. I’m guessing it was around the time of the Coming of Age Ceremony.

          • TheSOP

            Looks like you found a new site to spew your hate. This bigot is over on the Global Times (actually a very appropriate venue for Han-supremacists) going full out with his hate speech. Looks like Kai’s words went in one ear and out the other. You are a genuinely sick individual and I for one will continue to call out your racist hate speech when ever you dare open your bigoted mouth.

          • Kai

            I’m at a loss for how your comment is relevant to @whuddyasack:disqus ‘s comment you’re responding to.

            Feel free to discredit someone by showing what they are like elsewhere, for example Global Times, but it might be good to provide a link to compelling evidence to substantiate your accusation. It also might be better to do so as a reply to a comment where your target is actually spewing hate and being bigoted.

            Otherwise, it just makes you look petty, as if you’re following him around on a smear campaign.

            For the record, I’m not sure why Robert Rou strikes anyone as intelligent. I wish I could show you guys the angry nonsensical emails and comments he made protesting his ban.

          • TheSOP

            I wonder if he is the Wayne Lo/Mongol Warrior that was sending emails threatening to kill Richard Burger over at Peking Duck… there are a lot of wack jobs holed up over at hidden harmonies and they find their way out of the crazy ranch occasionally.

            As for petty, yea sure probably. I don’t mind being petty occasionally :P but smear campaign? This kid is his own biggest smear campaign.

          • Kai

            I haven’t followed the comments section on TPD in years so I can’t judge. Threatening to kill someone for online disagreements is pretty retarded.

            I haven’t been following HH in a long time either but I understand what you mean. A few of those guys feel the same about the balance of rationality in the cS’s comments section and both Fauna and I have had to deal with some harrassment from a regular commenter on HH.

            I know you’re not above being petty sometimes but I’m trying to head off what I fear to be a smear campaign just like I’ve done with other regular commenters before. Your comment above had nothing to do with what he said but attacked him in general. I think you can see how hat fits the definition of “smear campaign”. Anyway, my point is to discredit people in a relevant fashion, when there is proximate cause like replying to a comment where he’s guilty of what you’re accusing him of. This makes sense right?

            I’m not sure if you saw this but a cS commenter had made a top-level comment awhile ago seeking to expose and discredit another cS commenter as being an active member on Stormfront. I deleted it as soon as I saw it. One reason was because there was no actual compelling proof (he later supplied it over email). The other reason is because it was in response to nothing. If he had made it a reply of that commenter’s past racist comments, it’d have “proximate cause” but he was just posting it on a recent comment when this guy hasn’t even been commenting under that name in ages. I saw this as a smear campaign, as possible harrassment. So I deleted it and explained as much when the poster emailed to inquire why.

            Whatever your disagreements with whuddyasack, just avoid looking for opportunities to take swipes against him in irrelevant discussions. It’s petty and if it goes too far, it violates our comment policy. Thanks for understanding.

          • whuddyasack

            “I haven’t followed the comments section on TPD in years so I can’t
            judge. Threatening to kill someone for online disagreements is pretty

            I’ve never visited TPD either nor have I felt the need to threaten to kill anyone. I’ve only witnessed some Westerners threaten to beat the crap out of Chinese posters who oppose them, which is retarded as well.

            “I haven’t been following HH in a long time either but I understand what you mean.”

            I’ve never even posted in this site and decided to check it out recently. I admit, I did post on GT, but I only posted on that site today. I think someone’s just being paranoid, like and accusing me of being someone else…

            I’ve posted on several accounts because they’ve gotten banned before, but in all of them, I make sure people know it’s me.

          • TheSOP

            No I know you aren’t Mongol Warrior (he has been around far longer than you young troll), I was referring to Rou who might be him or an associate since MW is known to send threatening messages to those who ban him. I believe he was a HKer but could be wrong. You better reflect on your own bigotry because you are walking the same path as the burnout racist. Look at the number of times you reference
            “Whites” in your posts, it really lays bare both your inferiority complex which I think is feeding your racist bigotry. You are obsessed with whites it seems and every “enemy” you meet on the boards becomes a white trash drug addicted westerner. You bigotry is very clear, perhaps you can fool your self and actually through some mental gymnastics believe you are not a racist but no one with a ration mind can look at your comments and see anything but a sick bigot. I think you should reflect because your mental condition seems unstable, Wayne Lo could be you here in a few years.

          • TheSOP

            And Lau is most definitely not Rou lol

          • TheSOP

            Just stay on GT with the rest of the communist party affiliated bigots, its where you belong. But soon enough you’ll see that they hate Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Indians just as much as they hate your insecurity obsession, the white man. You should have listened to what Kai was telling you, a burnt out hate filled bigot is all you’ll amount to in this life I’m afraid.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Other people have died too! how dare you use this forum to make unrelated comments to give face to China and (not) prove your point?

        Don’t blame other people if you’re inclined to see fault in everything rather than keeping it to yourself.

      • David

        And who are “your people”? All of the top posters on both websites were incredibly nasty nationalistic comments against Chinese people by Chinese people.

      • Guang Xiang

        I can only imagine the government moderating the forums and tenting their fingers together saying “Excellent”. Easier to control the people by painting a National enemy to hide the domestic issues.

        These disputed islands are important to the government only; what value does it have a Chinese citizen? 管你們屁事

        • Probotector

          National pride?

          • Guang Xiang

            And there’s the problem: Nationalism is an out-dated concept that dates way back to after the French Revolution in 1789. Napoleon promoted nationalism and was able to stir to people into expansionism and military campaigns.

            What drives me nuts is when Chinese citizens claim they are Patriotic. Here’s a quote from George Orwell:

            By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.

            As expected, China is just many years behind.

          • David

            Nice post. Quoting GO always gets the heckles up on the neck of a westerner. It is also go to remind people there is nothing wrong with being proud of the accomplishments of your country in a Patriotic way. In addition, being Patriotic does not require putting down another country..

          • Guest23

            Curious as to how many in China recognize George Orwell or anyone similar to him in philosophy, I’m guessing there’s some censorship but there’s a lax in policing a lot of information and media. Very well said.

      • Riddler


      • mwanafa

        Seriously? I see the world’s second large economy doing a good job building proper infrastructures to reduce casualties when earthquake comes.

    • Probotector

      I don’t know, I might be inclined…

      • December Rain

        See, I used to have sympathy for Western views of China, but it’s people like you that make me want China to become a superpower and wipe out racist trolls like you.

        • Probotector

          So, you call me a racist, and yet you call for genocide? Okay then.

          • December Rain

            Since when are racist scum a “race”? The only way your sentence would make grammatical sense is if you’re implying all white people are racists.

          • Probotector

            See my other reply.

          • DearDairy

            dude man, you are classic. You got your feelings hurt by White people and now are raging against them full power. Don’t let your hurt feelings guide your logic skippy.

            The solution isn’t to be ultranationalistic because you’re were naive before, and were “betrayed” because of your idealistic rose tinted view about the west. Being ultranationlistic will not redeem or erase the hurt or feelings like embarrassment.

            Look at things as they are, not as how you feel. LIke I said before, Chinese tend to be really emotionally frail…you need to man the fuck up and let go of your damaged ego.

            1st. It’s not your fault for being naive and overly admiring white people. You were just inexperienced and also, coming from China, of how could you have known any better? Maybe you’re kind of a pussy. But that’s okay

            I’m telling you right now, if you can forgive yourself for being so naive, you’ll stop venting and taking it out of the west and live a much better life.

          • December Rain

            Lol, how am I raging against white people? I respect white people a lot. I only rage against racists.

            I’m not “ultra” nationalistic. I’m a very moderate nationalist compared to white nationalists. And I’m not a nationalist as a result of racism (way to jump to conclusions, you brilliant logician). I’m a nationalist because I admire human diversity, and the fact that Western culture is on the decline (at least partly) due to multiculturalism makes me sad for them, and I wouldn’t ever want Asia to suffer the same fate too.

          • DearDairy

            You’re not nearly as important, effective or intelligent as you think you imagine you are, skippy.

            “I wouldn’t ever want Asia to suffer the same fate too.”

            So what? As if you had any power or influence to change anything?

            You’re deluded if you think you’re anything more than just some sad, emotional, probably very lonely dude on the internet yapping away.

            Nationalism fills a void in your heart, I get it. Something bad happened to you and now you’re acting out. It’s obvious.

            Don’t blame other people. Look inside.

            My advice, be good at something, advance in your career, grow your self-esteem, earn money, find a beautiful girlfriend, have a family, love your family. All this ….hate, and being angry at “racist”…*shaking my head*

            I’d hate to see you like attacking kids with a hammer at a kindergarten one day just because despite all your bitching and moaning…somehow, your life didn’t get any better. THINK ABOUT IT. That’s it, I’m not saying anymore.


            Probotector says your’e female? MY GOD. GOD HELP YOU IF YOU ARE.

          • December Rain

            “You’re not nearly as important, effective or intelligent as you think you imagine you are, skippy.”

            When have I ever said I’m any of those things? I have a very modest opinion of myself. Way to jump to conclusions again, idiot.

            “As if you had any power or influence to change anything?”

            So people shouldn’t hold opinions of how they want the world to be, just because they’re not politicians?

            “Nationalism fills a void in your heart, I get it.”

            Tell that to everyone else in China and Japan. I’m sure they’re nationalists because they’re all so EMO AND LONELY OMG!!!

            “Don’t blame other people.”

            I don’t blame anyone. You sure like to invent words and put them in other people’s mouths, as idiots are wont to do.

          • DearDairy

            You’re fucking transparent. I have a brain, I can use my logic to deduce certain things, whether or not they are explicitly stated or not.

            What is the basis or purpose of your opinion? since you have no power to enact or affect said purpose or opinion?

            To me, maybe I’m fucking on crack here, yapping on the internet as if your opinion mattered, isn’t a sign of a person with a modest opinion of themselves.

            And most people act out emotionally not logically. So yes, nationalist do in fact, act out because they are emo and lonely as you put it.

            All those fucking crazies who rioted last year against the Japanese? I’m sure they had sufficient logical reasons for destroying the personal private property of their fellow Chinese.

            You’ll figure it out one day!

            Find a boyfriend! You’ll be more emotionally satisfied and will not be so angry at people and have such extreme positions.

            Have sex! Stop being such a fucking downer!

          • December Rain

            You basically just restated everything you already said in your previous post, to which I already replied, so I’m not going to reiterate my points for you just because you’re too vitriolic to make sense of it. Hey, you’re the one swearing and acting frothy at the mouth, not me, yet you call *me* the emotional one? And FYI, making comments about someone’s personal life to debunk their opinion is bad intellectual sportsmanship. But you’re an idiot, so what do you know?

          • DearDairy

            “And FYI, making comments about someone’s personal life to debunk their opinion is bad intellectual sportsmanship.”

            “But you’re an idiot, so what do you know?”


          • DearDairy

            Too emotional, no use reasoning with you.

            I’m sure you have a very happy, fulfilling life.

          • Probotector

            “I’m a nationalist because I admire human diversity ”

            Multiculturalism is all about diversity, and you said (rightly) that it’s this that’s caused the West to decline. Nationalism is about a single cultural identity, so how are diversity and nationalism compatible?

          • December Rain

            Multiculturalism is about diversity clashing and often conflicting. Nationalism is about diversity without the problems of multiculturalism.

          • Probotector

            Okay, but how is nationalism diverse?

          • December Rain

            Because each country keeps to themselves, hence the preservation of each country’s unique culture and ethnic makeup.

          • Probotector

            Granted, but if they keep to themselves, how can this diversity be enjoyed?

          • December Rain

            Cultural trade, cautious tourism. Even if diversity can’t be wholly enjoyed, it’s better than having it diminish or cultures to decline. That said, I’m not militant about race separatism. If someone REALLY identifies with another nationality, fine. They should be allowed to spend extended periods of time in that foreign nation and eventually become a citizen, if they have highly valuable and unique skills to contribute to that country, if they have a degree in said country’s culture to prove their seriousness, etc.

          • Probotector

            “If someone REALLY identifies with another nationality, fine. They should be allowed to spend extended periods of time in that foreign nation and eventually become a citizen, if they have highly valuable and unique skills to contribute to that country, if they have a degree in said country’s culture to prove their seriousness, etc.”

            Previously you said,

            “I’m against immigration and anything else like it”

            So which is it?

          • December Rain

            When I say “I’m against immigration and anything else like it” I mean it in a general sense. Doesn’t mean I have a fascist, zero tolerance policy towards any possibility of immigration whatsoever.

          • whuddyasack

            Yes, this is true. Some of the more hardcore and vigilante nationalists would also argue for a genetic preservation of their “race”, for instance, Mongols and Koreans.

            I’ve noticed that the more advanced and developed a nation’s level of nationalism is, the greater emphasis and importance placed on race.

          • whuddyasack

            Not a nationalist myself, but I can see where you’re going. Sometimes, some nationalism is important. After all, without nationalism, a non-combative, generally placid race like the Asians would never survive (low birth rates and all).

            Nationalism in a way promotes diversity if only it prevents people from becoming a single brown, double eyelid, large nosed entity.

          • December Rain

            “After all, without nationalism, a non-combative, generally placid race like the Asians would never survive (low birth rates and all).”

            Yes, you bring up an excellent point that I had forgotten about. Nationalism promotes healthy population growth among people who otherwise might not bother with reproduction. Look at Western Europe, their lack of nationalism and their low birth rate are likely correlated, hence their growing multiculturalism is contributing to their native cultural decline.

          • whuddyasack

            That’s true. Nationalism also brings up unity at a time of strife. Responsible nationalism that is. This is because when people feel that they have a country, a cause and a people to fight for and rally behind, they are much more mentally prepared to help their fellow man in the event of a natural disaster, for instance.

            I can sort of agree with Western Europe, save for France, being extremely nationalistic. The Nordic countries, together with East and South Europe are however, passionately nationalistic. Of course I’m basing this on what I’ve read in European newspapers, this seems to be the case and with the flood of race riots in countries such as Greece.

            I would argue that low birth rates are a result of putting career ahead of family and the decline of traditional family roles. This is where I agree with you that nationalism in Asia might be important. It filters out the harmful destruction of family units in Asia from causing greater harm than necessary.

            I agree that growing multiculturalism and unsustainable immigration is Europe’s fatal flaw.

          • Probotector

            December Rain is a chick.

          • DearDairy

            no fucking way.

          • Probotector

            Click her avatar, and read her profile.

          • DearDairy

            if this person is a chick, does anyone else get the sense “jilted lover”?????

    • iLL

      Its low educated people who live in a bubble and have no humanity in themselves. Its the same people who get into trouble and ask why nobody helps them.

  • markus peg

    One comment says they need to
    “improving the characters of many of our nationals”

    yet then he goes on to say

    “if you can afford a car, you must refuse to buy a Japanese one.
    If you can afford to travel overseas, you should try to avoid going to
    Japan, or the Philippines. At any time, the rise and fall of the country
    is the responsibility of every man!”
    “We want to defeat Japan, cower the little Philippines, retake southern Tibet and the islands in South China Sea. If we want to stand tall in the world”

    It’s like saying we must be more open minded and then saying but only in certain areas as we should still defeat Japan.

    • nqk123

      there is a major mentality problem in China. poor, uneducated, and those who’ve never been outside of China are the prime suspect.

      • Joseph Lau

        How can standing up for what we view is right a mentality problem?Get your facts right.We are not idiots.

        • hess

          maybe because what you think is “right” is actually wrong?

        • Riddler

          Robert do you even think for a moment that you could in fact have a mental problem as opposed to a mentality problem?

          Only sane people question their sanity. Dwell on this for a while.

        • Riddler

          ‘WE’ Mr. Roper?

        • mwanafa

          You got issues matey!

        • Germandude

          Hold on. Chinese standing up for what they view as right? I am actually just seeing people that kneel down all the time.

        • David

          You condemn the Japanese for accomplishing exactly the things you say the Chinese should do.

          • Probotector

            Since when is hypocrisy an issue to them? Imperialism/conquest/rape/pillaging/hegemony, these are evil things only because it’s not China who’s doing it.

          • Riddler

            ‘…because it’s not China who’s doing it’

            They are doing it but they are butt hurt that they aren’t getting anywhere.

        • Guang Xiang

          Because what you think is right might be purposely enforced when you were a child starting school. Please note that nqk123 said ‘who’ve never been outside of China’.

          I had a Chinese colleague who I had to partner with for a trip to Japan. She was so scared about getting swindled and cheated by the ‘Little Japanese’. After our trip, she reflected that there’s a lot of things that China can learn from Japan and that she had a great time.

          • xiaode

            I have

            Chinese friends who lived in Japan for a couple of years. They all want to go back!

          • Guang Xiang

            Back to China?

            I think it’s a bit different when you’re living there vs. just visiting, but I think anybody would miss their home country

          • xiaode

            Yes, they are back in China (Shanghai) now,

            of them are born SHnese,

            is from Jiangsu Province.

            studied there (around


            was working there (2 years) and another friend moved there with her parents

            years ago and just came back because her (japanese) company sent her. They all would like to go back.

            My point is: these “we are hating Japan” ideology is mainly lived by people who never have been to Japan and who don´t know any Japanese. (at least that´s my experience) (only need to take a look at this bullshit written above…)

            (by the way.. i hardly miss my home country…)

          • Jahar

            When people get out of their hate-filled little worlds, they can see that their worst enemy(The Empire of Japan) doesn’t exist, and they can judge the country based on what it is.

          • mwanafa

            “who lived in Japan for a couple of years.” + “They all want to go back!” with an exclamation mark!
            I think he meant they miss the moments they had there, and they want go back explore more.

          • xiaode

            Oh… i just saw that what I wrote could be misunderstood: my Chinese friends are in China, Shanghai now, they all want to go back to Japan…

          • Riddler

            It could be misunderstood but it shouldn’t be. For two reasons. First of all, no one with their mental faculties in place would WANT to return to China.

            Secondly, you said they ‘lived’ in Japan which means they are currently not in Japan. You followed with ‘they want to go back’, I fail to see how you could be misunderstood.

          • Riddler

            No, back to Japan:-)

        • Riddler

          ‘We are not idiots.’


        • al in china

          in your opinion

      • mwanafa

        sorry, didnt mean to put it here.

        • Riddler

          you should have shoved it up robert/joseph.

          • mwanafa

            My bad!

    • Riddler

      Defeat Japan? I suggest a cursory read of Japan’s military formidable military arsenal.

  • Guest23

    Another story of Misplaced Nationalism, can’t say if these netizens will bring in pitchforks or bar those Chinese tourists out of china if they reach home.

    A lot of foreign nationals are stranded and the local people are getting desperate, but some locals are accommodating them with what little they have and the Government response is to get them in contact with their embassies asap.

    They are really feeding the fire of nationalism in those comment boards, waiting on the translations on what they are saying on Vietnam, this is getting crazy.

    • linette lee

      I hope they are giving all tourist shelters and food or else no one dare to go tour Philippine again. Too dangerous.

      • Guest23

        Sorry but that comes off as a bit rude, tourists are suffering, but most of all locals are suffering the most, they lost homes, livelihoods, and family and friends to this disaster, I’m not saying this as an excuse, but please understand, problem first then we can get to the point where some individuals have to take responsibility for this.

        • linette lee

          I am glad the Philippine gov’t is making sure the tourists in tourist hotels are safely return back to their homeland.

          • Riddler

            Linette, this is SO unlike you. Has your account been hijacked by eattot?

          • Guest23

            The grammar and trolling, and checking on her past comments, I seriously think her account has been hijacked.

          • Germandude

            Hold on, I don’t see any change here. Just the usual “opinion just for opinion’s sake”.

          • Guest23

            I always viewed Linette as one of the moderate commentators here, but this reads as some of those nationalist Chinese rhetoric, I’ve read it as someone who’s more concerned with the plight of some Chinese tourists getting inconvenienced while a shred of empathy and thought on the locals and other foreigners (Two Americans and an unidentified Aussie dead) is down the drain while attributing the actions of some private Hotel to an entire group of people and the Government, that’s just wrong, and it’s arrogant enough but to make it about them and not the victims or typhoon? seriously that’s messed up

          • Germandude

            I always regarded her as a rather shallow character.

          • Guest23

            It’s a bit disappointing to see people who are two-faced about things, criticize the Communist government, approve the aggressive nationalist actions of the people, that’s just plain wrong.

          • linette lee

            be quiet. Go drink your beer.

          • Germandude

            I’d have to drink

            pints to get on your level.

          • linette lee

            Why am I wrong because I point out the hotel should not kick out tourists and leave them without shelter in the middle of natural disaster. This article is about tourists got kicked out because they could not pay. What do you think this article was about? And those tourist areas and tourism is regulate by gov’t. You don’t think?

          • Riddler

            This article provides no facts. No names. Nothing. But that suits you perfectly.

          • Germandude

            Bah, I think Guest23 and others already pointed that out. Maybe you didn’t understand so I explain it to you in the same way Chinese try to explain stuff to me in the hope you get it then.

            You asked: “Why am I wrong?”

            My answer: “Because”

          • linette lee

            You continue with your racist remarks and racist attitude toward the Chinese people. Your poor wife is the one that’s truly suffering. Not me here listening to you complaining or other chinese people in China. She doesn’t know how much you deep down truly hate her people. Poor her.
            I wish her good luck.

          • Germandude

            And the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis? linette leeeeeeeeeeeeee!

            Racist remarks and racist attitude.

            I am criticizing every nation and people from any race, including my own country and people (lol, did I really say that just now?) the same way. I see sth that is wrong? I point it out. If you have checked, this is called chinaSMACK. Meaning, most likely, sth regarding China will be discussed, so naturally, I will be criticisizing. However, I regularly also point out the good things I see here and defend China/Chinese when I think it’s right to do so.

            Oh shit, am I really justifying myself here for linette lee?

            Take a hike you stupid simpleton!

      • DearDairy

        people like you need to be sterilised. dumb or pretending to be dumb to get attention on the internet. go back under your bridge and eat a knife why don’t you.

        • linette lee

          If you or your loved ones are victims to this typhoon I apologize. I wish you and your family safe and well.

          I didn’t mean tourists are more important than locals. I was just saying usually how countries handle their tourists during natural disaster. And this article is about tourists got kicked out of hotel because no money.

          • DearDairy

            Your lack of sincerity is appalling.

            You were threatening to kill me and my family just hours ago. But because people are calling you out for your insensitivity, now you decide to “apologize” to me?

            I don’t accept your apology.

            Instead, I want you to think: About all the suffering people are going through right now, people morning their family members washed away in the flood, starving, without a place to sleep.

            All those people…and all you could think about was some Chinese tourist.



          • DearDairy

            YES, I KNOW THOUSANDS ARE DEAD AND MISSING BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHINESE TOURIST?! – said the most callous person ever.

      • DearDairy

        seriously i have such disdain for I wish I could go back in time become a imperial japanese soldier, march into hong kong or whatever the fuck your ancestors are from and prevent someone like you from ever existing on this earth.

        • David

          What is your problem with Linette? She wishes that everybody is taken care of and you want to time travel to insure her non-existence? WTF? Are you insane?

          • Germandude

            While I agree with linette posting loads of dull comments, “DearDairy” is just out of his mind.
            Let him be in peace. Sooner or later an admin will take care of him.

          • DearDairy

            After linette, I’m going to travel back in time to pre-war Germany, you better watch out klaus!

          • DearDairy


          • David

            Well, that certainly explains the mad rantings, thank you for clearing it up. Are you happy now?

        • mr.wiener

          @DearDairy *first and last warning*
          Watch your comments or you will be moderated.

          • DearDairy

            Are you serious? Lighten up buddy, I am threatening to GO BACK IN TIME.

            I wish I could go back in time in U-Boat before the colonization of Australia, sink those inmate ships so you MR. WEINER won’t MALL COP ME on the internet about time travel. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

          • linette lee

            Hey..Don’t talk to Mr.Weiner like that. He is one of my sweety in CS.

          • Probotector

            You don’t even know him.

          • DearDairy

            fuck you

          • DearDairy

            how long have you been in America and still can’t speak the language properly. Spend less time on CS and more time reading a book. The world would be a better place.

          • linette lee

            hahaha…am I actually speaking to you? How do you know how I sound like. lol.
            I suggest you to go get anger management therapy.

          • DearDairy

            Oh are you talking about the sterilised thing that got deleted? Listen, what is wrong with my belief that certain people shouldn’t be allowed to pro-create? Isn’t that a fair point worth pointing out and debating?

            What if I said Mr. Weiner, you’re being a MALL COP I think you are being a fascist animal who is getting carried away with your “power”. Sure, that might be annoying, but it’s a point worth talking about. You censoring me for saying someone whom I believe to contribute nothing to conversation, MY BELIEF, and my belief that people like her, who ride the fence, brownnose and say ludricis things out of ignorance or to fucking troll us, should not be allowed to re-produce and create children who’ll behave the same, MAY BE OFFENSIVE, but is worth talking about.

            As I’m NOT threatening her with violence, I don’t see why you think it’s justified you arbitrarily removing my comments. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR REASONING. Otherwise you’re behaving just like the CCP thugs who all know and love.

          • DearDairy

            Seriously though, I do want to be a good citizen and play FAIR. What is the limit of self-expression here on this fascist as fuck website? Plz explain what I can and cannot say.

            Trolling: Repeatedly and consistently harassing other people.
            Disruptive: Off-topic or abusive behavior may be moderated.

            Yes I’ve read the fact, I don’t see how my comments are any worse than some of the behaviour that goes on here. If you’re going to apply rules, apply them evenly across the board and consistently. Otherwise you’re just cherry picking comments, on a whim. You’re a moderator, not a arbitrator.

            With all due respect and joking aside, You seem like a fair and decent guy, I would appreciate clarification on why Linette Lee gets special protection here.

          • mr.wiener

            Linette said some things people thought were pretty dum arse. That’s not against the rules.
            I thought your response was overly abusive and said so. If you think this site is as “fascist as fuck” and that I am a “MALL COP” with an overly arbitrary way of judging what is and isn’t allowed you are free to either complain to the other moderators or not grace us with your presence.
            Linette does not get special treatment and has been moderated before for bring overly abusive, but not for some time now.

          • DearDairy

            OK BOSS I will try to obey the rules.

        • ophiolater

          you have a crush on her?
          you wanna get her attention this way?

          • DearDairy

            Yes I crush her! I love stupid short fat ugly old chicks. I also like putting my cack in a blender, and getting raped by monkeys. Thanks for your comment!

        • Guest23

          Just disagree with her, I kinda understand treating the Chinese tourists well and safe, but her comments make it sound like her primary concern is only for the tourists, not the locals or other foreign nationals that died.

          • linette lee

            I never said that. I never mentioned anything about tourists are more important than locals. Where did you two get that from me?
            This article is about tourists got trapped and some got kicked out. In most countries when a natural disaster hit, the gov’t will tell all tourists to stay put and arrange for flights to get them out. In those tourist area those hotels they don’t really kick tourists out because they couldn’t pay and left them without shelter. If they can get out why would they stay in a disaster area? Without electricity, food, aid, etc…
            This hotel kick them out because they don’t have cash and the credit cards don’t work because they didn’t have electricity. So they are still doing business?? That just don’t sound too good for tourism.

          • Guest23

            Blame it on the private owned Hotel and not the people or the Government, you wrote that earlier, and you didn’t even disapprove on what those translated comments are saying garbage like that to their countrymen, and they seem to be safe, but can’t say that to others who are in a more desperate situation, look I agree that it’s damn inconsiderate and appalling that they got kicked out, the situation is serious, but this is nitpicking when your concern is more about this than the victims and causalities.

          • linette lee

            Hotels are of course privately owned. Gov’t regulate them.
            Some comments by the some chinese netizens are of course stupid like always. I have a feeling you are more upset because I accused Philippine is not a safe place for tourists. Do you know why I feel that way?

          • Guest23

            I’m more ticked off with the tact you’ve just shown, it’s like going to a funeral and complaining about the food and blaming it all on the catering without regard to the mourners and the family of the decease, you’re concerned about safety yet you aren’t concern as to how you say it?

          • chucky3176

            Yes you did say that, by whining about some tourists who were put out, at a time when Philippines is trying to put everything back together. Just fuck off retard!

          • linette lee

            And you.. you are the worst one. Two face and conniving like a snake. That is your true nature. You post this in KB trying to sabotage chinese and me? You snake.
            “Chinese netizens, including linette lee, gloat and make fun comments on the disaster in Philippines.”

            I am not a racist like you. I do not worship or discriminate anyone. You are a true racist against philippine and other non white non korean folks. You keep your white worship behavior to yourself. You and your people are only their dogs. If I remember very clearly you complain about SE Asians migrant workers in KB saying them making South korea look like a third world country. The Chinese should understand korean snakes like you. Don’t make me laugh. You are the creator for the website of koreansentry. You and all your Korean friends making tons of racist remarks about nonkorean folks. Now go to hell conniving snake.

          • Riddler

            Lunette. It didn’t happen. No one got kicked out of any hotel. Its a lie. Now calm yourself.

          • whuddyasack

            Yes I agree and sympathize with you. Concern for Chinese tourists is understandable but one should look at the bigger picture. While I feel bad for the Chinese they are NOT the only tourists there, and it’s remarkably insensitive to ignore the plight of those who are suffering most in this incidence, the Filipinos themselves, your people. It’s even worse to blame it on them and at a time like this, who would care about “poor service” or “unsafe for tourists”. Gosh, when counting your dead and losses, all other things become secondary.

            I don’t blame you at all for being hurt by Linette’s inconsideration.

            But hats down that you didn’t participate in a insanely vicious offensive directive right back at Linette, even though you are completely entitled to that.

            You know how Linette is, quick in the mouth, not so quick in the brain. She can be very thoughtless and miss putting things into perspective. I hope you’ll excuse her.

          • Guest23

            Thanks, taking my lunch break, so I’ll be brief, I should have said it more simple by saying she should be more tactful, it’s disrespectful to whine/criticize/outraged about this in that particular way, without looking at the whole picture.

            I don’t have anything against Linette, she has in the past given out insightful comments and information, but her recent postings have been a bit bi-polar, in thought and in grammar.

            I’m looking at information about this netizen’s complaint, I’m not sure how he managed to get this post out with power and communication still out, Boracay Island is somewhat a private island for hotels and resorts, I seriously don’t think they would treat their customers like crap in a disaster like this, the devastation of the white sand beaches, palm tress, some hotels and homes were serious though, and side note to Kai and the rest, that photo is a bit misleading because I don’t recognize that as Boracay island.

          • linette lee

            I admit I should not make any comment regarding to this article. It is not a good time to talk about tourist in the middle of national disaster. Or maybe CS should not be posting this article about tourist. If you find me being insensitive because I made a comment about I don’t agree throwing tourists out of the hotel because they didn’t have money then I apologize to you. I apologize to you and your people sincerely. I should not have said that to you and your people during this stressful time for your country. But that doesn’t change my opinion about what the hotel did.

          • Guest23

            I’m gonna let this this slide and accept your apology, but those earlier blurts of yours defending your position with rants about plastic surgery, US ass-kissing, some implied racial superiority, conspiracy theory retorts will make it a bit hard for others to accept and move on, including me.

          • whuddyasack

            I know you don’t :-). You’ve been very reasonable and controlled. Much more controlled than I would have been, I’d let loose the insults and mudslinging just for fun.

            I especially hated how she stated the Philippine people and gov’t messed up. I mean, hellooo… look at what’s going on in the Philippines and happening to the Filipinos, gosh.

            Yes, I didn’t like that made her sound like those ultranationalists either; If she was paying attention, most Chinese like KCli and Xiaode, who posted here (aside from a few trolls) disagreed and were disgusted with the biting remarks above.

            The ones about US worshiping and plastic surgery really rubbed things the wrong way and were misplaced, even for Linette who usually hates this CCP-wumao type ultranationalism. I would have thought it was something I would be more likely to say, but even then, that’s not me at all.

            Thanks for the information about the photo and enjoy your lunch :-)

          • Guest23

            Thanks again, been confused with how linette lee is getting her approach, one disqus account and the other is someone posing as a guest, points that go up and down, some grammar and spelling errors (finopines to philipinos) and that rant about being a US lapdog, superficial plastic surgery, going on a limb here and say this is multiple people posting behind the same name.

            I’m 100% sure that isn’t Boracay, it’s a white sand beach resort island that doesn’t have any of that provincial coastal town look on the above photo, you can search google or any search-engine with “boracay aerial view” then you’ll see the massive difference.

            Here’s some info by an someone who was there, lucky there was no casualties


          • whuddyasack

            Yes, actually that’s very interesting. I’m not sure either, but I feel it’s the same person because she doesn’t deny being the same person or accuse the other as an imposter.

            But yeah, I was quite surprised with her US lapdog comment… that’s quite unlike her.

            I think you’re right since you know your country better than all of us, hahaha.

            Thank you for the links. I’m also glad that there weren’t any casualties. We’ve had enough news about gloom and doom. Anything positive is always welcome.

          • Riddler

            Ok i know this sounds sick but it would be fun to see you back on form now and again and let loose your wit again:-) It WAS fun, come on, admit it:-) Hahahah.

          • whuddyasack

            Oh no, it’s not sick at all. I’ll admit it, it was fun. Addictively fun. You never know, that crazy me might be just around the corner. Life is unpredictable that way.

            But the moderators kind of dislike this bickering and I can’t blame them. So I need to get creative and think of something else to add to the discussion :

          • Riddler

            Yes, addictively fun indeed! We had some sessions man. Well i hope as long as we keep it moderate, no pun intended, we may keep people laughing and get the occasional caning from the mods without getting our asses banned. I wish someone would invent some kind of online thermometer which tells us when we are close to getting sent to the corner of the room:-)

          • whuddyasack

            I couldn’t stop. Honestly, it was hard. Corner of the room, rofl. I guess there’s a naughty corner, even on the internet.

            Yeah, the thermometer would be a good idea. Just to see the tolerance meter here, but you know, the internet isn’t exactly the most tolerant place. We’re going to need lots of thermometers. I think that most of these people get so hot, the thermometer is going to explode more often than not.

            Some people are just going to look at you, see that you’re Black, White or ASIAN and hypocritically groan and yell about “tribalism” (hahaha, just because you’re of a different color) :-)

      • DearDairy

        I hope you find a boyfriend, who doesn’t mind a girl with face that looks like it was smashed with a pipe and put back together with silly putty and staples, with the mental capacity of a

        year old, so we can be relieved of your precious comments.

        PLEASE JESUS in 2014, find someone, anyone, to scoop up princess here so she no longer needs to suck the virtual cacks of every single dude on this website out of loneliness no more. #LORD MERCY.

        • linette lee
          • DearDairy

            so apparently this is OKAY? Her threatening death to me and my entire family? WTF is going on here.

          • Germandude

            For the shitty comments and indirect threats you are dishing out, you seem to be a rather sensible guy if you think that’s threatening you with death.

          • DearDairy

            Indirect threats? What threats? Enlighten me Wilhelm.

          • Germandude

            Dear dairy farmer,

            as I feel the strength of Jesus Christ in me today, I am kind enough to enlighten you.

            Here you go.

            Yours truthfully,


          • DearDairy

            dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux

          • Germandude

            I just gave you the light?!

          • DearDairy

            yes you gave me the “light”.

          • DearDairy

            You mean my threat of me time traveling to prevent her existence? That credible death threat on my part?

          • DearDairy

            Linette, remember in Thailand when I told you I wanted to bang but I didn’t want to bang a lady boy? Are you still mad about that? I still paid you girl! Don’t hold a grudge!

          • Probotector

            Linette looks hot.

          • DearDairy

            gee whiz, I can’t imagine why there is no one outside the matrix to occupy her time, LOOK AT HER! A catch if there was ever such a thing: elegant, charming, educated, eloquent, classy, ambitious with her time. While most other women her age are starting families or advancing their careers, she takes precious time out of her busy schedule to bring us the light of knowledge without asking for anything in return! And of course, did I mention beautiful? There aren’t enough adjectives I tell you to describe princess here.

          • Riddler

            Hah? You KNOW her? For real?

          • DearDairy

            Yeah she’s around the corner from my apt. in one of those little rooms with the barber shop thingys rotating, servicing Migrant workers for 20RMB. She makes her parents proud everyday.

          • Riddler

            The Linette we know is from Hong Kong and lives there or, America. I think you may have the wrong person here. In either case, you make some valid point man but your anger negates them. I hear you, I really do and makes my blood boil reading the chinese comments above.

            Don’t stoop to their level man. You’re better than that.

          • DearDairy

            dude man I’m joking man, I know she isn’t around the corner sucking cack. Linette just bugs me man. Right or Wrong, I can forgive the mentality of uneducated rural people who have been brainwashed by propaganda, but so called educated people her, living in my country, fence riding, with her fair weather opinions just bugs the shit out of me. Her stupidity or her acting stupid for attention is the worst. She’s like that fucking annoying teachers pet in 4th grade even the teacher hated cause she so dumb.

          • Riddler

            I know:-) And I know where you’re coming from. People can be as educated as they like yet, wisdom cannot be taught in classrooms.

            I think she was the teacher and Eattot the student.

          • Elijah

            Unfortunately, he’s really not better than that. That’s why he has to keep changing his username. Look at those of us with the same name every article for at least

            months to a year and look at those who pop up, spew diarrhea all over the comments and then either leave or get moderated. Which category do you think he fits in honestly?

          • DearDairy

            I’m sorry Elijah that you’re such a little bitch and you married a women who only is using you like a condom to get her and her entire clan to Canada and then is going to toss you in the bin. FUCK YOU SKIPPY.

          • Riddler

            Ok guys come on, I know both of you and yeah go ahead and have your disagreements but you would be better off sharing than this kind of exchange. I say lots of shit and have had lots said back. Whuddyasack and myself had insanely abusive exchanges but we patched up and apologised to each other. Lets keep things impersonal please? I hope i haven’t offended either of you. You both raise valid points in different ways.

          • Elijah

            Paranoia runs deep in this one… Stop spewing nonsensical ad hominem attacks and ridiculous pontifications all over the comment section and you won’t have to worry about “coalitions”.

          • DearDairy

            Hey, you me and your wife “3P”. You said she’s that kind of lady. DTF.

            I’m not gay but I will fuck you the ass like the bitch you are Skippy.

          • DearDairy

            What happened to that blog where you boast about how to land an Asian Chick even if you’re a fucking retarded loser? Seriously, any more tips for us Skippy?

          • Elijah

            You show your true colours quickly. Enough said.

          • Riddler

            That is out of order Sir. Come on man….sigh….

          • DearDairy

            Crying like a little bitch.

          • DearDairy

            Linette, I’m going to stop. I hate you. But acting out like this beneath me. You’re going to continue being pathetic and living a sad life. No need for me to waste any more of my time or energy on you. have a nice life.

      • Jahar

        Philippines is too dangerous? just about every country, especially those between the tropics, face natural disasters from time to time. China as well. Should we all avoid China as well? You live in the US, if I recall correctly. Hurricane Katrina was pretty rough. You should get out, it’s too dangerous.

        • linette lee

          Katrina all flights were cancelled. Lower part of Manhattan was flooded so badly. They issued state of emergency. It was code red . I didn’t hear any tourists got kicked out of the streets. There was no electricity and no transportation in some part. The mayor was talking on the news warning all folks to stay in dry area. People trying to catch flight stay put. Do not go outside. It wasn’t safe. I can only imagine if some tourists died because they got kicked out of the hotel without shelter in NY. The NY gov’t will be in deep shxt.

          • iLL

            that was Sandy not Katrina. Katrina was in the south

          • moop

            linette, typhoons/hurricanes dont just appear out of thin air, these tourists and local residents were all issued warnings and advised to evacuate. these tourists either were too ignorant to check for local weather or too stubborn to leave. the locals who stayed were either too stubborn or too poor to afford to leave. you can’t fault people for being poor, but you can fault them for being too stubborn or too stupid.

          • Riddler

            You know how it is with the mainlanders. Hurricane is coming? They all want to be in the thick of it thinking it will be a ‘breeze’ so they can take photos and share their pics when they get back home. Guess they miscalculated.

          • Guest23

            Some casualties which is sad, I’ve read reports of students and some outlaying towns isolated and trapped by the rainstorms and flood,.

            I’m gonna do some constructive-criticism and say, why didn’t they do better than what Vietnam did? the Ministry of Education and local government didn’t cancel school, and not much advisories on staying indoors and go to higher ground.

          • chosan

            I agree just like the Boston bombings , some dumb chinese tourist had to be there at the receiving end of a chechen bomb

          • Jahar

            Katrina was worst for New Orleans. It was a horrible time. It wasn’t prepared for and the government reaction wasn’t what it should have been. My point is, just because a bad thing happens in a place doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go there.

          • linette lee

            I will go to visit New orleans or philippine. Just don’t throw me out of the tourist hotel in the middle of natural disaster because I ran out of cash or credit card not working no electricity. I am afraid ok. >.<

          • Jahar

            Well of course no one wants to or should go to an area hit by a disaster for a vacation. That’s just common sense. But warning them to just generally avoid the country makes it sound as if you have some sort of dislike for the place.

    • Wenz

      well the pitchforks thing is a Western thing right….against certain “weird” women acting “non-christian”? Chinese people are always saying racist comments but usually just a lot of bark with no bite

      • Guest23

        Used the pitchfork thing cause that is usually a cliche where dumb, stupid, angry mob of cowards who rely on numbers to oppress other people, their hostility to anyone who isn’t on their side, appalling.

    • Reptilian

      Somebody get screenshots of the original comments on Sina, Tianya, etc. Then repost them when something catastrophic happens in China–together with spiteful comments about their situation. Not to heap abuse, but just to let ’em have a dose of 狼奶.

    • David

      If the subject of “Nationalism” interests anybody the definitive work on it was done by Benedict Anderson. In addition to many excellent papers in the past, he wrote the book “Imagined Communities”. He is by training a Southeast Asian Scholar so many of the examples used in the book are from Asia. In addition, “Siam Mapped” by Thongchai Winichaul is a wonderful book about how maps (imagined and actual) are used in the construction of a national identity. I have met and been lucky enough to correspond with Professor Winichaul (he is from Thailand originally but has been teaching at University of Wisconsin for some years now and originally studied under Benedict Anderson). Both books really are brilliant works that have revolutionized this part of the Social Science field.

      • Guest23

        Really interesting, read and discussed about Mr. Anderson’s works with my fellows at the university, think I’ll try to get some of his works in discussion with some students, Not bad I know about him during my course work in Asian Studies on my college days, thanks for the heads up and reminder.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The tour company should send an employee with a suitcase of cash.
    Problem solved.

    • Riddler

      And some baijou.

  • Germandude

    So many pathetic comments…

  • Guest23

    You gotta understand, this is a major disaster, we had to withstand an earthquake and city-siege earlier, power and communications were down, food shortages and looting’s by desperate people, the Government is assigning a body to quickly account and get these trapped tourists in contact with their embassies, the young, old, and sick are top priority on evacuation along with foreign nationals. Don’t put on blame just yet, we’re taking responsibility with the victims first, and again don’t blame an entire people, we still don’t know the whole details on this particular incident.

    • linette lee

      But I figure usually during natural disaster you don’t kick out tourists when they are stuck in tourist hotels.

      • Germandude

        Tourism agencies actually try to get tourists out as soon as possible. Some of the first people evacuated are always foreigners in the country a disaster happens.

        Experienced exactly that while being in Turkey during a big earthquake.

      • redgirls

        Not quite, it is every man for themselves the hotel are devastated just like most of the country. Get to your nearest red cross and from there hopefully your embassy.I am pretty sure the government are in turmoil just now even if you bought insurance, children are parentless right now on the streets that is the priority, just like hospitals. The staff of said hotels have i’m sure fled to find loved ones also,I hope all affected right now find the help they need no matter how they found themselves in this most awful of circumstances

      • Ria

        Wow I can’t imagine how badly did that hurt you? First of all, do you have the FACTS of that story? I’m in Phils. and you’re not you don’t know shit. Second of all, that region is UNDER STATE OF CALAMITY and here you are whining about YOUR tourists being kicked out of their hotels while thousands of Filipino locals out there LOST their HOMES and left with nothing. You are one-dimensional. Before you continue blabbering please back up your accusations and I will tell you as a good Filipino Citizen I AM SORRY. Shit happens.

  • nqk123

    sickening. that all i can think of

  • Chris

    “If we want to stand tall in the world, there is so much that must change…improving the characters of many of our nationals, especially their national consciousness, especially their patriotism… and especially their political awareness.”

    This comment has actually left me dumbfounded. Patriotism and nationalism are two of the biggest factors actually holding China back, and a major part of why so many are unwilling to accept China as a world leader. I can’t believe people actually think even more xenophobic vitriol is going to make the world like or respect China.

    And perhaps a little more political awareness would lead to these morons posting these comments realising the only reason they hate the Philippines/Japan/whichever country the People’s Daily tells them to hate, is because the CCP needs to deflect criticism of its own failings… and the best way it can do that is to make everybody hate “the others”.

    • Guest23

      They really can’t seem to get the other side’s story or perspective on why they are being opposed, not so much critical thinking other than taking sides on who is more right, they can’t seem to get the idea that this course of action is making them look like a huge bully or jerks.

      • Riddler

        ‘…huge bully or jerks…’

        Little bullies. Little jerk offs:-)

        • Guest23

          The view of people with oversize egos who can’t view themselves as wrong or imperfect, or they think that they are anything but the heroes of the story, makes me face palm to the ground.

  • Cauffiel

    Why are there so many ghouls in China? What on earth made them say shit like this?

    • Riddler


    • Probotector

      Indoctrination of fundamental belief in the primacy and supremacy of the Chinese nation and the Han race.

      • Cauffiel

        Well thats pretty fuckin gay.

  • Guest23

    Depends on hotel/resort owner, a lot of properties on Boracay Island are owned by foreign nationals, you can read stories about them cheating customers, being rude, or reported for some extreme behavior, they usually get away with reprimands and a fine, can’t be too sure, a lot of stories and some things don’t add up with what this netizen is reporting, curious on which hotel they were staying at.

  • wes707

    Fascism is alive and well in China.

    • Probotector

      …but without the efficiency.

      • wes707

        True, it’s quite an example though: its autocratic core with a capitalist facade; culturally rooted in tribalism, victimhood, and national rejuvenation; seeking to avenge for past ills.

      • December Rain

        Fascism is rarely efficient.

        • Probotector

          Shows you know no history. Look at the technological and industrial innovations of Nazi Germany, or of Japan before and during WWII, and how a lot of those innovations and expertise were harnessed by the US after the war.

          • December Rain

            That’s *your* definition of efficiency, not mine. My definition would be something long-lasting, which neither the German nor the Japanese movements were. Both resulted in a war-torn, defeated nation with millions of deaths. The Chinese know better than to engage in the kind of jingoistic military aggression that lead other fascist movements to ruin.

          • Probotector

            people disagree with you, since they upvoted me. Longevity and efficiency aren’t the same things. In any case, are you trying to say China is efficient now? Hardly.

          • December Rain

            Popular opinion doesn’t mean right. Besides, English sites are full of anti-Chinese racists. Of course they’d agree with you.

            “Longevity and efficiency aren’t the same things.”

            I don’t necessarily mean longevity, I also mean the end result, which neither the German nor the Japanese fascist movements can be proud of. Chinese fascism is more efficient because it hasn’t led to the same kind of disastrous results that put an end to German and Japanese fascism. Even if it’s not necessarily efficient NOW, it has the potential to become, because Chinese fascism isn’t defeated, and isn’t likely to be in the near future since its government does not practice military jingoism.

          • Probotector

            Riddler, Germandude. UserID01, hess, wes707, Guest23, Elijah, connie, and the

            others who upvoted me, December Rain says you’re all racists. Is this true?

            A lack of popularity generally means your opinion isn’t respected, be it right or wrong in your perception. Whatever the case may be, we’re splitting hairs over what efficiency means, and it’s not that important. At least you agree China is fascist.

            btw, China does have militarily imperialist designs on certain territories. Think Taiwan, the Senkaku Islands, the Philippines. How does militarism and the desire to conquer make a Fascist country inefficient?

          • December Rain

            I didn’t say *every single person* who voted up your comment is a racist. You sure like to make giant leaps in logic. I only meant, because there are a lot of racists around, an anti-Chinese opinion would likely be popular. Of course, some people who agree with you might just harbour a Western bias instead of actual racism.

            “At least you agree China is fascist.”

            I think politically, Chinese society has some fascist characteristics. That doesn’t mean I think it’s a full on fascist state.

            “How does militarism and the desire to conquer make a Fascist country inefficient?”

            Because militarism is more likely to invoke foreign retaliation and intervention against fascism.

          • Probotector

            Okay. Just one question. You said “Because militarism is more likely to invoke foreign retaliation and intervention against fascism.” Surely that’s true of any aggressive militant state, so why does it only make Fascist ones inefficient? The US is militant, and (should, but doesn’t) invoke foreign retaliation, but would you call the US inefficient? Maybe it is nowadays, and always has been somewhat, but come on, it’s a thriving superpower.

          • whuddyasack

            “Popular opinion doesn’t mean right. Besides, English sites are full of anti-Chinese racists. Of course they’d agree with you.”

            No kidding. I also don’t subscribe with popular opinion being always right. For example, you could post the most stupid thing in the world like cows are useless and thousands would rally behind you because they hate cows. That one, downvoted-to-death comment suggesting cows produce milk would be ignored.

            Rather, facts, truth and logic are what is right. So far, you’ve hit right on every single topic. From the pettiness and absurdity of considering laowai the Chinese equivalent of chink to the stupidity of laowai being a vile, racist term just because it separates Chinese from *shock and horror* Chinese and foreigners. I wonder what word we are supposed to use then…. hmmm….

            Also, in the US, there’s a lot of racial segregation. Affirmative action recipients are tied down to race. There are census and statistics based on race. There’s even “interracial marriage” stats based on race, dividing Americans…

            But is that racist? Well, according to the definitions of people here, it is.

            But the thing is people who actually possess a brain know that this isn’t racist. Likewise, laowai isn’t racist for reasons of “segregation”.

            The word racist is thrown around and watered down so much that the real meaning is lost to some twats here. People forget that the word racist is defined as either:

            a) the poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
            b) the belief that some races of people are better than others

            And usually, this word needs actual backing, kind of like this:


            The word laowai doesn’t even come close.

          • Probotector


            “Of course, Japanese are always polite. Unlike White American trolls that stink of burgers and fart all over the place.”

            “Being a White American, that disgusting wrinkly creep has a very different culture”

            “As a race, tenessee is the same as one of those Saudi or Middle Easterners that like to gangrape and murder women and bomb themselves.”

            “Likewise for the Muslims, Blacks and Whites dumped onto or fleeing into Asian countries and sapping the locals dry with their shoddy work ethics.”

            Actual racist comments typed recently by you.

          • December Rain

            Yeah, true. Even my dad proudly joked about being a “laowai” to his friends in China when he was about to immigrate to Canada. The term is nowhere as bad as the racial slurs white people use against us.

          • whuddyasack

            Exactly. You know, even my dad used to call mom laowai when she was in Canada. We used to live in Vancouver and I’m sure you’re aware the nickname of that city. “Hongcouver” lol. I think that term would confuse most new immigrants from the mainland. They must be thinking:

            “But I’m from China… Not Hong Kong.. lol”

            But really, I think most of us don’t think much of it.

            I think saying all Asians come from Hong Kong and by boat is more ignorant and offensive than calling a foreigner “laowai”, “gwailo”, “farang”, “gaijin”, etc.

            Anways, in China, dad became the laowai. It was all good fun. I’ve never seen anyone take any these seriously. Heck, I have quite a few international friends from Asian countries and they’ve all talked about foreigners in their own country. I’ve even known Asian Americans who’ve been been treated like they were FOBs by people who didn’t bother talking to them. It’s like a act first, check later sort of thing with most Americans. But the thing is none of them raised that much of a bitch fit as many people here. Many Asians I’ve known can share their own brushes with actual racist. Most that I’ve known had been called a gook, chink, slit eye, slant, ching chong, nip, dink, jap some time in their lives. Many have experienced assault, sexual harassment, robbery, break-ins and some other disgusting crime some time in their lives.

            Did you see the guy talking about “tribalism” and “immigration”? Lol, I think that’s what the problem with many of these people are. They ARE tribal. And there are

            million foreigners from Britain, US and Canada living in China in 2010. 310,000 refugees last I heard. I don’t think the “racist” Chinese media have been raising that much of a stink about both. There are many things in the Chinese media that I am not too fond of, laowai isn’t just one of them.

            In America, the media is very race-focused. Much more than any other country. I think because of that, this permeates into society and unfortunately, into the world. With such an attitude and such small minds, no wonder “multiculturalism” has failed.

  • carmouflagger

    The Japan hate is understandable, i really struggle to understand their hate for Filipinos though.

    • Joseph Lau

      They are savages that thinks they are better because they suck the dick of uncle sam.

      • Riddler

        Whose dick do you suck?

        • ptptp

          It sure seems to have left a bitter taste!

          • Riddler


            But you raise a valid point:-)

    • Riddler

      Hate is understandable? Since when was hate rationalised?

      • carmouflagger

        At least the can say Japan attacked them, Nanjing blah blah.. The Philippines has never done sh*t to them. Thats what i’m saying.

        • Probotector

          They will invent a reason, you just wait…

        • Riddler

          I know, I hear you man. The point being, one doesn’t NEED have done anything to them. Insular is insular and, generates a mind state which views anything different or BETTER, as an enemy.

    • Guest23

      It’s a bit shocking, but for a big mono-cultured focused China or even Asia for that matter is there wasn’t a concept of Equality, in the past it was always the “Asian Totem Pole” where they rank ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures, either on top with them, down the middle as barbarians or savages, or down below with contempt and hate with stereotypes and generalization.

    • TJDubs

      They’re butt-hurt that Filipinos are better karaoke singers.

      • Riddler

        Excellent! hahahaha…..

  • Q Ball

    Based on the racism you can see from the comments, Chinese hotel owners would do the same to philipino tourists.

  • mwanafa

    Well said matey!

  • Joseph Lau

    Take that back!Don’t spin this issue as our fault!Please have conscience.Please!

    • Riddler

      There is no ‘issue’ here, its called a natural disaster. Who is blaming you for that? You have the nerve to talk of spin? Conscience? Where is your conscience? Remember fukushima? I had locals in shanghai loving it. Gloating to no end. Then I had to make them aware of a few things. For example, radiation doesn’t respect national boundaries. You should have seen grins freeze into a grimace. Then horror.

      Oh btw, welcome back.

    • Riddler

      Wow that is the best whine i have ever seen online.


  • Riddler

    ‘The world’s second-largest economy is a growing investor in Southeast Asia, where it is vying with the United States and Japan for influence. But China’s assertiveness in pressing its claim to the disputed South China Sea has strained ties with several regional countries, most notably the Philippines.

    China’s government has promised $100,000 in aid to Manila, along with another $100,000 through the Chinese Red Cross – far less than pledged by other economic heavyweights.

    Japan has offered $10 million in aid and is sending in an emergency relief team, for instance, while Australia has donated $9.6 million.

    “The Chinese leadership has missed an opportunity to show its magnanimity,” said Joseph Cheng, a political science professor at the City University of Hong Kong who focuses on China’s ties with Southeast Asia.

    “While still offering aid to the typhoon victims, it certainly reflects the unsatisfactory state of relations (with Manila).”

    China’s ties with the Philippines are already fragile as a decades-old territorial squabble over the South China Sea enters a more contentious chapter, with claimant nations spreading deeper into disputed waters in search of energy supplies, while building up their navies.’


    • TJDubs

      100k USD? That’s a week’s baijiu budget for a county-level official. And another 100k to the Chinese Red Cross? I guess Guo Meimei could use a new pair of earrings. It basically amounts to nothing.

      Even given China’s antagonism of the Philippines, I expected them to at least pretend to play nice, maybe take advantage of this opportunity to make themselves looks good.

      For example, they could send their Ukrainian aircraft carrier over, carrying minimally tainted Nongfu Spring water and expired domestic milk powder. This way, they arouse the public 爱国 organ by showcasing their 1980’s military tech, at the same time, they look like good guys without actually conferring any benefit to the victims of the disaster. Win-win for the CCP.

      • Riddler

        ‘..For example, they could send their Ukrainian aircraft carrier over, carrying minimally tainted Nongfu Spring water and expired domestic milk powder. This way, they arouse the public 爱国 organ by showcasing their 1980’s military tech, at the same time, they look like good guys without actually conferring any benefit to the victims of the disaster. Win-win for the CCP.’

        The best comment i have read so far! Your acidic sarcasm reminds me of someone. From the UK by any chance? Currently in Shanghai by any chance?

        • TJDubs

          Nope. American former Beijing expat.

          • Riddler

            All good, excellent comment all the same. Still laughing ma ass off!

    • Guest23

      Parallels and conclusions have been made, gonna give some perspective on what some commentators and analysts are saying, during the

      Indian Ocean Tsunami and

      Japan Earthquake they were pretty quick with their monetary donations and humanitarian aid, the amount was bigger, this is considered chump change for some people, for the world’s second largest economy they think they could give a little more and still no word on any volunteer group or rescue and relief workers being organized, a lot of Filipinos have concluded and some are just concluding that China looks down upon us, goodwill is lost and a lot of people think that you only give aid with something in return,

      they got a lot more support and some influence in those countries affected,

      they helped the Third largest economy, today not so much with the country they have maritime squabbles and rivalries.

      Side-note, read some blogs and reports of people calling the Government or any volunteers, traitors if they even consider giving aid to us, $100,000 is small, they still call it out, not even a word of any relief force being sent here to help.

  • PixelPulse

    Christ what a bunch on morons. Its amazing that China can hold itself together with so many Chinese against themselves over such stupid reasons.

  • Riddler

    Why Chinese hate Philippines and Japan and themselves?

  • Riddler

    God help us if China ever does become a real superpower!

    Nah, not in a million years. You may relax yourself.

    • mwanafa

      To become a superpower you need Economic wealth, human resources, and good politics. I wonder why isn’t China the world’s superpower.

      • lasolitaria

        To become any kind of power you also need to export some kind of cultural product that is appealing to those you expect to be aligned behind you. Most non-Chinese (including their own neighbors) are unfamiliar, indifferent, wary or plain disgusted with Chinese culture.

        • RothschildIsMoney

          Chinese culture pretty much disappeared after cultural revolution.

        • David

          Which is very sad. For almost

          years China was the most modern and culturally advanced country in Asia (probably the world for

          years). It had some great highlights as a civilization and was responsible for much technological advance to both Eastern and South Eastern Asia (when it was not subjugating them, but we can skip over that lol).

          • lasolitaria

            I think all the much-touted Chinese technological achievements are overrated. China attained roughly the same amount of achievements over the course of millennia that other civilizations attained over the course of centuries.

          • Riddler

            I think you missed David’s point.

          • lasolitaria

            I didn’t mean to address his point. I just used his context to make a point of my own.

          • Riddler

            I see. Sorry, My bad.

        • Ralphrepo

          China has been exporting its cultural products for hundreds of years, sometimes even when it didn’t want to (Ming vase, anyone?). Thus, it isn’t the thousands year Chinese culture that has disgusted many in the world today, rather it’s the politics of the Chinese Communist Party, which has been in charge of China for only the last

          odd years; in fact, I daresay it even disgusts most people within the PRC itself.

          • lasolitaria

            “hundreds of years”. I think the Chinese would be offended by this phrase. The Chinese will miss no chance to remind you how old China is (it’s so old it’s older than itself), even though but a handful of them are at least one century old.

            I agree that many people who are familiar enough with Chinese politics are disgusted by the CCP. But wouldn’t you agree that many more people simply don’t care about China beyond the food, kung-fu and -very recently- cheap goods? I mean, America isn’t

            years old, yet in every place that has had at least some degree of contact with the outside you’re likely to find at least one person who can recognize -and often enjoy- at least one thing American: a music genre, a sport, a piece of media, a celebrity, a brand, the flag (even if it is only to burn the right one). It’s roughly the same for the UK and France. And if every regular consumer of a country’s cultural products is a potential supporter, China lags miles behind the West (and Japan… and probably Korea too) in the race for the hearts of the world. For a country that’s been around for so long, that’s a pretty bad record, isn’t it?

          • Ralphrepo

            Frankly, I was a bit hesitant to respond with a few “hundred” years for fear of exactly your type of response. Allow me to clarify; while Chinese almost as a knee jerk reflex like to remind everyone how old China is, the fact remains, the PRC is only a few decades old. What I find interesting too, is how the wiki pages (which is reputedly constantly edited by Chinese hands) cite the formation of China (under the Qin) as

            BC. But that nation only lasted twenty some odd years; barely one generation, before falling apart into several warring nations. The Qing Nation no longer exists; the Republic of China is an entirely different nation even as nationalists like to argue that it belongs to the PRC. The present day PRC doesn’t have a five thousand year old history nor mandate, even as it attempts to pretend that it does on an almost daily basis. Further, if we applied the same idealogical dating to Europeans, then the Germanic people would be as old as the Qin. We certainly don’t go around saying that Germany is more than two thousand years old as that is patently ridiculous. Now you can appreciate the problem I have with calling China a few thousand years old.

            Chinese culture on the other hand, has endured for thousands of years, from the human sacrifice days all the way to space launches; BUT, the EXPORT of Chinese culture itself, from diaspora to its written text, arts, and culinary expertise, et cetera, is something that has only been apparent for a few scant hundred years.

            Thus, in response to your specific comment:

            “To become any kind of power you also need to export some kind of cultural product that is appealing to those you expect to be aligned behind you…”

            I wrote that Chinese culture has been exported for several hundred years because substantive international trade, immigration of Chinese abroad, ie. the mechanism that is defined as cultural exchange, did not appreciably occur for “thousands” of years. At least history hasn’t yet documented any of that during the Xia, Shang or Zhou. Substantive foreign trade only began with the Ming. Thus, IMHO Chinese culture has only been appreciated abroad during the last few hundred years.

          • lasolitaria

            Just to clarify: notice that I didn’t say that I didn’t agree with you on the “hundreds of years” point; I said I think the Chinese wouldn’t agree with you. In fact, I often get dumbfounded stares when I say China is one of the youngest countries just to poke fun at the typically nationalistic (worldwide, not only China) belief that everything that ever happened within a country’s current territory is part of that country’s imagined history.

            While it’s true that China has been exporting cultural products for hundreds of years to the rest of the world (I mean countries not in the Far East, where it would be thousands of years), only a very reduced segment has been receptive to them. They’ve had very little significance outside China’s traditional sphere of influence, which is the place China must target if she wants to become a superpower -that is, once she manages to bring her own neighbors to her side.

            I don’t think China is a success story. Se has the problems of all the three worlds.

            See, I mostly agree with you but I can’t quite figure out what your position is regarding the issue of China’s current status as any kind of cultural power.

          • Richard Ford

            Good point. To be a super power you have to have a flag that people want to burn. The burning of the flag is a sign that it is tough enough to take the heat, You never see people burning the flag of Sweden or New Zealand.

          • lasolitaria

            I think your words make much sense. I had never seen it that way.

      • Riddler

        ‘I wonder why isn’t China the world’s superpower.’

        I don’t.

        • nqk123

          there is a reason why people consider US a superpower. good or bad, they are everywhere

      • Riddler

        This is why:

        • Gerhana

          I like that quote, put a smile on a my face.

    • Probotector

      “relax yourself.”

      You’ve been in China too long!

      • Riddler

        Hahahahah….true true.

        • Riddler

          We really should arrange a meet up with some of the lads.

  • Riddler

    No such thing as other people’s children. They are ours.

  • redgirls

    The comments above are absolutely disgraceful. Shame on them all, no love for their common man. shame and disgrace on each of them. May it come back and bite them on the arse.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    I didn’t realize that Chinese were such inhumane nationalists. Perhaps Morrissey was right about them.

  • Reptilian

    Well, from decades of Party-orchestrated thinking, you’d be hard-put to think outside the box. The only slivers of independent thinking I’ve encountered from mainlanders are mostly from the academics–not plain university students, but researchers and professors; people who’ve been outside China for long stretches of time, are familiar with different viewpoints other than that of the Central Propaganda Dept, and have enough IQ to think for themselves. So currently, when the Global Times/People’s Daily says march right/march left, most every Commiechink moves in lockstep.

    • brian

      While I agree with your statement, your use of ‘Commiechink’ is unnecessary. It takes all of your valid points and flushes them down the toilet. Instead of seeing the truth you are speaking, all people see is the little bigoted man that you are.

      • Probotector

        Almost as bad as “laowai” don’t you think?

        • Riddler

          Sigh….there is that.

        • Kai

          When you do this, I’m reminded of how some Chinese people deflect to the West whenever someone brings up a valid criticism of the Chinese.

          I believe you complain about Chinese people deflecting, so why do the same thing?

          When you say “almost as bad”, you’re suggesting that Chinese people using “laowai” justifies non-Chinese people using racial epithets against the Chinese.

          • Probotector

            And? Are you offended because I call Chinese out on their racism?

          • Kai

            How did “almost as bad” become “equally”?

            No, it isn’t my insecurity; it is your history of comments and behavior on this website. I simply think you have incredibly thick skin for how consistently you do the very things you vocally criticize “the Chinese” for.

            For example, you complain about Chinese people using the word “foreign devil” and then call someone you believe to be Chinese chinkie. Granted, you apologized for it later, only to then deflect onto saying how other people are more racist, especially Chinese people, but that racism and hate on the internet is omnipresent and no one knows each other so you don’t think anyone really cares…except you care about Chinese racism on internet forums and complain about it just like people complained about your racism.

            People can click on your name and view your past comments to judge for themselves (at least the ones under your current account). Unfortunately, people can’t easily see the comments you vote on. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve made comments that I consider intelligent and agree with but you also regularly make comments that floor me by how hypocritical they are.

            This is why I’ve asked you multiple times now why you emulate the very things you express contempt for. A person’s credibility is predicated on the consistency of their character.

          • Probotector

            First, “How did “almost as bad” become “equally”?”

            I don’t know! I’m the one who said ‘almost as bad’. You’re the one who implied it meant ‘equally’ bad when you said:

            “When you say “almost as bad”, you’re suggesting that Chinese people using “laowai” justifies non-Chinese people using racial epithets against the Chinese.”

            As for the rest of your screed, you’re basically saying that because I said chinkie one time like a year ago, (which I then back tracked on and apologised for), I am a complete racist who never has any right to call others on their constant and brazen racism?

          • Kai

            I don’t understand how you interpreted “justifies” as implying “equally”, much less “equally justifiable”. The former is about giving cause and the latter is about making the same.

            This has nothing to do with nitpicking “almost as bad” vs. “equally”. I didn’t say they were equal, you did. I said you were deflecting, the same action you criticize the Chinese for. This is hypocritical.

            You said “chickie” was just months ago, hardly a year, not that it matters because it’s only just one memorable example. As I said, people can check your comment history themselves.

            Finally, I didn’t say you are “a complete racist”. I said you often behave hypocritically. For someone who likes to accuse others of twisting their words, you sure like to twist people’s words, which kinda reinforces my criticisms of your hypocritical behavior.

          • Probotector

            “I don’t understand how you interpreted “justifies” as implying “equally”, much less “equally justifiable”. The former is about giving cause and the latter is about making the same.”

            Because if you say that the use of one racial slur warrants the use of another, you imply that they are of equal standing in both meaning and intent. Don’t try to catch me off guard with your smug intellectualism.

            Examples of hypocrisy? Do you have any?

            Well, let me guess. You mentioned deflection. Well, Chinese deflection normally involves some Marxist diatribe about imperialism, coupled with either a stereotype about Americans (because you know, all Westerners are American), or some reference to an historical injustice from long ago. When I, and most others deflect against China, it’s normally in reference to something current and relevant to the way things are in China, and the dichotomy between our two cultures. I think you just threatened Riddler for the same thing. You could call it hypocrisy if you really want to.

            I believe I made the chinkie comment in February. It’s November now, that’s about nine months, which is almost a year. Do you understand now? Maybe counting isn’t your strong suit. Oh, ad that’s “just one memorable example”? I’ve never said it since, so you’re also a liar.

            You know, you are not one to talk about hypocrisy. Picking apart what you say is not twisting your words. You make remarks that imply things that aren’t true, like saying I am suggesting that if Chinese say laowai, I can say chinkie. I never said that, I said chinkie is almost as bad, i.e. it’s more or less equally as bad as saying laowai. There’s no call for justification of racial epithets in what I said, for either side – you made that up. I said they’re almost as bad as each other, meaning they are both wrong, not both justifiable.

            Also, you’re encouraging people to perusal my previous posts and implying they’ll find some dirt on me to use as ammunition to discredit me. Trolling much? Just because you attack people in a ‘matter of fact’ analytic fashion, with screeds that go on forever, doesn’t mean you’re not doing it abusively “for shits and giggles”

            Perhaps you need to be moderated.

          • Kai

            I didn’t say the use of one racial slur warrants the use of another; I said you were suggesting that and the point was that you were deflecting brian ‘s objection to Reptilian ‘s comment by turning it back on the Chinese, saying the Chinese use of “laowai” is worse than the use of “commiechink” by Reptilian.

            I’m not trying to catch you off-guard. It’s a bit revealing that you think I am.

            Examples of hypocrisy already given above, but here’s another one:

            I don’t care if you said chink, I’m not Chinese.

            You care about racial slurs used against non-Chinese people, including yourself, but because you aren’t Chinese, you don’t care about them being used to refer to Chinese people? How is this not hypocritical?

            It’s interesting that you stereotype deflection by Chinese people. Frankly, they do it in far many more ways than the one or two ways you described, just as you deflect in many different ways. Regardless, deflection is deflection. Criticizing others for deflecting but turning around and deflecting yourself is still hypocrisy.

            I’m sorry, February, less than a year ago and more than months ago would imply. However, why does never saying it since change “one memorable example” into a lie? The phrase doesn’t mean you’ve done it since.

            Whether the way you represent my words is “picking apart” or “twisting” is up to us to argue for each instance.

            I interpreted your response to brian and the specific vocabulary of “almost as bad” as suggesting you think one justifies the other. I’m glad you don’t think so but like your recent comment I linked to above, you say things that make me doubt. Are you able acknowledge how this context engenders doubt?

            “Almost as bad” very clearly means something is similar but definitely makes clear that one is worse than the other. I don’t like how you’re trying to revision it to “equally” now, especially when you know “laowai” is used with malicious and derogatory intent and intonation far less often than “chink” ever is. Moreover, it doesn’t explain away the deflection inherent in your reply to brian which, again, is the crux of my criticism of hypocrisy here.

            I never said you said they are “both” justifiable, just that I felt you were suggesting that one justifies the other in your act of deflection, just as we wonder if Chinese people are justifying problems in their country when they deflect onto problems in other countries.

            I’m explaining that people can review your comment record to better understand my criticisms of you. An appeal to context or evidence is not “trolling”. It is neither dishonest nor done with the intent to purposefully ellicit a negative emotional response from you just because I get off on seeing people have negative emotional responses. Trolling has a very specific definition; don’t use it as a catch-all label for criticism of or disagreement with you.

            True, how I criticize people doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not doing it for shits and giggles. Feel free to argue that I am. I understand you’re trying to defend @Riddler here but in his case, he has apologized for being a dick to people before. If you or he wants to argue about specific instances, be my guest, but you do understand that his past admission of a behavior harms his credibility just as your past behavior harms your credibility.

          • Probotector

            I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight.

          • December Rain

            “Laowai” doesn’t mean “foreign devil”, it means “old foreigner” which is a fairly friendly term. Anyone who compares the term “laowai” with the word “chink” is an ignorant douche.

          • Kai

            I wasn’t saying “laowai” means “foreign devil”. In that sentence, I had linked to an old comment of his where he complained about 洋鬼子, which can be translated as “foreign devil”. He also complains about laowai too but what I said there was in the context of what I linked to.

          • December Rain

            Alright. You should explain to him that “foreign devil” is a historical racial slur, meaning that the Chinese mainly used that term to express resentment against European invasion of China. The Chinese nowadays don’t use “foreign devil” anymore. Besides, “chink” is insulting to Asian people’s physique, which is extremely low and base, whereas “foreign devil” is an insult to white people’s character, so anyone comparing the two terms is way off their mark.

          • Kai

            I think he already knows that. I also know that some Chinese people still use it today, as a slur, not as a general noun for foreigners which is waiguoren or laowai if more colloquial. No point not recognizing it.

            I don’t know why insulting physique is any more low and base than insulting character though. I guess it might be a bit more superficial but I think we agree that such slurs are offensive and objectionable regardless.

          • December Rain

            Well of course the term is OCCASIONALLY used. When I say “The Chinese nowadays don’t use ‘foreign devil’ anymore” of course I don’t literally mean no one in China ever says that word ever. I mean, older English words like “thou” and “thy” are still occasionally used in some circles, but it’s safe to say that in general, they’re no longer used. So don’t take everything someone says literally. Geez. I’ve lived in China for

            years and have never heard anyone say “foreign devil” except in historical dramas about the Boxer Rebellion and whatnot.

            “I don’t know why insulting physique is any more low and base than insulting character though.”

            Duh, of course insulting the nature-given Asiatic physique is more low than insulting someone’s behaviour after they invaded your country and acted like hooligans (hence the “guizi” in “yangguizi”). Anyone with half a brain can see that, because unlike physique, behaviour is something people actually have control over.

          • Kai

            You and I may have had or are drawing upon different experiences. I’ve seen yangguizi used more commonly than “thou” and “thy”. I wasn’t trying to take you literally, but given that this forum has people who like me are familiar with the use of yangguizi, I thought it prudent to hedge away from “The Chinese nowadays don’t use ‘foreign devil’ anymore” and acknowledge that it IS used as a slur. This is to head off people accusing you of denying its use. I was trying to correct you before people attacked you for it.

            “Duh” isn’t necessary. I actually am not aware of “chink” referring to physique. Like what is written in Wikipedia, I thought it evolved from “ching chong” or referred to small eyes. I guess you can say small eyes is part of physique but I usually think of physique as referring to overall size and build.

            Either way, I agree that it’s even lower and baser to insult people for something they can’t control (their looks) versus something they can (their behavior and character). I can also see how the slur “foreign devil” came from resentment over the actions and behavior of foreigners rather than something as simple as physical differences. Thanks for explaining. That said, I don’t think it is really fruitful to compare whether “chink” or “yangguizi” is more offensive. I think they both are indefensible, whereas “laowai” actually can be defended. I think we’re on the same side of that debate.

          • markus peg

            I can’t believe someone is even trying to defend the usage of “chink” Worldwide it’s known and is not tolerated as an acceptable term.

            The one that baffled me of late was “oriental” which I heard is used as a racial slur in the USA but totally
            acceptable in the UK and Aus among other places. I’d hate for such a beautiful word to be tainted by racism.

            Also people keep quoting me above but spelling my name incorrectly… Its markus with a “K”

            My comment about how many were cheering was made out of anger that anyone anywhere would cheer when another countries people die due to a natural disaster or terrorism. I often use exaggerated examples their is bound to always be a few that cheer when something bad happens somewhere. My comments aren’t supposed to be like China vs the world – social conventions
            although I admit they can seem that way at times. Ignorance on such a scale that someone would cheer when innocent people die is so disgusting that it
            forces me to respond in either an angry are sarcastic way. That’s just my way of dealing with it.

            PS: again this is replying to the flow of comments above that i just had the horror of reading…

          • Kai

            Your comment is in reply to me but seems to allude to conversations I wasn’t in so I apologize if anything I say seems ignorant of what you were thinking of when writing your comment.

            I’m vaguely aware of “Oriental” being conisdered possibly derogatory in the US but very rarely have seen it being used as well. Maybe that goes hand in hand, that it’s lack of use makes use contributes to it being stigmatized as derogatory? At least in the US? Whereas more frequent usage in the UK and Aus helps reinforce its neutrality?

            I’m guessing you mentioned something to someone about Chinese people cheering after 9/11? Agree with disgust that there are people who do so, whatever their politics. Agree that disgust can result in anger and sarcastic/exaggerated comments. That’s the nature of emotion. We just gotta try to be the bigger man in these situations and try to keep our head.

          • Probotector

            When did I mention foreign devil?

          • Probotector

            Many ‘laowais’ would disagree that it’s a friendly term. So how many laowai friends have you got then? Do you call them laowai, to their face, and they’re okay with this? Your insensitivity to an “old foreigners'” feelings makes you an ignorant douche.

          • whuddyasack

            Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve also struggled with how some of these people here can even consider laowai a racist term. It’s in the same vein as gaijin, farang, gwailo, part of the vernacular. I personally think laowai is better term than alien.

            Words like hong mao or ang mou kow can be considered similar to chinks, but that’s really stretching it.

            Whereas the word chink is one of pure scorn and hate, the word laowai is one of affection. There is no comparison.

          • Probotector

            You guys play up the concept of laowai being an affectionate term. Even if we accept that, what’s the point of having with affectionate or derogatory terms for one another? Can’t we just be unbiased in what we call each other?

          • whuddyasack

            So what is a foreign stranger supposed to be called?

          • Probotector

            Perhaps 他, if it’s a guy. 她 if it’s a girl. Just a thought.

          • December Rain

            “Words like hong mao or ang mou kow can be considered similar to chinks, but that’s really stretching it.”

            Yeah, words like “hongmao” and “huangmao” are just saying “red” or “blondie”. Sometimes even white people refer to each other as “red” or “blondie”. English racist words are much more degrading.

          • whuddyasack

            Definitely, every word, from nigger, kikes, cracker, sand nigger, honkey, beaner, scratch back, gook, zipper head, nip, slant eye, ching chong, chug, dot head, rag head, flap lips is meant and designed to degrade and offend. There was obviously a lot of thought brought into creating these terms and making them widespread.

            Either way, there’s many uncivilized derogatory terms that make laowai sound pleasant in comparison.

            My thoughts on hongmao and huangmao are similar to yours. Of course, it’s OK for White people to use red or blondie, but unacceptable for Chinese to use hongmao and huangmao. Sound familiar?

            As for the Singaporean term, ang moh kow it can be deragatory depending on the situation. Those that take it personally probably thinks it means red furred monkey or something of the sort, but I’d prefer to think of it as descriptive, rather than abusive.

          • December Rain

            “Laowai” isn’t a racist term at all, or if it is, it’s nowhere as racist as “chink”. “Laowai” means “old foreigner”, and the term “old” is used as a friendly term by Chinese people. People call their friends Old Wang, Old Li, etc. as a term of endearment. So there’s nothing inherently racist in the term “laowai”/”old foreigner”, other than the way some xenophobic people in China choose to use it, whereas the word chink is ALWAYS racist and racist on a whole other level. I can’t believe you’d even think of comparing the two terms.

          • Probotector

            Well why call us foreigner at all? Why highlight that difference? Can’t you think of us as ordinary people, or are you too racist and insecure? Laowai is a term used to highlight and differentiate (typically, but not always) a white person based on our racial appearance. Also its the WAY IT IS USED that’s the issue here. I know what it’s original meaning is, but when you ALWAYS use it to describe a white person and then laugh at us while you do it, indicates you intend it as an insult. How many times are you going to argue the same point with me?

          • December Rain

            “Well why call us foreigner at all? Why highlight that difference?”

            Because China is not a multicultural country, and most Chinese are not used to being around non-Chinese people. In a multicultural society, people gradually learn to see each other beyond race, but in a homogeneous society, people are bound to view a minority of foreigners racially when they don’t know them on a personal level. It’s just human nature. It’s not necessarily racist, just that whiteness is seen as something strange and exotic which is why the Chinese unconsciously differentiate it.

          • Probotector

            Let’s consolidate these replies, I’m not doing it four times.

            “Since when are racist scum a “race”? The only way your sentence would make grammatical sense is if you’re implying all white people are racists.

            I never said they were a race, you implied all white were racist when you said you want “China to become a superpower and wipe out racist trolls like you.” How exactly? There’s no form of force one can use to wipe out all people in the world you consider to be racist, unless you did it indiscriminately. Frankly, that comment just shows how hateful you are.

            Even so, how am I a racist? Marcus Peg said in response to your countrymen’s own racism “how many non Chinese were seen cheering on the street in celebration of this?” I said I might be inclined, as in, to give you bigots a taste of your own medicine. How does this make me racist? China is not one to lecture others on schadenfreude.

            “Yes, most Chinese people have a positive opinion of white people. The occasional hick that points and laughs doesn’t get to define what a word is supposed to mean universally. Any word, neutral or not, can be used negatively by the wrong people. “Also, when did I say chink was justified?” Your nonchalant attitude about the use of the word “chink” just because “Chinese people use the word” “laowai”, seems to imply it. Let me quote you: “I don’t care if you said chink, I’m not Chinese.”
            “Almost as bad as “laowai” don’t you think”””

            The occasional hick must be most Chinese people, because most of you point and laugh. I am nonchalant about the word chink, because it’s not my problem if someone is racist to you, as Reptilian was being. Personally, I wouldn’t call you that, but I’m not going to step up for the greater good if someone else does.

            “Calling someone “the black guy” isn’t racist in the same way calling them a “n*gger” is. If someone called a Chinese person “old foreigner” or “the Chinese guy”, that’s a hell lot less offensive than calling them chink. You just can’t compare the term “black people” with the N-word, one isn’t inherently racist but the other is. Same for “laowai” and “chink”.”

            Yeah I know it’s less offensive than calling them chink, but it’s still annoying, and you’re still differentiating based on race, and you always do it, so it’s inherently racist in it’s intent. How many times do I have to say it?

            “Because China is not a multicultural country, and most Chinese are not used to being around non-Chinese people. In a multicultural society, people gradually learn to see each other beyond race, but in a homogeneous society, people are bound to view a minority of foreigners racially when they don’t know them on a personal level. It’s just human nature. It’s not necessarily racist, just that whiteness is seen as something strange and exotic which is why the Chinese unconsciously differentiate it.”

            Then why doesn’t China do better to educate its people to be more accepting? In any case, the attitude of Chinese towards foreigners, regardless of the epithets they/you use are, not meant to convey curiosity or ‘because we’re exotic’, but to demonstrate aggression and loathing.

            Chinese people, for the most part, not all of course, but most Chinese people, dislike foreigners. You view us as inferior stupid, and ugly. You laugh at us and mimic our language (by that I mean the constant “hellos”, “what’s your name” etc. etc.) in order to mock us. I haven’t even gotten onto the actual racism yet, but that’s not the point.

            Let’s try something here:

            Do you hate Japanese people?
            Would you date a black person?
            Would you date any laowai?
            What’s your opinion of Lou Jing?
            Do you look down on Filipinos and other Asian people?
            Do you believe in the supremacy of the Han race and the Chinese state?
            Do you think white people are mostly fat asses with big noses?

            Let’s see what you come up with.

          • December Rain

            If you think the sentence “I want China to become a superpower and wipe out racist trolls like you.” implies that all whites are racists, then you seriously do not know how to read. Go back to elementary school.

            “How exactly? There’s no form of force one can use to wipe out all people in the world you consider to be racist, unless you did it indiscriminately.”

            Honestly, I was being hyperbolic when I used the word “wipe out”. People make jokes about killing people that annoy them, all the time. But theoretically, if my sentiment is to be enforced, it would be easy to target racists that make their bigotry obvious on the internet, instead of a whole race. So you’re wrong in saying that my sentiment is genocidal.

            “Even so, how am I a racist? Marcus Peg said in response to your countrymen’s own racism “the Typhoon has now hit China and

            have died, how many non Chinese were seen cheering on the street in celebration of this?” I said I might be inclined, as in, to give you bigots a taste of your own medicine. How does this make me racist?”

            It makes you racist because ONCE AGAIN, you’re acting as if racism justifies racism. Get this: nothing ever justifies racism. Give the Chinese a taste of their own medicine, you say? Well, did Marcus Peg specifically say the Typhoon killed

            Chinese *bigots*? No, he said it killed

            Chinese people. That

            people could be anyone, be it a child or a pro-aid-for-Filipinos person. Yet you say you’d be inclined to cheer for their deaths, the deaths of

            random Chinese people who you do not personally know. This makes you a hateful racist bigot, because you’d cheer for the deaths of Chinese people simply because they’re Chinese.

            I won’t even go into the other ways you were being racist, because I’ve already explained, and if you can’t grasp logic, that’s your problem.

            “Then why doesn’t China do better to educate its people to be more accepting?”

            Because China doesn’t have a multicultural problem, nor do we wish to buy into multiculturalism. It might make xenophobic, sure, but xenophobia isn’t the same as the kind of degrading racism some whites practice against the Chinese.

            Besides, you yourself said, “I am nonchalant about the word chink, because it’s not my problem if someone is racist to you” yet you expect the Chinese to care if someone is racist to *you*? What a hypocrite.

            ” In any case, the attitude of Chinese towards foreigners, regardless of the epithets they/you use are, not meant to convey curiosity or ‘because we’re exotic’, but to demonstrate aggression and loathing.”

            That’s your interpretation. You can’t say aggression and loathing is the case for every person who points and laughs. I’ve even spoken Mandarin to a white person myself when I was an ignorant bumpkin kid and when they didn’t understand, that was the strangest thing for me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I respected white people a lot, was even slightly intimidated, but the fact that anyone couldn’t understand Chinese or had blonde hair and blue eyes was a bizarre concept to grasp, because I had little exposure to non-Chinese people.

            “Chinese people, for the most part, not all of course, but most Chinese people, dislike foreigners.”

            If they dislike foreigners so much, why do commercial companies seek out white people to front their ads because it makes their product more popular? Because Chinese people – the ignorant ones, anyway* – look up to white people.

            *Don’t take that as an insult, because even though I don’t look up to white people, I don’t look down on them either.

            “You view us as inferior stupid, and ugly.”

            Are you kidding me? How often do you hear white racists accusing the Chinese of worshiping whites and wanting to be like whites? That’s not necessarily true, but Chinese people do see white people as an intelligent, beautiful, and technologically advanced race. If you think the Chinese think white people are stupid and ugly, you must have personal insecurity issues that are clouding your judgment, or maybe you yourself are stupid and ugly and have been treated as such by the Chinese, so you fallaciously conclude that they must think ALL whites are stupid and ugly.

            “You laugh at us and mimic our language (by that I mean the constant “hellos”, “what’s your name” etc. etc.) in order to mock us.”

            Lol, you have serious insecurity issues if you interpret that as mocking your language. “Hello” and “what’s your name” are standard ways of greeting between strangers, not to mention those phrases are among the very few ones most Chinese actually know or remember how to speak. They were forced to learn those cliched phrases in school through rote learning but never get to put it into practice, so of course they’d be curious to try it out on a foreigner if they chance to see one.

            As for your list of questions (some of which are quite personal in nature), you’re not in a position to ask me those things. I’m not here to indulge other people’s curiosities nor do I wish to draw out a debate longer than it needs to be.

          • Probotector

            I’ll take this wall of text and the bullshit therein to suggest that you have no idea about China or it’s people’s racism towards foreigners, and you’re angry because you’ve lost face because I’ve raised it as an issue. There’s no getting through to you.

          • December Rain

            “You said wipe out all you people. How can a superpower wipe out anyone without it being done indiscriminately?”

            When I say “all”, it’s just a matter of expression, not meant to be taken literally. Besides, I believe racism is human nature, as human nature is a mixture of good and evil, so in some ways we are all racist. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all learn to rise above our barbaric, primitive human tendencies instead of indulging in them like ignorant children.

            “whereas China teaches it’s people about Han racial supremacy and that hating others is a virtue of national pride, for example against Japan.”

            I was educated in Chinese schools for many years – can you say thing same thing for yourself? I highly doubt it. So let me tell you a thing or two about Chinese education: they teach you to have national pride and loyalty, but I’ve never heard a single thing mentioned about Han supremacy or racial hatred. In fact, I even detected sentiments among my teachers and my textbooks that the West is a highly advanced and noble civilization, which is how I developed my childhood admiration of the white race.

            As for Japan, we weren’t taught to hate them as a racial group, we were only taught of the wars they waged against China. Of course, adults would sometimes chatter (usually among themselves) about how they hate the Japanese because of their historical crimes, and children sometimes have a way to pick up that habit. But nowhere is it formally taught that we are *supposed* to hate the Japanese.

            “The mimicking of English is done along with laughter, because it’s meant sarcastically”

            Sometimes people giggle because they feel unconscious speaking a foreign language or they think it sounds strange to them. They’re not necessarily mocking you. For example, I was once working a customer service job and some lady made a suggestion to me regarding the store I worked at, and I didn’t know how to respond so I just (good-naturedly, in my opinion) chuckled to fill the silence. She then got mad because she thought I laughed at her in condescension, and threatened to complain to my boss. So you see, misunderstandings like that happen.

            “If you don’t want to answer those questions, I’ll just take it that you’re afraid to.”

            I don’t want to talk about stuff (especially personal matters) when it’s hardly related to the original post about Chinese tourists trapped in the Philippines. So why would you make unfair insinuation like that about someone who doesn’t owe you any explanation about themselves?

            “Chink is not that commonly heard in western societies”

            Actually, on the internet it is. Whenever there’s a news article on an English site regarding China, and especially when it’s about something negative taking place in China, you can usually see at least one or two comments referring to the Chinese as chinks. Chinasmack is a perfect example. Some sites monitor the language in the comments section, but go to a popular site like youtube, you’d see words like “chink” used all the time. Since (I assume) you’re white, I can understand why you’d lack the sensitivity to notice this sort of thing.

            Also, if you’re going to argue that racial slurs against the Chinese are rare in Western societies just because you don’t encounter it often, I could argue the same case for xenophobia in China. For every person who points and laughs at you for being a “laowai”, how many more Chinese people don’t? And how many more treat you respectfully? Of course, negative incidents in a person’s life have a more lasting impression on them, so you tend to think more Chinese people are xenophobic or racist than there really are.

            “if you’re going to have foreigners in China, people should be educated to be more accepting. Perhaps they are, and it’s because of other factors that make it appear less prominent.”

            Chinese people are very nationalistic culturally, so, many of them are not going to like foreigners in their country even if they’re taught racial sensitivity. China is their homeland, and when you have unwanted guests in your home, you have the right not to be nice to them. At least there are no Neo-Nazi type of gangs and organizations in China that purposely hunt down foreigners and physically assault them, like there are in Russia and other white countries. So speak for your own kind before adopting such high expectations of others.

            “the constant reminder that you are foreign certainly is annoying and makes you feel unwelcome.”

            So why don’t you just leave China then? The Chinese don’t owe foreigners anything when they’re in their own native land – if they act respectfully towards them, that’s great, if they don’t, well you should just leave if it bothers you that much. The Chinese only owe whites non-xenophobic behaviour once they immigrate to a Western country, in which case the Chinese are usually model citizens, and most of the outspoken racism you witness come from white people and black people.

          • whuddyasack

            “When I say “all”, it’s just a matter of expression, not meant to be taken literally.”

            Did you laugh at the contradictions like I did? It’s kind of funny how people argue Chinese can’t get satire yet take what you wrote so literally. I mean, I interpret wiping out as changing the mindsets of contempt and inferiority to admiration and awe, so that no one would think and act racist. Killing, bombing and nuking wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

            For a group of people bitching and moaning about tribalism (cough Anthony cough), they sure are primitive, backward, savage and tribal to take that as meaning ALL Whites.

            “Chink is not that commonly heard in western societies”

            Hahaha, did you just hear that? You made a very good point regarding this being common online.

            Heck, insulting Asians is perhaps the only acceptable outlet for racism these days.

            Here’s one article, lady is Korean, but somehow Nip (offensive slur for Japanese) and Chink (offensive slur for Chinese) was thrown in:

            Here’s the hyperventilating, overreaction. I wonder if there’s any Chinese site that comes close to the one below, hahaha. But yeah, laowai is such a bad term… At least with Chinese, we can construct a rebuttal without having to swear, slur and show general mouth-foaming bile. These people are totally unpleasant even amongst normal White people BTW. With all the talk about Japanese being their “fwens” and Chinese are abusing them, it’s interesting to note that the feeling is NOT mutual. Most Japanese I know of living in the West have experienced “animal savagery” and are definitely unsympathetic with WN.


            “national pride and loyalty, but I’ve never heard a single thing mentioned about Han supremacy or racial hatred.”

            Neither have I. In fact, I’ve seen some mainland students around the internet and in real life who got along so well with each other. Turns out they were a diverse group of minorities and Han, including Tibetans, Hui, Miao and Zhuang and no one viewed either as inferior or superior.

            “As for Japan, we weren’t taught to hate them as a racial group, we were only taught of the wars they waged against China.”

            I didn’t study in China, but this is exactly what I’ve been told by those who have. Some older people might pass on their hate to the children, but in general, this is not the case. It’s more of a historical issue, they were taught the events of the past and are constantly reminded by what the Japanese [have done], not that the Japanese “race” is evil. Chinese are also oversaturated with negative media about Japan but they are NOT taught to hate Japanese. No one I know specifically taught me to hate on Japanese. My family and friends get along well with them either way.

            I can agree that the commentary can be disgusting, especially the gloating on another’s death, but the thing is I’ve seen the same kind, no even worse gloating by some “White” people regarding Chinese, Blacks, Japanese, Koreans,
            Muslims, Indians, even other White people. Unlike the Chinese, who aren’t taught political correctness and there actually is geopolitical and historic tension between the Cs and Js, White people have NO excuse for such sickening behavior. Yet they overlook that and condemn “Chinese
            bigotry” as if the Chinese were the only ones to do it, and as if ALL Chinese were like that. Chinese and Japanese are more or less the same race, which makes the claims of “racism” all the more ridiculous.

            Call it prejudice, antagonism, hate, discrimination, etc. But don’t call it racism lol.

          • whuddyasack

            Evil racist Han supremacy, yes we all hate the Tibetans and their culture:

          • DearDairy

            Hey guy, you seem logical. Basically, Hans are like 95%? of the population?? am I right? Over the course of Chinese civilisation, the HANS have basically breeded out all the other ethnicities. See policies/demographic changes in Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunan, etc etc for most recent examples.

            Forcing the locals in xinjiang to speak mandarin, diluting their culture….that’s like cultural genocide. You must be joking with the above….

            The Chinese aren’t rolling with their tanks, massacring minorities, only because they can’t. The rest of world would not allow it, even if China has everyone’s fucking balls in a vice economically. They are doing in a much subtler way.

          • whuddyasack

            Well, since we were discussing about Han Supremacy, I decided to show that nasty Han Chinese specifically looked down and segregated against the ethnic minorities in China. On a more serious note, no, I don’t believe and have yet to meet a single Han Chinese who thinks they are above every single ethnic minority.

            Now let’s address your argument. I do believe it was assimilation, with intermarrying between rather similar ethnic groups in the past. Today, with minor exceptions, the majority of Han Chinese are in fact quite similar to most ethnic groups in China, and differences are mainly cultural. Obvious exceptions include Uighurs and Tibetans (arguable, according to scholars).

            Now, is it cultural genocide that ethnic minorities are exempt from the one child policy? Or allowed to practice and learn their own languages, wear their own cultural attire and practice their own customs? Post 1980s, there’s been a renaissance of Manchu cultural heritage and language… I’m sure it’s cultural genocide.

            Perhaps Mandarin is forced upon ethnic minorities because it is the national and most widely spoken language in the country, like say, English? Just saying.

            As for Uighurs, believe me, it is close to impossible to force them to marry out of their culture. Actual interviews confirm that Uighur men are simply not interested in Han girls.

            “The Chinese aren’t rolling with their tanks, massacring UIGHURS, only because they can’t.”

            It is also unethical and genocide of that scale would never be easy for any government to authorize. Governments are still people after all. All it says is that Chinese aren’t on the level of Russians, their appalling treatment of Georgians and Chechens speak for themselves.

          • DearDairy

            okay, I see you are hung up about how minorities are exempt from rules that apply to hans. Being “the victim” is a national past time in China isn’t it skippy.

            The english argument doesn’t really make sense especially in the more remote corners of China where Mandarin isn’t the dominant language yet the Government imposes it on the local populace. Why would they do such a thing? To facilitate clear communications and efficiency? LOL.

            Han people man, Jesus fucking Christ.

            Plus, you didn’t address my point of the Hans over the course of Chinese history assimilating everyone else. Any thoughts? Macro history wise? Any trends we will continue to see in the future?

            Anyway doesn’t matter. You seem smart, but you’re still a Chinese meaning, arrogance, and raw feelings….side by side make a spectacular combo of continued failure for the next 5000.

            Go ask your more educated uncles what they think about the current regime. More likely than not, they’ll say “here we go again”.

            China is a China, and a Chinaman is a Chinaman.

            I suggest leaving the smugness at the door. Emotions are why China sucks so bad. Look at the Japanese, disciplined people, austere. Took over all of China no problem, and everyone in China would be speaking nihongo right now if not for the US and the bomb and fucking Russians.

            Anyway, good luck. I won’t be reading or responding to anything you write so don’t bother writing.

          • whuddyasack

            Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a queer specimen of impeccable ineptitude hahaha.

            This is as typical a neckbeard as they come, always shooting off a tangent. My original point was that neither Han supremacy nor hatred of minorities exist. My second point was a response to his groundless and off-tangent claim that “cultural genocide” was happening in China.

            I invite all intellectuals to ponder on whether exempting minorities from the OCP (and thus increasing birthrates) constitutes cultural genocide. Or whether the teaching of ethnic languages, customs and dress codes is a form of “genocide”. Or whether studying of the official language of China to communicate with everyone else is oppression?

            As a master of projection, he bellows and belts up words like “emotions” and “failure” with appalling vacuity. A glance at sour dairy’s comment history would reveal the many times he blew his fuse, his outrageous volatile tantrums ending with assploding hilarity.

            Finally, I’ll let the audience decide on which is cultural genocide among the two. Tip, the hypocrisy is bloody disgusting.

          • whuddyasack

            Benevolent, non-racist, multicultural Western societies. Totally non-racist, inspiring stuff lol. Not that I’m condemning one culture other another. Like you, I just think that people need to be more balanced before condemning an entire people of supremacy.


          • TheSOP

            So what is the name of the racist neo-nazi Asian supremacist group that you belong to? Do you guys have a website? As an American (you are an American right) how do your feel your neo-nazi group will be able to coexist with other Americans?

          • Probotector

            Okay. I feel that the xenophobia that Chinese express towards laowais is more common than the racism Asians get from whites. However the latter is more severe than the other, so perhaps they cancel each other out? In any case, it is true that China is not dangerous and violent.

            However, you said, “China is their homeland, and when you have unwanted guests in your home, you have the right not to be nice to them”. Hmn, that sounds like you’re endorsing people’s right to be xenophobic and racist. Does this mean if you came to my country, I can be xenophobic to you? You’d be okay with this? Seriously?

            “The Chinese only owe whites non-xenophobic behaviour once they immigrate to a Western country, in which case the Chinese are usually model citizens”

            Yes Chinese are often great when in the West, however, most of them still call us laowai? Explain that please.

            “Sometimes people giggle because they feel unconscious speaking a foreign language or they think it sounds strange to them.”

            “Unconscious”? What? Why? I don’t feel ‘unconscious’ when I speak Chinese. I feel ashamed if I make a mistake, but I never start giggling like a moron. Let’s just forget that in western culture laughing inappropriately is rude.The question is, why is your response laughter? Is it a reaction to shyness? I know shame is a big deal in China, so perhaps it is. Perhaps people shouldn’t be so worried about that.

            Why don’t I just leave? Well, there’s this thing called responsibility. What would I say to my pregnant wife if I felt I couldn’t take it anymore? No, I don’t give up that easily.

          • DearDairy

            You realize there is no point reasoning with people who formulate their views on emotion rather than logic right?

            Chinese people, culturally speaking, tend to be emotionally frail and lack discipline.

            Once you injure the ego of a Chinamen there is no amount of logic or reasoning to convince him their emotional based “thinking” can possibly be wrong.

            A Chinese person usually thinks of himself as “Chinese person” not simply “person”.

            This december guy, for example, is some-what educated, but is very arrogant, as some-what educated Chinese tend to be. A lack of humility, I must say, is another ear mark of Chinese culture, especially mainland Chinese culture.

            IMAO so called educated Chinese tend to take a reductionist approach to anthropology whereas, I tend to favor viewing society in holistic terms.

            “The term “holism” is additionally used within social and cultural anthropology to refer to an analysis of a society as a whole which refuses to break society into component parts. One definition says: “as a methodological ideal, holism implies … that one does not permit oneself to believe that our own established institutional boundaries (e.g. between politics, sexuality, religion, economics) necessarily may be found also in foreign societies.”[8]

          • December Rain

            “You realize there is no point reasoning with people who formulate their views on emotion rather than logic right?”

            Says the racist himself. Yes, you are a racist, your comment is plain proof of it – from the use of “Chinamen” to the gross generalization of the Chinese people, and your pretensions to knowledge about Chinese culture, which you are sorely lacking. Yet you have the audacity to call others emotional and illogical when you yourself exhibit the supreme example of logical ineptitude.

            And *of course* the other racist idiot hypocrite, Probotector, would vote up a comment as disgusting as yours. He loves to show his tacit support of racism against the race of his wife and unborn child. I wonder how the half-Chinese “Probotector Junior” would feel if he knew daddy doesn’t give a fuck about racists calling people like his kid “chink” and “Chinamen”.

          • Probotector


            You are so angry about racism towards Asians, yet you are the most bigoted and hypocritical one here.

            You excuse xenophobia on the part of Chinese people, yet decry all forms of racism even though to many people racism and xenophobia are the same difference.

            You say no one should be allowed to emigrate and settle in other countries yet you are a Chinese immigrant’s daughter living in North America. However you conveniently excuse “the Americas” from your list of places that are out of bounds for immigration because of the baseless argument that the Americas are stolen lands, so it’s like a free for all for anyone foreign. That’s a pretty weak and desperate way to justify it. Also, what about Australia? That land was stolen from the Aborigines. Can anyone go there too?

            Now you’re correct about me not caring about whether Chinese receive racism, (and that in itself is not racism, btw, it’s indifference; I never said I approve of racism, but you admit you approve of xenophobia) but that’s only because no Chinese person would give a fuck about a foreigner who suffered racism at the hands of a Chinese. Would you? I doubt it.

            Your commentary and rhetoric really do smack of jilted feelings, like you once looked up to whites when daddy first brought you to Canada, then one day, one of them called you a Chink, and now you are on a nationalist and hateful quest forever.

            You do everything you can to paint China as this totally non-racist, friendly place, yet it, and many other Asian nations, are the most racist and xenophobic out there. Just look at your countrymen’s comments above in the translated netizen comments section.

            Now I may agree with you on the merits of nationalism, but this idea that ‘everyone should stay where they came from’ is ridiculous in an increasingly global world. Here’s the thing, China cannot be ‘open to the world’ but expect to forever keep all foreigners out.

            Stop bringing up my personal life, after all, you yourself said that’s ‘bad intellectual sportsmanship’. I am in China for my own reasons, and I have a right to be pissed off about Chinese xenophobia and racism towards me, and at the same time be allowed to stay here.

            To you, racism is bad, but only if it’s done against Asians, and racism s good if it’s the Asians who are doing it.

          • December Rain

            >You are so angry about racism towards Asians, yet you are the most bigoted and hypocritical one here.

            Says the guy who’s so angry and whiny about being called a foreigner, yet is inclined to celebrate the deaths of people for being of a certain race and voting up (that’s a gesture of approval, you moron) racist comments made by others.

            >You excuse xenophobia on the part of Chinese people

            I don’t “excuse” xenophobia. I thought I already made that clear to you since we came to an agreement about it in another thread, but I can see how it’s easier to ditch a point of understanding the moment it’s convenient for you. So I’ll reiterate what I said even though I shouldn’t have to: I support the right to freedom of speech, and that means the right for any person of any nationality to be non-violently xenophobic in their own homelands. Doesn’t mean I support the behaviour itself. See the (not so subtle) difference, or are you still too dense?

            >However you conveniently exclude “the Americas” from your list of places that are out of bounds for immigration because of the weak argument that the Americas are stolen lands, so it’s like a free for all for anyone foreign.

            I never said it’s free for everyone just because it’s stolen. All I meant was it’s kind of a lost cause to care about immigration to the Americas, since it’s already been taken over by the white hordes some hundred years ago, and Native American culture has become nearly non-existent. I do feel regret on behalf of them, and plan to permanently move back to China once I finish university in Canada as a gesture of respect to them and to my own nationalist convictions.

            >Here’s the thing, China cannot be ‘open to the world’ but expect to forever keep all foreigners away.

            I know, which is why I support trade, cautious tourism and immigration for an elite few foreigners. Why do I have to constantly repeat myself for you? Do you have Alzheimer’s?

            >but that’s only because no Chinese person would ever give a fuck about a foreigner who suffered racism at the hands of a Chinese. Would you? I doubt it.

            Of course I would. I’m against racism towards anyone, and I’ve criticized plenty of people I’ve met for their racism against non-Asians. You don’t know me, so quit making unfair assumptions about me.

            >I never said I approve of racism towards anyone, that’s you twisting the issue, based on a comment I made in jest as a retort to Chinese people’s own racism.

            Not only do you approve of racism towards the Chinese by voting up racist comments, you’ve even made racist comments yourself before. Oh yes I’ve seen the links Kai posted to them, so don’t act all innocent.

            >Your commentary and rhetoric in fact really do smack of jilted feelings, like you once looked up to whites when daddy first brought you to Canada, then one day, one of them called you a Chink, and now you are forever on a vindictive quest of nationalist hate.

            Actually, my experience with whites in Canada have been positive, and I’m a nationalist because I do not like how multiculturalism is contributing to the decline of white culture as well as how it could affect Asian culture the same way. Again, I’m repeating myself for you.

            >You do everything you can to paint China as this totally non-racist, friendly place, yet it, and many other Asian nations, are the most racist and xenophobic out there.

            I never painted it as a non-racist, friendly place. I already said the Chinese are prone to xenophobia both due to nationalism and the lack of exposure to foreigners. And yes of course they are racist as well, however most do respect whites, save for a minority of hicks and delinquents who point and laugh at them.

            >Stop bringing up my personal life, after all, you yourself said that’s ‘bad intellectual sportsmanship’.

            What I say about your personal life is all based on facts because I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy between your behaviour and what you personally told me about your life. It’s the same as you how you pointed out the fact that I live in Canada. I have no problems with that because it’s fact and it’s logically relevant (but not necessarily correct) to the point you’re making about hypocrisy. That’s different from DearDairy (who knows absolutely nothing about me) making up bad fairy tales about me in order to debunk my opinion which has logically nothing to do with my love life.

            How would you like it if I started making up shit about you, like how you must be an 80-year-old dude whose father must have ditched you when you were a kid, and now you have a fetish for little Chinese girls in order to invalid an ideology you hold that’s common to your culture, instead of actually making addressing your arguments with logic? That kind of trollish, intellectually lazy behaviour actually says nothing about the person it’s attacking, but reflects badly on the person committing it and all the cronies who support it.

            >Why do you have this absolutist mentality that a foreigner cannot have any complaints about China, and if he does, he must leave?

            Because you know what you’re getting yourself into when you go to a poor, uneducated, mostly homogeneous country and make your bed there, so what you can actually do is either leave bed or lie in it. Of course, the Chinese are wrong to behave the way they do, but as a privileged white man with access to first world education, you sure are dealing with it with the maturity of a self-absorbed, petulant 12-year-old.

            >By your logic then, you should just ‘go back where you came from’, but that’s obviously out of the question, for anyone in this situation, isn’t it?.

            When did I ever complain of racism towards me here in Canada? I believe I said most racism against Asians I encounter are in the virtual world.

          • December Rain

            “that sounds like you’re endorsing people’s right to be xenophobic and racist.”

            Yes, I endorse people’s right to be xenophobic in their homelands, because I’m against immigration and anything else like it, such as foreigners like you making home in foreign countries.

            “Does this mean if you came to my country, I can be xenophobic to you? You’d be okay with this?”

            I have no interest in ever setting foot in Europe, let alone immigrate there. Nor do I agree with European countries’ immigration policies. In my opinion they should close their borders, just like Asian countries should close theirs.

            As for North America, contrary to popular opinion, it is not the homeland of the whites, because whites stole it from the Native Americans and what’s stolen can never be the rightful property of the thief. So whites have no right to be xenophobic towards others in North America.

            “Yes Chinese are often great when in the West, however, most of them still call us laowai? Explain that please.”

            Like you said, “laowai” has become the colloquial term for white people, not neces

          • Probotector

            Wow you know something? You’re a racist.

          • December Rain

            Only an idiot would equate anti-immigration with racism.

          • whiskersthecat


          • Probotector

            “Im assuming your wife is Chinese? Well in that case, you never should have knocked her up”

            God you’re a fucking bitch.

          • December Rain

            I just speak with honesty, without sugarcoating anything. If that makes me a bitch, then so be it.

          • Probotector

            Glad we agree, now please fuck off and never talk to me again

          • December Rain

            You think I like talking to someone with the logical skills of a

            year old?

          • Probotector

            That sounds like talking to me, get lost

          • December Rain

            I have a right to respond to your comments if I fucking feel like it. If you don’t want me to talk to you more than I have to, then don’t fucking reply to me.

          • Probotector

            Seriously, what is the reason for all your hate? I’ve tried to argue with you objectively as of late, yet all you do is to respond with hate. I know I dissed your precious China, but it is deserved. Why do you have to make personal attacks?

          • December Rain

            How do I respond with hate? You’re the one who attacked me by calling me a bitch. I don’t resort to ad hominem attacks like that. I only started swearing at you after you called me a bitch. I’m not racist at all. I support allowing refugees to come to one’s country, as well as foreign ad. I just don’t support regular immigration.* That doesn’t make me a racist, and by calling me one just because you don’t agree with me, you’re the one fanning up the flames.

            *immigration to the Americas being the exception.

          • Probotector

            You insulted my wife and unborn child simply because you can’t take my criticism of China for being unwelcoming to foreigners. That was a hateful personal attack.

          • December Rain

            You’re making a giant leap in logic again. I didn’t insult your wife and unborn child. I only insulted your hypocritical behaviour – “I don’t like being in China, but I’ll cement my ties here! And then continue bitch about being in China and tacitly condone racist behaviour towards people of the same race as my wife!”

          • Probotector

            Weird how things work out, hey?

          • December Rain

            God I feel sorry for your wife to be married to a racist idiot like you.

          • Probotector

            …and I feel sorry for anyone in your life who has to deal with your bullshit Asian nationalism and xenophobia.

            Btw your dad emigrated to Canada, yet you said “I’m against immigration and anything else like it, such as foreigners like you making home in foreign countries”?

          • December Rain

            Nationalism is not bullshit. It may be unpopular for Western people, but that doesn’t make it invalid or wrong. I don’t act xenophobically against anyone. I may voice my anti-immigration views on an online debate, but I wouldn’t attack foreigners in China and yell at them to go home like Western xenophobes do. And while I may support people’s RIGHT to be xenophobic in their homelands (it’s called freedom of speech), that doesn’t mean I support the behaviour itself which is rude.

            “Btw your dad emigrated to Canada, yet you said “I’m against immigration and anything else like it, such as foreigners like you making home in foreign countries”?”

            I said “immigration to the Americas excepted” in my post.

          • Probotector

            I agree.

            But why do you single out emigration to the Americas?

          • December Rain

            Because the people who call themselves the founders of America aren’t the rightful owners of the land, like I said. And the Native Americans are too few in number and have no political power to retake the land. If someday they do happen to be numerous and strong enough (which is highly unlikely), I would support whatever they want to do with their native land, including expelling immigrants. After all, these people were victims of mass genocide, so I’m not going to complain.

          • TheSOP

            Well you seem ready to point out the colonial nature of America’s founding which is recorded and readily available online and taught in schools.

            Now lets look at China, a similar colonial imperialist state whose current territory is composed largely (actually the majority) of lands stolen from other independent Asian nations by force, often resulting in genocide or the severe repression of the colonized Asian populations such as the Tibetans, Uiygurs, Mongolians, Koreans, and many other non-Chinese peoples. I expect you will be willing to acknowledge China’s own original sin just as readily as we Americans are able to acknowledge our own history,

          • December Rain

            Yes, of course I do. I wholeheartedly support the independence of Tibet and other ethnic groups who were once victims of the Han Chinese.

          • TheSOP

            Well to be honest the following provinces fall into this category: Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, large parts of Siquan and Yunnan, Guangxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Ningxia, and parts or Guizhou. Taiwan is already independent so I’ll leave that one off.

          • December Rain

            I’m sure the division of territories can be solved diplomatically if the Chinese government wills it. Also, I’m not saying the Native Americans SHOULD expel all immigrants. I personally think they should at least grant immigrants a bit of land while taking over the rest back for themselves, which I’m sure they would if they’re conscientious people. Just like I don’t think the ethnic peoples in China SHOULD expel all the Han Chinese from their territories, even though they may have the right to. Diplomacy is the key to politics.

          • TheSOP

            Well perhaps the Chinese can follow the good example of this one country I know about which took the lands of some other people but eventually instituted a democratic system with strong delegation of powers to the local and state governments so that they could meet the needs of the original inhabitants as well as the newcomers. The country even gave the people freedom of speech so they could maintain their customs and protest when the government overstepped its bounds. Now people of all races and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds want to move to that country because its society provides opportunities to all people regardless f race… What is the name of that country again??? Ameri—something… I’ll remember it here soon.

          • TheSOP

            oh wait, its America, thats the country I was thinking of. China can learn from America.

          • December Rain

            Tell that to the government, not me. I don’t make decisions for China, lol. Also, I don’t really agree with you. America has become a multicultural shithole. Nor should China have a democratic system since a large portion of its population is highly uneducated.

          • TheSOP

            Well I was going to write this below but since you brought up multiculturalism here I;ll move it to here:

            America is not in decline because of multiculturalism… in fact I think the US will benefit quite a bit, especially from influx of EAST Asian immigrants and the cultural aspects they bring with them. Europe on the other hand demonstrates that not all cultures are compatible and not all cultures are equal, and pretending they are will have serious consequences.

            Also multiculturalism means different things to different people. I strongly disagree with the European type of multicultralism that has become fashionable in academia which is relativistic and inherently anti-Western in its out look. But I think America has, can, and will benifit from multicultural synergies, IF it has the inflow of people from a compatible cultural background, which East Asians are. In fact East Asian immigrants are the probably among the fastest assimilation, with high education levels, solid economic and family bases, and relatively little criminal behavior relative to other immigrant groups. They also don’t come with extremist religious views which is what will sink Europe’s misguided multicultural project.

            America is not China, and it is not Europe; I think it stands to benefit under the current situation.

          • December Rain

            Well, America benefits from some immigrants while suffering from others. There are pros and cons to everything. Like I said in a previous comment, I’m not anti-immigration for the Americas, so, naturally, I’m not anti-multiculturalism for the Americas either. But not all forms of multiculturalism is healthy for America. In any case, I do agree with the general sentiment of your post.

          • December Rain

            I’m a pan-East Asian nationalist, so I see the various ethnic groups in China as kin and brethren because we’re all of the Mongoloid race, natives to the land of China as a whole and share a lot of similarities that bind us together, so there’s not as much need for territorial division, whereas it’s different for whites and Native Americans, who are very different from each other both racially and geographically.

            I’m not even wholly Han Chinese, my dad’s side is Manchu, and from what I know of the minorities in Northeastern provinces like Heilongjiang and Jilin (where I was raised), most of them identify with Chinese culture anyway, so they’re not keen on dissociating themselves nationally and territorially from China. The unification of Han and the various, nowadays small ethnic groups into one Chinese nation would benefit everyone involved because culturally and politically we’re stronger that way. But I don’t think it’s a bad idea for Tibet and Inner Mongolia to have their independence if they’re so inclined, which they are, not to mention they’re not as assimilated into the Chinese culture as most ethnic groups in, say, Northeastern China are.

          • TheSOP

            Pan-East Asian Nationalism (PEAN) mostly exists among Westerners of Asian decent, the number of Asians who actually live in East Asia and subscribe to this ideology is quite low. PEAN had its heyday back in the late 19th-early 20th century with Sun Yat-Sen, Miyzaki Toten etc but even then it was largely a reactionary movement, as much in opposition to the stimulus provided by Western imperialism as it was about really creating any kind of Pan-Asianist reality. In fact it was, and still remains, a tool for various East Asian nations to covet the region for their own petty and self-interested nationalistic reasons prinicibly the Japanese Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere in the 20th century, and now with China pretending to be the defender of some mythical East Asian order that is really about them lording over other Asians in the 21st century (which is really just an extension of a pre-19th century Sino-centric order that not many Asians care to return to).

            East Asians aren’t foolish. They know the era of Western Imperialism is long over and that was the primary glue for past PEAN subscribers. Without that external stimuli this purely reactionary ideology has no base on which to build itself. And now with China once again strutting around as the regional imperialist (any Asian worth their salt will remember that the regional imperialist and hegemon always has been China, with a rather brief Japanese interlude) there is even less incentive to sign of for a PEAN project that exists largely in the theoretical bubble that is Western academia or some PRC sponsored think tanks who try to harness the idea for their own hegemonic and exclusionary interests.

            Asia is linked more closely to the West and America in particular than any time in history, only now the relationship is based on a healthier foundation of mutual benefit in economic, political, and cultural exchange. PEAN as an exclusionary ideology will find few takers in contemporary East Asia. The ASEAN+3 framework is the closest thing to a PEAN project that exists and most ASEAN nations plus Japan and Korea were quick to bring in others for ASEAN+6 and the East Asia summit because they have no trust of China dominated East Asian order… in other words, Asian want America and the West more broadly to stay firmly engaged with the region.

          • December Rain

            Yes, I’m aware of the history you’re lecturing me about PEAN, but how other East Asians or East Asian nations are or have utilized the ideology has little bearing on the way I uphold the ideology myself, thanks. Now, I get the sense that you disagree with my nationalism, which is fine, so let’s just agree to disagree.

          • Wulfy

            What about Ryukyuan (Okinawa) stupid jerk. When you want to talk colonial rule and genicide you should start with Japan first. Because according to Potsdam Proclamation and Cairo Declaration which your past president Roosevelt enforced Japan’ sovereignty should be limited to its

            main islands. Now there’s protest currently happening in Okinawa everyday. But the Japanese are doing a good job of blocking all the bad news from leaking out. Now let’s talking about the ruthless Americans who killed millions of Indian to colonize North America and now USA. Shouldn’t the Americans return all their land to the Indians dumbo?

          • mr.wiener

            Are we going to start playing that game? That line of reasoning smacks of desperation and dumb-arsedness.

          • December Rain

            You’re the one willing to celebrate the deaths of other people for simply being of a certain race. I would never do that. So who’s the real racist?

          • whuddyasack

            I think you hit the nail on the head with insecure, inferior, nasty people thinking everyone sees them that way and seeking others to blame.

            ” I respected white people a lot, was even
            slightly intimidated, but the fact that anyone couldn’t understand
            Chinese or had blonde hair and blue eyes was a bizarre concept to grasp,
            because I had little exposure to non-Chinese people.”

            I used to as well respect them a lot too. And to this day, many Chinese still respect White people a lot. But I think I used to be much worse than other Chinese people in the levels they respected White people. I used to see them as mighty perfect beings that could do no wrong. This all happened when I was a child.

            Slowly but surely, the delusions faded. Over the years, I began to see how so many of them had absolutely no respect for the Chinese. The Chinese admiration for the “White” people was not mutual. In fact, most White people hated Chinese people over this. After witnessing all the disgusting race rioting, bile and negative comments, I realized that maybe these people aren’t so great after all. So any things happened, the London Olympics, the Chinese bullet train crash, the

            Earthquake (where many people who lived in Sichuan were Tibetan ethnically). Some even had the gall to use WW2 and events like Nanking or Unit

            as a bashing stick against the Chinese. Some made fun of sweatshops, cancer towns, dog eating and the abject poverty in some regions of China. The whole thing just disgusted me to the core.

            Truly great people would have a strong character and identity. They would never need to look down on others, but feel pride in their own achievements.

            I knew many who absolutely hated the International Students, even though in my opinion these were far more polite than what you’d get in some rural country town. It then seemed like those people were simply after Chinese wealth.

            And that was how I managed to remove rose-tinted glasses and see reality for what it was. These people really are “anti-Chinese racist” although this racism is one of security.

          • December Rain

            Yes, I’ve had a similar experience growing up as you do, and you raise some good points. I don’t expect White people to admire us in return, but they could use more respect. I’m not saying all of them are disrespectful as I don’t want to generalize, but many of them love to trash the Chinese just because of the flaws they see in our culture, ignoring the fact that they have a lot of flaws in their own cultures. They also have no right to treat individual Chinese people badly just because they don’t like our government or dog-eating (which a lot of Chinese people don’t even practice), as if any one person is responsible for our national or historical flaws.

          • whuddyasack

            “, but many of them love to trash the Chinese just because of the flaws they see in our culture, ignoring the fact that they have a lot of flaws in their own cultures.”

            This is true. And they do it in such a crude, disgusting way too. Honestly, they probably don’t realize how pathetic they look. When Russians, Greeks, French, White Americans or some other European commits far more outrageous, vicious things, like killing and stabbing

            year old girls, or shooting them in the face the silence is noteworthy and the “defense team” is LOUD.

            But yeah, Chinese are “aliens from outer space with no feelings” or “it’s too easy to hurt Chinese feelings”. People can generalize us but nobody can generalize them right? So much disgusting hypocrisy lol.

            ” They also have no right to treat individual Chinese people badly just because they don’t like our government or dog-eating (which a lot of Chinese people don’t even practice), as if any one person is responsible for our national or historical flaws.”

            Yeah I agree. The dog-eating gets overblown, I’ve never eaten dog in my entire life but I know people who do. I’ve eaten scorpion, rabbit, turtle, wild boar, crocodile, monitor lizard, frog, snake, snail, locust, jellyfish, camel meat.
            And I’m also willing to try whale and seal meat.
            And if people are offended, I’ll respond by eating more. Fuck them lol. They can eat rats and roaches ;-P

            As for the national and historical flaws, I agree. It’s disturbing how what what the CCP and the late Mao has done in the past or are purportedly doing at present can be used to justify the harsh treatment of ALL Chinese. What happened to not blaming today’s children for something their forefathers did? What happened to the age-old argument of blaming the Government, not the people?

          • Guest

            I’ve had a similar experience growing up as you do, and you raise some good points. I don’t expect White people to admire us in return, but they could use more respect. I’m not saying all of them are disrespectful as I don’t want to generalize, but many of them love to trash the Chinese just because of the flaws they see in our culture, ignoring the fact that they have a lot of flaws in their own cultures. They also have no right to treat individual Chinese people badly just because they don’t like our government or dog-eating (which a lot of Chinese people don’t even practice), as if any one person is responsible for our national or historical flaws.

          • Kai

            I feel like you’re asking questions with answers you already know but pretend not to know.

            Why does the word “foreigner” exist at all? It’s a label, a categorization that has utility in speech. “Laowai” is a colloquial variant of the more formal “waiguoren”. You understand formal language and colloquial language. Why does the word “immigrant” exist? Again, a label with utility in speech. You know this.

            You are also not unfamiliar with how people in your own home country regularly refer to people by their race or ethnicity between themselves (not always, just like it isn’t always in China, especially the more familiar you are with them). Therefore, people in China refering to people by race or ethnicity shouldn’t be strange to you, so why are you asking the question? Sure, the Chinese convention of “laowai” is less precise than modern norms of specifying race or nationality in Western countries, or have you forgotten when “foreigner” and its variants were more prominent in the history of your home country? But it’s not like Chinese people don’t specify nationality when it is called for in discussion either.

            When Westerners refer to “that Chinese person” or “that Asian” or “that Arab” or whatever, does it mean they aren’t thinking of those people as “ordinary people”? Does it mean they are “too racist and insecure”?

            Chinese people do not “ALWAYS” (caps, guys, caps) use it to describe a white person and laugh as they do so. It isn’t even “typically” so. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe that’s the situation you personally predominantly encountered with vividness in your memory, but I do not believe you are unaware that “laowai” is used entirely neutrally in countless situations, especially as a long-term reader of chinaSMACK. You simply do not have the excuse of ignorance on this. This is you willfully feigning stupidity and grossly exaggerating if not outright misrepresenting the situation.

          • Probotector


            No, people in my own country do not refer to others by their race or ethnicity between themselves. Actually that is a serious issue where I come from, no hyperbole; people can lose their jobs or even face prosecution for it. Crazy I know but it’s true. Also, the word ‘foreigner’ has never been a prominent word in my lifetime, again, you face severe penalties if you use this word to describe people in my country.

            Anyway, my point is, why bring race into it at all? Why do we need to bring up someone’s race or nationality when describing them? Why can’t Chinese just say ‘him’ instead of ‘the laowai’? That’s how it’s done in my country.

            Btw, Chinese do typically laugh when they say ‘laowai’ or ‘hello’ or whatever.

            I am not misrepresenting anything. Perhaps you need to understand that not all Western countries are as restrained in their progressive liberalism as America. In Europe, the law has been explicitly written to include the mere mention of race or foreignness (among other defining characteristics, such as gender or sexual orientation) in a way that can perhaps be perceived as negative as hate speech. Now, I wouldn’t agree with said laws, but there it is. Look it up.

          • Kai

            You have got to be kidding me. You are going to categorically deny that people innocuously use racial or ethnic identifiers in their speech to refer to people? Right, they always know each others names or say “that person” without ANY racial, ethnic, or nationality derived identifiers?

            Don’t tell me I know your home country better than you do. You are from the UK, right? How quickly you’ve forgotten how motivated your fellow British people were to disassociate that Beijing alleged rapist as “PAKI”? That’s just ONE example where racial/ethnic/nationality identifiers were used, and not in an innocuous fashion. Innocuous would be like “that Asian guy on the 4th floor” or “the Indian couple across the street”. People in the UK do NOT get prosecuted for this. I can’t believe the bald-faced lying you are resorting to.

            If you want to know why people bring race into anything, go ask our resident anti-multiculturalist who is currently going by the name Anthony M Ludavici or something. He’ll tell you how powerful racial tribal identity is and why people see each other in such terms.

            Pure race-blindness is an ideal. In the real world, at this point in human evolution, it is impractical to expect it to be stamped out. What we can work on is managing racial/ethnic/national identifiers away from malicious and pejorative intent, criticizing it when it is used with such intent to avoid the unnecessary stigmatization of functional adjectives or nouns.

            I’ve already warranted that you may have experienced a lot of vivid incidents where Chinese people have seen you, said “laowai” (or “HELLOoOoOOOOOOooOo”), pointed and laughed. However, I also know you have read this website and been in Chinese society long enough to know that that is not the predominant situation where “laowai” is used or how it is used, despite you finding it convenient to characterize it as such here. No one is denying that it has and can be used pejoratiely, with mockery. We are pointing out that is far from the predominant usage. We are acknowledging what you have experienced but appealing to the truth, to reality.

            You are misrepresenting the degree of race-blind political correctness in the general population of your home country or “Europe”. Your own behavior, speech, the regularity with which you mention race or foreigness or other defining characteristics contradicts the false image of extreme race-blind political correctness you insist people of your home country/society conform to.

          • Probotector

            I knew you’d just call me a liar. Don’t like what you read right? That ban button getting more tempting?

          • Kai

            I hope you knew I’d call you a liar because you knew you were lying?

            If anyone feels my description of speech in the UK or by UK citizens is inaccurate or less accurate than your description, I welcome them to challenge me and make their case.

          • Probotector

            At last this one is short. What do you know about the UK? Lived there at all, or is it just your ego telling you that you know everything?

          • Kai

            I apparently know more about the UK than you do. Are you still insisting that political correctness laws are so draconian in the UK that people from the UK never use racial identifiers in their speech? Despite you being a person from the UK?

          • Ralphrepo

            There’s a qualitative difference between Chink and Chinaman, where Chink is obviously racist and Chinaman is marginally so. Loawai, IMHO also falls into that latter category; it is borderline offensive but not as much as ‘White Devil’ would be. Also, just as there are differences in the word old, 佬 versus 老, in English, the functional equivalent would be ‘old’ versus ‘ole’. An example thus would be ‘Old Joe’ compared to ‘Ole Joe’. The first means “Joe of advanced age” while the latter implies “Joe, a long time friend.” In this case, Loawai can be an ambivalent term, depending on the intent of the speaker. In this same regard, I find that many non Chinese often innocently refer to us as ‘Chinamen’ not knowing that it may be perceived as offensive. I think Laowai falls into that category; most who use it don’t realize that it MAY be taken as a negative; insults often aren’t strictly about etymology but rather more about perceptions.

          • December Rain

            Most people don’t realize there’s one fundamental difference between Chinese and English racial slurs:

            All the English racial slurs against Asians, including “chink”, “gook”, “chingchong” and “Chinaman” are highly condescending. “Chinaman” too because it’s a grammatically incorrect term (the correct one would be “Chinese man”), and implies the fact that we’re not worthy of being referred to with correct grammar.

            Chinese racist words, on the other hand, convey mostly xenophobic fear instead of condescension. “yangguizi” and “heigui” are referring to white and black people as hooligans or misbehaving devils (hence the xenophobic fear), instead of insulting their physical appearance or mocking their language.

          • Ralphrepo

            The term, Chinaman isn’t any more grammatically incorrect than Irishman, Frenchman, Englishman, Scotsman; and was the grammatically correct term in use for all historical legal documents written in English when referencing Chinese individuals. However, because of the term’s long standing association with negative connotations vis a vis Chinese and western dealings, most Chinese consider it to be a pejorative and racial slight; it had nothing to do with grammar. Historically, I would be very surprise indeed if the average Chinese were even the least bit aware of proper English grammar.

          • December Rain

            “it was the grammatically correct term in use for all historical legal documents written in English when referencing Chinese individuals”

            Historically, white people looked down on the Chinese, so it’s possible that this influenced the the coinage of the word “Chinaman” with its bad grammar. And yes I stand by its grammatical incorrectness, because “China” isn’t even an adjective, whereas “Irish”, “French”, “English” are, and “Scots” is probably a shortened version of “Scottish”.

        • Reptilian

          I apologize for the use of “Commiechink”. I was honestly just referring to the internet-censoring legion and their citizen/netizen fans everywhere (hence the reference to CPD). Of course “chink” is a racial derogation that casts a wider net than I intended, and that wasn’t my intent.

          I don’t see how “laowai” is racist though, as I’ve never encountered any mainlander using it towards me with malice. A couple have sworn that it was 不含贬义,or “not containing any double- or malicious meaning, and given the context, I believe it. Maybe people are imagining it to be this lao: 佬,but then the laowai “lao” is this one: 老, which only means “old”, as in old friend.

          • Probotector

            I don’t care if you said chink, I’m not Chinese. Go tell it to Kai, he’s the one crying over it. My point was just about the irony of it.

            Laowai, in it’s original etymology is not meant as a racial slur, but when it’s the principle way to refer to a white person (not any other race mind you) in China, and is used so frequently, one can’t help think of it a being intended as derogatory, as if to say “look at THOSE people”. To put it another way, it’s like using the word ‘negro’ to refer to black people. In it’s pure meaning, negro is just the colour black in Spanish. However, it’s intended meaning was/is to be divisive, to have a word to separate blacks from whites as undesirables. Laowai, or waiguoren, if you prefer, has the same connotation for China and Chinese.

          • Russell Buchanan

            Most Chinese just say Laowai because evreybody else does, I call miself a Laowai, but sometimes when I hear a child say it I say, “Laowai, what” and people look at each other, wonder what they are thinking……..Just saying.

          • TheSOP

            Honestly I don’t like it anymore than I like being called “gaijin” “farang” “bule” etc… I perceive it as having a connotation of sorts and not a positive one despite what some people insist about it being neutral. It would certainly be a pejorative if you applied such a label to a foreigner in the US.

          • Kai

            Nah, it’s not a pejorative (unless intended to be so). It makes much less sense when used in the US but it’s used because of habit and convention, not because it is necessarily a pejorative.

          • TheSOP

            Well its partly in the speakers ears but also the receiver has the prerogative to judge its usage also, even if it is not his native language. Oriental is a simple neutral latin based word for the East but it has become a pejorative based on its usage. Even if I referred to you as “you Easterners” or “far Easterners” it would again have a exclusionary tone similar to laowai…. personally I don’t like people referring to me as laowai, farang, or gaijin (Japanese are probably the best at not overusing this), especially when it involves pointing and laughing. It had its innocent charms some years ago but nowadays I find it less than endearing.

            Chink however is clearly and explicitly racist, not sure why there seems to be a debate or equivalencies being made about that above.

          • Probotector

            Well it started off as an ignorant term used by a guy ranting about China. I made the comparison to laowai, as many feel Chinese use this term to deride a foreigner, and the Asian commenters have gotten all butt hurt because they think I’ve implied that laowai is a racist term, which it’s not, but it is if it’s used pejoratively, as it frequently is, with the quintessential example you attested when you said “especially when it involves pointing and laughing”, then it is racist.

            Perhaps they’re desperately trying to portray China as a non-racist country, in light of the above comments regarding Chinese racism.

          • Kai

            Holy cow, stop the disingenuousness, please.

            1. You made the comparison to laowai not solely because “many” feel the term is used to deride a foreigner but primarily because YOU do. Way to ex post facto disassociate an expression of personal opinion into you somehow selflessly speaking up for others. Again, I point to your past comments which are public record.

            2. What is the motivation behind characterizing the people in disagreement about “laowai” being a pejorative as “butthurt Asians”? Aside from me, do you automatically assume disagreement on this issue marks the disagreer as Asian? Isn’t it revealing that you jump to assume racial bias for disagreement with you? I’m pretty sure I am the ONLY person who disagreed with you here that you have ANY extensive commenting history with, so how do you know their races?

            3. How did disagreement over whether a term is pejorative or not get broadened into anyone “desperately trying” to portray China as a non-racist country? Are you serious? So when I discussed the term “Oriental” with our resident anti-multiculturalist and said I don’t think it is inherently pejorative, does that mean I’m “desperately trying” to portray America as a non-racist country?

            Geez, knock it off with the sniveling intellectually dishonest swipes. The people who disagree with you can’t just be butthurt people to you, they have to be butthurt ASIANS to you. Are “Asians” that threatening to you? Do you resent Asians that much that the identity must be stressed, even when you have no idea if your targets are actually Asian?

            SOUNDS JUST LIKE WHUDDYASACK and his insistence on specifying China bashers as “white” people whenever he goes on a rant and gripe. Holy mother of god…

          • Probotector

            Holy Cow, stop with the long screeds and the twisting of information.

            You have been critiising me on this. You are Asian are you not? December Rain is another Asian who is butt hurt about me saying that laowai is often used in a racist way. Waggaysack (or whatever his name is) has also just pipd up on the subject. That’s why I said ‘Asian commanters’ mkay? Where’s the racism in that? You go on about ‘checking posts’, but you don’t do it yourself to see who else has been arguing with me and what their background is. If you do that, you’ll find only Asian commenters have been giving me shit for this.

            The story this thread is on is about Chinese racism towards Filipinos. The topic got onto the meaning of ‘laowai’, and a lot of Asian commenters, including you, have been arguing that it is on no way racist, when it is in fact perceived to be so by many foreigners, not just me. Go ‘look through some comment history’ to verify that. Perhaps your intention behind that is to redeem the image of China following the hate railed against the Filipinos, though this is only conjecture.

          • Kai

            Really? Are we conveniently leaving out other people who responded to you in disagreement like Russel Buchannan and Carlos Danger? How about Reptilian? Do you know the races of these people?

            I also already acknowledged in my comment that you know me as Asian so why are you asking me if I am not? I’m obviously referring to responders OTHER than me.

            You go on about ‘checking posts’, but you don’t do it yourself to see who else has been arguing with me and what their background is. If you do that, you’ll find only Asian commenters have been giving me shit for this.

            I’m seriously not stupid enough to make criticisms I can’t defend. So no, it is not only “Asian commenters” that have disagreed with you as you have misrepresented.

            Please don’t misrepresent the thread either. It started with brian’s objection to Reptilian using “chink” and you saying it is “almost as bad as laowai”. The thread continued to Reptilian apologizing for it, clarifying his intent, and expressing that he doesn’t think “laowai” is racist either. You responded by saying you don’t care about his use of “chink” because you’re not Chinese.

            We did not jump from Chinese racism towards Filipinos to the meaning of “laowai”. The discussion unfolded in a very specific and relevant way. Don’t be a revisionist.

            You are also misrepresenting what the “Asian” commenters are arguing. Have I said it is in “no way racist” when I have repeatedly acknowledged it can be used with pejorative intent and intonation but that is not how the term is predominantly used?

            How the hell woud I be effectively redeeming the image of China when I openly and forthrightly acknowledge racism amongst the Chinese? When I openly and forthrightly acknowledge how “laowai” CAN be used as a pejorative?

            Your “conjecture” is disingenuous and dishonest. Whereas I cite and quote things you’ve actually said, you conveniently ignore what I’ve said and substitute baseless “conjecture”.

          • Probotector

            Fair enough there were others who mentioned it, but to me, it seemed Asian commenters were giving me the most schtick. December Rain replied five times, and that person, as well as waddayasack contend that laowai is in no way offensive. I’m glad you admit that id can be used pejoratively.

            If you feel i misrepresent stuff, am disingenuous, dishonest etc., you do have that banning power you could always wield.

          • Kai

            I’m not even sure whuddyasack entered the conversation when you posted that comment assuming everyone who disagreed with you is Asian, so I am baffled by how you generalized the data set where maybe December Rain and I were obviously Asian into the others also being Asian.

            And aren’t you afraid of being prosecuted for using such racial identifiers in your country? You say no one in your country does it. What happened to you?

            Being disingenuous, intellectually dishonest, and misrepresentinging arguments and positions happens so often in heated discussions that it’s impractical to be made bannable offenses. I don’t ban people for simply being bad at arguing or defending their opinions or speech.

          • markus peg

            I’m commenting on the issue as a whole but didn’t know where to leave the comment so although i am posting at the bottom under Kai, this is not directed specifically at you Kai.

            From my experience, although the term “lao wei” can be used in a derogatory way and wei guo ren is more appropriate a lot of Chinese
            people who use the term “lao wei” don’t even know it can be used derogatory. Whereas the word “chink” is clearly a racist slur and everyone knows it when they use it.

            I wouldn’t go as far as to say “lao wai” is unacceptable as at the end of the day it just depends on how its used and who is saying it. However, if you wish to bring up a child with manners and speaking correctly then the more appropriate “wai guo ren” should be taught.

          • Kai

            I agree with you and have said as much elsewhere in this conversation. If the colloqiual “laowai” didn’t exist, we’d still have foreigners wondering if “waiguoren” is derogatory because Chinese people who find a foreigner novel are saying it whenever they spot one on the street, possibly pointing and laughing, accompanied with “helloOOOoOoOoOs”.

          • Probotector

            Why not? You banned me before because I defended Fraser Stewart from being banned.

            I am curious. Kai, you really put a lot of effort into your posts, long screeds with over analysis, nitpicking of every little detail… I thought you worked for some big shit blue chip company in Shanghai? Aren’t you like, busy, or something day to day? Where do you find the time and energy for all of this long posting on CS, plus the moderator responsibilities? Maybe you can churn out these long spiels immediately because your head is just full of this crap, so you just regurgitate it out of your mind fast as shit, but then that just makes you look sad. Not to mention, you are getting increasingly, and amusingly, I might add, emotional with your frustration you have with me about these rules of argumentation you’re championing.

            Here’s the thing. I often taunt you about banning me (again) because I really don’t give a crap about arguing relentlessly with people that will never accept my point of view and will just label me as crazy or dishonest for having it. I only post so regularly because I have little to do in my life in China at the moment, but that’s all going to change soon once my wife gives birth to our kid. Hell I’m having our wedding on Wednesday, so I really don’t have time for this anymore.

            Why am I sharing this with you? I guess to illustrate that, unlike yourself it seems, I have more to do in my life than argue on the internet. You once told me it was better to not let this place be an environment to just vent my frustrations about life in China and just get on with it. Well, I have been getting on with life. Perhaps you should too.

          • mr.wiener

            Would you prefer me to ban you? I’m self employed.

          • Probotector

            Go ahead.

          • mr.wiener

            I think you are forgetting a few things. Most of the staff at CS work on a volunteer unpaid basis. We do our best to facilitate conversation and allow as many people as possible ,with divergent opinions ,to have their say. We have to handle some pretty ugly thoughts from ugly minds which thankfully you don’t have to see.
            I’m not asking for you to say sorry to Kai , but how about a bit of bloody respect?

          • Probotector

            I’d rather be banned.

          • Kai

            THANK YOU for publicly acknowledging that you have been banned before for violating the comment policy and INSTEAD of seeking to understand WHY you were banned, you instead decided to disrespect our comment policy entirely by making a new account and identity to CIRCUMVENT the ban in order to continue commenting.

            Thank you also for acknowledging that us allowing you to get away with this, allowing you to comment with your new identity despite knowing what you did, evidences how much leniency we give people who have been moderated and banned before because they cannot abide by some very simple common rules.

            Please feel free to link everyone to the discussion you think you were previously banned for. I’m confident the reasons for which you were banned are evident and justified.

            I put a lot of effort into my comments because they represent me, because my name is attached to them. I take responsibility for what I say so I better avoid saying stupid shit that reflects poorly upon my character. What you think is “over analysis and nitpicking every little detail” is me being precise with words and thoughts. I’d rather what I say be defensible than avoid people accusing me of “over analysis and nitpicking every little detail”. Failing the former makes me feel bad. The latter insult doesn’t.

            I have my busy moments and my free moments. You probably don’t notice when I disappear from comments for spells at a time but you can ask my fellow moderators. I get that you’re vaguely trying to suggest that I have too much time on my hands but that’d damn everyone who has way more comments than I do, like Riddler, whom you often ally with. Therefore, this is a silly road for you to go down.

            If you’re genuinely curious about why I tend to comment in the fashion that I do, it is because of my education and training. Think rhetoric classes and writing lots of analytical and argumentative essays and papers where the purpose is to train critical thinking skills and being able to deconstruct and construct arguments to prove points. Not everyone has this background and that’s fine. I can’t play the piano or write poetry either. Nor can I do mathematical proofs. I admire and envy those who can.

            Let’s be clear, I don’t label you “crazy” or dishonest for merely having a point of view. I criticize you as dishonest when I can show how your statements and arguments are actually dishonest. Remember, you’re the guy who regularly uses racial identifiers and then claims people from your country don’t because the political correctness laws are so draconian that they fear prosecution for doing so. How can anyone see you say that and not think you dishonest?

            It’s kinda silly to argue on the internet that you have better things to do than argue on the internet. You’re putting yourself in a contradiction. We share something in common. We read things and respond to them. That’s why you read this website. That’s why you participate in this comment section.

            However, there is one important difference between you and l; you have no responsibility as a moderator whereas I do. As moderators, we’re tasked with managing comment policy violations and being examples. Fauna gave me this duty and I intend to be responsible by fulfilling it to the best of my abilities because I find value in this site. I made my peace with not being popular with everyone for doing so long ago. All that matters to me is if Fauna is satisfied with the job I am doing.

            If you want to “get on” with your life and that means less commenting on this site, go for it. I don’t feel like my life isn’t “getting on” because of my involvement on this site, so I don’t feel the same impetus you do.

            Again, I understand you’re trying to insult me; I just think this is a really lame insult. I disagree with you on actual things being said, and instead of arguing about those things, you are now arguing that I have too much time on my hands for arguing with you about these things. To me, that’s flailing. That’s kinda like getting flustered and retorting with “well, you’re ugly!”

            Finally, you’re welcome on this site as long as you abide by our comment policy.

          • Probotector

            You ready to do it again?

          • markus peg

            I partly understand why you feel that way. I have felt strange at times when i heard the term “lao wai”
            But i think due to the lack of understanding of many who use that word it’s not so bad. i would class it impolite rahter than racist, but most don’t know its impolite. Not many use it in the derogatory way.
            Whereas no one would use the word chinky without knowing the meaning of it and why its bad and what race it is attacking.

          • Kai

            Effective communication has to consider both intent and interpretation. Since we’re not mind-readers, we have to make do with imperfect language and deal with the misunderstandisngs that result with imperfect language. If people are willing to meet each other halfway on this, giving the benefit of the doubt for misunderstanding as well as miscommunication, I think people can get along better.

            Heh, I can say “bumblebee” while pointing and laughing at someone and make it offensive. So yeah, the pointing and laughing–visual cues and body language–are big factors. I can empathize with how annoying it is to be treated as a novel sight. For historical reasons, China isn’t a good place if you’re a) non-Asian and b) sensitive to being treated that way. If you come to China, it’s one thing non-Asian people will need to accept as inevitable at this point in history and find a practical way to cope with.

          • December Rain

            You’re reading too much into the term “laowai”, and you’re wrong. The Chinese tend to respect white people so most of them don’t use “laowai” as a derogatory word at all. In fact most see it as a neutral or even positive word, because it refers to a group of people they respect. I’m a native Chinese-speaker myself so I know what I’m talking about. Your nonchalant attitude about the usage of the word “chink” just because the Chinese use the word “laowai”, is appalling. Since when does racism justify racism? Not to mention “laowai” isn’t even on the same level as “chink”.

          • Probotector

            Chinese respect white people? lol.

            Also, when did I say chink was justified? I never said that. Looks like you’re butt hurt because I’ve called you on your bullshit and you’ve lost face.

            Tell me, when you see whitey, are you one of those Chinese who yells “Helloo!!!” and laughs hysterically then says “ha ha laowai, ta ting budong, hahaha!”

            Yeah, real respectful.

          • December Rain

            Yes, most Chinese people have a positive opinion of white people. The occasional hick that points and laughs doesn’t get to define what a word is supposed to mean universally. Any word, neutral or not, can be used negatively by the wrong people.

            “Also, when did I say chink was justified?”

            Your nonchalant attitude about the use of the word “chink” just because “Chinese people use the word” “laowai”, seems to imply it. Let me quote you:

            “I don’t care if you said chink, I’m not Chinese.”
            “Almost as bad as “laowai” don’t you think”

          • Probotector

            See another reply.

        • Ralphrepo

          Indeed; everyday common Chinese speech is littered with hateful disregard for foreigners and other races, especially blacks. If enough foreigners actually understood what they were being called (ie. equivalent to numbers of Chinese who understand the sting of ‘Chink’ or ‘Chinaman’) then perhaps Chinese may learn that we are pretty darn racist too.

    • Riddler

      You ruined your comment with that ‘commiechink’ slur.

      Criticising a mentality if it is widespread is not racism. But to start using racist slurs is bad taste and dumps you with the very people who commented above. The backlash you see here is opposing that mindset and, if you cared to look, there are chinese posters in this section who are just as repulsed by what other chinese people have said as we are.

      Imagine how THEY must feel? Take care with your words. And apologise.

  • Reptilian

    Times like these, aren’t you happy there’s a ChinaSmack to air out what’s happening on the Chinese internet?

    • redgirls

      Yep. Dont believe the hype

  • Teacher in China

    Wow, I’m honestly shocked by this. Had no idea that relations with Philipines were so bad. Up here in Dongbei, I guess I’m insulated by my constant exposure to hatred for Japan…

    Peter, was there not a single comment expressing sympathy? Was it really just a solid wall of such ugly nationalistic vitriol?

    • the ace of books

      Another Dongbei’er? High-five man, where you at?

      • Teacher in China

        In the lovely metropolis of Songyuan. You? I’d high-five you back, but actually I’m pretty fed up with this part of China, I’d much rather be further south. somewhere like Kunming or Xiamen

        • the ace of books

          Jilin, huh? I can understand that. I’m in Harbin, and I am counting down the days til I go home. (34, in case you want to know.) I’ve had good experiences here and overall I still think fairly positively of the place, but goddamn am I ever read to be somewhere the hell else.

          • Teacher in China

            Harbin is like paradise compared to here. Small town Dongbei living does not come highly recommended. Need to be somewhere with an iota of culture rather than just existence. Hope you have a safe trip home!

  • Probotector

    The mentality of a Chinese nationalist is akin to that of a cheating spoiled child that feels it always has to win. Many have brought up the latent hypocrisy and intellectual cowardice of such individuals, but this is met with the age-old Chinese adage of “I don’t care”. It is seen as a means to an end; as long as China galvanises enough fanatics, it doesn’t matter how they did it. Ignorance and indifference are powerful weapons when wielded by a vast number of people. You could hit them with sledge hammer of truth, but it wouldn’t even register, because in their mind, they are always right and nothing can change that.

  • Germandude

    Very very good post.

    While usually people say “I am not worrying about those armchair soldiers. They have a big mouth but nothing to back it up”, I think people need to understand the danger in it.
    Hitler didn’t receive his power through the people that followed him but through the masses of society that were indifferent and didn’t oppose him!

  • Guang Xiang

    The Filipinos missed the chance to one-up China by providing free aid to the Chinese tourists. Of course, this story would probably never fly in China.

  • Guang Xiang

    Can only say, propaganda and government-controlled media are very effective tools.

  • moop

    i wonder how these sub-normals reacted to the jimmy kimmel thing

    • Riddler

      Frenzied frothing at the mouth, teeth gnashing.

  • Guang Xiang

    If I was in the market for spirit/backbone, I definitely would not pick the Chinese one. It sounds like it would break at the slightest pressure.

    • Riddler

      There’s a chinese one?

      • hailexiao

        It’s really stiff but brittle. When it breaks, it breaks HARD.

  • ThinkBlue

    I think these Chinese netizens need to realize there is a difference between politics and real life. Don’t take political commentary so personally that it causes you to hate random people you’ve never met and never will meet.

  • socali

    Remember, these are people who can’t afford to travel. You are seeing the vitriol of the peasants vs. an emerging middle class thats getting enlightened. As a Filipino I am absolutely disgusted by the hatred, but I am trying to hold out hope that humanity can’t be this vicious. Its getting harder but I am trying.

  • linette lee

    Why is it the same? I didn’t say anything that the chinese tourists are more important than locals. I was just making comment why they throw out tourists in the middle of natural disaster. The korean on TV broadcast saying thank god they weren’t koreans. Now that’s really bad. 바보

    • chucky3176

      Yes you are saying Chinese tourists who are being inconvenienced because they’re out of their hotel rooms, are far more important than the dead and homeless Filipinos. Those Chinese can fly home any time to their warm beds, but the homeless Filipinos can’t. Just shut the fuck up, you retarded ugly Chinese nationalist, you are even worse than those ignorant and hateful Chinese netizens because at least you had a US education and have no excuses for making these disgusting comments. The more I read your drivels about how superior your kind is, the more laughable and disgusting it is. Just shut up and pay some respect!

      • linette lee

        You are twisting my words. You are good at twisting the truth.
        1) I never said tourists are more important than locals
        2)I am making a comment regarding hotel should not kick out tourist during natural disaster because that is what this article is about.
        3)yes, it’s bad for tourism. I said that. It don’t look good on the gov’t. And that’s the truth.

        And I am sad and sorry they are suffering. But I didn’t write it down on this article because this article focused on tourist+hotel.

        And lastly…Shxt up. Go drink some more soju and get drunk so you get beat more your women. A55hole.

        • Riddler

          ‘You are twisting my words’

          No. Its your words that are twisted.

    • Riddler

      One more time Linette, I am asking you to provide a link where this story has been reported. Non-chinese sources.

      • linette lee

        What link? Didn’t you read this article. They kicked out tourists because they didn’t have cash and no electricity to pay credit card.

        • Riddler

          WOMAN do you even have a brain? I said provide a non-chinese link to this story. Let me spell it out for you.


          Got it?

          You are avoiding the question. We all know that.

          • linette lee

            You are going on and on attacking me all because you feel you are losing face. Keep insisting this article is a lie because it’s making your people look bad. Meanwhile day and night you are here attacking on Chinese people based on all the other CS articles. Did you verify all those other articles are lie or not?
            Read all your comments here. All racist comments about chinese. Every single one of them. I am thru with you. Don’t talk to me please.

  • Jahar

    If you want to “make philippines safer for tourists” thell that when there is a typhoon coming to get out, or better yet, not go during typhoon season.

    • linette lee

      I am talking about the after math and how it was handled.

      • Jahar

        you are saying Philippines is too dangerous after a typhoon? of course it is. most places would be.

      • Riddler

        The ‘after math’ was china offering 100,000 usd.

  • Guest23

    The irony is pretty lost to a lot of them

    • Elijah

      Bruce Lee is amazing. I’ve grown to embrace his philosophies, even if I can’t jumpkick a dude in the face…

      “Be the water my friend.” – Bruce Lee

      • Guest23

        He wasn’t picky on who he teaches with, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion or belief,

        Just boggles the mind how a lot in mainland China likes his films cause he beats the crap out of the evil foreigners but never his teachings of equality and Philosophy.

  • Nessquick Choco

    Holllyyyy Shiiit , i just read the first

    comments there.
    Are those the generous, warm and kind chinese people we see in advertisemt ? holy shit, what happen here ?

    • Riddler

      Reality happened.

  • Nessquick Choco

    hehe: ” ‘ancient’ temple that was built

    years ago ” totally right. You killed me.

    • mwanafa

      Same here, I went to visit an ancient temple, It had a lift ffs!

      • Riddler

        And the monks have iPhones. Seriously.

        • Probotector

          …and laptops. Isn’t part of Buddhism about relinquishing possessions?

          • Riddler

            Yes indeed, in china its about making others relinquish their possessions so politicians and monks can make better use of them.

          • Riddler




            After an international loss of face for offering 100,000, china attempts to recover by increasing the amount and, completely loses face again within the space of


          • donscarletti

            Compare to Christianity:

            “One thing you lack: go and sell all you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” -Jesus

            “Recognize that God wants to make you rich. Recognize
            that Jesus died to make you rich. Recognize that God will supply your needs.” -Some douchebag Christian preacher.

            “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” -Jesus Christ

            “God wants us to prosper financially, to have plenty of money, to fulfill the destiny He has laid out for us.” -Another douchebag Christian preacher.

            I am not a Buddhist, so I don’t no as much of the doctrine. But I know many rich men in China often come to temples, burn incense or tie a ribbon and pray for wealth. They also come to the temple, they make an offering and ask council from the monks and ask how best to convince Buddha to bring them wealth and the monks seem to cooperate. The temples seem to encourage them to do so and the monks seem more than willing to assist these wealthy men in their prayers.
            Maybe the monks really long for nothing but liberation from dukkha and think soliciting donations from these men is the only way to feed and clothe more monks and buy incense and statues and stuff. Maybe they thought that but became corrupted by being constantly asked to intercede with Buddha asking him to bring money to rich men. Maybe they never thought that and simply thought it was a more profitable career than being a farmer or selling street food.

          • lasolitaria

            Maybe they never thought :-)

          • Ralphrepo

            Only between Monday to Friday, the hours of 9-5, LOL…

        • mwanafa

          PMSL, good one!

      • Nessquick Choco

        and build in the old fashioned way – concrete everything

  • Riddler

    So what’s your point?

    • David

      It was what? Four years ago? Sorry, but you have to be looking for a reason to be mad to still be thinking about that.

      • Riddler

        Its called comparison. Disasters, their effects etc are usually compared with past events.

        Your skull may not be able to comprehend this however.

        • David

          lol no problem.

          • Riddler

            Thanks man!

  • Riddler

    So you’ve been to Syria.

    • David

      Probably never even been to the Philippines.

  • Riddler

    Where did I say that the Philippine government is not responsible?

    My concern was directed towards your apparent singular, if not selfish, attitude towards the minority affected although they constitute a fraction of people directly in the path of this disaster.

    Based upon your previous thoughts, it would appear you have been spending too much time with Eattot and her ilk.

    • linette lee

      I never said anything like I am happy they are suffering. I am sad that they are suffering. I am happy that HK is taking action to join in to help with the aid. Where do you get the idea I want them to suffer?
      I have a feeling you guys didn’t even read this article. Read this article and tell me what it is about. AGAIN…it’s about hotel kicked out tourists in the middle of natural disaster and left them without shelter because they couldn’t pay.

      • Riddler

        I did read it. Would you kindly provide a link where this has been verified. Non chinese sources please.

        • linette lee

          I made a comment replying to this article. I didn’t go around on the other site to make this comment. What do I need to verify?

          You read an article then you make a comment on the same site. What more do you want? It’s like debating. You read an article then you express your thought.

          • Riddler

            What i want is for you to prove this event happened. Which you can’t Because it didn’t happen. They weren’t thrown out of a hotel.

            Express thoughts? Or express hatred based on false claims.

            This story has not been reported anywhere outside china. I wonder why?

            You have lost ALL credibility Linette. All of it.

          • linette lee

            And most of you…the truth is..deep down you really really hate Chinese. You do because to you everything about
            Chinese = negative. You hate Chinese as much as I hate China gov’t.

            You hate Chinese and China because Chinese is the only non white country that will not bow down to you or see you as superior. Unlike Japan, south Korea, Philippines who worship the white folks and countries and rely on them for military protection. They want to be white and almost ashamed to be Asians. Plastic surgeries to get rid of their asian face. They rather not look like their own biological mother but still want to have tall pointy nose and big eyes. They are ashamed of their own skin color.
            Even Hk was under the control of Uk, the chinese in Hk eventually took over the HK gov’t system and run their own city turning Hk into world trade first class financial city. The chinese can work with you, but they can never work under you. They are not Japanese, koreans , or other asians who are more than happy to be your bitch.
            That is also why Chinese and Russian get along because there is mutual respect and equal.

          • Riddler

            I’m not white. Now start your rant from scratch. What you are doing is transference. You are projecting your hatred upon others. It is not ‘foreigners’ who are spouting violent racist commentary above. It is your ilk who are foaming at the mouth and want to kill this race and that race and when questioned as to the authenticity of the actual event, not only do you provide sources, you proceed to accuse ‘us’ as in whites/blacks/want to be whites/ of hate.

            Do you practice stupidity or, does it flow naturally through your brain tissue?

          • Probotector

            Problems with your rant:

            “Unlike Japan, south Korea, Philippines who worship the white folks and countries and rely on them for military protection.”

            It’s not worship, it’s because China wants to conquer them.

            “They want to be white and almost ashamed to be Asians. Plastic surgeries to get rid of their asian face. They rather not look like their own biological mother but still want to have tall pointy nose and big eyes. They are ashamed of their own skin color.”

            Plenty of Chinese girls do the plastic surgery and the hair dying, wearing western clothes or clothes with western motifs. Are you saying it’s different when Chinese do it? Are you saying Chinese are parodying us?

            “Even Hk was under the control of Uk, the chinese in Hk eventually took over the HK gov’t system and run their own city turning Hk into world trade first class financial city.”

            That’s bullshit, Hong Kong always had a white British governor., and was therefore always ruled by a white man from the top down.

            “That is also why Chinese and Russian get along because there is mutual respect and equal.”

            Russians are white, dumbass, and they exploited China in the past too.”

          • Riddler

            Posted twice by mistake so had to edit since i can’t delete. In any case, this woman is just like an eattot with better English. That hate is still Level 900. She has no idea as to the make up of HK. Police force. Governent. Banking and on and on and on. All set up and run by the British. She won’t deal with the Jardine question neither will any other chinese.

          • Guest23

            I’m completely shocked by what she wrote, plastic surgery in the Philippines to make us look like white Caucasians?? we don’t even have a culture of plastic surgery that’s worst than what China is going through, we aren’t even that superficial to a level.

            This is surprisingly brainwashed and one of the most close minded nationalistic saving face defenses I’ve ever read, not even a shed of insight to what these countries who are allied to the US go through with China getting aggressive on territory.

            Pure crap, she doesn’t know what is going on Russia today, I doubt she’d be welcome to arms there with “Russia for Russians” riots and vigilante groups that hunt down anyone who isn’t white, heterosexual, and orthodox christian.

          • Riddler

            I am not white. Start your rant from scratch. What you are attempting is transference. Transfering you insidious hate on ‘foreign’ people. It is not ‘us’-white/black/want to be whites that are baying for the blood of fillipinos, japanese, or anyone else on your hate list. When questioned as to the authenticity of the current story, not only do you refuse to provide it, you go on a tirade as to how everyone hates chinese.

            Do you practice stupidity or, does it flow naturally through your brain tissue?

            Oh, the bit about chinese ‘taking over’? Have you HEARD of the Jardine Corporation? Or does that name make you twitch?

          • Guest23

            I’m gonna have to end this on my side, she isn’t worth my time when there’s more people suffering and she gets all high and mighty with the not-so-constructive criticism and the lack of tact to the situation and the people who are affected to it,

            Gonna spell how those comments of hers make her look like, If I said during the Sichuan Earthquake that the government and people are responsible for making tourism there dangerous and no longer safe, and not care about the victims, how does that make you feel? what you wrote and how you wrote them, you didn’t even think about how that makes others feel? surprisingly you’re arrogant enough that your opinions doesn’t need to be kept closed because you’d make other people feel uncomfortable, your priorities are more on making tourism safer while on a damn national disaster?? you didn’t think through, I doubt you’re gonna admit that some of what you wrote and how you wrote it are wrong, insensitive, ignorant, stupid, and nationalistic, stop saving face by defending that vile, it’s gloating when you criticize people when they are down, making one small incident into a bigger one to get mob a that is outraged to confirm yourself as in the right, that is disgusting.

          • Riddler

            Exactly. I’m done with this lunette, the patient needs to be referred to a specialist.

          • Guest23

            I’m getting vibes of multiple people using “linette lee” the other one is a disqus account and the other is a guest name, they sometimes go back and forth in spelling, grammar, terms, points and counterpoints, and they sometimes contradict on ideas.

          • Riddler

            So where is the real linette? Maybe she is in the phillipines on holiday and is unable to get online.

          • Kai

            Cursory investigation says it’s the same person. The inconsistency is nothing new. Please email us with links to comments you feel are from different people (Disqus vs. Guest account) and we can look into it further.

          • Guest23

            Thanks for the speedy investigation, linette’s comments have been, back and forth lately, also asking if you guys know that the photo on the page isn’t from Boracay.

          • Kai

            Pretty sure Peter didn’t intend for it to represent Boracay but just to tie it into the overall typhoon story.

          • Guest23

            Thought so, to get a general picture on what’s happening here, bit concerned for those who don’t know about the resort island thinking it looks like that, bit petty, but just worried a bit.

          • Guest23

            You’re surprising lack of critical thinking and even rationalism is showing, you have the gall to actually have your head up in the clouds while saying we worship white people and that’s the only reason why we’re allied or even friends with the US?!? I’m not even sure how to respond to someone who has been educated in Hong Kong but this is just brainwashed rhetoric, Chinese and Russians friends?? you wouldn’t dare set foot on Russia with it’s situation today if you care about your safety.

          • whuddyasack

            Come on, Linette, there is a time and place for everything. I don’t disagree that many of the comments here in Chinasmack and the internet in general can be nothing but disgusting hateful mouth foaming and self-induced gagging.

            But this is not the time and place for that. You’re only making it worse by being defensive. Don’t exacerbate the issue by insulting the Philippines, Japan or Korea (don’t even know why you added the last two).

            This time, you’re in the wrong here and considering how it’s the Filipinos that are suffering most, just shush. You’re offending everyone.

            Now you want to know how your comment was offensive?

            “…WRONG, how can THEY kick out the tourists… NOT GIVING TOURIST AID. They are stuck there because of the MESS around them. The
            Philippine PEOPLE and GOV’T once again MESS UP on THEIR ability to
            guarantee safety to the TOURISTS.”

            They’ve lost homes, loved ones and property. Do you really think they are in the state of mind to forget about family to help out tourists? The tourists are lucky to be alive.

            Your inappropriate comments about White worshipping (which you’ve done in the past) and what not sounds like it’s been cut up and pasted from the vitriol spilled above. If you did check the comments section, you’d actually see that there are Chinese that felt offended by it and how they not only beat on the Filipinos, they beat on “foreign-worshipping” Chinese.

            Also, having friends, ancestors and relatives from the mainland and actually knowing Chinese students who’ve studied in Russia, you’re very wrong about Chinese getting along with Russians. You’d be surprised that most of the Chinese I know living there have more friends who are Japanese or even native Siberians than Russians. Based on experiences, Japanese, Koreans, Myanmar, Bhutanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos actually make good friends, personally I feel it’s easier for Chinese to relate and feel close to them than to “good Russian friends” if you gave them the chance.

          • linette lee

            …The Philippine PEOPLE and GOV’T once again MESS UP on THEIR ability to guarantee safety to the TOURISTS…..

            Yes, that was bad. I said something bad. There is a reason why that came to my mind as soon as I heard tourist get into trouble in Philippine. That manila bus massacre unresolved case left a very bitter taste and fear in our mouth. Many hkese and chinese feel that way. Most Hk tourists were gun down by Philippine police force and wasn’t by the hostage taker Rolando Mendoza. Even up to today their gov’t didn’t offer any explanation or compensation to the family victims. Their gov’t just brush it off like nothing happened. That is why I thought about safety for the tourists.

          • whuddyasack

            Okay, Linette fair enough. I agree that back then, it was something that could get HK people angry, just like the Taiwan boat incident or the Chinese kidnappings in Mindanao by Islamic fanaticists. But you know something? There have been American, Australian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, British and many other nationals who’ve gotten brutally murdered in the Philippines. Have these other people reacted in the same way?

            Recently, a few Filipinos and Japanese tourists were killed by Muslim fanatics in CHINA (disagree with CNN justifying those suicide bombers as oppressed BTW, there’s no justice in taking the life of innocents). So have the Filipinos demanded an apology and compensation to the Chinese gov’t and “people” yet? There is abuse, mistreatment and murder of Filipino maids in Saudi, Dubai and other Arab countries. Have the Filipino government demanded an apology and compensation and hated all Arabs yet?.

            But the point is we need to be better people than that, that bus incident happened a long time ago. People come and go to the Philippines without much incidence, natural disasters are not the fault of Filipinos, they are suffering the most. If you’re afraid of the Philippines and think it’s unsafe, it’s your opinion. But we mustn’t generalize. Personally, I’ve got a lot of good Filipino buddies and know a lot of Chinese who’ve visited there and were hospitably shown the way. Their Filipino friends guided them, preventing them from going to the more dangerous places.

            Don’t go the route of the route of an extremists.

          • linette lee

            I really don’t want to bring this up, this is not the time to talk about this. But you folks especially Guest23 keep accusing me saying I criticize Fino gov’t on tourist safety issue because of that comment I made. I made that comment because I thought about how HK tourists were murdered by the fino gov’t and their police force. Do you know what many Chinese felt about that bus massacre? During that time it was being widely covered and live broadcast by tv network in HK, taiwan, and China. After watching and following the news many believe it was a cover up. The fino police force wanted to kill gunman Mendoza to shut him up. They were trying to cover up the corruption scandal in their police force. They weren’t there to negotiate with him or save the tourists. They just wanted him dead. Unlucky hk tourists got caught between their corruption scandal. Maybe you will find some old news video on youtube. I am telling you what many chinese believe.

          • whuddyasack

            That’s what it looked like with your posts. Even you can see that, your own words go against you.

            But you say it’s because of the bus incident.. which is completely unrelated and unreasonable for so many things; least of all being in the past and not the fault of the Filipino people. And it doesn’t negate what is going on now and who needs the most support and sympathy. The Filipinos.

            I know what many Chinese who watched those videos believe much like the recent Taiwan diplomatic row, where evidently “the coastguard was laughing while firing”. But that’s not all the Filipinos, and the vast majority are innocent. It doesn’t give anyone the right to hate on them or ignore their plight by thinking they are not important here.

            And you really think I don’t know how it feels like? I’ve been following these events and disaster articles for years. I’ve been watching things like the Sichuan

            Quake, those about the absolute poverty in the rural areas, migrant workers and how some of their children were starving, the high speed rail crash,

            Sichuan Ya’an Earthquake where people made some totally uncivilized comments.

            So I also know how it feels when someone was to turn around and mock the Filipinos in their plight. Or the Japanese, or the Taiwanese, or the Hong Kongese, or the Vietnamese… you know what I mean?

            It was through those lenses that I came to respect Japanese (who I used to fight with all the time) and Filipino netizens more, back when there was NOT a good word or sympathy shed for any Chinese by the rest of the “civilized” world, but rather flaming insults, those two were the only ones who stood out. People who would and should stereotypically hate us most.

          • linette lee

            I never said I hate philippine. where do you get that impression that I hate them? I don’t hate them. Why would I?

            For them to keep accusing ALL CHINESE hate them that is not true. Of course you will have idiot chinese netizens saying they deserve the typhoon. I don’t agree with them. I am sure many many chinese don’t agree with them and don’t wish philippine people to be hurt. Just like I don’t believe all philippine said those Hk tourists deserved to die. During that time it was very hurtful to see some philippine netizens making those comments on the internet and youtube.


          • whuddyasack

            Yes, Linette, I’m not accusing you of that. If you actually read between the lines, not many Filipinos here are saying all Chinese hate them.

            Of course it was hurtful to have “some” make insensitive comments about stuff like the HK bus incident stuff but that’s in the past. It’s something I can relate to because HKese are Chinese too. It’s also hurtful when HKese call all Chinese locusts, prostitutes, filthy and what not as I’m sure it’s hurtful to for HKese to be called dogs. That doesn’t mean I hate HKese, since I’ve got many great friends that are Hkers.

            But the most important point is the Filipinos are hurting the most right now. Let’s give them the support they need and let them grieve in peace. It’s the most decent thing we can do, isn’t it?

          • chosan

            during the Sichuan quake SHaron stone celebrated the deaths of chinese and no netizen whined about it

          • Riddler

            I had always thought lunette was balanced and am rather disappointed in her. I will be speaking to her parents about this.

            The points you have raised run deep but I think there are some people who do not wish to engage at that level of introspection. They have this need to lash out and this article, provided that rush. It is highly irresponsible and does not qualify as reporting as their is very little information pertaining to facts.

            I’ll read your other comments and reply later, i’m off for a few hours.

            Have a nice day Sir.

          • mr.wiener

            I’d take some issue with the idea that “Chinese and Russians get along”. They just have bigger adversaries to worry about.

          • Riddler

            Your ‘netizen’ doesn’t have a name in this article neither is the hotel mentioned. One would give his/her name AND the name of the hotel that kicked them out.

            Don’t bother replying. You are just another eattot. Both rather vile people. I am now thinking that daisy dude has you figured out.

          • linette lee

            You don’t need to keep attacking eattot. Most of you made racist statements including me at some point. Non of us are innocent. Chinese this and Chinese that. Only the don’t understand chinese culture or you don’t understand American culture or American joke. Or only Chinese kill minority. Or only chinese hate Japanese. Like what???

          • Probotector

            But it’s all true.

        • linette lee

          OmG……For you to ask me to verifty this article is like me asking you to verify all CS articles. So why you folks keep crying and complaining when CS post article about Chinese netizens or reporter hating foreigners? Can you verify those articles before you keep attacking Chinese?

      • Riddler

        Well Linette? I think I am not the only one who is now waiting for you to provide a link for this story. A non chinese source. Searched all over the internet and cannot find a word on it.

        It appears this is a nonsensical attempt at propaganda and a sick one at that, to take advantage of peoples’ suffering to generate false outrage at a country who china is clearly having issues with.

        Just wait, it won’t be too long before then next flood or earthquake hits china. I’ll be sure to leave some comments at that moment. Don’t start crying foul when that happens.

  • Riddler

    Linette, this has not, as far as I am aware, been reported outside china. Would you care to provide reliable sources to this claim?

  • Riddler


  • Riddler

    OK now this does begin to make some sense in that it has not been reported outside china. Why did anyone not see this before, myself included.

    Of course, chinese hotel owners would kick out their own or ANYone not able to pay. It is simply not the way of locals in Philipines to treat anyone like that.

    Thank you for this comment, it sheds light on the whole story.

  • Riddler

    Where has this story been reported outside china? Anyone found a non-chinese source? I’m looking but can’t find anything.

    Seems like another misdirection opportunity and locals in china fell for it.

  • Russell Buchanan

    So much for harmonious society in China.

  • randall

    Candidates for a Darwin Award.

  • Elijah

    You forgot Pakistan and North Korea…

    So all the desirable advanced countries basically.

  • Elijah

    I’ve known a number of Filipinas/Filipinos ad I have to say that they were all exceptionally polite, hospitable and friendly. Not because they told me that all Filipinos are like that *cough chinese* but because they genuiely acted that way.

    That’s not to say there aren’t bad apples in the Philippines (just ask my olllllldddd ex-gf, stole 3,000RMB and cheated just before returning to Manila haha) , just that on the whole, they are a decent kind of people.

    • DearDairy

      That’s great man. Truly inspiring!

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