Henan Bridge Collapse: Explosion Before or After Collapse?

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Today, the big news on the homepages of many major Chinese web portals is the explosion and collapse of a bridge in Henan province resulting in multiple trucks and cars plunging down into the deep valley…

On NetEase:

Henan Bridge Collapse, Still Uncertain If Explosion Occurred Before Collapse

At 8:52 on the morning of February 1st, a cargo truck transporting fireworks suddenly exploded while traveling eastbound on the Lianhuo highway over the Yichang Bridge at the 741km marker in Mianchi County of Sanmenxia City in Henan province. According to media reports at 11am, the accident had already caused 26 deaths. According to the Henan Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau’s latest information at 1:30pm, the Lianhuo Highway Yichang Bridge Roadway Collapse had so far caused 9 confirmed deaths and 13 injured. The blastwave lifted and flipped approximately 10 nearby vehicles into the ravine, shattering many of the windows of the nearby Mianchi Service Area. Currently, whether it was the explosion that caused the collapse of the bridge deck or the explosives exploding after the collapse of the bridge deck has not been determined. Photos from the internet.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

The wheels and axels of trucks and cars that had fallen from the Henan province Lianhuo Highway Yichang Bridge collapse.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

A truck at the edge of an intact section of the Henan Lianhuo Highway Yichang Bridge where a section had collapsed.

Emergency rescue personnel at the scene of the collapsed Yichang Bridge in Henan province on 2013 February 1 coupled with the explosion of a truck carrying explosives, possibly fireworks.

A truck at the edge of an intact section of the Henan Lianhuo Highway Yichang Bridge where a section had collapsed.

The distance from to road surface of the Yichang Bridge along the Lianhuo Highway in Henan province to the bottom of the ravine where a section of the bridge had collapsed.

Comments on NetEase:

白交易 [网易江西省网友]:

Government leaders secretly smirk: Good explosion, we now have another bridge to repair, and the opportunity to embezzle money has arrived again. Truly a godsend!


Fuck, if they make the driver pay for this [compensate for the damages], he could sell his body for a thousand years and it wouldn’t be enough!

CIA局长 [网易山东省烟台市网友]: (responding to above)

The driver’s already dead, unless they have him continue with his next life?

溪笑鱼 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

This explosion definitely isn’t a random occurrence. Yuanfang, what do you think?

32356812 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to above)

The great country is playing a very big game.

人民公仆小李同志 [网易吉林省长春市网友]: (responding to above)

Yuanfang, you sure this isn’t a terrorist attack by the East Turkestan Liberation Organization?

我自疯癫向天笑 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

Sir, in my humble opinion, this definitely is a planned event. I bet this truck of weapons was to be used to cause trouble, and was taken out by the authorities.

网易山东省临沂市网友: (responding to above)

This makes me think of that one person who build that one bridge, that up until 2012 September 26 had achieved 21,870 days of safe crossing for vehicles and people and remained firm and upright. Reportedly someone wanted to blow it up and rebuild it, but said if the explosives were not planted properly, it would fail to bring it down. Old Mr. Mao, how are these money-hungry government officials supposed to deal with this. Then look at bridges today. How are we supposed to believe “knowledge moves people forward”? How is it that the more things are built and repaired, the worse/shoddier they become?

月经献给党 [网易河南省商丘市网友]:

Tofu-dreg construction, rotten to the core, all because of corruption! Corruption all because of the system [government]! And we’re supposed to compete with the Republic of China [or possibly “democratic” countries]! There is absolutely no comparison!

sli2008 [网易山东省青岛市手机网友]:

The bridge’s construction quality should be investigated.

zlg05 [网易河北省唐山市网友]: (responding to above)

No matter how well-built the bridge is, a truck full of explosives will still bring it down!

yamatomi [网易新加坡网友]: (responding to above)

That was explosives?

网易河北省唐山市网友 [zlg05] 的原贴: (responding to above)

A cargo truck of fireworks/firecrackers!

yamatomi [网易新加坡网友]: (responding to above)

First, that’s gunpowder not explosives. Second, a truck full of fireworks and firecrackers couldn’t possibly explode all at once. Third, the point of explosion wasn’t on the bridge pillar or the bridge surface. If the pressure of the blast alone could split/break the deck of the bridge, you don’t think there’s a problem with the quality of the bridge’s construction?

谢绝跨省跨国 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

Hope the ordinary common people can have a good Chinese New Year!
Hope those going home can all safely get home!

霍元A [网易四川省网友]:

Xinhuanet Zhengzhou February 1st report, this reporter learned at 3pm from firefighters at the scene participating in the rescue that the explosion and collapse of the Lianhua Highway Henan Yichang Bridge that morning caused at least 25 automobiles to fall from the bridge.
9 dead + 11 injured = 20 people. First, 90% of large cargo trucks have two people on board. Even if there were one, were there 5 cars without anyone driving them?

你看正好七个字 [网易河南省郑州市网友]: (responding to above)

Look at those vehicles, judging by the look of things there should be more than 9 vehicles, and its unlikely that anyone would survive. So there really must’ve been driver-less vehicles. Our country’s technology truly is advanced…


This bridge is too TM funny, and it’s fireworks too, and what more, even exploding on the top of the bridge can bring the bridge down… Fucking even bridges during World War 2 wouldn’t budge if you didn’t calculate precisely where to place the explosives…refer to The Bridge on the River Kwai.

A video of the scene of the collapse currently featured on the front page of popular Chinese video-sharing website Youku with nearly 1 million views so far since it was uploaded 9 hours ago:

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  • Roihu

    Is corruption that bad in China that all catastrophes are blamed on the government?

    • MonkeyMouth

      um…. YES?!?!?!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.yu.54943 Kevin Yu

      I just think that the government should make a law about maintaining and checking bridges. If they do not see it necessary, then it is their fault. Maybe they have one, but no one cares (like their traffic-law).

      • lacompacida

        The government owns, built, maintains, inspects, commissioned, and operates these bridges. They should blame the farmers farming close by instead. Or the rodents.

    • Irvin

      I was thinking the samething, reading the translated comments it seems that a majority of locals have no trust in their government at all. Any bad things that happened it’s always the government that fucked them up.

      • Irvin

        On a different but someone related topic regarding the quality of chinese products, I bought a chinese TV (konka), on the first day right out of the box there’s a bright dead pixel right in the middle of the screen.

        I bought the tv at gomez (another chinese owned chain store), they told me I can only exchanged it if there are more than

        dead pixels which is the country’s regulation.

        As a consumer I would like to say fuck you to your regulation! and it’s fucking unacceptable. But I thought better of it and it’s not worth the hassle, I just swallow my lost and take this as a lesson to never buy chinese product again, or from a chinese store.

        Fuck diaoyu island! get you own shit straight first.

        • Lao Shu

          Why do you swear at Japanese Island of Senkaku? You seem to be angry with the wrong folks..

          • The Enlightened One

            Let me translate for you here:

            “Fuck diayou island! get you own shit straight first”, actually meant “Stop worrying about stuff like these islands and fix your products and your reputation first!”

            He is not swearing at the Japanese at all.

        • The Enlightened One

          Dude, I totally agree with you. Just wack the T.V. a few times and ten dead pixels will shown up then go back to them and get it exchanged.

          Actually, you probably don’t even have to hit it… just yell at it and it will slowly die in shame for what it represents.

        • Manfred

          Well, I can understand your anger, I would feel the same. Have a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_13406-2 — even though another Wikipedia article says that “not every LCD manufacturer conforms to the ISO standard and the ISO standard is quite often interpreted in different ways” (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_crystal_display).

          Check out what class of display your TV should have. According to these standards, if your TV has a Class

          panel in it (well, specified to be Class 1), the manufacturer should take it back. I would probably turn to the manufacturer directly and complain, not to the shop. These people usually know less than nothing. And remember: in this country, bridges budge, people don’t, so you shouldn’t budge either. ;-)

    • Rainer

      It depends. When some Chinese losers get a constipation, they blame on the earth’s gravitation.

    • Hongwu

      That’s the return of the tianming [mandate of heaven] slowly creeping back into mainstream.
      Back on the good days where a catastrophe was seen as the heavens will to throw down a ruler.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Without any further details & investigations, I can confidently come to the cause of this and other similar accidents:

    – poorly built bridge due to corner cutting / corruption.
    – waaaaay overloaded trucks
    – maintenance, what maintenance?

  • carmouflagger

    My phone fell today, damn you fucking government officials!!

    • crackedbamboo

      Blame your parents for your sloppy dexterity

      • carmouflagger

        Blame yours for your epic failure in simple comprehension.

  • MonkeyMouth

    well… we now know where those Minneapolis bridge builders were relocated….

  • Gay Azn Boi

    The photos of the collapsed bridge with thick fog reminds me of certain scenes in The Road (a post-apocalyptic movie). Perhaps this foreshadowing for what’s about to come?

    • ManofEarth

      whats about to come is my foot up ur ass / u lil sorry xcuse for life! ; )

    • Nick in Beijing

      I drew a similar comparison betwee the dreary atmosphere and the collapsed infrastructure in these photos and certain post apocalypse films.

      • ManofEarth

        evaluation: white trash in china.
        solution: ‘nother post-apocalyptic buttkick up your ass!!
        hrhrhr !!! ; )

  • http://twitter.com/khawachen Karze

    So long as officials are not hurt or dead its ok. Who cares about public. The bridge pillars doesn’t look srtong enough to carry

    feet trailers.

    No wonder Grandpa Wen is worth $ US 2.7 Billions.

  • bolle45

    wenn die Brücke gut bebaut worden wäre, würde mehr Armierungseisen aus dem Beton schauen.

    • dejing

      No. These iron things need to be inside each bridge section, not between them. The reason for the collapse can be seen on pic no.4: At least four coal trucks, each most probably weighing 60+ tons. Though it probably didn’t help that for the construction of the new bridge, they were digging holes right next to the old one.

      • dejing

        Also, “bebauen”?

      • lacompacida

        Hmm… so the bridge on a major highway was not designed to carry heavy trucks. No wonder PRC builds them so quickly. And no safety regulation about constructions next to existing structures ? Good move.

        • dejing

          Your question about safety regulations tells me that you have never been on a construction site. Anywhere.

          Here in Europe, the final test for a bridge (after construction) used to be to pack it with lorries that carry as much load as is permissible. This bridge was packed with lorries that carried probably 150% to 200% of what is allowed yesterday (inferred from the coal visible on the pics), so this may indeed have been more than what the bridge was designed and tested for. And yes, a construction site next door. Probably it was also the construction workers who “saw” the truck exploding?

  • B*tches, Leave

    Bombs are flying, people are dying
    Children are crying, politicians are lying too
    Cancer is killing, Radiation is spilling
    The whole world is going to hell but … how are you?

  • Probotector

    More shoddy Chinese construction coupled with non-existent safety laws. No surprise to me, no sympathy given.

    • Appalled@everything

      I agree.. except for the no sympathy given bit, because human beings died, which is horrible, and I sympathize with their grieving families.

  • LiRuiKe

    deaths. If this were in the US, Obama and the anti-constitutional Democrats would take quick action to outlaw trucks carrying explosives. But this is China, where bridges suddenly collapsing is becoming a regular event. The comments of the netizens who blame the corrupt government officials are spot on. Those greedy, selfish, irresponsible, inhumane, pompous whoremongers are fully to blame. They demand the right to control the safety and harmony of the people. They oppose any form of government that would hold leaders responsible. They are black-hearted, evil, and guilty of murder. The good news of this story is to see the netizens speaking out.

    • Rainer

      “26 deaths”? Its just an internet rumourmongering only peasants will believe. The truth is only

      “China where bridges suddenly collapsing is becoming a regular event”? No, if you are smart enough to know a bit of stats when compard with thousands bridges China built in last

      Glad to see poverty stricken US has no new bridge to collaps while thousand old rotten but proud bridges are there for all Chinese tourists to see.

      • lacompacida


        death the “truth” or just what the PRC government admits too and you have no choice but to believe it and spread the PRC version of the truth with Chinese characteristics ?

        • Rainer

          Did you have no choice but to believe the WMD shit gtom your goverenment and spread the US version of the truth”? You sure did.

          • Probotector

            Many people took the choice not to believe in the whole WMD story. Many people marched to protest it.

            “we all know they were not wedding party killed by US drones.”

            No, they were killed by the unsympathetic money grubbing selfishness and idiocy of the Communist Party.

          • Rainer

            “Many people took the choice not to believe in the whole WMD story and marched to protest it”?
            I have to correct you. When you say “many people”, you must mean the people all over the world except Americans. I am old man but my memory never cheat me, especailly when it comes to your beloved prez Bush who got a 85% support rate in US, the highest ever in his office, about his WMD lie, on which you almighty military killed over 200,000 poor Iraqis, of course for their own sake, well, with borrowed money.
            When told Shakespear is French, usually I’d not argue with him since I’d love to see him being laughed at by more. But still lets agree these


            died under the bridge were really killed by CCP. So what if CCP meanwhile help lifted over

            hundred millions from poverty as well. Who said only US could kill over 200,000 in exchange with an “daily exposive democracy”?
            I have nothing against your idiocy, conditioned and spoonfed by your media. I only hope you type will shut up and realize you’ve long lost the moral high ground.

          • Probotector

            I’m not American dickhead.

          • Rainer

            Ok, if you’re not an American dickhead, why you followed my post “You have no choice but to believe YOUR government WMD shit” with your post “Many people took the choice not to believe in the whole WMD story”? You must mean you are not an American dickhead but still love to be ruled by American government?
            Anybody would take you as an “American dickhead”, dont worry, lol!

          • BiggJ

            I’d take that over being a brainwashed chinese commie any day. lol

          • Probotector

            Chinese dickhead. So having an opinion about other countries is now wrong? You aid people followed the WMD lie; I replied that many people didn’t, which is true. In any case, how is saying good things about America meaning that “you want to be ruled by them”? Have you even met an American in real life or is it just insecurity that makes you post hateful bullshit on the internet?

      • mr.wiener

        “democratic” bridges. I snorted coffee out my nose when I read that.

      • 遊俠

        Ahh, Mr. Rainer, I see that you’ve come from Shanghaiist to wumao-it up here as well.

        • Rainer

          So what, if you could do the same, sock-puppeting here as well.

          • 遊俠

            I don’t sock-puppet. The only time I ever comment on either website is when I’m slaying wumao / trolls / flamers. Hence the name 游侠。

          • Rainer

            But I’ve impression that, no matter where, or even when you are so angry with the fat boy in your class who just patted your ash, you always ended up slayed, lol!

      • BigCAD

        No one is stupid enough to allow millions of Chinese in to the US, they would never return to their third rate nation.

        • Rainer

          Last year, over

          millions Chinese tourists went travelling around world including 1.3 million to US. I heard US even fight for more of them spenders.
          You dont need to worry, all of them returned to “their third rate nation” since US, if not a “fourth rate nation” doesnt have much to offer as it blow up daily, while over 30,000 Americans in China are trying every dirty mean for staying in China.

          • BiggJ

            If China is such a great place to live then all the rich chinese would live and study in China. Most of them don’t. If they have enough enough money to leave most will or want to.

          • Rainer

            Look, What we are talking about here is not whether “China is such a great place to live” though

            Chinese tourists returned, but about if America is so wonderful that Chinese “would never return” from US as BigCAD said above from beginning.

            BTW, you got a

            month visa in

            days? Fine. But what I meant was a Z visa for working, though getting a

            month visa first is also a trick for many losers here to stay to realize their “China Dream” after their American Dream turned into a nightmare.
            Anyway, congrats you can still afford travelling while

            million of your folks are living on foodstamps.

          • BiggJ

            I don’t think america is that great either….I’ve been there alot it’s just nothing special. I think chinese just get this idea that america is great shit from watching tv. But still, I’ve I had to compare living in china or usa…the US would still come out on top. Sure China is alright if your broke and have no job.But if you have some money to spend america is much better.”in my opinion”. I’m Canadian and think Canda is best fucking country on planet. Even if I wasn’t Canadian I would still think that.

            I think it boils down to just being poor. A poor person would like China or Philippines or some place where the cost of living is low. And normal to rich people prefer 1st world places like Canada Germany America places like that.

          • BiggJ

            I’m not american or anything but a chinese person talking to an american about immigration is funny as shit. There are like 300,000 illegal chinese in america right now. And those are they ones they know about. That number is just the ones that overstay visas and can be tracked.Come on buddy….It’s not hard to stay in China…When I came to china I got a

            month visa in

            days, and that includes mailing it back to me.I never even had to leave my house.My wife is chinese so now I get year long visas with no trouble at all. Not that I stay in china…but its nice to have for traveling.

          • BigCAD

            1.3 million isn’t millions. If you wish me to play the numbers game let me quote the global times:
            Wang Huiyao, directorto for of the report, said that in 2011, 36.5 percent of overseas students returned to China after graduating.
            Thats a loss of almost two thirds of your best and brightest to the US. Obviously you aren’t included in that statistic.

          • Rainer

            “a loss of almost two thirds of your best and brightest to the US”?
            Boy, funny you suddenly stop thinking, along with some Chinese losers, that they are the children of the corrupted officials, lol!
            I am happy not to be included in that stats. Been there in gangland, and seen over dozen of demoncrazy in last

            years, your proud motherland is the worst.

      • Appalled@everything

        Looking at the picture of crushed cars buried under dirt and crushed trucks, you still want to say only

        people died? I’d say at least

        people died. The pictures are right there. Open your eyes.

        • BiggJ

          I agree with you. That’s a long way down too. I would say more then

          died. And when the numbers change most of time there is something up.

        • Rainer

          When I “open my eyes”, I also saw “picture of crushed cars buried under dirt and crushed trucks” like you. But still I dont say “at least

          people died” like you and many Chinese peasant netizens do simply because “pictures are right there”, until the

          bodies are all found.
          I know you must’ve thought there were over 30,000 dead under WTC ruin from “pictures” at beginning and wish you became smart enough now to know the difference between us.

    • Paul Schoe

      Actually I am often surprised how personal the responsibility is over here. In almost all cases of serious accidents, there are officials that are fired, even if they are only remotely connected to the case and in many other countries would not being held responsible (for example the head of a department of building inspection when schoolchildren die because they do not take the main exit but all go at once to a side exit because it is raining and one of the kids falls on the stairs thus creating the accident). The government wants to be seen as taking strict action, and firing several of their own is apparently seen as the way to do that.

      The downside of this is that it has led to an attitude of officials where the first mantra is: take no risks, which prevents innovation and creates a bureaucratic structure where any decision maker, first wants to be covered by somebody higher up before doing things that one might expect to be part of their job.

  • lacompacida

    Who’s on first ? Who knows. But there is a way to figure out what the final verdict from the government would be. Which verdict will make the government less guilty.

    If the explosion was before the collapse, the design, construction, maintenance and traffic arrangement about the bridge, if at fault, hold only secondary responsibility. However, if the explosion was found to be after the collapse, the bridge is the primary culprit. That means the government will have to bear major responsibility.

    Therefore, I would expect the answer from the government is “Explosion first, then the collapse.”

  • BiggJ

    It’s like everything else made in china….just a cheap lop of shit that ain’t worth a god damn thing. You can blame officials or whatever you want but it boils down to lazy cheap ass shitty products.

    One thing about china is they are the best at making up bullshit stories. I sure the reason was” too many cars or overweight” or “fireworks blew it up” “It’s Japan or white peoples fault”. How about just tell the truth” We suck at building high quality things and don’t give a fuck.”

    • Archie

      Yep. And by attempting to gloss over the fact, and not publicly shame those responsible, the next lot feel like it is ok to go and do the same.

      Being able to accept, invite and take criticism would go a long way in this country. Being able to responsibly enforce rules and regulations and correctly punish the real culprits would fix the perception that you can get away with fleecing people like this.

      Seriously, what the fuck are those puny little wires hanging out of the bridge?!

      • Probotector

        “Seriously, what the fuck are those puny little wires hanging out of the bridge?!”

        That’s reinforced concrete. The wires help maintain stability by giving an internal structure to spread weight, pressure and all that shit. I admit that it’s failed in this case, but that’s what it’s ‘supposed’ to do.

        • BiggJ

          I think the point he is making is a bridge that size would not use something like that. It would be built more stable then that.

          • Probotector

            well duh, my point is that’s what it’s supposed to be

          • BiggJ

            But it’s not what it’s suppose to be..

          • Probotector

            It’s supposed to reinforce it, by Chinese standards.

          • BiggJ

            Chinese standards?!?By Chinese standards you mean” Making somethings as cheap as possible by any means and hope to fuck we get away with it?” Like putting melamine in baby’s milk or lead paint on kids toys…I can sit here all day list fucked up chinese things that are harmful or defective. Oh and bridges too.

          • Probotector

            Of course, can’t you tell I’m being sarcastic?

          • BiggJ

            I just assumed you were being serious lol.

          • Probotector

            hell no

        • thmswhnr

          “Reinforced” with rebar? Where are the steel girders?

          • Probotector

            Ask the Chinese contractors who built it.

        • BiggJ

          Watch this. http://www.56.com/u71/v_NzQ3MTAyMTU.html
          The russians make a good bridge. lol

  • linette lee

    more bridge collapsed? So common in china. Now the corrupt chinese officials can steal more money from the new project of rebuilding the bridge. They must be happy.

  • El Puma R.

    A fart in the air lasts longer than a bridge in China.

    • vincent

      A fart in the general direction of a bridge would probably bring it down.

      • ManofEarth

        sweet – buttfart sissygirl knows how to fart… congrats lil fartboy ; )

        • vincent

          Why don’t you go ahead and perform fellatio on yourself, or better yet kill yourself limp dick virgin :)

          • ManofEarth

            hrhrhr talking bout ur daily activities again fartboy sissygirl…. lol
            believe me – u dropping dead right now – noone would ever care bout ur rotten corpse =)

          • vincent

            Awww someone is a little cranky, did you discover you lost your virginity to a transvestite?

          • mr.wiener

            The only thing worse discovering you’ve picked up a transvestite is finding they’re better hung than you are :P

          • ManofEarth

            sad lil xcuse for life … nobody is interested how u lost ur so called virginity to GAB… we do not care for any more details of the misery u call life… pervert!! ; )

        • The Enlightened One

          Hahaha… buttfart sissygirl… I didn’t know we had people that were

          years old on this forum…

          • ManofEarth

            changing ur nick into the stupid one or mental retard would suit ur state of mind better – dont u think so? ; )

    • linette lee

      A sneeze will cause the bridge to collapse in China. XD

      • ManofEarth

        sad ppl like u should be banned from china

  • Greg

    Off topic, but kudos to the last poster for “The Bridge on the River Kwai” reference. It’s one of those old movies that are still fun to watch even today. Obi Wan Kenobi as the British officer is great. The only misstep in the whole movie is whoever they got to play the American officer overplays the ‘Murikan stereotype to the point of ridiculousness. I wonder if this movie is referenced in this post because it makes the Japanese look like gigantic bastards? Or does the gentleman just have good taste in cinema?

  • Orpoved

    Looks like explosion was before. If after, there would be more damage to the supports on the parallel bridge. But there doesn’t seem to be any and the ground is blackened from fire but no blast marks.

    • fwd

      Made the same observation. But have not seen any close-up on remaining bridge to search for impact marks

  • Synchromesh

    When you don’t accurately report the casualites…you lose cred.

  • godtowers

    what is china’s rate for stuff like this? It seems this is common in China.

    • El Puma R.


      bridges collapsed in the last

      years, and I think those are the reported ones. I think it’s more.

      • Rainer

        “70 bridges collapsed in the last

        years”? Though you didnt supply the source and the total numbers of contructed bridges for me to compare, it still sound to me like there are more collapsed bridges in China than the total bridges constructed in US in last


        • El Puma R.

          There’s a post in here in Chinasmack that talks about a

          year old Bridge in Zhejiang, I think. It puts it in comparison with the bridges they build in China nowadys. Look for it, it’s somewhere around here.

    • Appalled@everything

      Curious about your name “Godtowers”. Did you ever play the online riddle “Godtower”? I’m in the hall of fame for that game :)

  • Appalled@everything

    oh for fuck sake, when is it going to end?
    And check the state of the bridge sections still standing, how rubbish and flimsy does it look.

    • Elijah

      It’s far too clean a break up top. Not to mention that there doesn’t appear to be any blast marks up there, which would indicate that the truck only exploded AFTER it fell down.

      In other words, this bridge is like every other bridge that has collapsed in china, made with shit materials and unskilled labour so that the officials and friends of officials can cut the most corners and pocket the most money.

      No need for enemies when china has a government like that.

      • Archie

        How dare you speak so plainly! You have hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. We demand an apology.

        • Elijah

          I apologize for not seeking the Ministry-approved wording to make a statement relevant to any issues of national security or harmony of this glorious motherland.

          I also resolutely refuse to disclose exactly how much was embezzled and by who to any imperialist running dogs who are probably collaborating with foreign agents to destabilize our harmonious china.

  • xiaohouzi

    Chinese friends tell me that the construction companies are often pushed by the government to work faster so as to appear to be more efficient or modern or whatever their reasons… thus making shortcuts that could allow this kind of incident to occur. I read through all the posts but no where did i read what may have sparked the explosion. Is it likely that someone, possibly the driver threw out a cigarette that could have by wind, been lodged into the truck to catch fire? It was my first thought as i have observed how it’s seemingly so cool to smoke while driving.

  • don mario

    dun dun dun…. another bridge bites the dust!

  • The Enlightened One

    I am getting REALLY tired of hearing about bridges and roads just randomly collapsing in China. Anyone else?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Iaminnocenttheblood-Ofthisjustmanyouseetoit/100002857705077 Iaminnocenttheblood Ofthisjust

    China! Much shame! Does everything collapse or explode?

    And I’m not an Engineer, but please consider getting a qualified USA Engineer who’ll tell you that thing is not constructed properly and for a modest fee go over and help you, even with materials available, re-build that bridge and keep the rest from falling. He’d want to be paid for this, but he’d make it up in damages he’d save long term. Make sure he has diplomatic immunity and everything he reports goes OUTSIDE China, through Switzerland, then back in China so whatever corrupt local official is iced…

    Really, we need you as the emerging “Yellow Peril”!!!

    Forgive the term, which years ago was an ugly racist remark, but we need you!

    We need you being the “Sleeping dragon that when it awakes shall shake the world” so the USA and Europe gets really scared of you, hangs the Globalist Bankers and pushes our way through the next depression to beat YOU the “Yellow Peril” to Mars, so it’s only in name “The RED Planet!”

    Please stop the exploding and collapsing and crud/garbage filler ick stuff!

    Really, step up exectutions of officials who put styrofoam and pocket the concrete savings. That’s not saying bad of China, quite the opposite, we need to do this in USA/Europe before our un-maintained bridges start collapsing worse than your cruddily built new ones!

    The “National Police Gazette” admires the Chinaman in this regard:

    Chinese, on the other hand, traditionally in the forefront of innovative
    ideas, have figured out that not even the head of government can
    commute death back into life.””””


  • The Enlightened One

    China’s Bridge is falling down… falling down… falling down…

    What do you mean which one?

  • aaron424

    What a surprise. Dirty chinks can’t build anything worth a shit. Americans need to wake up and force these small cocked, lead pushing slant eyes out of our country.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So after all the debating and arguing, one thing that can be agreed on: The bridge isn’t gonna be used for a while.

  • The Enlightened One

    SERIOUSLY, it is safer to swim across the river then to drive over it on a bridge in China… well… maybe not if you are Chinese… a lot seem to have trouble swimming.

    I actually taught my wife how to swim. She probably wouldn’t even know how to do the dog paddle until this day if it weren’t for me.

  • Hongwu

    A bridge collapsed, and unfortunately people died. What do you do:
    Number [1] = Blame the government
    Number [2] = put on your fenqing dorky suit and start shouting that Japan has something to do behind it.
    Number [3] = call in a foreign builder, for lack of self-esteem on building stuff.
    Number [4] = brag about everything including the weight of the truck,its fireworks,the bleeping cigarrete that exploded stuff,etc.

    Choose it wiselly.

  • kou

    Sick country, sick people, sick economy.. don`t bring your sickness to my country


    typical for chinese made stuff.

  • Nicetosay

    An expert said that the 9.8t crackers on the truck equaled 1t TNT, which caused the collapse.The responsibility was attributed to management rather than quality problem of the bridge.

    • Nicetosay

      By management I mean that of explosives transport.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benstewartBAS Ben Stewart

    There was a truck explosion and the bridge collapsed. To draw the conclusion from this single tragedy that the Chinese build nothing but “shitty products” is laughable at best, and makes you a shabi at worst. Does this ring a bell?


    American infrastructure is light-years behind its Chinese counterparts in many respects. Despite the tragedy in Wenzhou, we all know that the Chinese high-speed rail network puts Amtrak to fucking shame. Considering that a low-middle income country has world-class infrastructure in and between its cities, maybe you should all just shut the fuck up and take an inward look before making sweeping, denigrating statements about the quality of Chinese civil engineering. How about some sympathy for the victims?

    As for you Brits- I really get a laugh when you dismiss Chinese worksmanship as shoddy. Last I checked, your two flagship automobile companies were owned by foreigners, and you haven’t a single world-renowned, highly competitive engineering or technology company to your name.

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