Taiwanese Pop Star Ashin Compared to Squirrel Tops Sina Weibo


What’s the number one hottest microblog post on Sina Weibo over the past 24 hours? With over 75k reshares and 38k comments since posted last night, it is this by lead singer Ashin of Taiwanese band May Day

On Sina Weibo:

@阿信: ╬(╯-_-)╯╧╧ Can someone help me human flesh search the netizen who made this?


Ashin currently has over 14 million followers on the social network. Most of the comments, which span over 1700 pages, are from fans laughing, remarking about how “cute” the image is, or just saying “hi” and expressing their love for the pop star.


Heh heh, you’re clearly cuter than the squirrel!


A reminder, according to mainland law, human flesh searches may violate other people’s right to privacy!


Why does he always make the most popular [microblog post] lists?


Is there a reward for finding them?


Today’s hottest microblog post hahahaha #popular microblog posts#

A common problem With many popular posts on the Chinese internet, there are a lot of “spam” comments…


[给力] Want to idle your time away in front of the computer? Work online without set working hours, work more and get more. Average daily earnings [心] 30-80 kuai [心]. Paid daily. Lifetime membership! If interested, take a look at my microblog. Your future you will definitely thank the hardworking current you. [给力]


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Dear~ My friend is participating in an event where they are ranked by the number of “zan” [approve, upvote, like]. If you can, can you please go to my first microblog post, enter “大可水农’s” microblog and click on zan? Thank you! [泪] I’m really not an advertisement.


A language and literature teacher says, if you love someone, it’s not about buying them a drink after class, not about sending text messages back and forth, nor is it about going out on the weekends to sing, chat, and eat, but about being a remarkable person. In the future of futures, there may be other people who love her. What you need to do, is make others incomparable to you. You need to become outstanding, more outstanding than everyone else. Believe, the future is not written, love can change reality. Follow @致青春__ Thanks.


Every sentence the government authorities say , the ordinary common people question! Everything the ordinary common people question, the government authorities deny! Everything the government authorities deny, ultimately are confirmed! Everything that is ultimately confirmed, ends up being unresolved! Like this, then follow @中国乱象.

…and these sort of comments are repeated multiple times, so…?

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  • carmouflagger

    Sit and grab a beer billy :)

    • mr.wiener

      If you’re buying?

  • Boris

    Proof, if any were needed, that I was born on the wrong planet.

  • BiggJ

    Speaking of little animals…..meanwhile in china…..


  • James

    Squirrel? In Shanghai I heard it was called yang rou.

  • carmouflagger

    Hey guys, what’s up with the H7N9 thinggy? Do people eat chicken now?

    • vincent

      Almost 130 infected, 27 deaths so the mortality rate is roughly 20%, I guess chicken and other fowl are safe to eat if properly cooked, some got infected while preparing the chicken such as patient number 8, he died from the flu but his two kids who ate the cooked chicken didn’t get infected as far as I know. Would be safer just to avoid eating chicken, duck and pigeon for the time being, the flu seems to have originated from both ducks and chickens and pigeons have been found to carry it as well.
      Forgot to mention that a Taiwanese national was also infected while visiting China.

      • carmouflagger

        Thanks for the info

    • To continue with the good word set by vincent:

      No one is buying chicken in China. Chicken prices have plummeted. Entire chicken stocks have been culled. Even eggs are not being bought.

      Except the rural Guangdongers. They went gaga for coocoo:


      • carmouflagger


  • Dan

    How about a story about the protests in Chengdu against petrochina opening a plant?

    • The outside news is better than the domestic Chinese news on that. Even Chinese will read English news for this reason.

      Hey, it’s popular on the internet in China. Millions of people can’t be wrong, or dumb, or be the lowest common denominator.

  • BiggJ


    • trouse

      how sad for the monkey!

  • Mighty

    Based on the photos I must say it is a fair comparison.

  • mayday55555


  • linette lee

    haahahah… lol So bad. They need to leave Ashin alone. He is a cutie. So what if he is a bit strange. Which musician is not strange? Jay chow, ashin, lady gaga, Chris Martin, they are all peliculiar looking. Ashin can compose and his band can put together some good music.

  • linette lee

    I have to say out of all the talented musicians, only adam levine is really good looking. He can be a model. :)

    • James


    • I think is Kim JaeJoong. That guy is perfection

      • linette lee

        I only like men with natural beauty like adam levine,
        Arrif Lee, leehom wang. Those male musicians have nice natural beauty. They are attractive. :)

  • James

    Mayday? communist holiday? how unpatriotic, why couldn’t he name his band ten ten or something? he deserves to have the KMT 國家安全局 kick his door in and drag him off to tucheng for a while. oh wait it’s not 25 years ago

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