TV Show Host Du Haitao Justifies Spring Festival Weight Gain

”Happy Family" on Happy Camp

“Happy Family” (the hosts of Happy Camp): (From left to right) Wu Xin, Li Weijia, He Jiong, Xie Nam, and Du Haitao.

杜海涛 Du Haitao is one of the hosts on Hunan Satellite TV’s variety show 快乐大本营 Happy Camp, and is often teased by the other four hosts Xie Na, He Jiong, Li Weijia, and Wu Xin) for being on the heavy side.

However, on a February 18th Weibo post, it was Du Haitao’s turn to tease people, for not gaining weight over the Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) holiday. His Weibo post received 5,168 likes, 41,854 re-shares, and 16,527 comments.

@杜海涛HitoThose people who don’t get fat even over Spring Festival, have you done right [are you worthy of] by the chickens, ducks, fishes, and pigs that died for Spring Festival?

Food made of or with chickens, ducks, fishes, and pigs for the Chinese New Year.

Replies on Sina Weibo:


Sorry, pigs, ducks, fishes, and chickens. Nose-picking emoticon


My weight is a testament to my respect to those chickens, ducks, and fishes that died.


Ugh…my facial features have started to feel a little cramped recently when I smile/laugh~~


I did right by them.


So happy emoticon That’s why I shot up 5kg without a second thought. Sweat emoticonBlack lines emoticonThinking emoticon~


Candle emoticon Let these souls rest in peace, because I was super worthy of them [totally did right by them]. Shy emoticon


Haitao is so insightful!


Thumb up emoticon Are you happy? If you are happy, you should watch Happy Camp. If you are not happy, you should watch Happy Camp even more! Jia you! I support you and Happy Camp forever!


Gained 2.5kg. I’m proud.


[Someone who] lost 2.5kg floats by.


I feel the same! Fiercely ding‘ing.


Likewise it is unfair for us girls who can get fat even by drinking water! Tears emoticonTears emoticon


[Are you] jealous, envious, and hateful?


Haitao, stop trying to conceal the crimes you’ve committed.


[I] know you definitely did right by [were worthy of] them. Sigh.


This is you looking for an excuse for your fatness.


[I’m] sincerely unworthy, [I got] skinnier.


Suddenly feel like all the weight again was worth it!!


I’ve never had to worry about this problem.


Sorry, but I happen to be one of those who can eat and never get fat, no matter how much I eat I don’t get fat, no matter what I can’t get fat by eating. Taotao [referring to Du Haitao] tongxue, do you envy me? Haha @杜海涛Hito

[Note: 同学 tongxue literally means “fellow student” but is often used as a casual way to address someone considered a peer.]


Tao [referrign to Du Haitao], you should stop eating. You are fat enough.


Well what can I do…the fat all grew on your body [so it’s not my fault I didn’t get fat over Spring Festival].


Brother Tao! I’m more than worthy of them! Because after this one Spring Festival, I’ve lost 5 kg!


Wuwuwu [crying]…I’ve gotten fatter…


1.5kg fatter every holiday!

[Note: The original Chinese here is adapted from a poem by ancient Tang Dynasty poet 王维 Wang Wei.]


Wow, I now feel hungry.


Poor food!


During Spring Festival, I ate six meals a day. I slept after eating, ate after sleeping, and I was too lazy to exercise. You tell me how could I not get fat?


Promote a vegetarian diet, which is conducive to good health and longevity.


So true! [Those who] didn’t get fat aren’t human!!

Do you gain weight after holidays? Or are you one of those people who can never put on weight no matter how much you eat?

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  • BiggJ

    What do you call a fat chinamen???

    A Chunk. :)

    • Gay Azn Boi


    • Gay Azn Boi

      What about a skinny chinaman?

      • efe the foreigner


    • YourSupremeCommander

      What’s the matter? Don’t have the balls to tell the real joke?

      What do you call a fat Chink? A Chunk.

      I know, I am gonna get gay raped by the guy below for this, but its a harmless joke aight? Just relax people.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Nope. More like by this guy.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          oh snap! not him again?

    • Chang Liu

      Wow witty, you reinvented a racial slur for Chinese and for fat people haha funny.

    • terroir

      Shut up and do the Truffle Shuffle.

    • Perry Mason

      Oh I don’t know. But what do you do to a racist honky?

      Same thing we ought to do to you and every piece of garbage who contributed to this thread.

      Shoot him in the face.

      • BiggJ


      • El Puma R.

        You can’t cure hate with more hate, dude.

    • filabusta

      Dude, chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature.

      • terroir

        Everyone knows its “Chinesemen”.

        • filabusta

          It was a reference to The Big Lebowski

          • terroir

            Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

          • filabusta

            Perfect response, sir.

          • El Puma R.

            That rug really tied the room together

  • fsck

    This is a great comment, I’m sure there are people all over China of being introduced to others as “fatty” or “Ugly Girl”. I am a little heavy but by no means fat, yet Chinese people have no problem calling me fat at every opportunity. This guy is bringing it back for the people who weigh over the Chinese Social Regulated Weight.

    Chinese people lacking manners or feeling the need to point out the blatently obvious?! Never!!

    • Kate

      Its ok, asians anywhere do that. When I lived in Korea, pre pregnancy, I was

      lbs, 5″4 and worked out a lot and wore US size

      but it wasn’t unusual to have a korean employee at a clothing store tell me”no large size” even though I could easily fit into the free sized clothing and could wear a small… doesn’t matter, asians aren’t good at telling foreigner body types, we have totally different body types, usually taller and broader and actually we have heavier, denser bones then asians and while foreigners tend to be heavier, we are also less incline to be “fat skinny” and have more muscle tone. I was never called “fat”…but my husbands mom is sending me to a fat clinic when I move to korea next month to help me lose more baby weight. Ah but you know its a good thing to be thin and athletic, so I don’t see fat clinic as anything but an opportunity to lose weight :) plus I won’t have any american foods……that helps a lot.

      • manymanycutesy

        “asians aren’t good at telling foreigner body types”
        and I have to say foreigners suck at telling Asians’ body types
        they think a girl who is 45kg is automatically “anorexic”

        • Kate

          Asians have a different bmi chart then whites. I’ve seen anorexic korean girls before that are not just thin but emanciated and skeletal like but that isn’t a norm. I’ve also seen korean girls go into public bathrooms and throw their dinner up too and purposefully starve themselves. Asians have fucked up body image problems to and most of them have to really calorie restrict to be as thin as they are. Anyway

          kg isn’t anorexic depending on height and bone structure. A 5″1 girl is thin and normal at 45kg, a 5″6 girl is not, that is under weight by a lot. Even many of the asian celebs lie about there weight, claiming to be

          kg when many are around 50-55 kg. Though I agree I don’t think its right to call someone anorexic just because they are thin.

          • Chang Liu

            Oh please, like it is a Asian only problem, my ex used to be anorexic and bulimic when she was a teenager, she’s European. Body image issues are mostly result of modern mass media’s commodificaton of women’s body image. Korea with it highest rate of cosmetic surgery and lowest self-image rating per capita is probably not representative of Asia.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true. Chang Liu this time you have won hands down!!

            Capitalism+consumerism+modernity+westernization = all this horrible crap we’re seeing in the lands.

            The rot came in from another lands,. already infected. and the plague is sweeping Asia also lol. we shall never forget that the commodification of a woman’s body image is more of a globalization [and all the aforementioned ‘rots] issue, than a native cultural concept.

          • mr.wiener

            “we shall never forget that the commodification of a woman’s body image is more of a globalization [and all the aforementioned ‘rots] issue, than a native cultural concept.”

            Two words: Foot binding.

          • Chang Liu

            I think Hongwu prefers his women that way.

          • mr.wiener

            Apparently it did wonderful things to a woman’s virginal muscles. She could literally play you like a flute.

          • Chang Liu

            Huh? How did it work?

          • mr.wiener

            The inability to walk properly, hobbling around with the weight of the body unevenly distributed and the knees bent to maintain balance was like a permanent pilates class for the groin muscles. These muscles were strengthened and tightened by this.

          • Chang Liu

            You mean a bit like high heels? But a lot more painful?

          • mr.wiener

            High heels you can take off, though eventually the tendons will shorten. These woman had had the balls of their feet folded back to their heels, a tiny area on which to maintain their balance and considerable pain for the rest of their lives.
            Women in high heals are able walk and run [with practice] as there is some support given to the arches. Women with bound feet had to take tiny steps or walk with their knees spayed out like a scissors lift, hence the strengthened virginal muscles.
            It was a fetish with benefits [for the man]

          • Chang Liu

            Sure and you will no doubt also know that it wasn’t common practice until Ming/Qing Dynasty and that it was perpetuated by women like a number of other heinous crimes against women such as genital mutilation.

          • mr.wiener

            Some fads acquire their own momentum as they go along until it is hard to say who continues to perpetuate it and whose fault it is now.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true. it started during the Song, but was popularized during the early-mid Ming/Qing…

            Some things, like Chang said are perpetuated by some woman themselves, not enforced from men. In some societies of course.

            Footbinding is an example, high heels another.

          • donscarletti

            Chinese women are amazing with heels, I had one call attention to her new pair of high heels, fishing for compliments, I looked down and saw caked blood between her toes. I’m like “you’re bleeding” and she just looked at me with a mix of bewilderment and dissapointment that I didn’t seem to like them as much as she did.

          • mr.wiener

            The propensity and ability of Chinese chicks to take things to its illogical extreme has never ceased to amaze me also.

          • linette lee

            all women take things to extreme for beauty. Why else you have so many plastic surgery? Cutting and mutilating their face and body. Inserting things and cutting body parts just to look pretty. Women even cut face bones. How crazy.

          • MonkeyMouth

            oh….. i see now. disappointed. i wouldnt be turned on banging a deformed body

          • the ace of books

            No Katawa Shoujo for you!

          • MonkeyMouth

            please elaborate???… drooling as i await your reply

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Two words: high heels. it transforms a decent woman into a sl** sometimes specially when worn with those body-hugging dresses and all.

            About foot binding; its horrible [becuase it brings pain] but corsets were also a horrid thing, and when used tightly, from an early age can also deform someone.

            Some also argue about deformings from excessively high heels, as it can damage someones ankles.

          • mr.wiener

            But the point I’m making is the modification and fetishization of body images [especially female] is by no means limited to the west. Another even better example of this would be the narrow waist imparted by wearing corsets.
            ” Primitive” cultures are even more prone to these kinds of piercings and modifications.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            To that point you are correct, and that is not limited in the western nations. however they were the responsible for the modern ‘body standard’ imitated sometimes also in china,korea,etc.

            It’s just that those nations aforementioned lost their capacity of resisting those influences, and being decent enough to be pride of their own traditions and standards (vulgarly known as f*** suits, I use hanfu!, or ‘fu hao of the shang dynasty never used heels’) set up by the Huaxia instead of imitating everything that the other places vomit over asia.

            Late edit to complement that ” primitive ” cultures like you said, usually sees piercings and body modifications in a different way SOMETIMES. like those people in africa that peels off their skin to look like a crocodile, as the crocodile is important in their culture, etc.

            Something truly primitive, ugly, and even savage-like is IN FACT, the ‘fetishization’ of body images like you said, coupled with mass-media communications to better spread those ‘values’. this is TRULY primitive, or even savage =[

          • mr.wiener

            If you believe asian countries are suffering undue amounts of cultural contamination from the west, I’ll not argue with that. The west does have the capacity to borrow from other cultures and re-interpret them in way asia does not presently have. This could all change one day and the pendulum will swing back the other way.
            You are going to have to do better than Mando pop and “Gangnam style” however.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true. And unless those asian countries truly respect their own culture and try incentivating the people,etc.

            The way things currently are, I bet the pendulum hardly could swing the other way around, and westerners walking around in hanfu or topknots, and their kids learning how to play the ‘sheng’ or ‘guqin’ LOL.

          • mr.wiener

            It would only be a passing fad.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well, it may be/or not in the west.
            However the way of the rites needs to be restored in China, and all the future generations follow those ways. in confucian thought,clothing,architecture,culture,music,etc.

            And everything needs to be in harmony between the heaven and earth, when harmony used to be a good thing, not an sad excuse for random censoring.

            Back when shanshui [mountains and water] paintings and decent architecture existed. instead of borrowing ugly modern buildings and indecent and uncultured rap/pop videos from another nations.

          • MonkeyMouth

            you have good points aside from the confucious thing. let that relic rest in peace

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well, confucian thought is awesome, although other ideas such as legalist and taoism have its merits also.

          • MonkeyMouth

            but in the west, TCM, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, etc are all popular now.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true. It’s a small sign that things can become better one day…

          • MonkeyMouth

            brass rings around the neck, huge hoops in the earlobes, even binding of the skull in those ‘alien’ looking skulls they have in peru. yep…. definately another thing the white man did to everyone else…haha…. why does whitey get blamed for everything even with evidence to the contrary?

          • mr.wiener


          • MonkeyMouth

            now that david has shot goliath, ya, def

          • Chang Liu

            Ironically this particular medium we are arguing in couldn’t possibly exist without the systems you hate so much. Perhaps you should meditate on that.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Unfortunately, I do have a grasp on this matter.

            And I use this ‘vehicle’ of communication because more people discuss in here, and city life besides boring is somewhat devoid of a good opportunity for an conversation.

            If I had choice, we’d be back in time and I’ll probably have some time to talk with the people on the town/city. even villagers often reserved time to tell stories and talk about something!

          • Chang Liu

            I don’t think discussing things were that big part of Chinese culture. We didn’t invent the Agora.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            So what?? if we have a nice place to sit [aka; floor, in a house, or on the grass] and we can talk in the village about how the day was or what’s your favorite tea that’s discussion enough to me.

            We didnt invent ‘institutionalized’ discussions and all that, but the rusheng [confucian scholars] used to talk about literature,calligraphy and other cool stuff.

            And village elders talked with the villagers around a campfire and stuff. that is prevalent in every ancient culture LOL… even in many tribes where the tribal chief tells stories about hunts and battles, or about the gods,etc etc

          • Chang Liu

            See that is the problem, people talked but not where it mattered, affect political decisions.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            So what? I’m talking about some daily small talk… stuff of villages and all… and the ‘shi’ would discuss about their tea, or architecture, calligraphy, etc.

            Also, the emphasis on rituals are very important, both on a personal basis [ancestor worship,etc] and those stately rituals, are of utmost importance.

            So, people talked and it was much nicer that way. don’t forget people like mengzi and kongzi also discussed with their students.

          • Chang Liu

            The problem with that is due to in ability to affect change China will stay stagnent and get overtaken and humiliated by someone else. Only a matter of time with culture like that.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            That is the problem; if you change your culture the country becames crap. It’ll simply be a meiji japan/early chinese republic 2.0, for example.

            It’s better to keep traditional and nice. If you change to save, you already lost [your soul] to the new ways. and that’s where things smell bad.

          • Chang Liu

            You don’t get it. There are cultures with built-in culture prestige and veneration towards the new the novel and their are cultures that only venerate the old and whats gone before. One becomes more dynamic and able to take maximzing advantage of new technologies and discoveries whilst the other sits on the laurels and buries new discoveries and never full realise their potential. Example China invented the gunpowder, but the Qing government where afraid its revolutionary potential and banned its military use, where as during Ming dynasty adoption of firearms where as high as 10% in the military. We all know what happened with firearms in the West. Another example is Zheng He’s

            voyages compaired with the Spanish Conquistadores. You see what I am getting at. If China’s traditional culture were maintained there would only be China in the text books like Ancient Egypt.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Welll, Chinese civilization was hard for anyone to ‘truly’ beat (which would be total occupation of a gigantic nation), specially to the western imperialists.

            They tried imperialism here and there, did some damages but they couldn’t simply occupy it. And if they did, massive rebellions would eat their brains soon. simply as that, they are not even close to what the early Qing or the Mongolians were.

            But since they invented the industrial revolution and other plainly f**** up stuff, people bow low and worship the scumbags of those days.

            And we need to keep and revive traditional culture no matter what, there are some culture which are proud of that, other have shame of their past and want to change everything, such as European culture before the middle ages.

            Besides, just because a culture or a people wants to change because ‘this’ or ‘that’ new system works, does not mean that the ‘new’ system is better than the ‘old’, seeing as that is multifaceted.

            For another example, the Native American never needed industrialism and other fuc*** up shit, they were living pretty much well and peacefully [sometimes heh] and didnt needed foreign invasion neither smallpox, neither firearms.

            Unfortunately they couldnt drive back the colonials or something, but they were a MUCH MORE respectable group and its many cultures respected the nature, and had their traditions,besides, they werent like those industrial fuckers that runs the world nowadays…

          • Chang Liu

            Haha that is laughable. Never beaten by a foreign natio? What about Mongols and the Manchus.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I was talking about foreign nations refering to western imperialist. that they never managed to defeat China entirely

            Besides, that wasnt their intention, they wanted to exploit the country, and seek commercial advantages [such as unequal treaties,sell drugs,their products,etc] not try to defeat the entire nation.

            And what the hell did I said before? ‘they were nothing like the mongolians or the early qing’ meaning that they couldnt try to conquer it like those latter 2.
            hehe [the Southern song put a great fight btw!]

          • Chang Liu

            You do realise that was not because China wasn’t unconquerable? It was because the strategic balance of power between the colonial nations.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Yes, but also because it would be difficult for them to conquer it, occupy the nation AND mantain ‘balance’ there, without sparking rebellions and stuff.

            You underestimate chinese might I bit too much. I’m not saying china could reduce europe to ashes [at those days] but to say it could be conquered back then is a bit exagerated.

          • Chang Liu

            Don’t be silly the Western powers at the time where a much bigger threat than Mongols and Manchus because of technological advantage. Japan was forced open with only

            gun boat.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            So what? the westerners objective was not to conquer the nation, but to force it to trade. they were more concerned with controlling the economy of those nations rather than fully occupying it.

          • Chang Liu

            So what that doesn’t mean they didn’t have the capacity to. Not wanting to and unable to are two different things. Not wanting to having a baby and not bing able to have one are not the same.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well, one way or another they didnt invaded, however China was suspecting of a foreign [european] attack even during the ww2 period. Some defense bukers and structures in shanghai for example were made to defend against an possible western deployment. However they were used against the japanese during the war…

            Besides, I’m not simply talking about war and stuff… what china needed on the Qing was simply forcusing on military to expell the invaders or avenge Chinese people… but the problem is; this requires reforms in military and political system, which in turn goes great loss of culture and tradition because everything change, etc etc.

            The result of a modernized Qing would be something like Meiji restoration [although the qing aren’t THAT stupid to the point of willingly using tophats and imitating western beards]…

            In the end we’d end up with a ‘modern’ nation… like I said, if everything was possible, the empire should try to prevent the modernization/industrialization IN europe itself.

            By hallting that at least forever [that’s purely impossible, and way utopian but…] through an massive invasion, and burning everything maybe destiny would be different.

          • Chang Liu

            You are sooo wrong, it was the problem with the traditional culture that caused the corruption and decline.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Decline economically or technologically speaking maybe, corruption its a totally different issue. not all of chinese history was corrupt, so ‘tradition’ is not a good excuse.

            Besides, I said everything on my previous post; lost your tradition = lost your honor = lost everything.

            Instead of being proud, having the traditions, honoring the ancestors/deities,etc people nowadays just want to kiss the butt of the one who has better technology or any other stupid crap.

          • BiggJ

            You watch way too much Chinese dramas about the past. I don’t think it’s all it cracked up to be. lol If you want to live in the past go find a shitty little village in china and live there. I stayed spring festival in one of these place and sometimes i swear I slipped back

            years. No shower, indoor plumbing, tv, internet. There were chickens and ducks runnning around. When you needed water you need to use a hand water pump thing outside. You could not even drive a car in the village all just mud walking paths. The only sign of electricity was the one light bulb in the kitchen.Not even gas to cook food with, you need to light a fire.

            You belong in one of these places. Where all there is to do is talk tea and weather. I love this type of living also, but I need drugs to make fun. Just a big pile weed is fine. To live like that sober with what I already know….can’t be done…I know too much already.

            Or I have one more suggestion for you. Build yourself a “FLUX CAPACITOR” install it in your car, get your car going to 88MPH and you should be able to go back in time. The pic below show you what you need.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Going ”back”

            years? lol. surely an interesting village you went to.
            About the time machine; only if that worked… ^_^

            Lol, dramas about the past? well, that’s the best entertainment can offer to us nowadays, but I’m talking about being there and stuff… which could include the village life.

            Although being a scholar-official must be pretty awesome also.

          • El Puma R.

            Globalization, not westernization. In the west they sell us lots of chinese crap or western crap made by chinese which makes it even crappier than before.

            And China is up to the neck with it because they chose to do so, not because the west forced them to raid Apple stores and Starbucks. It was this or stay like North Korea and nobody forced China more than the Chinese government forced it on their own.

            Only fools judge other before judging themselves.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I could say the other way around, that the west sells a lot of shitty culture,immoral music, boring videos and junk food to Asia. Its only natural that china tries to sell crap to west when it goes capitalist…

            karmic retribution ^_^

          • El Puma R.

            Karma is from one life to the next one, not for

            year old girls with a sense of justice.

            don’t blame me, you’re the one with the double standards here.

            ‘Cause let me tell you man, you all look pretty happy while you eat our shit and buy our shitty clothes. In fact what are you doing here speaking english to me? Go to tianya or weibo or go watch your tv full of KFC and useless medicine advertisements. And don’t talk about music.. China is BY FAR the worst place in the world to discover new music.. shitty love songs about nothing all day long.

            PS:China is the cheapest place for globalism to build all the shit we buy. Blame it to China for being cheap, not me.. I didn’t bring any shit to your country.. it was already full of it


          • Hongwu Emperor

            Personally, I don’t ‘eat’ any junk food, neither ‘buy’ any ‘shitty’ clothes as you say. chances are you’ll gonna find me in shen-yi more often than jeans, for example.

            And by music I’m saying that instead of immoral stuff [sexualized music clips,etc] or something like that we should bring back true music you know? like yangqin/guqin,sheng,etc

            And by ‘karmic retribution’ I was saying that the other nations simply dumped a lot of crap culture (mainly due to screwed-up governments after the fall of the Dynasty that allowed that) and it worsened after the fall of the KMT, the commie era and now the opening period. Then, ALONGSIDE China’s transition to capitalism, it’s selling a lot of stuff (many of bad quality) to those same nations.

            It’s a two way road basically. crap culture comes = crap products go.

          • Germandude

            China is free to fall back to the Mao preached communism anytime they want. Somehow that’s not going to happen. One might wonder why. The majority seems to have advanced already.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Boo!, who said I’m talking about Mao and the commies??

            And by the way, communism is a bloody foreign idea who helped destroy traditional chinese culture, just like the fascists at chiang’s era and the republicans…

          • linette lee

            The ideal body weight for women 5ft 1in = 155cm is 106lbs a little more or less depend on bone structures.

            kg = 99lbs is too thin. She will be skin and bones. No curve. I think majority of women lie about their weight. If a girl is taller than 5ft and say she is 45kg and she has curvy body type…she is definitely lying about her weight. You need to have some fat to have curve.

            Also muscle weight more than fat. So someone that is toned and have a curvy body type will weight more than a person that’s not even though they may look the same size. I’ve learned not to focus too too much on just weight alone. I exercise and keep myself toned and keep myself size 2.

          • BiggJ

            I don’t know for the life me why girls try to be skinny as shit. The bigger the berry, the sweeter the juice. I’ll take a 6’5, 260lbs big black zulu bitch over a 4’10 90lbs asian girl. Then again, I am married to an asian girl, she’s like 5’6 maybe like 130lbs, but she has booty and breast. When you get them skinny ass girls where you can see their rig cage and back bone…..sick….makes you want to gag. lol

        • El Puma R.

          not anorexic but definitely malnourished since they have the body of a mosquito and the head of a watermelon. And they dare to wear tight jeans too haha

      • Chang Liu

        The fat epidemic has to do with amount of sugar in processed food. Some study I read awhile gave a shocking figure of

        times rise sugar in diet between 50s and 60s in the UK. I was chatting with some old bloke on the underground once (I know, would you believe it), the topic came up and he said UK used to be a lot skinnier.
        I think with more supermarkets and more processed food it might be a good thing for an anti-fat culture to develop.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Industrialized food and processed goods are the ‘poison’ when we’re talking about this recent fat ‘epidemy’.

          And like you said, change need to start with those industries, to make them reduce sugar input in their goods,etc.

          • mr.wiener

            I’d settle for them putting less weird shite like melamine in the food before you start worrying about Sugars and hydrogenized fats.
            One of the best ways to do this is find out where your food is coming from. Eating local is freshest and best. Restaurants and markets that start doing this will find better niche markets in the future, provided people are able to afford it. There is also the matter of trust. To many times greedy and unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers have lied and cheated people in China

          • Chang Liu

            You had melamine poisoning?

          • mr.wiener

            No fortunately, I used that as an extreme example, but a lot of things that have no business being in food winds up in there though.

          • Chang Liu

            Like horsemeat in beef? I recently found out even IKEA meat balls had them WOW. Not saying China is better, just saying it is a global problem.

          • mr.wiener

            Actually I hear horse meat is delicious.
            But again it is a matter of trust. The Europeans are finding with the implementation of the EU they can’t be sure where their food is coming from, or the quality of it.
            There is already a movement for people to consume local goods. I think in the light of this scandal it will only gather momentum.

          • Chang Liu

            Yes I am well aware of that. All my friends and occasionally myself buy seasonal organic vegetables directly from organic farms here in London. Similar things are happening in Beijing that I am aware of. There is few organic allotments groups that leases land outside of Beijing collectively and produce their own food. I know because I cooked for one of them in before I left Beijing last year.

          • Germandude

            On the topic of horse meat: It’s actually the older generations that have a problem with horse meat. It reminds them of the WW

            times where loads of frontline soldiers and refugees had to eat horse because nothing else was available. My grandfather had to fight on the Eastern front. During the first Russian winter, vehicles malfunctioned, were replaced by horses, who often dropped dead and then were consumed because it was the only meat available.

            My grandfather hated horses and I remember clearly that every time he saw a horse, he felt disgusted because it reminded him of the suffering.

            Today in Europe, the meat scandal is, as you say, based on the problem of identification “where it’s coming from”. Dutch laws are different from e.g. German laws and German consumers don’t want to have “genetically altered” food. Another problem is that through the process of producing beef in let’s say Poland, packaging it in Eastern Germany, step 3,step 4, step 5, step 6, god knows who was inbetween, until the product reaches the final consumer in e.g Spain, the tracking is impossible. That’s why currently it’s such a scandal that for example a Turkish kebab store gets its meat tested and the result is: 10% of the meat comes from pork. You know Muslims don’t eat pork.

            Problem is, the distribution networks are long and numerous. Add to that the global problem of identifying the differences of (e.g.) “Made in Germany” and “Designed in Germany” (or any other country of course), and the result is a general distrust of the end consumer.

            Not saying that it wasn’t justified!

          • linette lee

            I just finished watching Schindner’s list. What a good movie.
            Shame on those germans during WWII.

          • Germandude

            I agree, a good movie. Most students in Germany will watch it in grade 7/8 during political or historical class. Sadly you seem to not have understood.

            Schindler was born in Astria-Hungary. Amon Goeth (the officer in charge of the camp) was born in Vienna, Austria and the camp itself was in Poland.

            Your sentence “Shame on those germans during WWII” is correct, but incomplete. Anti-semitism was popular all over Europe. For 100s years prior to Hitler. In the movie, you will have noticed that some of the local kids (Polish) were happy to see the Jews being deported.

            Additionally SS troops were international (about 80% of SS combat troops were non-German), while in the death and concentration camps, such as portrayed in Schindler’s list, approx. 50% of the SS guards were non-German as well.

            It’s a bit more complex as “Shame on those germans during WWII”. That statement is correct, but incomplete and too generalizing.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true, not counting the brutal anti-semitic pogroms (persecutions,etc) that happened every now and then in Tsarist russia AND during Stalin’s rule there also…

          • El Puma R.

            Marx and Trotsky were both jewish… don’t believe me? find their real names.

          • linette lee

            Whichever way you put it, nazi party is an evil cult.

          • Germandude

            I am not trying to justify anything. I am just trying to explain that anti-semitism was and still is wide-spread in the west. Including USA and UK.

          • El Puma R.

            Anti-semitism is not only anti-jewish. And you should worry more about those who rule over us now… which by the way are severely accused of being Zionist Jews… en en… David’s star is on Mao’s

            yuan bill.

            I’ll say it again, the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that, sweetheart. Please stop repeating and find the truth for yourself.

          • El Puma R.

            The rabbit hole goes far deeper than that, sweetheart.

          • El Puma R.

            Funny thing in WW2 my country gave all the meat and grain the Brits and Yanks needed to eat, and all the land the Nazis needed when they escaped. Talking about cultural ambiguity…

          • Germandude

            Going with the flow, I guess?

          • El Puma R.

            God bless my neutral nation with cultural ambiguity and flow

          • Washington Bullets

            So suffice it to say, we should all go out and make friends with a farmer? I’m totally not being sarcastic either, but in the sense that we should feel a connection and a sense of being able to identify with where we get our foods.

            Ever read “Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan?

          • El Puma R.

            Duh! Global-ization maybe? you’re telling half of the story dude


          • Chang Liu

            Thats was my point, facepalm….

          • El Puma R.

            yeah and they sold me bad meat at a huge supermarket chain here in Changchun. Both me and my girl got food poisoning just because we bought something at the supermarket.

            Sorry China I love you but the quality of your goods simply sucks ass and your foods make me nothing but weaker every day.

            Regardless of the hygiene problems China has, I can certify that the food in the Chinese countryside is far better than in the cities.. and the smaller the city the better the food you get.

        • Archie

          It’s not just food, it’s life style. People are far less active. The corner store might be down the corner, but some people these days think driving the car there should be an option instead of walking. Computers leave us tied to desks, and employers do little to help encourage MOVEment. The key to keeping fit and healthy is exercise. You can be fat, hell, even overweight, but can still be healthy provided you exercise and don’t live off sugar.

          • Chang Liu

            Yes I forgot to mention that cars is another issue. You are absolutely right.

    • Dr Sun

      heavy = strong, strong = rich

      Only the poor are skinny in China and that goes for those “international min gong” as well .

      • Hongwu Emperor

        What if its a poor person that enjoys eating a lot?? instead of buying a car or any property, it simply enjoys going at the restaurant or cooking a lot??

        Not everytime poor = skinny and fat = rich. specially nowadays lol.
        Besides, isnt the ‘perfect’ ideal in the west to almost starve to look beautiful?

        • Dr Sun

          but we are talking about China, not Boulder Colorado. USA.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            What did I say before? obviously china IS better but I said ‘in the west’, and CHina is getting each time more westernized. Look at japan,same thing happening there,etc.

          • Chang Liu

            We don’t live in the 80s and 90s anymore. The ideal body image is always moving on.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I know it lol, It was just a reply to that comment above, that ‘only’ the poor are skinny… there are some rich thin people and some fat poor people, specially nowadays where everyone find and excuse to not eat properly [because they ‘lack’ time] OR an excuse to eat too much. =) so its rather a relative thing, Chang Liu

            And I’m not talking about the 80s/90s, neither the economic opening.
            I’m taking about the old days, where important people were often ‘plump’ such as concubine Yang Guifei or some warlords, etc…

            And since nowadays chinese culture is heavily influencied [read; copying] by the West, its natural that the trend of ‘extremely skinny people’ be regarded as ‘beautiful’ in both nations.

            Just like skin color. back then the TRUE chinese civilization regarded pale skin as good [because rich = no working = no tan] as it was associated with richness,etc. nowadays the trend is changing, and tanned skin is better [tan today regarded as someone rich that can be all day frying on a beach, instead of slaving in a office] as this is a trend in the West.

            So the ‘ideal’ body image only truly changes when influence from other places comes in, really.

          • Chang Liu

            I think you find that there is NO singular ideal for beauty in China. In Tang Dynasty women showed cleavage, something that is unthinkable in Ming dynasty with its neo-Confucian strict morals. The text book will teach you that ‘China’ is one continuous civilization but in reality there are lots of interruptions and drastic changes that are the result of internal forces.

          • Quake

            CHinese are actually just like Jews an ethnicity

          • Chang Liu

            In terms of an strong need for cultural identification you mean? I went out with a Jewish lady for

            yrs. I can tell you up close there are lots of differences.

          • mr.wiener

            The “Jews” of china would be the Haka or “Ke ja ren” people.

          • linette lee

            Ke ja ren?

            Cantonese are the jews of china.

          • mr.wiener

            The “Guest people” , the Haka. Clannish, sharp at business and disliked.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I know that lol. in fact people over-exagerate that detail about Tang clothing. if we use paintings and murals as reference, one can see they still kept themselves ‘decent’.

            Also I like more pre-Tang and Song/Ming clothing, if we’re talking about female hanfu.

          • Washington Bullets

            I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or as they say “different strokes for different folks”

          • mr.wiener

            Things could change, who knows? In the future the rich in China may be slim and tanned whilst the poor are fat and pale. It happened in the west after the industrial revolution so why not in China?

          • Chang Liu

            I think it is beginning to head that way already. Just have to look at some urban poor, not rural to urban migrates to see it emerging.

          • MonkeyMouth

            hahaha….. Boulder. The home of Jello Biafra

    • donscarletti

      Yep, hopefully China will become like the west, where we hear about young people having “body image problems” in one ear and about the rising epidemic of obesity in the other.

      I was 117kg when I came to China

      years ago, I was 82kg before the spring festival

      weeks ago. I certainly am genetically pre-disposed to getting fat if I eat as much as my peers, “body image” bull-crap would have me believe that my body fat, if explained away by my metabolism and physiology would not detract from my being handsome and possibly even not prone to dying at

      years old. Coming to China helped me lose those 35kg by getting me away from that victim mentality crap that told me, if I’m not eating more than my thin peers then it isn’t my fault and I shouldn’t change. Also, Chinese don’t eat all that much, so they set a better example and had more reasonable portions.

      Anyway, sometimes you just need someone to tell you “put that pizza down lardo or you’re going to get even fatter” and you can find those people in China. If Chinese love someone, they won’t let them enjoy the food, beer and computer games that will ultimately harm them. I mostly think Chinese do the wrong thing a lot of the time, but this is something the west should learn from.

      • Chang Liu

        I am happy it worked out for ya! Keep it up!

      • Hongwu Emperor

        Keep it up friend!! ;D

      • narsfweasels

        “Anyway, sometimes you just need someone to tell you “put that pizza down lardo or you’re going to get even fatter””

        And other times, you need people to say: “Get off that high horse, you pompous ass, or you’ll break your neck when you fall.”

        • donscarletti

          Normally an ass does not ride a horse, when it does, you get a mule.

          Though seriously, hypocracy is denounced far too much. Criticizing others opens yourself to criticism, which is a good thing, each to his own destructive vice helps no-one.

      • Germandude

        Jesus, you got

        kg down to

        kg? Not to be impolite, but you mind telling your size? Cause I’d say either you were way to “heavy” or you currently are far to “slim”.
        And I put on approx.

        kgs since I came to China. For me however, the problem is not that I eat the wrong stuff, it’s just that I am eating at the wrong times (usually too late in the evenings).

        • Dave

          That’s a myth. It doesn’t matter when you eat. Metabolism doesn’t shut down when you sleep.

          A calorie is a calorie. You’re eating the wrong stuff, or too much of it.

          (I’m not one to talk, though, no offense intended.)

          • Germandude

            It’s a myth that it shall be a myth that eating times don’t matter! Sometimes, old sayings carry truth, such as: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a noble man and dinner like a peasent (translated by myself from German language, too lazy to check out the English counterpart).

            A couple of days before, I read that (a Swedish?) study confirmed that eating times are very well playing a role on how your body processes food. Eating much for breakfast makes your body “think” that it has to speed up digesting. A lunch, not as big as your breakfast is sufficient to keep you running for the day. Dinner should be low on calories and not consumed less than

            hours prior to you going to bed. Your body shuts down while sleeping, including the capability to digest.

          • linette lee

            How about small meals through out the day. Eat your big breakfast, then split your lunch into two portions and eat them

            hours apart. Then split your dinner into two portions and eat them

            hours apart. You won’t feel hungry like that and you are still eating the same portion. You will need a thermal container to keep your food warm. Eat chicken and less spaghetti , rice, and bread. No sugar in drinks. Drink hot water or hot chinese tea(no milk or sugar) after each meal. Hot green tea or Pu-erh tea makes you run to the bathroom.
            When you want to cheat compensate with a smaller meal next time or before. Like skip lunch so you can eat a big early dinner in a restaurant. You can eat everything if you have control.

            You are very tall. Like liam neeson.

          • Germandude

            Muscles are heavier than fat. Who said I want/need to lose weight? Plus I am pretty broad (wide shoulders).
            Just because the retard called me a fat pig doesn’t mean that I have a weight or appearance problem. Plus, since I don’t care what a retard says, why would I pay attention? Insults towards family members will be countered with insults towards family members. That’s an unwritten law.

        • donscarletti

          183cm, solid build.

          Yes, my muscle mass is a little low at the moment, due to my constant overtime at my desk, but at 117kg I was at a dangerous weight with far too much body fat, though I didn’t really look “obsese”, it would have killed me all the same, the human heart and pancreas have limits (my resting heart rate was

          bpm). My current weight suits me fine, unless I get into a physical brawl, need to carry large objects or down a litre of vodka. My resting heart rate is under

          and girls think I look handsome.

          • Germandude

            Just in case you wonder. My weight is always up and down 115-120 kg. I am just under

            meters, that’s why I was interested in how tall you are, considering that you lost 30% of your weight since being here.

          • Bugs Bunny

            fat pig…
            how sas your wife is!

          • Germandude

            I am so happy that you managed to get pregnant. The world is really lacking retards. Good job bitch!

          • linette lee

            congratulations! :)

      • El Puma R.

        omfg where did you live in China? In dongbei ALL they do is eat drink and play on their ipads. And they encourage it too.

        • donscarletti

          In Dongbei people also swear, smoke and fight. I’m starting to think you haven’t been there at all.

          • El Puma R.

            years man, and about to leave. been smoking and fighting too but I thought that was obvious already.

    • Washington Bullets

      This comment reminds me of someone. An old acquaintance of mine recently told me she wants to go to China to teach English, and quite frankly, it makes me facepalm harder than almost anything else in the world.

      I recently came back from working over there with an online marketing firm, and really had an interesting time; I learned a lot, and met some truly great people. One day she heard a friend and I talking about my trip and so apparently this “inspired” her to want to go there, however I don’t feel that this person would have a very enjoyable time. Let’s just say that in order for me to paint a bit of a picture of this person for you would take a lot of freakin’ mental paint.

      First of all, she doesn’t know any Chinese, nor does she want to put in the serious effort needed to learn it. Secondly, her parents are loaded with cash, so she can pretty much order anything she wants, whenever she wants (needless to say, countless nights of ordering Sherpa’s in), and third, she is just such a fat sack of sh*t. I mean, some Americans who go to China would not be fat by our standards, but go there and would be large by comparison, but this person I’m talking about is really d*mn, hedonistically, sickeningly, fat, and unapologetically so in her habits of sloth and gluttony. This person REALLY does not take kindly to having her size pointed out to her. I mean, I once thought that maybe it was one of those things where maybe she didn’t have a very quick metabolism or something, but then i opened her refrigerator. I stand corrected.

      She asked me if I thought she’d have a good time there and if I thought that people would like her………

      …..I almost died


      • El Puma R.

        I don’t know why Chinese people love very skinny huge head malnourished girls so much. Really, those heads are alarmingly big and the bodies too freakin’ small. And I don’t know what yanks like about being so fat. Thank god I am from latin america where all the dancing will make you sweat until you look


        • mr.wiener

          This is why you should lighten the crate of beer as you are walking along with it, walk , walk, drink drink. No mixing whine and beer.

          • El Puma R.

            I could only whine if the beer is not cold

  • El Puma R.

    and now we listen, ’cause obviously we have yet to realize we got fat in the holidays ’cause we sat our asses down and did nothing except eat, drink and sleep

    …within an infinite elder idolizing boredom and no reachable wifi password.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      And that surely is a transcultural conept heh

      • El Puma R.

        also it might be Japan’s fault, you never know.

  • Appalled@everything

    I got fat from eating Chinese food for

    years and too little exercise. Not proud of it one bit. Who on earth would be? And this article not only is a crock, it’s a cracked crock-pot full of stuffed hog trotters, broccoli and shallots.

    • Chang Liu

      Yeah I remember growing up in Beijing in the 80s, food used to be healthier. I am always appalled by the amount of oil people just throw into any dish. I think it is more of a recent phenomenon. Anyway which city do you live in? I know a few places in Beijing thats healthy and tasty.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        I think people exxagerate in oil since oil is probably getting cheaper and stuff.
        So instead of trying to make stuff more healthy, they just pour in a lot of oil and that’s it, dish’s served… =[

        • Washington Bullets

          I really think the higher use of oils and sugars are to blame for the rise in obesity, not only in China, but in western countries as well. Oils are easy to cook in, allowing for food to be made faster, in higher volume, and at a lower cost as in the case of fast food. Sugars mask the hand of a bad chef, and also cater to the Human body’s want to cheap, easy to use caloric energy. Jesus H. Christ, even our tea comes pre-sweetened. In America, our corn surplus could be considered partially to blame due to the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup and other extracts from corn in almost everything, including the meats and preservatives in other products. Hard to find food anywhere not tainted by industrial processes. Alas, with a global population higher than

          billion, it’s going to be hard for everyone to enjoy grass-fed organic meats and ethically raised plants and grains. I’m no vegetarian or vegan, but we can feed a lot more people from grains than we can with grain fed meats.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true. one hectare of grass to feed animals produces less food [met] than the same hectare in millet or rice… =)

            More food in less space is what this over populated world needs.

          • Washington Bullets

            why use the millet for raising beef when you can make Moutai? zomg sooo good!

      • Appalled@everything

        I am not in China anymore, but I was in Shanghai. Totally agree about the oil in everything.

        • Dave

          Hm, Zhejiangcai shouldn’t be overly oily. Perhaps it’s due to migrants bringing different styles?

          • El Puma R.

            In northeast China (Where I’m living until next monday wohooo and then home baby! ) is like you eat oil with food and not food with oil. I’ve gained almost 20kg since I came to China and every time I lost

            I gained

            again the next holiday.

    • Justin

      You can’t blame Chinese food for making you fat. There are lots of healthy options for Chinese food, especially if you cook it yourself. Even if you eat out, it’s all about observing a few simple rules. One, meat should account for a low percentage of what you’re eating, say maybe one dish out of three should have meat in it and in that dish, meat should account for maybe half. THen the rest of your dishes should be mostly vegetables even if a little meat is thrown in for flavor, like some bacon or something. If you eat like that, you can have Chinese food every day and still not get fat.

    • Alphy

      Well ya, you probably know this but as with any type of food (even vegetarian dishes), if you consume too much and don’t exercise you will gain weight. I have a coworker, who is a vegetarian for many years, and yet he is quite overweight.

    • Dave

      I’ve lost a lot of weight since I came to China.

      Course, I used to live on McDonalds, Papa Johns, and beer back in the states.

      “Cooking” meant “ramen.” So, well, that’s still the same.

  • Kate

    They look like Chinese keebler elves, especially the two in the middle…..long torso, short leg syndrome.

    • vincent

      Those outfits don’t help either =.=”

      • Kate

        Yeah the outfits are horrid. Short people should avoid capri pants, capri pants shorten already short legs. The girls would of looked much better in heels and fitted skirts or a dress (the one of the end looks best but the tights are ugly). The men need to wear pants that actually fit and arent saggy, that shortens them.

        • BiggJ

          They look like skinny umpa lumpas hahah. Except umpa lumpas dress more normal then these guys. lol

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Or bring back hanfu, which would be an good idea hehe ^_^

          • MonkeyMouth

            i am a fan of the hanfu

          • the ace of books

            I’m a fan of historical clothing in general. Unfortunately, then there’s Rennfest clothing.

          • linette lee

            hahaha…why are you so obsess with hanfu? Don’t you think it’s hard to do work wearing hanfu?

            I don’t think anyone woman shorter than 168cm should be wearing capri pants. Capri pants are ugly. I will never wear them because I am so short only 157cm. And I will never wear any baggy clothes. I always have to wear heels and slim pants or skirt to make myself look tall. And I didn’t get fat during Chinese new year because I won’t allow myself to go over 112lbs. I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch so I can have a big dinner and I was eating dumplings, seafoods, sweet desserts..Chinese New year food…yum.

            Men shouldn’t wear pants too saggy. It’s not sexy. And watch that belly.

        • the ace of books

          The men need to wear pants that actually fit and arent saggy

          Exactly. But you could say this about guys everywhere – modernity has a surplus of saggy clothes, guys look like slobs, and guys who who don’t give a damn about their clothes. Which, I’ve found, doesn’t give the ladies a good impression. In the immortal words of ZZ Top:

          They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
          Coz’ every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

        • El Puma R.

          In my country we say “a monkey dressed in silk is still a monkey”

    • radbab

      urgh I hate this show. especially the guy in the middle has a terribly
      annoying laugh, which he uses a lot!, and on that TV station they cast him for pretty much every show. The girl next to him is his permanent sidekick. The overweight guy is alright – he’s the least annoying of them. Silly clothes are also a must. the guy in the middle has a knack for them. He surely wears the most ridiculous outfits seen on Chinese TV. Oh I so hate him… going to mix myself a gin tonic to make myself feel better now that this dude even made it to chinasmack…

  • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

    I didn’t know you could justify eating chinese food.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      I could say the same about western junk food…

      • BiggJ

        Western chinese food is better then actual chinese food.

        General Tso’s chicken is the best thing going. That was made in America.

        Peking duck is bad ass too. I’ll give that to china.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Well, moon cakes are surely awesome =)

  • slob

    Wu Xin, the girl on the left in that picture from the show…why the fck is she a host on that show? She doesn’t ever say anything witty or contribute unless they ask her to do something. My guess is she’s the director’s daughter or something.

    • mr.wiener

      Great oral skills perhaps?

  • Chang Liu

    Is it me or is the food in the picture not very appetizing.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Those plates are needing some additional color, I mean some green or whatever!

    • the ace of books

      Just you. Those abalones look fantastic, and I am never one to complain about jiaozi.

  • Washington Bullets

    I always wonder how many kg’s the average American gains following holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have so many processed and genetically modified foods, “fortified” flour, and other lovely add-ins within our typical diets. No wonder there are so many gym memberships right around Jan.1. At least in China, one does a lot more walking, (typically) eats better proportioned meals, not just in size, but in content with regard to meats, dairy (not very much…look at Wisconsin LOL), vegetables, fruits, and grains.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      You are correct!!

    • Alphy

      Hey I am from Wisconsin! But ya… amount of dairy we eat is ridicules (just look at the cheese increase in pizza of the past decade). The cheese curd are awesome though. I think in generally people in US are turning around and watching what they eat more and more. It does takea while as eating habits are a part of culture, and cultural changes takes time.

      I would say Chinese eat a LOT, and often too. The difference is, the amount of calorie in food is quite different. The first Chinese phrase I teach my visiting friends after the usual “ni hao” is “wo bao la!” or I am full.

      • Washington Bullets

        I do agree with you that Americans seem to be becoming more and more aware of what they eat, even though I have to admit, those cheese curds are pretty amazing. Some of the best foods I’ve ever had have come from the Heartland, and many of it could classify as pretty damn good for you, especially if you’re out in the Midwest during harvest season with plenty of roasts, fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and plenty of things to do outside.

        I had to learn that phrase (I’m full) quite early too over there. I did notice that in China the diet seemed to be less meat heavy though, and with more veggies in the mix. Maybe a lot of it has to do with the lifestyles the citizens have in each respective culture, and perhaps less with our diets, as not everyone guzzles Mcdonald’s like they’re metaphorical American hamster pellets.

        In America, aside from major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and DC, we don’t have very strong public transportation systems, which encourage pedestrian activity. Even then, they’re not always very efficient.The DC is certainly not ideal for getting around the metro area, even though the alternative is sitting in traffic for hours on end. NY’s is pretty great though, but it’s been in place over

        years (depending on which incarnation we’re talking about) Metro systems aside, American infrastructure is very spread out and centered on the use of the automobile. It can feel very liberating aside from paying for gas, driving wherever on desires on a whim (I’m always one to love “going out for a drive”), but it also limits our social interactions with fellow citizens due to the actual nature of riding in a car (isolated in a little steel and glass bubble) and prevents us from getting the exercise that our bodies would otherwise get using mass transit through actions such as transferring lines and walking to and from stations.

        In Europe, at least in Germany, I noticed that they have done an excellent job in developing their infrastructure to the point that individuals don’t have to own a car, and have long been promoting ways to make their cities more eco-friendly, but this eco-friendliness has a lot less to do with advances in technology than it does with making cities more accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists which in turn lowers the demand for petroleum based fuels for automobiles. When it comes to food there, it seems like people have been caring where their food has been coming from for quite some time, but the US is catching on to this trend it seems.

        China certainly seems to have some interesting circumstances when it comes to lifestyle, as there have been significant investments into public transportation infrastructure. Bicycles have been one of the most common forms of transportation there for a long time. Cities like Shanghai and Beijing are almost preferable to navigate via public transit versus waiting for your taxi to wade through traffic for hours, and I think this really encourages people to use these systems and in turn they become more active, whether this was city planners’ intentions or not, I do not know.

        • Dave

          “The DC is certainly not ideal for getting around the metro area, even though the alternative is sitting in traffic for hours on end.”

          I’m guessing you’re a DC native, too?

          I’m from the VA suburbs. I was amazed to see how much buses are used in China.

          The HK metro also shamed me.

          • Washington Bullets

            Yup, well, Richmonder living in DC Metro Area (Fairfax)
            I too was surprised at the number of buses, noone really does that here unless you take the Megabus to NY or Philly.

        • Alphy

          Very true, infrastructure has a lot to do with development and people’s lifestyle. Just ask New Yorkers rather they would like to buy a car, and many will tell you they wouldn’t even though they can surely afford it. The sad part is it is almost impossible to build public transport anymore that makes sense, as our communities have already evolved into one that is reliant on car and are very spread out.

          I remember my first job that was in downtown area, when I opted to get rid of my car and merely bike to work. It was great, but when I needed to do some shopping or visit a friend it was more than difficult. It is such a huge difference now living in Shanghai, where it seems to be slower or more difficult if I drive to some places than taking public transport.

          People are healthier when exercise, and it is quite apparent that people in China does a lot more of that than in the US. And unlike Gym advertisements, you really don’t need a membership to stay fit.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This is true, thumbs up!

            And like you said, a car-oriented infrastructure is just making the problems worse, instead of investing in ‘alternative’ methods, such as public transport and bicycle lanes…

  • A Lu

    People who complain about getting fatter during the hoidays are usually the same that drive their car to work instead of walking for 10-15 minutes or take the elevator to go up/down from the 3rd-4th floor. Avoid doing what little exercise would be enough to keep fit, then spend thousands of renminbi to go to the gym.

    Of course that’s not only in China.

  • vincent

    I gotta ask, but why are salads so rare in China? The only time I see salads are at those Western buffets or the ones I make myself. Veggie dishes in China are almost always cooked, any reason for the apprehension to eating fresh ones?

    • Dave

      Because poop.

      • vincent

        Now it all makes sense.

        • Dave

          Amoebic dysentery (amoebiasis) is caused by an amoeba (a single-celled parasite) called Entamoeba histolytica. It is mainly found in tropical areas. When the amoebas inside the bowel of an infected person are ready to leave the body, they group together and form a shell that surrounds and protects them. This group of amoebas is known as a cyst. The cyst passes out of the person’s body in their feces and is able to survive outside the body. If hygiene standards are poor; for example, if the person does not dispose of their feces hygienically, it can contaminate the surroundings, such as nearby food and water. If another person then eats or drinks food or water that has been contaminated with feces containing the cyst, they will also become infected with the amoeba. Amoebic dysentery is particularly common in parts of the world where human feces are used as fertilizer.

          • vincent

            I see, thanks for the info @google-279c7bb6f086e1b947910304ad11762d:disqus much appreciated :)

  • Gerhana

    yeah gaining/losing weight suck especially when your weight matter for competition purposes. im 169cm and i gain 2kg (now 66.7 kg) and im suppose to drop to 63kg category. During festive season, I dont eat the food, I only sample them. Daily a couple of cracker in the morning, rice/noodle for lunch and fruits/veg and cracker at night. When I come back home from training with bruises only then I eat more…. fruits and veg. Though sometimes i am a little sneaky and eat noodle or rice at night. Dont talk about meat, im a student i cant afford to pay so much for food.

    with this body weight I should be able to eat freely like most of you here, im not fat and I have to go on a diet. It sucks… but the sacrifice is worth it I guess.

  • nannasin smith

    I was super worthy of them..


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