Insensitive Airsoft Enthusiast Scares Taiwan MRT Passengers

Fully-armed male passenger on Taipei MRT,  with a M4 replica air-rifle in tow.

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Man in Full Military Fatigues Arrested, Man: It’s Just for War Gaming [Airsoft]!

What a fright! This afternoon at around 4 o’clock or so, a crowd of passengers riding the Bannan Blue Line discovered a man on the train wearing camouflage fatigues, a steel helmet and a gas mask, with a rifle in hand, with three grenades and a hand gun attached to his waist. Frightened passengers called the police one after the other. Unexpectedly, when the train car reached Taipei Main Station, the male dressed in fatigues suddenly disembarked from the train. When police at Taipei Main Station saw the man dressed in camouflage fatigues, they immediately stopped him and defused the crisis.

According to police investigation, the man who was arrested is 32 years old and surnamed Lan. At 4:50pm, Lan boarded the Bannan Line MRT wearing light camouflage army fatigues, carrying an imitation M4 assault rifle air gun, along with 3 simulated hand grenades and an imitation hand gun air gun slung around his waist, intending to participate in a War Game/Airsoft event near Jiantan Station. It was because he had to transfer to the Tamsui Line at Taipei Main Station that he suddenly got off the subway only to be stopped by patrolling police officers and taken to the local police station for investigation and interrogation. (Yang Zhong-han/Taipei City Report)

Police shout for the male to kneel down and hold his hands in the air during his arrest. Photo by Ku Jia-Hao from Facebook.

Police ordered the male to get on his knees and raise his hands during his arrest. Photo by Ku Jia-Hao from Facebook.

Armaments brought on board the Taipei MRT by Lan. (NextTV caption)

The firearms Lan brought on board the Taipei MRT. (NextTV caption)

Comments from Apple Daily Taiwan:

Liao Lucas

Wearing those kinds of clothes at a time like this, it’s obvious that he did it on purpose. He could’ve changed into his gear once he arrived. Even the police don’t carry hand grenades. Talk about scaring people to death. So if I want to go swimming, should I wear a swimsuit onto the MRT? If I want to go home and have sex [the original text is 想要回家做人 “return home to make babies”], should I just be wearing a condom on the MRT…?

Nash Chou (responding to above)

If you want to go home to make babies, you don’t need to wear a condom.

陳建樺 (responding to above)

By jove, Nash Chou, you’ve cracked the case. [in the original text, 突破盲點 is reference to a long running joke on Taiwan’s BBS board called PTT, and originally references Sherlock Holmes remarking to Dr. Watson about making a critical breakthrough in the case.]

Danny Chou

A toy with frightening firepower

彥清廖 (responding to above)

No killing power, but frightening firepower.

Tang Shi-Xian

I also play Airsoft, but I always put all my gear into my equipment bag, and only change my clothes once I’m at the site. At most, I’ll head out with my camouflage pants and boots on. Also, I try to drive myself as much as possible to avoid affecting [scaring] others. So I really don’t understand what this guy was thinking insisting on wearing his gear out in public.

許米娜 (responding to above)

I know right? He was probably taking advantage of the recent event playing a joke [making others nervous].


The people sitting beside that guy were quite calm!


In all the years the Taipei MRT has been around, millions of people have abided by the rules of not chewing gum, not drinking, and lining up in an orderly fashion, revealing a new era of civic consciousness. The MRT stabbing incident seriously wounded the hearts of the people of Taipei. How many people are working to help each other, trying to heal the wounds, with students in “Afraid of riding the MRT? I’ll ride with you” movements touching people’s hearts. Yet it is this gentleman, whether on purpose or just oblivious, who ends up national television, planking [lying flat on the ground being arrested] in front of everyone’s eyes. Does that seem fair?

Hou-ju Chu

He deserves to be pressed to the ground like that! I’ve seen a lot of people play Airsoft before, and only an idiot would wear their equipment onto the MRT. He is clearly doing this to create a disturbance, and waste police resources. He should be flattened first and then questions can be asked later.

Comments from Facebook:

LU Egg

I also play Airsoft = =
people who play all know the basic rules… If you wear your equipment out in public,
you’ll scare people to death… You should appropriately keep your gun in your bag.
This guy did this on purpose just so he could get famous.


The Airsoft community wishes to say: He’s already been blacklisted.

EMay Lee

He’s actually just afraid of running into a second Cheng Chieh, and that’s why he’s fully armed [equipped, dressed].

Chi Chuan Chen



The entire Airsoft community is on the wanted list…Creating such a big fear to the public is really regrettable…Orz


Idiot, retard, dope!

Man in full battle array, and rifle in hand. (From Apple Daily's Facebook feed)

Man in full battle array, and rifle in hand. (From Apple Daily’s Facebook feed)

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  • Free Man

    “If you want to go home to make babies, you don’t need to wear a condom.”

    So true …

    Another retart trying to get some attention. Well, he was quite successful. I am not sure, but I think I would have called the cops after seeing an idiot like him.

  • christina

    haha how are the people sitting next to him so calm?!
    after the stabbing incident a couple of day befores and the recent shooting splashed all over the news I’d be tripping over myself to get away from him

    • Calm? More like too scared to make any sudden movements.

      For all they know, any little gesture could set him off to start his rampage.

      • Mighty曹

        Or, “If I ignore him long enough he’ll go away”.

        • Tried that on my children and it doesn’t work.

          [/kidding but I feel like I owe you a joke]

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… that’s funny.

          • Dr Sun

            tried on some of the posters here, agreed it does not work.

    • Mighty曹

      I think they were just frozen in fear.

  • Dr Sun

    A Chinasmack Mod on the way to work ?

    Its a thankless, job.

    Bit harsh to arrest him

    • Aaron Wytze

      The public demands blood! I should have attached a link of him being hauled away by the MRT police. He was in a sorry state being hauled away to the police station.

    • Rick in China

      Can’t tell if you’re posting flamebait. I’m surprised the guy didn’t get shot or hurt. Really stupid move.

      • Mighty曹

        In the States he wouldn’t have made it that far on to the subway.

        • In the States there wouldn’t be a subway.

          • Mighty曹

            Why is that?

          • T’was a joke about there not being many subways in the US.

          • Mighty曹

            I know it was a joke. That’s why I was asking for the punch line.
            Only a handful of major cities have subways or limited ‘underground’ transits.

          • Dr Sun

            they’re everywhere in the U.S, I liked the meatball sandwich the most.

          • I take capitalization very seriously.

          • Dr Sun

            why ?

          • Well, it’s the difference between subways and Subways…

          • firebert5

            He’s a capitalist!

          • Mighty曹

            That’s the punch line I was afraid of hearing.

          • firebert5

            I’m a Quiznos guy myself.

          • Mighty曹

            The first time I went to Quiznos – 4 years ago – cost me over $10 for 1/2 sandwich with a cup of soup and small bag of chips. That was also the last time.

          • firebert5

            Most cities in the US don’t have subways.

          • Mighty曹

            Almost all cities don’t. Even among the major cities only a few has them. My city is one of them.

      • Dr Sun

        I agree a stupid move.
        Lucky he was not in the USA,In the USA an entire SWAT team, FBI Hostage rescue team would have tear gassed the train,stun grenaded and pumped 3000 rounds into him and anyone near him.
        The collateral damage (civilian deaths) would be put down to the crossfire, even though he had no live ammunition or even a real gun.

        • Rick in China


        • Repatriated

          In some parts of the USA…he could walk through a Walmart, carrying a REAL AR15, and not have a SWAT team, nor FBI Hostage rescue….or heck, even the local fuzz show up…..

          • ElectricTurtle

            Indeed, I live in Virginia and open carry guns regularly. Most people don’t even care, and even if they did there is no law against it and law enforcement has been trained on the matter not to escalate.

          • ScottLoar

            Why do you carry guns regularly? Going hunting or what? And “law enforcement has been trained on the matter not to escalate” meaning what? That officers of the law dare not challenge a man carrying a gun?

          • ElectricTurtle

            Because it’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. I have myself and my family to protect, and when seconds count help is minutes away.

            And law enforcement, surprisingly, only enforces laws. As there are no laws against open carry in Virginia, indeed they do not “challenge” people with guns for doing nothing whatsoever wrong.

          • ScottLoar

            You and your family live in Virginia, in such dangerous circumstances that seconds count? You regularly carry a gun because of the need to protect your self and family; just what kind of work do you do that so endangers your person and family? I can think of drug sellers, gang members and not many others who so live on the edge that their persons are in constant danger. Or, you carry a gun because you fear? I grew up and lived in different places in the US for decades, in the city of Chicago for about twenty-odd years, and never carried a gun or had the need to carry a gun. I haven’t carried a gun since the military (we were instructed to always refer to that rifle as a “weapon” and did many grass drills to reinforce that habit). My father never carried a gun unless for hunting, as did his father.

            I still don’t understand what you meant by “law enforcement has been trained on the matter not to escalate”.

          • ElectricTurtle

            I used to live in a part of Federal Way, WA that had a lot of shootings, several within a couple blocks of my condo. We had some seedy people who lived in the same block of units, and our neighbor adjacent to us told my wife how one night a random guy came to his door and pointed a gun at him asking about some of the people who lived upstairs. This was immediately across the hall from where my wife and daughter were sleeping. So, welcome to the real world Mr. Self-righteous.

            Indeed, one day during a time my wife and I worked different shifts, she came home and banged on our bedroom window (this was in the same place as above, a ground floor condo) because it was the closest to the parking lot. I went to the sliding glass doors and let her in and she was overwrought with anxiety because some guy had followed her home because she had to stop suddenly a couple times in traffic and the guy thought she was fucking with him. I looked around briefly, said I didn’t see him, told her I had to go to work but I’d leave my gun with her (she now has her own). She called the police, they called her back and told her they were ‘having trouble finding the place and would she please stand outside’ so she went outside with my gun to get the mail and look for the police. As soon as she did this guy started charging toward her, but when he saw her put her hand on the gun he stopped. When the police finally did show up. they took him in not solely because of the incident, but also because he was a previously convicted felon with additional outstanding warrants.

            Crime can happen, as this did, in broad daylight right outside your front door. So, should my wife have been assaulted and possibly killed by a violent felon while waiting for an incompetent police force, just so YOU can FEEL better, Mr. Self-righteous jackass? My family’s safety is first and foremost MY business, and because I WAS prepared before rather than after, I still HAVE a family.

            Furthermore, if after several times you can’t understand the concept of police officers not harassing people who are not breaking the law, I can’t help you. Law enforcement doesn’t exist to police others’ arbitrary sensibilities. They enforce LAWS. Period, full stop, the end.

          • ScottLoar

            “Just so YOU can FEEL better, Mr. Self-righteous jackass?”

            Your story does not have the ring of truth: wife thinks a man is following her but you go off to work; police can’t find the address of a woman who thinks she’s being harassed so ask her to stand outside the safety of the building; the guy sees your wife and charges… Perhaps some little kernel of truth is there but morphed over time and mounded over by what you want to believe, which is The Gun Saved My Wife.

            I’ve not had the need to be armed since serving in the Army, but to see you cowboys walking around with guns on the hip and rifles slung over the shoulder makes me wonder how you missed the Army and Marine recruitment ads since you want to be the manly man you never were. This gun culture is mostly the fetish (yeah, look up that word) of a narrow culture that glorifies supposed self-reliance, independence of authority, and manliness but comprises just plain folk who are mostly fearful – fearful of authority, fearful of anyone outside their narrow cliche, but especially fearful of events that they cannot understand.

            There are those who collect arms and those who genuinely like firearms use them in hunting or sport, compete with them, but they are not the ones slinging an M-16 over their shoulder when going to the supermarket, or hanging out with wanna-be’s dressed up in camouflage fatigues and combat boots. They are not the ones hanging out with you and your buddies on the weekend.

          • ElectricTurtle

            I wasn’t there, but that’s what she told me, and I believe her completely.

            As for this being some macho thing or whatever, I’m a long-haired pansexual beta by choice, even gender dysphoric, so guess again. You just try to insult people by stuffing them into boxes. Well, best of luck, I’m about as idiosyncratic “(yeah, look up that word)” as they come, and I’m soooo sorry that my being responsible for my own safety and security offends you. Get bent.

          • ScottLoar

            “I’m soooo sorry that my being responsible for my own safety and security offends you.” As I said, you see yourself and those you pal around with as macho, independent types, ready to act “when seconds count”, in the style of a colonial minuteman, yet it is no oddity that people like yourselves are in the main rural town residents, provincial and insular. After 9-11 the largest number of terrorist sightings came from – incredibly! – Utah; immediately after the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Building the news reported sighting of a man wearing a burnoose at the scene just before the bombing, which similar examples show just how fearful you folks really are, so scared you see the police, the government, even the US Armed Forces as sinister forces reckoning to usurp your liberties. In 1992 the Japanese exchange student Yoshihiro Hattori living in Baton Rouge approached a house for trick-or-treat that Halloween, and not understanding the command “Freeze!” from the terrified house owner was shot dead. That, Electric Turtle, is what I fear from those like you, guns in hand and minds beset by fear. Put down your guns and man up to being a responsible citizen among fellow citizens.

          • ElectricTurtle

            More boxed assumptions. I was raised in the northern Seattle suburbs, lived in downtown Seattle, southern Seattle suburbs, and northern Virginia. Come on, how many fruits live in the sticks? I’d need a gun doubly so if I had to put up with rural bigots who have in fact murdered many people for simply having an atypical sexuality.

            You cite one example of a tragic case of misunderstood intentions, but I will raise you several hundred cases of self-defensive gun use saving lives:

            And that’s just a sampling of media attention, estimates range from hundreds of thousands to millions.

            I am responsible, I was trained on gun safety by my parents since I was 6 years old, in fact I was drilled on safety for the ensuing half dozen years before I was even allowed to fire a gun. Safety is so reflexive at that point that I have to consciously will myself to handle a gun improperly. There is no greater responsibility than lethal force, and carriers take it very seriously, which is why licensed carriers have a rate of criminal activity several times lower than the general population.

            The only person afraid here is you. You’re afraid of other people being free to carry weapons, but I trust every mentally competent non-felon to do the same as I do, indeed I welcome it. I want my family to be armed, my friends to be armed, my neighbors to be armed, my whole country to be armed, because I am NOT afraid of the ultimate responsibility in the hands of normal, law-abiding citizens who are just trying to look after themselves. So you need to stop projecting your fear onto other people.

          • Washington Bullets

            Virginia’s even got carry conceal. Once in a while when you drive across the beltway into Maryland you see some people put their handgun on the dash.

            If this guy in Taiwan pulled anything like that here, I wonder if some random guy with carry/conceal would take him out the minute he put the gun up to his shoulder.

      • Mighty曹

        He should be shot just for his stupidity.

    • Mighty曹

      A cS Mod about to go postal.

      • Dr Sun

        If Kai or Mr wiener went postal the death toll (on this site) would be massive

        • Mighty曹

          Christina appears to be the leading candidate. It’s always the one you least expect.

          • christina


            I’m glad somebody finally noticed

          • mr.wiener

            We’ve always thought of you as a potential mass murderer Christina. I’m thinking poisoner, not axe murderer though.

  • mr.wiener

    I also used to do airsoft in taiwan, and people were very clear about the rules… when traveling , NO GUNS in plain sight, whether traveling by public transport or motorcycle.
    The timing of this was no accident.

    • Aaron Wytze

      Yeah, this guy did it to be a cock-knocker.

    • Zen my Ass

      Attention-whore, if I were the police, I would break his guns right before him…

    • firebert5

      He was pretty stupid. My friend and I used to always have airsoft fights and would dress in camo and have the big guns and whatnot, but we weren’t dumb enough to strut around in public places like that.

  • Pako-chan

    most military and gun enthusiasts know better than to walk around with it in public, it draws attention and could easily be mistaken for the real thing. even at a convention they would get stopped and questioned by the police…

    this guy on the other hand had his gun and face mask on…

    • Dr Sun

      You mean like in the Usa or Switzerland ?

      • ElectricTurtle

        Don’t forget Israel. I’d much rather hang out with their open carriers…

    • Alex Dương

      Open carry advocates open carry partially because they WANT to draw attention. They want people to accept it as normal.

      • Mighty曹

        Open Carry should be banned in all States.

        • Alex Dương

          I support open carry in principle, but in practice, I carry concealed. I would only open carry if my state allowed it but made it excessively difficult to carry concealed.

          • Dr Sun

            what a surprise

          • Alex Dương

            I think getting rid of the war on drugs would significantly decrease gun violence. It wouldn’t have much of an effect, if any, on the mass shooting spree-type of gun violence, but it’s so damn hard to stop those.

          • Rick in China

            I guess the easiest question that I imagine most people would answer “No” to, is would you feel comfortable eating in a fast food restaurant with guys eating at a table nearby with their assault rifles on the table? Would you walk out and leave, or sit down and eat – what if you had children with you?

          • Alex Dương

            I’m OK with it, but I don’t have kids at the moment. I may feel differently if I had kids.

          • Rick in China

            Fair enough. If it were military or police, I think it’d be more acceptable, but for me – random dudes with assault rifles seems like an unnecessary risk. I don’t trust random people carrying deadly weapons to be mentally competent by default.

          • firebert5

            Good point.

          • firebert5

            I have before. It always seemed though if they were flaunting their rifles, they were less likely to be looking to start something.

          • Mighty曹

            I’m a gun enthusiast and I was a shooting instructor for a period but I will never support ‘open carry’ as it does not serve any meaningful purpose other than a symbolic gesture. It only intimidates the people nearby and invites being robbed. Yes, robbed of the very gun it’s being flaunted.

          • Alex Dương

            Those are some of the reasons why I don’t open carry.

          • Mighty曹

            I thought you would if your State allows it.

          • Alex Dương

            I would but only if carrying concealed were de facto impossible. It’s not true anymore, but as recently as a few years back, you could open carry in California without a permit. That was important because concealed carry was and still is effectively impossible in California.

            So if I have the option of carrying concealed, I would always do that. It’s only if that option were not available to me that I would open carry (assuming, of course, open carry was not also prohibited).

          • Mighty曹

            I see. I agree with you on that point then.
            Hey, I’m in SF. How about you?

          • Alex Dương

            I’m in Georgia. We’re representing Asian American firearm enthusiasts coast to coast :)

          • Mighty曹

            Haha yah! We should start a club but in a weird way I’m anti NRA.

          • firebert5


  • Mighty曹

    With the last two stories we’re ready for a sister site taiwanSLAP.

    • Dr Sun

      The Yanks won’t go for it, they love Taiwan.

      • Mighty曹

        Hell with the Yanks! We demand a site for Taiwan!

        • Butsu

          Yes! +1

      • Not any more than they love Japan…

        • Sassy Sharon

          Matt, you are not White. You are not a member of the White race. The White race is none of your business. White people don’t want you.

          • Thanks for the PSA. Your comment history makes it clear you are a very respectable individual dedicated to public enlightenment. Surely, many will mourn your passing.

          • Markus Peg

            Sassy Sharon, the racist park is that way, not here at Chinasmack…

          • Germandude

            Hey Sissy, gtfo…

          • Zappa Frank

            he is member of the only race available, human race.

          • mr.wiener

            Keep that BS to a minimum please. Trolling and disruptive comments are NOT encouraged.
            You have been warned.

            Edit: Have reviewed your past comments, Back to chimpout with you.

          • Dr Sun

            Did you finish elementary school ?

      • Sean Van Cura

        As a Yank, most Americans only know about Taiwan because of our defense pact with them and literally nothing else. Maybe that some stuff is manufactured there. I know about Taiwan because I’m a weirdo but most Americans are far more familiar with South Korea and Japan because our military people are often stationed in/around them.

      • ptptp

        And why shouldn’t we love Taiwan? But I’d like a TaiwanSlap just to keep up on all the news there.

    • Yes!

      Let’s have more Taiwan meis.

      • Mighty曹

        Taiwan ‘meis’? As in 美女. Yes!

    • Aaron Wytze

      TaiwanSLAP would be incredibly boring. It would mostly be posts about 雞排妹 (Chicken cutlet sister) and other silly celebrities that are only famous for appearing on 康熙來了 (here comes Kangxi).

      • Kai


      • Mighty曹

        Taiwan has some interesting news on RocketNews.

    • YourSupremeCommander


      • mr.wiener


      • Mighty曹


        • whuddyasack

          Actually I was thinking Indianpoop is more fitting.
          Or Indiasmells, like curry haha

          • Mighty曹


          • whuddyasack

            Good one hahaha LOL. I can think of more, but I’m afraid it might be borderline offensive, but only to Indians haha.

          • Mighty曹

            Let’s hear it. Don’t worry, people know it’s all in humor. :D

          • whuddyasack

            Someone complained that the Indianpoop and smells was offensive but well, it’s like you say, humor haha.

            DotConnection, a shining getaway to join the dots. :-)

    • firebert5

      I’m still waiting for IndiaTHWACK.

      • Mighty曹


        • Miniluv101

          How about India…

          You know what, I’m not even going to step on that landmine.

      • bang2tang

        it should be easy for them to get whacky news.

    • Aaron Wytze

      Also want to point out, since ancient times, taiwanSLAP has been an inseparable part of chinaSMACK.

      • carmouflagger

        But it wants to be an independent site!!

        • Aaron Wytze

          You are a splittist and historical revisionist!!!

  • loki

    if you look at the picture … there are people sitting next to him without a care in the world … just a BS story.. blah blah …..

    • Mighty曹

      I think they already pissed their pants.

  • masonman

    In a society of people terrified of guns (“so we’ll just trust our governments to never use them against us”) of course nobody can blatantly see a fake weapon. I owned a high end airsoft rifle years ago. They are made to look real, but if a guy like that walks near me, its worth taking a look at the weapon, and you’ll see things that are fused for no reason and parts that are plastic that would not be plastic on a real weapon.

    Or, you know, you could ask the guy….

    Still a stupid move on his part, but to some extent the bystanders are too blame for panicking in response to their lack of education in this subject.

    • mr.wiener

      Three words: timing, timing ,timing.

      People are so jumpy at the moment . Yesterday a math genius savant kid was doing calculations on his calculator on the MRT and bumped into someone else. When he couldn’t explain himself (the kid is like “Rainman”) the other guy freaked out and grabbed a fire extinguisher to brain him. Because the kid was wearing a red t~shirt everyone assumed he was a copycat killer , called the police and they all bolted from the car at the next station.… several people injured in the stampede.
      Scary shit.

  • Markus Peg

    Woman’s self defense saved her life in Taipei Subway mass killing spree

  • Ralph Wiggim

    What a moron. What else to say..?

  • Hadoren

    Hello all. I have an unrelated question, and I hope that this question doesn’t bother you all.

    Have any of you guys tried using Chinasmack personals to make friends/date/etc.? I’m thinking of using it, but I’m not sure. If so, what’s it like? Do you recommend it?

    Thanks for the help!

    • KamikaziPilot

      I haven’t done it but I know people who’ve had success in online dating. My advice is if you want to go for it. I think it’ll help to have a webcam. You only live once, just be careful, don’t sent money, things aren’t always what they seem, especially online.

      • Hadoren

        I live in China so I’d be meeting people in person. Has anybody you known done Chinasmack personals?

        • KamikaziPilot

          No but I don’t see how it would be much different than any other online dating site. If you have specific questions I can try to answer them, otherwise just try it and see what happens.

    • Irvin

      I did it once but not on chinasmack, my advice is: be very very careful of the pictures you see, the profile pics is like the food menus in restaurants, what you see is never what’s served.

      Incidentally, it’s what got me to “do something big”, it may not be the most pleasant of experiences but it’s an experience to be sure.

    • bang2tang

      You should dating Fred Fong

  • Insomnicide

    Do those grenades actually have any function?

    • mr.wiener

      Some do, but they are a pain in the arse to reload, so are seldom used.

      Mostly they are grenade shaped reloading bottles.

      • ScottLoar

        That is a model of a WWII fragmentation grenade that hasn’t been used by the US military since before the Vietnam war.

        • mr.wiener

          You can buy more modern looking models . The only ones I ever used were a string of firecrackers for the smoke and noise.
          I concentrate on less destructive hobbies now… like rugby.

          • ScottLoar

            A rugby player’s comment to me on American football, “With all that padding they’re just a mob of Nancys aren’t they?”

          • Dr Sun

            You have to remember American football is not anything like rugby. Rugby is a full contact sport for real athletes, American football is nothing a show for steroid induced pansies to gain tv endorsements, advertising space and lucrative contracts.
            If lets say the NZ rugby team took on the very best of the AFL/NFL, they would beat them to a pulp within minutes. the American football team would have to have 200 subs on the bench,rotating them every 5 minutes, sucking on supplemental O2 just to get through 80 minutes of continuous play against a Rugby team.

          • mr.wiener

            Seen on a T~shirt last weekend:
            “80 minutes, 15 positions, no protection…LETS RUCK”

          • ScottLoar

            Sun, I have to remember nothing having played both sports, and understand athleticism is not unique to a particular culture. I never, never underestimate the opposition to elevate my own confidence; a cold appraisal of their capability and will determines how to prepare for the coming fight which is almost always worse than expected. I doubt you have ever been in extreme circumstances other than commenting on the comparative degree of masculinity needed for rugby and American football.

            You may invite the All Blacks to comment on the supposed pansies who play professional US football.

          • Dr Sun

            Well as you asked Scott

            “I was at the Denver Broncos this year and how they train is completely different to how we train. You say they post some impressive numbers, but that’s because they are training specifically for that one thing.

            “What I mean by that is, for example, the furthest they ran in a week was 1km. They do 10 100m sprints the day after a game and that’s it. That’s their conditioning.

            “The philosophy, which is different to ours, is that their athletes might do 50 to 60 five-second tasks in a game, so it’s all maximum anaerobic explosiveness, and that’s over four hours.

            “So it’s all about one-off efforts. Ours is explosive efforts repetitively without rest so you are not going to reach the same levels of explosiveness.


          • mr.wiener

            For mine (no disrespect to American football players)

          • mr.wiener

            Actually they are fantastic athletes.the hard padding and the specialized nature of the positions means that they are more likely to blow out their knees and get brain injuries however.

          • ScottLoar

            I saw the Chicago Bears so badly beat their opposition by such a wide margin that they could call in their secondary team to play, who were then quickly and soundly trounced in turn. The point is, all professional athletics at the highest level is the highest level of athleticism. And, I’m quite sure the most demanding is boxing and mixed martial arts.

          • Dr Sun

            really, the brain injuries are a result of wearing a helmet ?
            or is that that the spectacle of American football ( throw ball) is about big, fat , not- athletes directing their attack at the knees and neck ?
            To make a great show as the other spins through the air with his C-1 fracture or patella fracture/dislocation ?

          • mr.wiener

            It is because of the nature of the game.
            American football has evolved to where you have 2 lines of guys built like brick outhouse literaly banging heads with each other. Helmets lessen the severity of the impact, but the frequency of the head trauma and the sense of security given by the armor means they go in harder. Rugby has hard clashes as well, but less frequent as the game is more fluid and less static … and when you go in hard, you know it is going to hurt you too.

          • Wa

            Exactly. Linemen are less at risk of severe instances of head trauma like concussions and more prone to gradual cranial custarding. Except for the extraordinarily athletic defensive ends peeling back and the occasional pulling guards, they rarely meet “skill players” or the more athletic back seven with momentum. Their biggest danger is being rolled up on or meeting head to chest with another D lineman rushing in the opposite trajectory. The backs and backers’ biggest danger is squaring up to another athletic freak running at full speed. Have you ever seen Troy Polamalu’s closing speed?

            Injuries in general are likely increased by wearing a helmet, however. The most severe pain I’ve ever felt on the field was the smashing of my hand between two helmets on a cold day in December and the raking of a metal facemask down my spine. Torn ligaments didn’t feel like much compared with that.

            What many people outside of the US don’t realize is the fact that nearly every American football player grew up playing “sandlot” football, which is essentially rugby on a stretched field. But rugby players can still claim to have the biggest balls. Gotta give you that.

          • Dr Sun

            pretty much like their approach to “peace keeping” LOL

  • Irvin

    My friends who play paintball got shot with one of those, I don’t know if they amp up the psi or what but they still got the scars to this day, so it’s not as harmless as people think.

  • North-eastern

    Why would they let him be on subway in the first place?

  • Andrew Jacobs

    ahhh, the same day there was about 12 asian guys dressed in USA military gear in Ximen movie theatre area for promotion of a movie.People need to relax, and get real you live inside a bubble if you think violence doesn’t exist in Taiwan. or that Taipei is immune to violence.

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