12-Year-Old Girl Refused On Plane For Abusing Crew Chief

12-Year-Old Girl Refused On Plane For Abusing Crew Chief

A 12-year-old girl was refused permission to board a plane after she abused the flight crew chief after disembarking following a hold-up. Captain Liu of Xiamen Air flight MF8036 had contacted air traffic control for permission to take off, but was told there would be a five-hour delay. Passengers were finally let off 2.5 hours later, upon which the girl insulted the crew member, who then informed Liu. The girl or one of her three traveling companions were asked to apologize but refused, and so were denied re-boarding. Many netizens sided with the girl, agreeing that the 2.5 hour wait would anger most.

Source: Netease

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  • Teacher in China

    Hardly the crew member’s fault. They were right to ban her. For a people that hold tai chi and yin/yang and all that nonsense so dear, people sure have short fuses here in China. How many bets she came from first class, or was at least an Eco-class tuhao?

    • hypebeast88

      prob not a tuhao and prob not first class either, thats just the mentality that they are self entitled and above others. I agree with the tai chi comment haha

  • disqus_0Y7c9SqWz3

    The logic that she has reason to be angry, and therefore she is right is pretty disturbing, since it utterly disregards the target of her anger.

    Does she have reason to be angry? Sure. Angry with the crew member? Um, no.

    This is just one example, but so many Chinese seem to make this same mistake.

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