Bank Depositor Tries To Withdraw 17 Year-Old-Funds, Refused

Bank Depositor Tries To Withdraw 17 Year-Old-Funds, Refused
A customer who tried to withdraw 1700 RMB she deposited 17 years ago was refused her money after being told by her bank that no duplicate record was made at the time. Despite the Xinghuo Road, Xi’an branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China admitting that there was nothing wrong with the depositor’s bank book, they also said that computers were not in use there in 1998, meaning their current system lacked part of her records and so due to this had too refuse her withdrawal. One netizen said if it had been a 1700 RMB debt the bank would have certainly kept a record.

Source: Netease

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  • when are the banks going to stop fucking people sideways

    • mr.wiener

      ….When all those annoying people stop puting their inconvenient damned money in them.
      Things may certainly change if they let foreign banks in.

      • Amused

        Banks all over will try to hose you if they think they can get away with it.

        • mr.wiener

          True, I’m not saying western banks are more virtuous in this respect, but competition does bring better quality and care about customer service.

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