Bank Refuses to Serve Girl Due to Appearance Change

Bank Refuses to Serve Girl Due to Appearance Change

A young woman who went to her bank to reset her PIN number was refused service after staff said her appearance didn’t match her ID’s. Feifei (alias) forgot the card’s PIN after a long period without using it, and so took her photo ID with her to the Xihu branch of China Construction Bank in Shaoyang to sort things out. However, she was now 7kg lighter and had a different haircut compared to when she had her ID photo taken in 2009, a time at which she weighed 54kg and sported a sloping fringe. Her bank has told her to get a new ID from her local police station. One netizen said the bank was just doing it’s duty.

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  • Dave

    Wrong article!

  • DD Bear!

    when i was working in sh, there is a ICBC at the hall.i worked there for long time so they knew me well, i even used fake ID, still the girl gave me our company money.

    • bujiebuke

      You were the one who robbed the ICBC in Shenzhen?

      • DD Bear!

        do not try to be funny!

        • bujiebuke

          Hahaha! Using a fake ID to withdrawal money is called robbery!

  • 42

    well fair enough, thats why id cards have photo, and you need to have an up to date photo on it, nothing shocking here.

  • donscarletti

    Good for her for becoming at least 40% hotter, but the bank is correct. It was her own money they were protecting.

  • Jahar

    The eyes seem a fair bit wider as well.

  • Zappa Frank

    it happened to me too, all because the bank unresonably pretend that i have to be like in the picture of 7 years ago i have on my passport. And it was for opening a bank account.

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