Beckham Presents Check To American Family, Netizens React

Beckham Presents Check To American Family, Netizens React

On Tuesday night soccer star David Beckham took part in the new American TV show Knock Knock Live, where he presented a hard-up family with a check for $100,000. The show, presented by Ryan Seacrest, sees celebrities paying unannounced visits to deserving people and presenting them with gifts and money. The 1st show saw Beckham visit the Gonzales family, of which construction worker father Victor was only able to see once a month. Netizens questioned how poor the family really was considering the size of their home, whilst another said in “a certain” country any such visits would be by arresting police only.
Source: Netease

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  • Zappa Frank

    this is the next show the glorious party will crackdown!

    • 42

      why? giving a part of your wealth to those in need is a communism principle.

      • Mihel

        Giving part of someone else’s wealth to those in need is a communist principle.

        • 42

          haha touche, sharp, very sharp.

          however that may be a socialist princple instead of a communist one.

          • mr.wiener

            It is also a Confucian, Christian,Hindu,Muslim and Jewish principle… but how many people follow it?

          • Mihel

            Robin Hood.

          • David

            I think Mr. Wiener was referring of the giving of your own wealth being a religious principle, not other peoples money. Besides Beckham did not give them his money, I am sure it was paid for by the show. He was simply the presenter.

      • Zappa Frank

        that was untill Deng Xiao Ping decided that for chinese communist is glorious to get rich..

        anyway a reality show with foreigners.. can be cracked down because is a reality show or beacause is a foreigner show.

  • Mihel

    Poor family my ass.
    The mother has a wedding ring with a huge diamond, the daughter has one as well, there’s a big flat screen with some gaming consoles, lots of games, a pretty nice house with perfectly good furniture, parquet flooring and a garden…

  • Foreign Devil

    These shows and Youtube videos where people film themselves giving to charity to show how great they are make me want to vomit. For them the “money shot” is showing the poor person break down crying and groveling.

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