Bored, Rich Housewife Forms Thief Troupe to Retrieve Self

Bored, Rich Housewife Forms Thief Troupe to Retrieve Self

A rich and attractive housewife turned to theft after her husband cut her allowance and stopped her playing mahjong. To relieve her boredom and also to “amend” a previous burglary on her home, she turned to stealing, but was caught immediately. However, one day her son needed new clothes, and lacking money, she teamed up with her aunts to lead a drawn-out stealing assault on the high street. The key was to use distraction, and dress in famous brands to avoid suspicion. After eventually being caught, she said she had no use for the booty, but it made her feel whole.

Source: Netease

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  • alex


    • Vance

      My question also.

  • risotto

    This could be made into a movie. Chinese Desperate Housewives.

  • Amused

    Article about a spoiled rich cunt accompanied by some college kid’s art photo?

    • Xia

      At least the cleavage is uncensored.

  • Vance

    Well… at least she was able to find a career that she enjoyed.

  • Jahar

    If she’s that bored, and attractive, I’m sure she can find better ways to amuse herself.

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