Boy Abandoned After Raising Funds For His Crippled Father

Boy Abandoned After Raising Funds For His Crippled Father

A six-year-old boy who hit the news in 2011 for begging passengers at Zhengzhou train station on behalf of his crippled father has been abandoned by him and his new wife. Father Wang Lidong was involved in a traffic accident in 2009, and soon after the family’s money had all been spent on his medical bills his wife and daughter left, leaving him alone with his son Wang Menghao. After a video of Menghao begging appeared, donations flooded in, but Lidong soon vanished with the funds, leaving it up to Menghao’s grandmother to look after the boy. One netizen said it’s ok for people to be cold, but not cold-blooded.

Source: Netease

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  • jin

    Trash will always be trash, this useless trash will be abandoned by his new wife as well. While still crippled and drained dry to the last cent, I hope this trash will get a worthy death.

  • Suju Queen

    am totally speechless by his action

    • David

      He took the money, got a new wife and left the kid. Speechless is probably appropriate.

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