China Declares South China Sea Fishing Moratorium, Vietnam Ignores

China Declares South China Sea Fishing Moratorium, Vietnam Ignores

On May 16, China began a two-and-a-half month fishing moratorium on the South China Sea. Vietnam protested the moratorium, saying they do not acknowledge it, and that it violates their authority over the Yellow Sand Archipelago, thus voiding its validity. Vietnam’s Youth Report quoted an American analyst who said “An increase in Chinese patrol boats on the South China Sea during the moratorium will undoubtably manifest China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea.” Netizens were irate, saying “What? They think they can ignore us? F* denounce you!”

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Making friends and influencing people…

    • Just me, Banlas

      Carried big sticks and if necessary, used it often.

    • Amused

      Well they’ve still got their main homeboy Kimmy. And just who needs non-North Korean friends, ehhh?

    • bujiebuke

      Dale Carnegie would be proud

    • Jahar

      China’s peaceful rise~

  • gouse

    Good relation is better than good domination

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