Chinese Support Japanese National Million Man March

Chinese Support Japanese National Million Man March

In Tokyo the “National Million Man March” the people who joined this were demonstrating outside of a court in order to protest the new changes to the “Japan’s Legislation For Peace And Security”. Every college and social organization was represented, totaling over 100000 people, in protest against the changes to the legislation. Ex-judges from the highest court in Japan and Japanese constitutional experts say that these changes are a violation of the constitution. Netizens support the Japanese people and hope Abe is impeached.


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  • lacompacida

    What would CCP do if japanese government endorses a march of a million in China ? Will thar hurt the feelings of chinese people, especially the marching million ?

    • Alex Dương

      Are we talking about a grassroots-organized march or a government-sponsored march?

  • lacompacida

    Using normal CCP logic, only a million ? The other

    millions must support the new legislation.

  • guest

    I always wonder why people argue thats its unconstitutional. Constitutions undergo process and change over time. The USA constitution has had how many amendments to it, the Chinese constitution has amendments to it as well. What may had been reasonable 10,


    years ago may not be reasonable today.

    I guess what I griping at why don’t they simply say we don’t like these changes. Also, why can’t Japan have an amendment/change that allows it to protect anallies in self-defence. I guess people believe that Japan may one day use it has a pre-first attack on a country.

    • vonskippy

      Because sometimes the best defense is a first strike offense.

    • Zack Snyder

      I don’t see a difference between the Chinese constitution and toilet paper.

      • vonskippy

        Toilet paper is more useful?

  • guest

    I wasn’t really griping about what Abe will do or not do to it, but the fact that people all around the world say things are “unconstitutional” when constitution amendments have existed throughout history.

    What may not be constitutional today, well maybe in

    years or so, i.e the 18th vs the 21st USA constitutional amendment. (Not really an example of people saying the above) but an example of when constitutions change.

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