Director Gives Written Apology After Infidelity Exposed

Director Gives Written Apology After Infidelity Exposed

Director, screenwriter and actor Wang Xun has written a public apology after netizens dug up a Weibo account which suggested he had been unfaithful during his previous marriage. Although Wang divorced from his ex-wife of 14 years Wei Zhen in August 2013, Wang’s “secret” Weibo account detailed that he met his only-recently-made-public new wife in February of that year. In his apology, Wang broke his silence to take responsibility for his error, saying, “Everything is my fault! I accept all criticism from society.” One netizen said since you can’t even rely on an ugly guy, it’s best just to seek a handsome one.
Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Stop doing the duck face!!!

    • jin

      The duckface disease has spreaded from America to Europe and now Asia.

      • mr.wiener

        like the bubonic plague!

    • James

      i think they are chinese hipsters

  • Bman

    The newest trend (easy escape) in the Chinese news.

    “I did it! I admit it! I take incredibly large amounts of any and all guilt on not just the Earth but also on any Earth-like planets and even places where people do not exist! Unequivocal acceptance of all the guilt that has ever been or will ever be!”

    Critics get more than they expected and just slowly dry up and walk away… Noticed this week the leader of Tianjin did the same thing.

    On another point, why the F are people still surprised that married people stray? You/we/they all do it, so pretending it’s bad is just denying the truth. But I guess that’s an art form to some.

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