Enormous Lobster Caught, Not Yet Sold

Enormous Lobster Caught, Not Yet Sold
One Zhejiang man has caught a “super lobster” about 0.5 meters long and weighing 6 jin. The boss of a seafood restaurant is willing to buy it immediately for 80,000 RMB, but the man refused. Last year one fisherman caught a similar lobster and sold it for 600,000 RMB. The man hopes that somebody will buy it and donate it to a museum. Netizens want to know why he doesn’t just donate it himself, saying he probably refused the initial offer because the money wasn’t enough.
Source: qq

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  • Zappa Frank

    0.5m for 3kgs is a big lobster, but nothing so special,

    • jin

      Bigger is better and more expensive, it’s the same for Shanghai hairy crab, small ones are cheap! Big ones are 5-10 times more expensive.

      • mr.wiener

        ….but are they tastier?

        • Ken Morgan

          Nah big sea creatures tend to taste bitter as the meat contains lots of ammonia. Humbolt squid for instance. The small ones taste ok but the big ones are horribly bitter tasting.

          • donscarletti

            What about blue fin tuna? Or giant sea turtles? They didn’t get endangered through tasting bad, I’ll tell you that much!

        • jin

          Don’t think the taste difference is big. It’s the bigger is better, more expensive is better, I have more money and can afford this mentality.

          • mr.wiener

            I have no shortage of dosh also but prefer to hang with the peasants… case in point:pomeloes. …My relatives down south of Taiwan grow the big ones for the market,but eat the smaller ones which they know are tastier.
            Having the biggest “lobster” to show off to your jo roa pengyou is so….gauche.

          • jin

            The rich always compete against each other.

          • mr.wiener

            This is why I deliver my stock by bicycle and dress like a bum…

  • DD Bear!

    i would sell it in one min.

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