Female Subway Beggars Resort to Groping When Refused Money

Female Subway Beggars Resort to Groping When Refused Money

Netizens took to social networking site Weibo to report the phenomenon of female beggars on line 2 of the Wuhan subway groping their male targets when declined money. Upon refusal, they touch the male’s chest and face, put their arm around them, and act coquettishly. The activity often takes place on packed trains in full view of the other passengers, making the situation for many males incredibly awkward. Netizens’ reactions were mixed, some preferring to give money rather than be groped, but with others saying they would be happy to return the favor.

Source: Netease

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  • Jahar

    This is one of those situations where men should treat women as equals. I’d do my best to resist.

    • mr.wiener

      This is where mrs. wiener opens up a can of whoop arse.

    • bujiebuke

      “This is one of those situations where men should treat women as equals.”

      In all other situations men should treat women unequally?

      • David

        Yes, I believe 100%, that is exactly what he meant.

        • bujiebuke

          I agree 100% with what you mean

      • Jahar

        You know that’s not what I meant.

        • Pablo Lee

          lmfao poor piggie didn’t know what sarcasm is.

          • Jahar

            you don’t know what sarcasm is?

  • Foreign Devil

    Would be nice. but I imagine females beggars are no treat to look at. BTW. . I’m glad they put a bit of blur on the ladies eyes in the photo. .lest her real identity be revealed!!!

  • Amused

    Time to unpack those trenchcoats from winter storage fellas :D

  • terriblemovie

    Unless you suffer from a debilitating handicap/mental disease, no one is preventing you from getting a low skill job(factory, textiles, sweeping floors, washing dishes, etc). You’d be surprised at how rich many of these beggars are.


    This happens in the US as well. The hourly minimum wage is 7.25. Some beggar on a crowded street can easily make several times that. Get a puppy, dirty clothes, and don’t wash your hair. It only takes 8 people donating a dollar bill each for you to exceed the minimum wage. Some beggars make more money per hour then doctors and i’m not joking.

    The Chinese woman in the photo has very clean hair and skin for someone whos supposed to be broke and homeless lol.

    • terriblemovie

      Nanjing beggar owns 2 apartments.

  • She looks like an ordinary train rider to me…

  • Bman

    Just one more of the many reasons to move to Wuhan…

  • Brent

    I used to donate to these kinds of people because I felt bad. But then I realized that if I continue it, I will be bothered when I am walking the street or even just in the grocery store shopping. Do not encourage any type of this behavior!

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