Fried Rice Stall To Close After Huge Crowds Cause Disruption

Fried Rice Stall To Close After Huge Crowds Cause Disruption

An incredibly popular fried rice stall in Nanjing is to close after huge crowds caused so much disruption that police were called to deal with the problem. The stall opens from 12am – 5am, and often attracts crowds of 300-400 night owls who spill into the roads and cause traffic jams. The stall is a disturbance to local residents and even a health risk since a lot of scrap food ends up on the ground after the provided waste buckets are filled. Patrons were eager to get the vendor’s Weibo number in case he decides to set up elsewhere. One netizen said the man should open a shop.


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  • Foreign Devil

    what does he put nicoteine in it? Yeah definitely should open a proper restaurant and then restaurant franchise . who’d of thought fried rice could be such a hit?

  • lacompacida

    What ? A successful business ? Let’s close it down. We are socialists. We can’t have that.

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