Guangzhou Rated 3rd Least Friendly Place In The World

Guangzhou Rated 3rd Least Friendly Place In The World
The readers of a well-known luxury travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, have decided that Sydney is the friendliest place in the world to tourists, praising it by saying “there is nothing not to like about it”. However, Guangdong has been rated as the world’s 3rd least friendly place. One Chinese netizen thinks that this is drivel, the last time he traveled to Guangzhou on business everybody at the train station was extremely enthusiastic. Another netizen said that if they gave callous Beijing and xenophobic Shanghai a try, they’d know that Guangzhou is great.


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  • Wil

    Way off the mark with GZ. It’s great!

  • David

    Xenophobic Shanghai? It is the least xenophobic place in China. They hardly even stare at foreigners there. I have never done more than fly through Guangzhou but if you listen to the comments Chinese people make about it you would think it was the 9th circle of hell. Until a non-Chinese person/organization says anything against it that is, then it is paradise..

  • garbo

    Beijing should be number three. I always liked going to Guangzhou and Shanghai.

  • PeteMaverickMitchell

    Guangzhou is super friendly to everyone – both domestic and foreigners. Now, there’s not much to do there for the tourist, but it certainly doesn’t belong on this list.

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