Guinness Record For Most People Wrapping Dumplings

Guinness Record For Most People Wrapping Dumplings

Approximately ten thousand people from cities all over Heilongjiang have come together “to challenge the Guinness World Record for most people wrapping dumplings.” The oldest participant was 89 years old, and the youngest only 5. After 40 minutes of the challenge, 50000 dumplings were wrapped, and officials confirmed that while the dumplings were being wrapped there were 5448 participants, passing the Guinness world challenge. One netizen responded that this kind of world record breaking is useless, it’s just piling people together. Another said that these people have too much free time, it’s a waste of food, is it bad to donate to impoverished mountain areas?

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    is there is a hint of desperation about all these record attempts or is it more like the roaring twenties in ‘merica?

    • DC

      yes, they’re just out to have some fun and make a mark in the world..

  • Amused

    If nothing else I bet they got the Guinness World Record for most people wrapping dumplings who’ve never tasted a Guinness :D

  • biggj

    It was a trick…..This was just a free labor for some dumpling company.

    • Jahar

      They probably had to pay a fee to participate.

    • Jahar

      Oh another thing. I went home in Autumn and went to an apple orchard and ate a few apples. I took a picture of one and when I got back, I was telling my students about u-picks. Apparently you can do that in China, but it’s more expensive than just buying apples.

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