Harbin Police Discover New Drug Breaking Into the City

Harbin Police Discover New Drug Breaking Into the City

This May, Harbin’s anti-drug task force discovered a new drug being circulated around the city. The drug, which comes from Shanxi has a low production cost, is extremely addictive, and similar to Methamphetamine, overdoses can lead to hallucinations and loss of control. Because of the effects it has on long-term users, the drug has earned the nickname “Zombie Medicine”. In a recent raid, police were able to arrest 17 people suspected of drug distribution, and confiscate over 7 kilograms of “Zombie Medicine”, 300 grams of Methamphetamine, and completely eliminate a drug smuggling channel from Shanxi to Harbin.

Source: China.org.cn

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  • risotto

    The Walking Dead: Harbin!

  • Amused

    OMG! A drug that turns you into a two-faced blonde!!!!

  • crimsonarmor

    I bet they thought all the russains will buy it considering the idea from movies that many westerners use drugs right? is that why theres a western womans face and not a chinese womans face? lol

    • Mihel

      All the pictures in the original article are white junkies.

      Btw lol @ thinking they completely eliminated a drug smuggling channel just because 17 people got arrested, as if they knew exactly how many people were selling drugs on that area.

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