House Demolished By Government With Man Inside

House Demolished By Government With Man InsideThe government in Pingyi County Shandong moved a residence, sending a man to his death. Many government workers convened outside the back of this villager’s house, beating his wife and throwing her out of the house while burning him to death inside. Many of his relatives were aware of this fact, but they don’t know if this guy was forced to burn or did so voluntarily. The land the houses were on were only worth $60 per square ping, so the villagers didn’t want to move out and didn’t agree with the demolition. Netizens responded saying that this kind of disaster could be avoided, but people always pretend to be deaf-mutes.

Source: qq

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  • Necrogodomega

    Is this actually news? This happens like, what, all the fraggin time in the countryside? Even in the cities sometimes? People will be killed by the government for anything and most other citizens will do nothing and it will be totally forgotten in time. So this is more like everyday life instead of news.

  • Foreign Devil

    Stories like these are the same as stories of school shootings or child shootings in USA. . . We get tired of them and don’t care anymore. USA COULD have gun control and Chinese people COULD rise up against this. .but they don’t care enough and USA values “freedom to possess assault rifles” over freedom to live in safety.

    • Alex Dương
      • Foreign Devil

        They involve weapons designed for killing humans. . NOT for hunting game. All those weapons are illegal in more socially advanced countries. The assault weapons are common in mass school shootings.

        • Alex Dương

          So then don’t hide under the cover of “assault rifles.” If you are for a total ban on all firearms, except maybe for “hunting” (which BTW is not mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution), then say so.

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