Hunnan Man Buys 1 Share of Stock, Earns 100,000,000 RMB

Hunnan Man Buys 1 Share of Stock, Earns 100,000,000 RMB

Zhu Yong, one of the first people in Hunan to begin speculating in the stock market, quit his job when he was 19 to speculate full time, and has been studying and playing the stock marked ever since.In 1997 he purchased one share of Renfu Medicine stock for 8000 RMB. 19 years later, it is worth over 100,000,000 RMB.Netizens were skeptical of the story, and the man’s advice, with one highly rated commenter saying “There’s no way that real, valuable investment information would be shared online,” and “This advertisement is over the top, really.”.

Source: Netease

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  • Dannisi

    1997 + 19 = 2016, so next year it will be worth that much? Even when the Shanghai stock market has fallen 30% in 3 weeks? I think the government needed some positive propaganda because they are scared as hell that everyone loses faith in the Chinese stock market.

  • Amused

    Reads as a BS fluff piece designed to get people’s minds off the fact that everyone who invested in the Chinese markets is losing their shirts at the moment.

  • Maybe he is launching a “How to” book or online course…
    capitalizing on all those wannabee millionaires and he will make more money than he ever did with his investing skills.
    Remember all those buy property for no money down 10-20 years ago?
    There will always be some new version of “Snake Oil”

    • Amused

      Oooooo snake oil!
      Will this brand make hair grow on Yul Brenner’s head and give me an erection that last for longer than 4 hours? lolz

      • Yes, of course, it is a magical elixir, a panacea of all woes and troubles, a remedy for every malcontent
        BUT, you will not be saved unless you send me $5000 right now and continue to buy one unit every day
        and then I can guarantee you salvation and joy….friend

        • Amused

          Sounds awesome and groovalicious man! If my wig starts falling out or my junk malfunctions, you’re the first snake oil salesman I’m calling :D

  • Foreign Devil

    what stock share costs 8000 RMB in 1997?? Even Bernanke’s stock didn’t cost that much in ’97 I don’t think.

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