Japan: Chinese Tourists Are Noisy, Cut in Line, Litter

Japan- Chinese Tourists Are Noisy, Cut in Line, Litter

Recently, A Japanese magazine published an article describing the bad habits of Chinese tourists as they flock to Japan for the flower season. The article claimed that at flower parks across the country one can find Chinese tourists cutting in lines, drinking alcohol where it is prohibited, talking loudly and in general ignoring local customs. Many netizens were ashamed with the behaviour of their countrymen, saying things like “If they don’t let you bring in alcohol, then why do you still ask? Did a donkey kick you in the head? You should follow the rules of whatever country you’re in. Do you think you’re still in China?”

Source: Netease

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  • Teacher in China

    In other news, the sun is still hot, and water is still wet.

    • Roger

      And Chinese Tourists are still the worst, as usual. You can get the Chinese out of China, but the opposite proved impossible.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      And losers still flock to 3rd world countries.

      • Teacher in China


      • Bman

        Or they travel the world and get a better sense of who they are and what life is about…
        But then again my experiences taught me to be an optimist.
        Perhaps if you stopped dating your cousins and met some more worldly people you’d get that sense of positivity too :)

  • DC

    Japanese AV is the best….drool..

  • Amanda…you forgot to include
    defecation in public (on sidewalks, trains, Ikea, KFC trays)

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