Jealous Shorty Takes His Revenge on Height Comparing Tall Men

Jealous Shorty Takes His Revenge on Height Comparing Tall Men

Three males were hospitalized after being caught comparing their height in the toilet of a Shenzhen bar after a jealous “vertically challenged” knife wielder caught them in the act. The situation, which began as a verbal altercation, initially seemed to be innocuous after bar security intervened to reconcile and the offender bought them a round of drinks. However, not long after the guy turned a knife on them. The three were treated for knife wounds inflicted to their back and shoulders, but after spending over 20,000 RMB on treatment, their money ran out and are now sharing the same hospital bed.

Source: Netease

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  • 250

    Knife wounds to shoulders? How did he reach?

  • NondescriptRG

    Wait, what? Sharing the same hospital bed? What kind of bar was that exactly?

  • mr.wiener

    What the actual f*ck……

  • good thing i dont have problems like this im medium height and very ugly so people take pity on me

  • Dolph Grunt

    Comparing their height in the public toilet?

    You sure it was height and not length?

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