Lesbian Couple Confess Love, Prayed For By Buddhist Master

Lesbian Couple Confess Love, Prayed For By Buddhist Master

A lesbian couple of the Tujia ethnic group in Hunan who confessed their love at Baofeng Lake in Zhangjiajie had a prayer made for them by the local temple’s Buddhist master. The couple said they had a boost of confidence after hearing that same sex marriages had been approved in America, encouraging them to make their confession and make a lifelong vow in the name of true love. Finally feeling liberated, they said they would face any criticism and look after one another. One netizen said although he wasn’t against male homosexuality, upon seeing the two lesbians’ picture he had to oppose them.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Yay! Go team Hot Lesbians!
    Someone’s got to make my favorite kind of movies :)

    • guest

      In a Beijing Uniqio dressing room.

    • mr.wiener

      Apparently some guy is in favor or gay guys getting married ,but not lesbian
      …………Still trying to get my head around that.

      • David

        100% chance he is way in the closet.

      • Bman

        Simple; more gay guys equals more available women~

  • DC

    so was he praying for their salvation or for their continued bliss??

    • David

      It seemed like it was a positive experience, so I would guess bliss.

  • DD Bear!

    to be frank, if rich enough, really no need to marry anyone.
    as my mom says, most men in street are too ugly.

    • Bman

      So, your Mom thinks any man who is ‘in street,’ which basically means outside, is ugly? So the handsome guys are…in jail?
      Did you think Mom is a lesbian?

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