Leukemia Patient Gets Surgery In Dubai, Studies, Pays Debt

Leukemia Patient Gets Surgery In Dubai, Studies, Pays Debt

Because a female suffering from leukemia in Hubei has “panda blood” (Rh factor), it is extremely hard to find a bone marrow transplant partner. After receiving many different kinds of help, she finally found the secretary of a Sheik in Dubai who was a successful match and flew to Dubai for surgery. Because she was in Dubai, she was short 2000000 RMB in medical fees, while recovering she studied and gained entrance to the University of Dubai, where she worked four jobs and paid back her debt in two years. Netizens think that only working part time jobs and still making enough money to pay back over 2000000 RMB means that living in Dubai must be pretty profitable. Other people said that in their next life they’d like to enter a womb in Dubai.

Source: Netease

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  • joq

    theres no debt forgiveness in dubai so it was either that or face capital punishment

  • vonskippy

    “Other people said that in their next life they’d like to enter a womb in Dubai.”

    Are chinese people that stupid to believe that living in a repressed Country like the UAE is a step up from living in China? Bwahahahahahahahahaaha – what a bunch of twits.

    • Mihel

      UAE is probably the only place I would ever consider living in in middle east.
      Not that I’ve ever considered the thought of moving to middle east.

  • mr.wiener

    The next generation in Dubai might not be as affluent. that said. this is quite a story..

  • i wish to go there too!
    i can sell chinese products, i can cook chinese food, i can teach chinese, i can……

    • David

      . . . . marry rich Dubai man?

      • first i need to get chance to go there, hahaha!

  • Foreign Devil

    Dubai is a one industry town and all the younger generation have become lazy and entitled. Things can only go downhill from here for Dubai.

    • mr.wiener

      ” My greatgrandfather rode a camel, my grandfather rode a Jeep, his son, my father rode a rolls Royce. I drive a Ferrari.,, but my great grandson will ride a camel again.”

      • vonskippy

        Interesting quote – where’s it from?

    • Vance

      Just ask one industry town Detroit.

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