Man Opens His Own China Construction Bank

Man Opens His Own China Construction BankA man named Mr. Zhang opened his own fake “Construction Bank” in Shandong, which didn’t charge any fees for service. One man put 40,000 into this bank but quickly realized that the bank only keeps his money, it won’t let him withdraw any of it. He called the police immediately who arrested Mr. Zhang and brought him to the police station. Some netizens think he is 牛逼 (niubi) because he’s crazy enough to open his own bank, but many others think he’s just an idiot.

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  • Necrogodomega

    Is this the second time a fake bank has made the news? Or is this just rehashed news?

    • mr.wiener

      It is the second one, the first was much more successful.

  • jin

    Yep just a huge idiot, atleast run! The moment you received some money.

  • DD Bear!

    hahahaha, this is so funny!

  • WghUk

    Are there no planning laws in China?

  • Percival

    This guy deserves a medal for sticking it to the man. Take from the rich…and keep it all for yourself.

  • Jie Ming

    In China, there are plenty of copycats. Making fake watches, phones and now enough fake bank. Steady!

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