Man Tries To Sell Off Ancient Ebony Haul, Police Intercept

Man Tries To Sell Off Ancient Ebony Haul, Police Intercept

A man from Huizhou who salvaged an estimated 27 ton haul of 1000 year-old ebony from the bottom of the of the Dongjiang River was prevented from selling it off by police. Mr. Lin had heard fishermen mentioning that they often bump into wood under the water, and talked with them about a salvage operation. After dredging out a total of 44 logs with the use of employed divers, a barge other machinery, Mr. Lin was in contact with a client when police intervened. An expert from Guangdong Archaeology Research Institute is assessing the find. Netizens were annoyed the state had made another claim.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    I can understand the government seizing shit you found on public property unless you worked out a recovery agreement with them. The ones I don’t get are where they grab something someone found on their own land. Those tend to bring home the fact that people can’t REALLY own anything here

  • WghUk

    Yup, everything belongs to the state. As long as it’s worth money.

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