Master’s Student Passes Up Beautiful Rich Boss’ Advances

Master’s Student Passes Up Beautiful Rich Boss’ Advances

A 27-year-old master’s student named Mr. Wang found a job in order to help pay for college. After doing this job for some time he found out that his pretty 29-year-old boss from a rich family had feelings for him. The feelings weren’t mutual and he quit, but much to his surprise his boss continued to confess her feelings via messages, all of which received negative responses from him. This strategy proved ineffective, so he ended up calling the police. Many citizens believe this is a missed opportunity, and have invited his boss to call them instead.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Photos rather than stock would have been nice.

    • Absolutely, If the boss looked like this girl, then the guy must be a homosexual

      • “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

      • tomoe723

        How can you be so sure that the guy is homosexual even if the boss was stunningly beautiful? There are a whole lot of other circumstances that a student like this who pays for his own college from working would decline such advances. For one, he probably thinks he cannot afford such relationship. Or more lofty reasons, incompatible values.

        • Realist

          Maybe he’s not gay; maybe he had a hotter woman keeping a tight leash on him, but anyway, look at that (stock) photo. Relationship or not, if you’re single, heterosexual, and don’t want any of that, time to consult the doctor about testosterone therapy.

          • tomoe723

            Haha okay. I guess you only know that kind of reality.

        • Bman

          She’s rich = compatible values.
          Lofty reasons my ass. Let’s face reality here in the Middle Kingdom. Just the fact that we’re reading about such highly personal drivel is bizarre and serves some monetary purpose I’m sure.

          • tomoe723

            I beg to differ! If you’d read the article and considered the guy’s background, girls like those are usually fickle and walking timebombs. I’ve known guys with similar backgrounds and who aren’t gay yet took a pass at such a tempting offer. Not everything is about money you know. Most especially to guys like that.

          • Bman

            Of course, money isn’t everything. That’s a strongly held belief of mine.
            But he is Chinese, and I’ve seen that money IS (usually) everything in China. That’s why we are reading this story; because monetary morality is so rare that for this to happen is actually news worthy.

            This story is made up (fake) to look like he’s a guy with morals in the land of the lost. Why else would we be reading such utter nonsense?

            Everything is a distraction to make us forget that the rich own all and leave us with toxic water, land and air in their quest for even more. We debate drivel, searching for a glimmer of hope, because hope is tenuous at best.

          • tomoe723

            But aren’t you just projecting those stereotypes on Chinese people. More often than not, guys in those particular backgrounds hardly fall for those types of girls. It’s not so much about morals, but more on stability of mind and determination of outlook. Girls like those only serve as distractions to their goals in life.

            “Everything is a distraction to make us forget that the rich own all and leave us with toxic water, land and air in their quest for even more. We debate drivel, searching for a glimmer of hope, because hope is tenuous at best.”

            That’s a very grim look on the society you live in. Don’t bother too much about the rich and don’t think too much about other people’s business. I just mind my own life.

          • Bman

            Yes, I understand. He’s probably, were he to really exist, a better kind of guy. But he is definitely rare.

            I was much more wary of projecting this stereotype before. After 11 years, I accept it as reality. My morality and local morality just aren’t the same. Not saying one is better, they’re just very different. I’ve met enough people to know that cases of chasing money ahead of love are common. And many times it’s a chase made to satisfy Mom’s craving for cash (stability). That’s wrong to me, but seems like it’s common news here. Unlike a guy passing on the money; that makes the media.

            As for the state of the world; ignoring reality doesn’t make it go away. I guess what you’re really saying is that you’re too busy/scared/uncaring to fight for a better society. Or to even acknowledge the existence of so many problems because that might dampen your sunny day. So to be happy you ignore our condition. That’s Ok too; enjoy the matrix. Many argue that blissful ignorance is a better way to live. Just don’t expect everyone to ignore injustice so easily. Not all of us can.


          • tomoe723

            But he isn’t so rare once you take into consideration the man’s background. It becomes the usual response from those types of guys.

            There’s a big difference between ignoring reality and minding your own business. If I bother too much about the rich and whatever follies they may be doing, I’d only bring myself more disappointment comparing what I would do if I were in their shoes.

            There are so many problems in the world but you can’t hope to shoulder them all, now can you. That brings a lot of misery and sadness. Rather than ignore reality, I’ve come to accept it, and I’ve also accepted the limits of what I can do. So I do my best to solve my own problems first before I begin to even worry about others. It sounds rather selfish but from my experience, it’s difficult to help others when you can’t even help yourself. And attempting to help out of pity or sympathy will do more harm than good.

    • donscarletti

      Pretty sure the party involved would not consent to it. Hot rich girls do not enjoy having their failed romantic advances shared online and neither do their fathers.

      • mr.wiener

        More’s the pity.

  • zachary T

    wow, sounds like the plot of a movie. feel bad for the guy. If he wasn’t interested, he wasn’t interested.

  • Paul Schoe

    I realize that it is not fair to critizise when people are working hard to keep a website running. But many of us used to visit Chinasmack several times a week and the pubished comments gave us a glance in how Chinese netizens word their opinions.

    But from reading real netizen’s opinions to reading: ” Many citizens believe this is a missed opportunity, and have invited his boss to call them instead.“, is a lot less interesting and doesn’t really give an insight in how Chinese people comment on the internet.

    I am sorry that Chinasmack was not able to continue the way it was and that this apparently became the only financial viable alternative.

    • takasar1

      chinese people comment like all others. one or two snarky, well-worded comments, followed by vulgar humour.

  • Amused

    Let’s hear what his mother has to say about the matter :)

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah no shit. I bet she’s behind the whole thing. She already had a girl picked out for him and put a kybosh on the boss lady situation.

  • pretty is real pretty here????

  • WghUk

    Wise guy, he knew the relationship with the rich girl obviously wouldn’t last long.

  • James

    love is a fickle matter. that girl must be hurting right now.

  • Peter Pottinger

    He understood that rich hot girls just want to say they can have anything they want and once gotten will throw it to the trash and onto the next thing.

  • Bman

    So this is news? Some probably fake story about a guy who is so morally correct that society is saved by this hero’s brave actions over the rich temptress? I’d love a history on this article’s source. Geesh…

    • Bman

      Excellent comment Bman. Your ability to call bullshit lies unparalleled. I believe you should be the next king of the world. Great hair btw.

  • redlobster

    I see a new K-Drama on the horizon.

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