Medical University Dog Experiments Uncovered

Medical University Dog Experiments Uncovered

According to an announcement from the Weibo of the “Xi’An Altruistic Aid Team”, the Xi’An Medical School North campus is suspected to have a large amount of dog “experimentation” underway. Abandoned dogs’ mouths were found tied shut using bandages or adhesive plaster, and their bodies are covered in bruises, the majority of their bellies have what are suspected to be surgical scars, and are still bleeding. The site of the suspected experiment still has about 20 dogs still tied up using iron chains. The most popular netizen comment read “medical schools doing experiments I can understand, but after it’s over a dog can nevertheless be given euthanasia and then buried! Where was medical morality willfully abandoned?” Another netizen puzzlingly commented: “Chinese people who want to Japan for fun should see this to be reminded that our countrymen were experimented on using bacteria by the Japanese, which was a hundred times worse than these dogs!”

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  • Toasty

    Sigh….. Many Chinese are blessed with a magical power of mental gymnastics to connect any topic to Japanese atrocities. I know this is exactly what the wumao’s are trained to do, but for f**ks sake, can’t they just see something bad for what it is? Why do they have to justify it by saying the Japanese did worse (70 years ago!!!)? Making excuses for terrible behavior doesn’t lead to improvement!

    • mr.wiener

      True this cruelty is stupid and barbaric anywhere.
      Throwing misguided nationalism into the mix and bringing up old grievances is stupid also and entirely pointless.

  • Necrogodomega

    Yeah, but actually medical doctors in China are often called out because they have zero medical ethics. So I guess this is how they learn that…terrible.

    Also, with the advances of medical knowledge (everywhere else, not in China obviously) are live dog experiments even needed? Aren’t there thousands of books about everything needed? Also, couldn’t they just experiment on deceased creatures?

    • KamikaziPilot

      Too little information to say if this experiment was legitimate or not. If all you needed was books there wouldn’t be some of the advances in medicine since you wouldn’t be able to experiment with living animals. Ex. pigs are used for battlefield medical experiments in other countries. Is using pigs and having them suffer to save humans lives ethical? How about using rats to find a cure for paralysis? I think the condition of the dogs after they were used causes a knee jerk reaction in some people but really animals are used for medical experiments in other places too.

      • Necrogodomega

        Well, in today’s world it’s not really needed. Computers can give out way more results with way more details in a much faster time than chopping up some animals. Also, it’s unlikely they were doing anything amazing surgery wise. Nothing revolutionary I’d easily wager. Therefore, yes, books or working with corpses would be just as effective.

        Also, you’re right, the after testing treatment is disgraceful and disgusting. There isn’t any reason in all the whole wide Earth to just butcher anything and just leave it around to suffer.

        • KamikaziPilot

          Okay if computers are all that’s needed why do researchers still need animals? You’re making a lot of assumptions on this particular case, such as assuming the researchers have the technology you speak of available to them, though of course you could be right. I still think it’s a knee-jerk reaction just because they were dogs and they were found in this condition. Maybe it would have been better if they cremated the dogs instead of leaving them for others to find and photograph them.

          • Necrogodomega

            It’s the ethics. As I stated. There isn’t any reason to abuse them so much then throw them away alive to suffer slowly and die. It’s fragging barbaric. It’s not a matter of dogs or not. ANY ANIMAL shouldn’t be abused in this manner.

            Also, the person below me I know drugs are tested on live animals. We all know that. It’s terrible and people have for many years been fighting against it, because IT”S NOT NEEDED.

            But no matter what this story isn’t about drug testing or finding some awesome life saving transplant skills. Because that would have been mentioned as it would have been something people would have probably backed. This is just like, well, chop up this live dog and try not to kill it. That’s practice for real life. Which is stupid and not at all how real doctors get trained.

          • KamikaziPilot

            How do you know the animals were treated differently than research animals in other countries? I can see the dogs still tied up in iron chains would be unnecessarily cruel but where does it say the dogs were treated worse than in other countries? I don’t see anything in this article that says that. The only difference that we can be sure of is that the animals were disposed of in public and someone took pictures of them. Everything else you’re just speculating. So what exactly is your issue with this situation? Is it that animals were used for testing or is it the way the dogs were disposed of? If it’s that animals were used I think there’s way too little information in this article to judge whether it was necessary or not or what the dogs went through during the testing were any worse than what other countries practice. If it’s the condition the dogs were found in you have a point but even then it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction. I guess it would have been better if the dogs were cremated or buried.

          • Necrogodomega

            I have found you on several topics to take a very curious stance. You’re either defending or attacking different things that logically wouldn’t be reacted to in such a manner.

            It’s not a “knee-jerk” reaction to be upset by the treatment of these animals (or ANY ANIMAL TESTING ANYWHERE IN ANY COUNTRY). It’s cruel and callous behavior.

            As to why I think they were not use for just “testing” like for lipstick is the incision marks look more like surgery marks. Which is pointless since Humans and Canines have vastly different biological make up. Even if it’s a vet school, the use of live dogs is also pretty pointless since they were just going to be toss on the side of the street to die anyways. Use corpses (as is usual for surgery practice).

            Also, you seem to kind of be avoiding several clarifications I’ve been trying to make and sticking to your stance that it’s just a childish way to react. Like it’s totally cool to just butcher whatever we want for whatever we want cause frag them right? We’re the kings of the fraggin world or something.

            Look bub, I’ve said it several time, this level of mistreat of any kind of animal is barbaric. I don’t care what country is doing it. As for my first statement of Chinese doctors lacking medical knowledge is based on the hundreds of stories of such things and some very first hand experience with horrible doctors in China.

          • KamikaziPilot

            “You’re either defending or attacking different things that logically wouldn’t be reacted to in such a manner.” I don’t agree with that statement and without any examples I don’t know why you’ve come to that conclusion. Your logic must be very different than mine.

            I see you said that it’s cruel and callous behavior with regard to “ANY ANIMAL TESTING ANYWHERE IN ANY COUNTRY” so I’m guessing all countries that practice animal testing are being barbaric and animal testing should NEVER be allowed. Okay if that’s your stance just don’t single out China or Chinese doctors since other countries practice this too.

            Your third paragraph is SPECULATION. Besides, I’m not interested in debating whether using live animals was necessary or not in this particular case. Either you’re against using live animals for experimentation or not. I take it you don’t think live animals should be used for experimentation at any time, which is fine. If that’s what you believe there’s no need to debate whether it was “necessary” since ALL animal experimentation is unnecessary and should NEVER happen.

            I’m not saying it’s a childish reaction, I’m saying it’s knee-jerk, there’s a difference. Do you think the average person would have the same reaction when they see this picture and story as compared to just reading a similar story about how pigs are used to stimulate amputations on the battlefield but without pictures? I never said it’s cool, I said that other countries do it also so why single out China.

            I also think that doctors in China are not on par as far as knowledge or even ethics compared to first world countries but I think that’s common knowledge. So if you don’t think animal experimentation is needed and it’s barbaric fine, criticize that aspect, just don’t say things like:
            “Yeah, but actually medical doctors in China are often called out because they have zero medical ethics. So I guess this is how they learn that…terrible.”

          • Necrogodomega

            Bub, There have been several articles on CS that have show Chinese docs that have extremely low or totally lacking ethics. If you can read Chinese then you’d see there are TONS of articles in the Chinese net about that too.

            That’s sometimes why docs get attacked by people. Cause they do something totally unethical (sometimes, not all attacks are like that and several the docs are not at fault). Unethical Chinese docs isn’t news, you’re very right. We all know they exist (as unethical people can be found in all aspects of Chinese life where money seems to be involved). Not every Chinese is bad, not every doc is bad…but it shouldn’t be necessary for me to state it in such a way. Commonly when reading such things it’s taken in that aspect.

            Also, why single out China? Cause this is China Smack..about China. The story is about a Chinese medical school. It’s about China, Chinese and there you have it. So I commented about the article. It’s clear yeah? I made it clear as well that such behavior in any country is barbaric. So there you have it.

            Also, you’re surely running a different kind of logic than most people. It’s not a “knee jerk” reaction. If such a story was posted in pretty much any country people would be up in arms and that entire school would be under investigation. Let’s not kid anyone here ok? This event would be huge in most countries. Here it’s kinda like a footnote.

            Finally you keep bringing up pigs (why?). Has anything I’ve said made you think that I feel that treatment of those pigs is ok? Surely it’s not. It’s also barbaric. Yet the article wasn’t about that, so I didn’t make any reference to it. I made a broad general statement that any such animal cruelty (which it all surely is) isn’t ok in my book.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Speaking of logic I don’t know why you can’t answer a simple question without beating around the bush. I keep asking you the simple question of: Are you criticizing this situation because of the animal testing itself (you feeling it unnecessary and barbaric) or because of the conditions the animals were found in and the suffering they look like they went through? Haven’t received an answer yet.

          • Necrogodomega

            I answered, you just didn’t glean it.

            1. I am fully criticizing the situation because animal testing is barbaric and unnecessary.

            2. Because even after the testing the way the animals were treated afterwards is totally inhumane and monstrous.

            3. “The suffering they look like they went thorough” (your words). What do you mean looks like, they obviously suffered and were still suffering as per what was reported in the article. Such things are unethical, inhumane and show a complete lack of anything warranting a “doctor”.

            Clear enough now?

          • KamikaziPilot

            Yes so ALL countries that perform tests on animals in the name of science are equally guilty, as ALL animal testing is unnecessary and barbaric according to your views. I just wish you said this earlier, could have saved a lot of time.

    • guest

      If you knew how the drug industry works then you would know this. The final answer taking away the argument of non-animal testing vs animal testing, is that the drug regulations of xx country require NEW drugs to be tested on animals before they they are passed onto human trials. So even with years and 1000s of books etc etc the law says that you have to.

      Granted the medical tests done here may not be for drug discovery.

    • Vance

      I got the impression this was for training students, like cutting up (dead) frogs in biology class for study.

      • Necrogodomega

        I gather it may have been something like that, but why were they alive? I mean usually corpses are used for such things.

        Also, even if they needed to be alive for some reason, the after care treatment is beyond the pale.

        • Vance

          That article didn’t say and I have no idea why they were alive. But yes, using animals in the lab is sometimes necessary, even when it me lead to the animal’s death, but to leave them to suffer like that when a simple whack with a club would have ended their suffering. My personal opinion is that these particular people cared so little about the fact that these were live animals that they just simply threw them away in the discard pile on the roof after the activity was done in the same way they threw away the rubber gloves that were (I assume) after they finished with them. It just didn’t occur to them to take the time to “end their suffering”.

  • ChuckRamone

    what the hell is wrong with these people? sick fucks.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Are you referring to the animal experimentation itself? Are you questioning the need for experimentation on live animals in this particular case? Or are you questioning the conditions that these animals were found in? Because I assure you China is not alone in experimenting on animals for “legitimate” medical research.

      • ChuckRamone

        There are ethical standards in most places for lab animals that are clearly not being met here. Maybe China doesn’t follow those standards but they should because this is cruel and unusual.

        • KamikaziPilot

          I don’t think you can make that judgment without a lot more information. You do know that pigs are blown apart while still alive to stimulate battlefield wounds by American researchers right. Sure there may be written ethics but I’m not going to pretend in this case China is so much worse than other countries.

          • Vance

            I think one of the netizens quoted stated that euthanasia should at least be used instead of letting them slowly die on the roof.

          • KamikaziPilot

            The article doesn’t say they were left to die slowly on the roof, although some might interpret it that way. If that was indeed the case then yes, the dogs should have been euthanized after the experiment was done. No need to let the dogs suffer unnecessarily.

          • Vance

            I had read an expanded take on this on Shanghaiist and that does seem the case. The university was asked about euthanizing the animals. They said they did not have the facilities to do so.

  • Mihel

    Most animals who aren’t pets that come in contact with humans are treated as if they were less than objects.
    This issue is much deeper than “chinese people disrespecting animals”, it’s more like “humankind everywhere in the world disrespecting animals”.

    • Vance

      If that is found to happen here, those responsible are arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Something like that would entail at least hefty fines, maybe jail time, and the institution having their licenses revoked. There are people everywhere who disrespect animals, but I know that in some places, those people are treated like the scumbags they are. The disturbing thing to me is that this is not some back alley dog fighting ring, but an accredited university.

      • Mihel

        It’s not that simple. We are the ones who arbitrarily decide what is animal cruelty an what is not. Like plucking geese alive for Moncler padded jackets is ok, but extracting bear bile for TCM is not.
        Some forms of animal cruelty are socially accepted, like the way we (humans, not pointing finger at any culture in particular) treat livestock.

  • sean

    Nothing wrong with using animals to train doctors, but there i a humane way to do it and a barbaric way to do it.

    Suffice to say, I’m not shocked by the route chosen by this university.

  • sylvia

    The brutal the ruler, the brutal the people. China was ruled by absolute barbarism for 5000 years. Take a good look at Hebei, first the mongols invaded china, for chinese couples who just got married, the first night, the wife belongs to the mongols war lord instead of the chinese husband. then the Manchu came, the Manchu was MUCH MUCH MUCH worse than the mongols. Hebei got basically burned down to the ground by the Manchus. But mongols or manchu, none of them came close to the Japanese. back in ww2, Hebei was the most important railway system in china. If you take control of the railway system in Hebei, you basically take over china. So in order to take over Hebei, Japanese killed whoever got in their way. After world war 2 ended, Hebei’s population decreased by over 60 percent.

    So why are the chinese people this terrible? well…. u have to look at the people who ruled china.

    If the king is a kind king, then the people will be kind also. but if the emperor, and in this case also the invaders are brutal rulers, then the chinese will also be brutal people.

    5000 years without any form of freedom. tough!

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