Mistress of Former Party Secretary Pleads for Leniency

Mistress of Former Party Secretary Pleads for Leniency

Xu Qiulin, mistress of a former Party Secretary, was charged with bribing the former chief of Jieyang Transportation Bureau with 2.37 million RMB to obtain a road-building contract for her construction company. Xu admitted to the bribery and recounted tearfully, “I have six children and their fathers have all been arrested.” She pleaded for leniency to be shown to disgraced Party Secretary Chen Hongping, who fathered two of her children. A netizen responds, “She gave birth to six children?! The relevant departments must have overlooked something.”

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Six kids by different daddies?

    • donscarletti

      Five daddies at most, given Chen Hongping fathered two of them. But given that they are all arrested, it does make one assume that they were fathered in much the same circumstances.

      I simply do not understand why one would want to impregnate such a woman. Her body could hardly be hot after 6 kids. Maybe they are just turned on by shooting their DNA around and perpetuating their own lineage, but what is the use of such a lineage if it is descended from and raised by such a cheap slut?

      • Amused

        Worst part is she sounds like an EXPENSIVE slut.
        I mean if you’re “Boldly going where many men have gone before” And paying thru the nose for the privilege…. Well, that’s just sad.

        • donscarletti

          In a country where you can spend ¥2000 to fuck a 22 year old babe with a narrow, nulliparous reproductive tract, it simply doesn’t make economic sense.

          However, even though she is an expensive slut, she was paid for through the national coffers and not out of their own pockets, which a bona fide, respectable whore would certainly be. So I suppose this was part of the decision making process.

          • Amused

            You do have a point; free booty is generally good booty. And hey, if the government is buying, you gotta take advantage of the sale I suppose…
            I think I’d be seeing if I could cash my coupons in with that 22yo nulliparous you were talking about tho. But then I’ve always been an ambitious freebooter.

          • mr.wiener

            Maybe she has an adventurous mind.

    • fdawei

      @Amused. Had you read the article carefuilly you would have seen this:” She pleaded for leniency to be shown to disgraced Party Secretary Chen Hongping, who fathered two of her children.”

      • Amused

        No shit Sherlock;)
        Had you read “Six kids by different daddies?” carefully you’d have seen I didn’t say “Six kids by six different daddies?”.
        I can understand the confusion if you were tired or something when you read it; it is pretty close to having a different meaning.

  • Foreign Devil

    Not many Chinese mistresses own their own construction company. . I assume she inherited from one of her corrupt jailed ex husbands.

  • i admire this kinda women. at least they win the game with men. their lives are not wasted and abused by poor losers.

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