Netizens React To 9.11 Cancer Victim News

Netizens React To 9.11 Cancer Victim News

Latest official statistics have revealed that over 3700 personnel involved in the rescue and clean-up operation following the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center have been confirmed to have contracted cancer. The figure includes participating firemen (2110 personnel), policemen, and environmental protection workers but not ordinary residents who have also contracted the disease. A chief cause is most likely to be the huge quantities of pulverized asbestos. Many Chinese netizens showed respect for the firefighters and opposed terrorism, with one even questioning if Bush got cancer too.

Source: qq

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  • Amused

    We can only WISH Bush would get cancer too.

    • David

      What an incredibly ignorant comment.

      • Amused

        Not really. Unless you know a way I can magically give the man cancer, I’m stuck with wishing.
        Of course you may feel he was a brilliant statesman and all, and you are quite entitled to your opinion, and I respect that.
        But that doesn’t change the fact that those of us who think he’s a retarded inbreeder who besmirched our country’s honor and/or international reputation are stuck WISHING(I’m assuming here that these hypothetical people are law abiding and not wizards or student of Professor X) that really bad shit would happen to him.

        EDIT; wish I had some emojis so I could paste a big cheesy grin here as notice I’m just having fun man ;D

        • David

          Even if you think he was the worst president ever, why would you say such a mean thing? Lots of presidents I detest but would never say that.

          • Brian

            There’s nothing wrong with hatred. Why is it so terrible to wish death on others?

          • Amused

            Well bro, its possible I’m just a mean person,(I mean my wife IS always hitting me on the back of the head and telling me to be nicer to people). Or it could be that I’m abnormally offended by his actions and am thusly rather impatient for karma to grab him by the short and curlies. I dunno.

            But I do know I despise that retard(and yes probably to an unhealthy degree). Tell you what. I’ll work on my tolerance and stuff man, but no promises on his account.

  • Vance

    God rest all the souls of the victims and help those with cancer from exposure to the asbestos.

  • sorry to hear this!

  • Foreign Devil

    Is that number higher than the normal rate of cancer of aging people which is very high in the USA? If the rescuers where 40 at that time they would be over 55 years of age now.

    • Jahar

      It’s gotta be man. 2000 firefighters got cancer? How many would there have had to be for that to be the normal amount to get cancer?

    • Brian

      Yeah breathing disintegrated office buildings is bad for your health, apparently.

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