Reality Show Broadcasts to be Restricted, Netizens Displeased

Reality Show Broadcasts to be Restricted, Netizens Displeased

Rumours have circulated that The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television intends to restrict the broadcast of reality shows such that each satellite service may only transmit one season of one show per year. Additionally, the content must reflect the lives of ordinary people and not exaggerate or fake reality. It’s thought that SARFT does not approve of the currently popular slew of celebrity based reality shows, and prefer more down to earth ‘working class hero’ material. Netizens complained this would worsen the lack of quality TV, with one saying that soon only ads would be approved.

Source: Netease

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  • donscarletti

    Honestly, I do find myself siding with “the man” a lot with these issues. “Running Man” (奔跑兄弟) is shit and the celebrities on it tend to be the “famous for being famous” type, rather than actors who have been in good movies or musicians who have successful careers. This is not to say I would kick Angela Baby out of bed for farting, but still, all around pretty crap.

    • mr.wiener

      Same in Taiwan.. makes “Hey hey it’s Saturday” look interlectual by comparrison.

    • Jahar

      It’s just a copy of Korean crap. They can only make so many “historical” dramas. They need some ideas.

      • donscarletti

        The amusing thing is that whether positive or negative, everyone in the west has an opinion on China. Everyone can name a Chinese dish, can name two or three Chinese cities, people know what “kung fu” is, maybe can name a few Chinese actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Chow Yung Fat etc.

        On the other hand, most westerners could not find either Korea on the map, don’t know that Tai Kwan Do is Korean, mostly don’t know the name of the capital of either Korea and surely no other city, can’t name a Korean food and know no Korean performer before Psy. Nobody follows their stupid esports and think their domestic computer games like Lineage, Aion and Blade & Soul are shallow and stupid. Maybe they even think Hyundai is made by Japanese who’s grades were not good enough to get jobs at Toyota… who knows?

        The irony is, China, with all of its cultural, economic and military presence, is just so in awe of Korea. Not just the sissy guy on “day day up”, but boy bands, copying shitty “Where are we going dad?” and “Running Man” and other such things. It’s really lame.

        • Foreign Devil

          uh I guess if you go to Koreasmack you will find people who know lot’s a bout Korea and are very interested in it. This is China smack.

        • terriblemovie

          Chinas military presence is viewed negatively throughout the world. Chinas economic presence is viewed mostly as a double edged sword(both good and bad). Chinas cultural presence is viewed as uncool and lame by the rest of the world. I wouldn’t consider it ironic that China copies Korea considering everything you listed is far worse in China compared to Korea.

          • donscarletti

            Chinese cultural presence is not completely considered un-cool, just its pop culture. Action movies and video games will often have a scene in Hong Kong or Shanghai (e.g. Batman Begins and Dark Knight both feature China prominently) as well as China themed casinos, amusement park rides, western movies wholly set in China (like Kung-fu Panda, Mulan and arguably Aladdin).

            Kung-Fu movies have also had a decent sized following in the west for over 40 years, many household names like Jacky Chan come out of the genre.

          • terriblemovie

            The examples you listed(batman begins, dark knight, kung fu panda, mulan) are all examples of western culture. In the case of the batman series, it made China look pathetic. Hong Kong is ultra corrupt and the Chinese villain is a greedy coward and weakling who is hastily killed off by the joker in a very gruesome manner. If anything, it made asians as a whole look lame; which is rather typical of Hollywood.

            I don’t think anyone these days consider Kung Fu movies cool. They pretty much died out in the 90s. Jackie Chan is almost 60.

    • terriblemovie

      Chinese version of Running Man is god awful. You take a bunch of pretentious celebrities and let them out ego each other. Then you call it a show.

      I don’t get China. Usually when Koreans or Japanese copy something, they make it even better. Chinese copying on the other hand always makes things infinitely worse.

  • Amused

    “worsen the lack of quality TV”…..
    Someone please tell me this isn’t possible.

    • Vance

      That was also the thought that crossed my mind, if reality shows are their quality tv, they’ve got a problem.

  • WghUk

    If television showed only programmes about ordinary people’s lives people won’t watch TV anymore. Humans naturally seek new information and ideas to enhance their lives and this was what made TV so popular in the past.

  • Poodle Tooth

    “Netizens complained this would worsen the lack of quality TV, with one saying that soon only ads would be approved.”

    Netizens are fucking wrong.

  • Foreign Devil

    Who still watches TV in China aside from grandparents?

  • Foreign Devil

    So you can take a camera and film average Zhou going about his life as a database programmer in Beijing. This will surely please the government censors as a “real” reality TV series.

  • Boris

    Anyone watched Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace or shows of that ilk?

    Watching Chinese TV shows is kinda like that. It feels like it is parody of something, but since it is taking itself so seriously, you don’t know whether to laugh or turn off the TV.

    I saw a brief clip of a show were a guy fires (or is that blows?) a blow dart and the Japanese soldier gets hit by 5 darts on the front of his face. This while the solider had his side to the shooter.

    And these reality game shows with celebs are something I skip back home. I have no interest in them here.

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