Russia Using Scarecrow As Sentry Guard At Chinese Border

Russia Using Scarecrow As Sentry Guard At Chinese Border

A reporter from has discovered that a Russian sentry positioned at the border with China is actually a “scarecrow”. Journalist Zhu Malie went to Tongjiang to report on the construction of a 2215m long railway bridge which is to span the Heilongjiang river, writing that construction on the 2.5 year project began in February 2014, with 60% of the Chinese portion having been completed but that the Russian side showed “no signs of starting”. Zhu subsequently discovered the true nature of the Russian guard via a telescopic lens. One netizen said he’s seen Russian sentries hold parties by the river.


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  • never deal with russian!
    they are too dangerous!

    • Jahar

      In your eyes, are any races/nationalities, other than Chinese?

      • Bman

        Haha i was gonna write the exact same reply. He/she has cursed every race creed and color on this Earth because her almighty wordly wisdom deems only angry, violent, racist semi-evil people like her can be trusted. Bizarro…

    • Vance

      Those Russian women are really hot though! Almost as hot as them Chinese women.

      • i do not think chinese women are hot at all!
        either skinny as bird or fat as ball.
        most even do not have a charactor.

        • LostLaowai

          Hottness is not only measured by the physical shape or look of the woman, but also by her character.

    • LostLaowai

      Prejudice much?

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