Self-Taught Chinese Doctor Starts Practicing on the Street

Self-Taught Chinese Doctor Starts Practicing on the Street

For a few days now, 51-year-old Shenyang resident Liu Yuzhu has took to the street to show off his self-taught diagnostic skills by using the ancient method of “feeling the pulse”. By tying string around the wrist, he was able to diagnose an exchange student with cardio-cerebral vascular disease, kidney disease and a leg ailment. The student after admitted he had injured his leg before, but felt there was nothing amiss with his kidneys. The same day, he told a nine month pregnant reporter wearing loose clothes that she would only be able to have children if she took good care of her health.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    I’m a self taught brain surgeon if anyone needs any grey matter removed on the cheap…

    • mr.wiener

      I usually go to Shanghiist if I want my IQ to drop a few points…

  • ChinaPrat

    Maaaaaaan….fuck this site. The only reason I come is because I have hopes of one day finding out that the link directs me to “page not found”.

  • BrandeX

    Simon Cooper: Stop posting mindless trash. This site is already in the shitter as it is.

    • David

      it is called filler. It is what ChinaSmack is now.

  • Bman

    Stupidest. Article. Ever.

    • Vance

      Yea. I think I’ll go back to the older articles and read some more of the Eattot vs. Kate exchanges in the comments. Those are most entertaining. Also I can continue learning about Chinese people by reading the translated comments, which was the original reason I came here in the first place.

      • Bman

        True that. Its harder to argue with a bunny for some reason. Real chinese people are vastly different from the media bogeymen. Great people whose views suffer from propaganda.

        • Vance

          Yea, them bunnies are cute, but rather resilient (or stubborn as heck)!

          I do keep what you say in mind when thinking of the state of Chinese people.

          So how typical of Mainland Chinese women is Bunny? Do you have an accurate assessment since you have been around a lot of Chinese people?

      • I doubt you’ll find those posts. That has to be at least 4+ years ago?
        I think Kate divorced her Korean husband and is long gone and Eattot has had multiple name changes – so it might show up in the thread as “Guest” if those articles still exist.

        • mr.wiener

          Kate, her husband and daughter are fine, together and living in the US.

          • David

            Yea, she occasionally still posts to KoreaBang. I think I saw her 6 months ago there.

          • Thanks for the correction – That is good to hear good news in this crazy world.
            I recall she was in turmoil and things sounded like they were falling apart, but she never struck me as a wilting flower, so kudos to her for holding things together.

          • Vance

            Thanks for the update. I was not here when she was commenting, butI was wondering about them since I’ve been reading the old articles and posts.

        • Vance

          Oh they are all still there. The one where they started comparing pictures was only about 2 years ago. And you are right, they both came on as “guest”. It was amazing. Kate as “guest” just made a benign comment about the article, and the “guest” just lit into her for no apparent reason that I could see. She somehow “smelled” out this Kate even though it was as “guest” and the comment was nothing special. something any poster might say. Well this leads to a cyber-catfight where Kate eventually challenges Eattot to pose her pics with no make up. She posts photos (she’s if really hot BTW). Then Eattot swears and then posts her own pics. She really is rather cute despite what many say about her although she does not fit the Chinese beauty ideal as I understand it, but I thought she was cute. It was great! Some people will spend $10 for a movie ticket. This was free and way better!

          I don’t know how to post the links here so you will have to do the ol’ cut n paste:

          • Nice Work Vance!
            How long did that take?
            HaHa – The good ‘ol days

          • Vance

            Thanks. Not long at all. One day when I was pathetically bored, I just typed Kate Eattot in the search and that was the first one that came up. Note that I only even know of all this because the commenters still talk about this all the time.

            Yea it must have been classic back then. Most of those articles have several hundred comments mostly because the strings evolved into somebody vs somebody debating something that really didn’t have much to do with the original article. Those Japan is good/Japan is bad discussions are interesting, but you gotta admit, nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned knock down and drag out verbal catfight!

          • bujiebuke

            Thanks for the link.

            I’m going to guess that the whole posting as a “guest” was some weird Disqus error since they clearly knew each other based on the initial response.

            I didn’t really care about the exchange myself, just two vain individuals arguing over something very superficial. I suppose Eattot was the one who struck first.

          • I think it converts to “guest” when you delete your account

          • bujiebuke

            that would explain it

  • vonskippy

    Next up, self-taught Chinese nuclear engineers.

    • What do you mean “Next up”? THEY WERE ALWAYS THERE!

  • wow

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