Shanghai Boy Dies After Falling Into a Sewer

Shanghai Boy Dies After Falling Into a Sewer

A four-year-old boy from Shanghai died after a manhole cover broke under his weight, causing him to fall into the sewer below. Tongtong (alias) had accompanied family members on a delivery run to Baoshan, and was playing in the manhole’s vicinity whilst they unloaded the goods when the tragedy occurred. After being rescued from the sewage, he was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment but unfortunately doctors were unable to save him. The hole has since been covered by a concrete slab. One netizen feigned an official tone by blaming the boy for being overweight, which is often said of vehicles when roads collapse.

Source: qq

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  • Teacher in China

    Simple day-to-day life in China is becoming more and more dangerous. You never know where death is going to come from – escalator, elevator, man hole cover, crazy driver, tuhao beat down, bus crash? I get why grandparents and parents stick so closely to the kids these days.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Not to mention over a billion people there so you’d figure something interesting or strange is happening to someone there everyday. There will never be a shortage of stories in a place like China if you look hard enough. 1.3 billion individuals each with a story to tell and each with their own lives. Every once in a while when I get philosophical or maybe just bored I’ll just look at a random person and wonder what their life story is and where they’re going in life.

      • Teacher in China

        Especially when I see someone who is over the age of 80. They have lived through some serious shit.

  • DD Bear!

    what a world!
    die for nothing!

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