Steel Worker Accidentally Throws Self Into Fire With Steel

Steel Worker Accidentally Throws Self Into Fire With Steel
One steel worker in Hekou town was about to throw over 100 Jin of steel into a fire when his glove became snagged, so he accidentally threw himself into the flames along with his load of steel. His coworkers could only catch a single shoe in all of the chaos, the entire event ending in 10 seconds with the steel worker completely gone. Netizens responded by commenting on how the news recently has been making them feel that they are lucky they have the lives that they have.


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  • PRC is still using jin as a measurement? Good on them. (A jin is half a kilo for those interested.)

    • we use jin all the time.
      i think it’s much better, at least everyone understand it easily.
      but in my province, one jin is one kg. maybe people in my town do not live as these city folks, we buy a lot once. less than half kg is shame to say it out.

    • Ajeje Brazov

      well, at least a jin is easily comparable with kgs, american units are on this point worse

      • David

        A pound is about half a kilo also. 2.2 pounds to a kilo. How is that worse? No unit is better than another if you were brought up with it.

        • Ajeje Brazov

          is worse because a pound is about half kilo, but not half kilo, when we have to handle some big quantities the equivalence in not so easy like is for a jin. A jin is perfectly coherent with the SI (although is not an SI unit), while the pound, lbs, and all american units are not.

          • David

            So because it is not close enough to the metric system it is not as good? That is bad logic. I could just as easily say the metric system is flawed because a kilo is nto exactly 2lbs. The metric system, is not an inherently superior system, it is just different. Both are man made systems and whichever you are familiar with works. The point of a measurement system is that so you can tell others how long, big, full, or heavy something is. As long as you both understand the system and your pound is the same as my pound it works.

          • Ajeje Brazov

            From my point of view the difference is that the metric system is used in the whole world while lbs just in US. Since the world is bigger then US logically the US’ system has to fit to the rest of the world.

            besides metric system is more logic and simple, it takes seconds to learn the metric system, it is decimal, the US system is not so logic 1mile is 1760yarde 1 yard is 3feets 1 feet is 12 inches and so on.. i find hard to compare it with the logic of 1km is 10 hectometers 1 hectometer is 10 decameters and 1 decamters is 10 meters..

            i don’t undestand why americans that are usually so pragmatic don’t adopt the metric system.

          • David

            That is not good logic. Simply being bigger does not make it a better system. There were plenty of times in history when one empire was bigger than another, does that mean the people in France should have stopped using the metric system in 1800 (before they really began) and used the Chinese system (which was not metric) because it was much bigger and more powerful at the time? The fact is the metric system, while a perfectly good system (it has self consistent internal logic and can be learned and repeated by people in different parts of the world the same as the Empirical system) is not superior in any way except it is easier to multiply (so good for lazy minds or people who do not have a calculator when doing commerce or science, which is NEVER done). Except for the use of temperature (which has their anchors in the freezing and boiling temperature of water) it is not based on a natural phenomenon. Even that is arbitrary in that the altitude at which the water is boiling or freezing (which will drastically change the temperature that they do this at) and the exact composition of the water (which will also dramatically change those marks) have been arbitrarily chosen. Therefore it is simply another widely used man made convention. In this way it is not superior to any other man made convention. The meter is based on the length of a artificially created rod, one whose composition does not even exist in nature in order to prevent it from lengthening and shrinking due to temperature variation. Now it is not even based on that, it is based on a wave length of a certain shade of orange which was never even conceived, let alone measurable by the people who invented the metric system. Measurements are an inherently artificial devices (and I am glad we have them). They were created by man to be able to accurately say time after time, these two are equivalent. “You gave me 3,468 beans for the 115 ears of corn last time and you can give me 3,468 beans for the 115 ears of corn again this time. But I hate counting the beans, how about we weigh both and if they both weigh as much as this big rock we will be happy. O.K.” It is used for science, commerce and many other endeavors where people interact with nature and other people want repeatable results (after all we don’t measure love or dreams using the metric system or even time or money). As long as everybody involved understands the measurements and it is repeatable around the world (your 2 ounces of silver in Lijiang is the exact same as my 2 ounces of silver in Chicago) it works. Since the level we can measure things today is far superior to our human senses, you can not tell the difference between 1.000003 ounces and 28.22783 grams without a special machine and calculator anyway which effortlessly goes between the two systems when required and correctly programmed. I constantly and rather effortlessly go between the two systems when talking to friends about things like weather around the world, I am sorry you can not. This is no more bothersome to me than when I am talking to friends about the cost of things in Yen, Dollars, Yuan, Euros, Won or Baht and convert back and forth in my head. It sounds like you want everybody to use the same currency also because you are bad at math. ; ) Just my opinion.

          • Ajeje Brazov

            you misunderstood, i’m not bad at math, and although unfamiliar it doesn’t require much to master the american sysytem..
            but i would like you to notice that we are not talking about two empires one stronger of the other and one have to use the mesure of the other.. we are talking about the WHOLE WORLD vs USA.. is not the same, i hope we agree on that at least.
            the metric system is not better by itself, as you said is arbitrary as much as the american one, but is better because as you said is easier to use and easier to learn and more used.. that is exactly what a better system have to be, is the same for everything, pograms/machines and so on.. when a system is bette than another? when is easier to use and easier to be learnt and is used by many people.. that is undeniable, about that i think there also some articles of Asimov.

          • Mihel

            The metric system, is not an inherently superior system, it is just different.


          • David

            What stupid, sad and ridiculous comment. Your feelings must be very hurt because 300,000,000 people won’t follow the way you think. Next time you want to ‘convince somebody don’t sound like a retarded Nazi with an inferiority complex. I realize there are not “facts” on which to base your assumption, so all you have to use is emotion and bad graphics (that do not even accurately portray what you are trying to say, give it some effort next time). You obviously do not even understand American measurements (unlike most educated Americans who certainly do understand the metric system). The metric system does not even MEASURE time. That is a custom used differently in different countries. The rest of the world does not measure time like that. Be a sheep, follow a system that you do nto even understand, go google wiki so you can superficially understand the metric system and try to get on with your life. If things are so bad why have we become the supreme power in the world, economically and culturally and the envy of the world? How could we possibly do that when we don’t even know how to weight or measure anything? Hmmmmm Don’t let the jealousy show too much on your way out the.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Not sure if the term “better” is appropriate since that word is subjective but don’t you think the metric system is easier to remember and more logical than the imperial system the US uses? I not even talking about which is more popular but to me using multiples of 10 is a whole lot easier and more logical than remembering numbers like 5280 (feet in mile), 16 (ounces in pound). Sure, you and those who’ve lived in countries who use both systems can effortlessly convert the amounts in your head but just looking objectively at both systems, IMO the metric system does make more sense, even for someone like me, who’s been using the imperial system my whole life.

          • Mihel

            Lol didn’t think a picture that was supposed to be humorous would trigger such an emotional reaction from you.

            Every critique must be because of jealousy/envy, that’s very wumao I must say.

        • pound and inch are really bad to understand.
          chinese way is much better.
          either kg or meter.

          • Vance

            The French invented the SI units.

          • Jahar

            That’s the way of the world, not “the Chinese way”

          • David

            First, kilo and meter are not Chinese, they were developed in France at the end of the 18th century and refined during the 19th century. China uses them. Second, I am quite familiar and comfortable with the metric system (or SI) as are most Americans even though it is not the system we use (which is based on the British/Roman system). It is only better for you because it is what you use all the time. If you grew up with the Empirical system (miles, pounds etc. . .) they would be more comfortable for you. Both are man made systems and if you are familiar with them they both work fine. I think the metric system is more logical, but when we are talking about people logic does not always mean better.

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