Stray Dog’s Litter Buried Alive, Students Come to the Rescue

Stray Dog’s Litter Buried Alive, Students Come to the Rescue
Netizens have exposed an incident at Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics in which security guards buried the new-born litter of a stray dog alive. Unable to just stand aside, compassionate students came to the rescue and dug out the pups from their soon-to-be graves. One netizen acknowledged the students’ compassion, but asked who would bear the responsibility if they were bitten, to which another said that dogs are largely benign and in any case life always poses risks, likening the commenter’s logic to having to ban all vehicles to prevent traffic accidents. One said dogs are better than many people.

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Okay really? Buried alive?

    • Michael Garris

      is this really surprising?

      • James

        no worse things happen everywhere of course. i am pretty apathetic about dogs and some people’s infatuation with them turns me off but i hate seeing animals suffer. it’s our responsibility as humans to take care of them.

  • helsic

    BURIED ALIVE. wtf. this is like throwing kittens in a sack to the bottom of the river!

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