Student Seeking Witnesses To Prove Innocence Over Fallen Woman

Student Seeking Witnesses To Prove Innocence Over Fallen Woman
Another case of a fallen person demanding money has emerged. 16-year-old high school student Xiao Li was riding his bicycle when he suddenly heard a sound behind. Noticing that an elderly woman was on the ground, he went over to inquire and called 120 for an ambulance. On arrival at the hospital, the old woman’s family accused Xiao Li of knocking her over, and demanded 250,000 RMB from his mom, Ms. Wang. Now eight months later, Wang has received a subpoena from Zhengzhou Erqi District People’s Court. Xiao Li is now appealing for witnesses. One netizen advised to avoid fallen persons and call 110 (police) instead.

Source: qq

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  • jakeinchina

    So wouldn’t there have to be proof that the student did knock the old lady down? If you need witnesses or proof for what the student claims, doesn’t the same hold true for the old women’s claim? And we wonder why society in China is the way it is.

    • Amused

      Its less trouble for the relevant authorities if the judge just decides in favor of who gives him more money. Think if they had to do inquiries and fact finding or *shudders* basic detective work…

  • lacompacida

    It was all the parents’ fault. They should have taught the kid never to help anybody in China.

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