Swindler Claims She Is A Princess, Is Sent To Jail

Swindler Claims She Is A Princess, Is Sent To Jail

A woman in Xi’An has claimed that she is a princess, descendant of the Qingchao royal family, and has successfully swindled about 13 people of over 2,000,000 RMB total. Miss Wang claims to know the secret of her family’s 17,500,000,000 RMB inheritance. This money has been “frozen” and she hopes somebody will give her money so she can “melt the assets”, promising any potential investors three times what they put in. Currently Miss Wang has already been sentenced to thirteen years in prison. Netizens say “it’s not that the trick is too powerful, rather that the people she tricked are too foolish.”

Source: qq

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  • Andy Mc Crab

    Glad she got a prison sentence. i hope people (elderly) wise up to the scammers. Sad they prey on the old. Although some of them are obviously well off.

  • WghUk

    Why many believed her?

  • Foreign Devil

    I regularily get emails from African princesses and other royalty with a similar conundrum.

  • Jie Ming

    greedy the word for these people who believe in her. Haha!

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