Woman Dies In Suspicious Kitchen Suicide, Netizens Skeptical

Woman Dies In Suspicious Kitchen Suicide, Netizens SkepticalThis July a woman died of 5 knife wounds to the neck. The first forensic tests came back as a suicide, they retested but the second tests also came back as suicide. Police say that while she was cooking she set a knife upright on a table and scraped it against her own neck. Police declined to explain how a knife could be set up like that. One top comment remarked on how difficult it would be to kill one’s self that way.


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  • Drone

    This was reported here recently… but anyway, this story is evidence of something rare in China:


  • Bman

    So they can test for suicide by knife now? All five stabs? And they proved she did it but they don’t know how? Uh, do people really think everyone is brain dead here?

  • Foreign Devil

    China is has low murder rates and extremely high suicide rates. They also probably solve crimes and return forensic reports faster than any other country.

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