Woman Exposes Smelly Feet On Train, Fights Unhappy Passenger

Woman Exposes Smelly Feet On Train, Fights Unhappy Passenger

A woman who took her shoes off and exposed her smelly feet on a train from Beijing to Chongqing ended up in a fight with a disgruntled passenger. When Ms. Zhang noticed the unpleasant odor coming from Ms. Liu who was sitting directly opposite her, she requested her to put her shoes on but was ignored. After Zhang blocked her nose with tissue, Liu took offense and retaliated with abuse, riling Zhang who then flung her travel pillow. The ensuing fight was broken up by a train marshal, with Liu compensating Zhang 1500 RMB for her light injuries. One netizen asked, “How smelly must the feet have been?”

Source: Netease

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  • WghUk

    Disgusting. I can even smell it online.

  • Amused

    They should have Febreezed her :D

  • KamikaziPilot

    More idiotic behavior. Are you really that much more comfortable with your shoes off than on?

  • redlobster

    What ever happened to Confucian ideals? Where is the junxi?

    • “What ever happened to Confucian ideals? Where is the junxi?” What does junxi mean?

      • redlobster

        I meant ‘junzi’ the Confucian gentleman.

        • Jahar

          They never really existed.

    • WghUk

      Confucianism was abandoned during the years of the Cultural Revolution. Today’s “Confucianism” are bent versions of it used as tools by the CCP government for propaganda purposes and image ‘beautification’. Many in China today confuse bits of communism, nationalism and socialism with Confucianism!

  • Foreign Devil

    any train or airplane ride longer than 8 hours and the shoes come off. I try to make sure they are not wet shoes though.

  • Jahar

    I see bare feet on furniture here almost every day in the summer. It’s sick.

  • Carmen Wakefield

    Once I went on the NYC bus and I immediately smelled a very very FOUL odor. I looked around and everyone on the bus was either gagging, covering their noses, laughing about how smelly it was, or complaining that it was a “health hazard”. I asked the driver “why does it stink ?!?!” and he told me that it was the body odor from the really dirty guy who got off the bus 2 STOPS ago. 2 STOPS and the odor still lingered this strongly. It smelled like a toxic combo of sweat, feet, and piss. I kid you not. I got off as fast as I could. So yes, some people have a medical condition that causes very smelly bodily odors!!! This lady with stinky feet has no respect for others at all.

    • James


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