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chinaSMACK is one of the largest, most popular, and fastest growing independent blogs about modern Chinese and Korean society, news, and phenomena.

The original chinaSMACK section is known for emphasizing translations of original Chinese-language internet content, translations of Chinese netizen comments and reactions, and minimal editorial commentary.

Advertising @ chinaSMACK features noteworthy Chinese advertisements and advertising campaigns in China along with news, commentary, and interviews with China advertising agencies and members of the China advertising industry.

Diaspora @ chinaSMACK features views, opinions, and perspectives by overseas Chinese individuals including foreign-born Chinese, Chinese immigrants, and mixed-race Chinese as well news and commentary on overseas Chinese subjects and events.

koreaBANG, indoBOOM, russiaSLAM, and japanCRUSH are chinaSMACK’s sister sites dedicated the internet culture and netizens of their respective countries.

Pageviews from 2010 July 1 to 2011 June 30, compared the year before.


  • 1.4m+ monthly visits.
  • 3.5m+ monthly pageviews.
  • 20k+ subscribers/followers.

Data current as of 2012 April. Source: Google Analytics.


chinaSMACK’s core audience is predominantly well-traveled young adult (18-34) and middle-aged (35-49) individuals with medium-to-high discretionary income interested in:

  • Modern Chinese/Korean society, lifestyle, and trends.
  • Travel and tourism opportunities to and within China/Korea.
  • Study abroad and educational programs in China/Korea.
  • Work opportunities in or relating to China/Korea.
  • Language learning programs, both Chinese, Korean, and English.
  • Cross-cultural exchanges and opportunities.
  • Internet circumvention tools, i.e. VPNs & proxies.

chinaSMACK is influential, regularly read by international journalists, members of the media, academics, and business professionals and is often featured or referenced by mainstream media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, and the BBC.

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