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chinaSMACK T-Shirts


“Certified By Netizens”

The “Certified By Netizens” t-shirt was designed for our one year anniversary t-shirt design contest by chinaSMACK reader Paul Guo, a native Chinese graduate art student. Here is his explanation for his design:

Most websites based on Mainland China often have the ICP registered number and red shield badge at the bottom of their page, e.g. “沪ICP备05000001号” (registered #05000001 by ICP of Shanghai) and “京ICP证080274号” (certified #080274 by ICP of Beijing). They are required to have the ICP license or they will be blocked in Mainland China.

To mock Chinese government-controlled internet and to “represent” Chinese netizens, I replaced the original red shield badge with Jiong badge, “沪ICP备/京ICP证” with “网民证”, “numbers号” with “chinaSMACK号”. So it’s something like “#chinaSMACK certified by Netizens”…

This limited edition t-shirt is black, features Paul’s design on the front and several additional tasteful details including a two small “chinaSMACK” logos, printed in white slightly below the back collar and on the right sleeve:

These t-shirts are being produced by chinaSMACK reader Marco de Favri’s ML.lab and is made from high quality weaved cotton (similar to piqué/piquet), folded, poly-bagged, and shipped to your door. Available sizes are S, M, L, and XL.

Order Here:

Phone # (req’d for shipping)

You can order your t-shirt through PayPal:

19.80 USD (~135 RMB)

Price includes domestic mainland China shipping.

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for domestic delivery within China after submitting your order. Please note that a phone number is required for shipping purposes (in case you are not home to receive the package) and failure to provide a phone number will delay processing of your order.

“Project Zero”

chinaSMACK t-shirts: patient zero

The limited “Patient Zero” t-shirt celebrates chinaSMACK’s third month birthday. It is a simple t-shirt design and features chinaSMACK’s “Jiong Jiong,” a popular Chinese character often used on the internet by Chinese netizens to express being “shocked, amused, or stupefied.”

Jiong jiong represents chinaSMACK, and Jiong Jiong is funny.

090709 UPDATE: Sorry! The “Patient Zero” t-shirt is no longer available!

Thank you for your support!

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