10 RMB Brothel Sex Workers: Comparing Prostitution to Farming

A Chinese woman working in a 10 RMB brothel.
A Chinese woman working in a 10 RMB brothel.
At the 10-yuan brothel, “Rogue Yan” provided four men with free sexual services. One of them was an old man over 50, who upon hearing it was free asked why. “Rogue Yan” said: I was sent from Beijing. In this society, there are many things that are unequal… sex, surprisingly is also unequal.

From iFeng:

Investigation into 10-Yuan Brothel sex workers: Majority from rural areas, treat prostitution like farming

“In many of China’s hidden yet visible corners, commercialized sex is a kind of unbelievably low-cost operation. Severe punishments and police raids have not made these “10-yuan brothels” disappear, where the problems like disease and violent crime grow and fester in dark corners…”

The basement is pitch dark, there are no windows, and is more like a damp cave. The only source of light is a light bulb by the bed, which hangs overhead from a long cord.

Wu Xianfang wraps the light bulb with a puckered red plastic bag, the harsh light becomes red and soft. It’s said that a woman’s skin looks the best under this kind of light, that one’s wrinkles can’t be seen.

Wu Xianfang is 48 years old, her body plump. From behind, she has straight jet black hair, and no one can tell it is gray hair dyed. A single mattress takes up half the space of the room. All day long, she either lies or sits on the bed, waiting for customers.

In this small hostel renovated from an old arcade live thirty to forty of Wu Xianfang’s “sisters”, the oldest of them already 62 years old. Mothers from the rural countryside over the age of forty make up the bulk of these sex workers.

The locals call this kind of place a “10-yuan brothel”. The customers are usually local old men, or middle aged migrant workers from out of town.

The price of every transaction varies between 10 to 30 yuan, and with such meager income, these impoverished sex workers still face the risk of fines, disease, violence, and discrimination.

“You can tell if they have a disease or not”

The county town where Wu Xianfang lives has a population of over a million people, with three to four bathing centers, forty to fifty leisure & massage parlors, and about fifteen hostels involved in providing sexual services.

Some people in the industry have ranked sex workers into four levels: the most expensive ones are at night clubs such as “Heaven on Earth”; the “ding dong princesses” of hotels and bath centers in second; third are those in massage parlors, leisure parlors, and hair salons that charge over a hundred ; and fourth are streetwalkers costing about sixty yuan. As for sex workers at 10-yuan brothels, they are lower than low, like the ‘street-side food stalls” of the sex industry.

The hostel where Wu Xianfang works is in a long, narrow alley, behind a bustling shopping street. As soon as you enter the door, the light is gone, with the scent of smoked firewood. There are three floors in the hostel, each floor has 9 separate rooms, and each room is just a little larger than a ping-pong table, divided by wood planks, with the places for ventilation covered by glass and pornographic posters.

No ID, no deposit, just 15 yuan and a woman can book a room for business. The good-looking ones, with some luck, can receive over ten customers a day, like a production line, and making over two thousand kuai a month wouldn’t be difficult. But there are also women who receive no customers at all the entire day. In general though, business here looks good, the brothel owner even making use of the basement now, and has built a simple room on the roof.

The consensus these girls have reached is: The customers who come here are long suffering men, migrant workers, without wives, who come only after they can no longer suppress their needs and urges, and generally finish their business in about 5 minutes.

At noon on April 14th 2012, an old man wearing a white sleeveless undershirt groped for the handrail as he climbed upstairs. There were two small holes on the back of his vest, and his head was “Mediterranean sea” style [bald-headed with some hair still around]. He paced slowly with his hands behind his back, walking back and forth checking out one by one the rooms that had their doors open. A middle aged woman lying on her bed with a blowing fan seemed to his liking and the bargaining began. “How much?” “Not carrying disease, are you?”

Suddenly the brothel owner shouted: “Time to fetch your water!”

The girls who were asleep, upon hearing this, all collectively “came out of their caves” each carrying a large bucket, the corridor full of commotion. This is the noisiest time of the day. Here, there is only one bathroom on each floor, and hot water only available at certain times, twice every day, at eight or nine o‘clock in the morning, and two o’clock in the afternoon.

After the water had been provided, the brothel owner locked the faucet.

It was sticky everywhere, the walls, the floor, and the bed.

Wu Xianfang fetched the water and returned to her room, covered the mouth of the bucket with a layer of hard plastic paper, so the water could remain warm for use throughout the day. Many of the girls don’t really tidy themselves up, their hair messy. Wu Xianfang is considered one of the more tidy ones, her room neat and tidy. She can’t afford to spend the money to buy soap, so the cleaning all depends on this bucket of water and some salt mixed within — the salt held in an empty Coca-Cola Ice Dew bottle placed in a damp corner of the room, next to a Wahaha [a Chinese beverage brand] bottle holding medicinal liquor, which she drinks whenever she has a stomachache. There’s some rice in a black jar, which she says is because “mice may eat it”. She cooks for herself in the basement, by burning the lumps of wood collected from the dump next door by the brothel owner. There’s no air circulation, so once there’s a lot of coughing when the fire is started.

In order to keep their customers coming, most of these women here don’t use condoms — not to mention these things could be evidence of prostitution. Wu Xianfang sometimes uses them, and sometimes doesn’t, and in her own words, “you can tell if they have a disease or not”, her simple standard for detection being : those whose appearances are clean probably don’t carry any diseases, but must be cautious with those who in shabbier clothes.

Wu Xianfang has never had a gynecological examination. A gynecological examination costs thirty kuai, an amount she has receive three customers and risk being caught three times to earn. When her body feels unusual, she takes a bus to the country and has an infusion called “inflammation shot”, which costs over twenty kuai, is said to be penicillin, and as soon as the inflammation goes down, she immediately begins working again.

“Even if the sky collapses, our children must be brought up”

After the past five to six years, Wu Xianfang has become accustomed to this kind of life. She’s very diligent. Her “working hours” are from 8:00 in the morning to 9:30 at night and unless there’s a situation requiring her to return home, she works all year without a break. As time goes by, she’s gotten used to it, gotten numb about it, as doing this kind of work “is just like going into the fields to farm”.

Before taking up this profession, Wu Xianfang did her fair share of bitter and exhausting jobs. She was born in a remote mountain area of Guizhou, where there were only 9 families around. As a girl, she never went to school, and to this day still doesn’t know how to write her own name. Then she got married and had children, but her husband gambled, visited prostitutes, and beat her. Thoroughly hurt by men, she took her two sons and left — didn’t get a divorce, they never got a marriage certificate anyway.

In strange, foreign lands, she has fed pigs, worked in a woven bag factory, and even worked at a construction site, where she carried lime mortar on her shoulder from the first floor to the fourth, earning several hundred yuan per month, but no matter what she did she couldn’t feed her two sons enough food. In the difficult times, she had thought: If they truly can’t go one, then she’ll just jump into the river, and die together with her sons.

She survived like this until she was thirty-something. One day, a female fellow-townswoman came to Wu Xianfang, and said to her mysteriously: “Come with me, guarantee you’ll make big money.” And so, Wu Xianfang was taken into this travel-worn little county town in Guangxi. It wasn’t until she was tossed into a small hostel did she realize it was by doing this [prostitution].

At first, Wu Xianfang wouldn’t do it no matter what people said, nor would she talk to anyone, and shut herself in the room for a week. She couldn’t find a job, and she worried about the hostel and transportation expenses. It was then that a county cadre [county government official] appeared, willing to pay her a “high price” of 60 kuai on, who came everyday, and wanted only her. On the third day, Wu Xianfang gave in.

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Believing they “have no other choice” is essentially the mark shared by these women:

“Longan” in room 209 rarely raises her eyes, and doesn’t talk to strangers much neither. Some say her husband is dead, some say her husband gambles and visits whores. Her daughter lives in the county town with her, is in fourth grade, and has taken care of the home since she was little. The more well-behaved her daughter becomes the more sorry “Longan” feels towards her.

Wang Juhua has three children, and her husband was a traveling doctor [no clinic, visits patients] who must serve 10 years in prison for the death of a patient in his care. Her husband in prison repeatedly exhorted her: “Even if the sky comes down [all is lost], our children must be brought up.”

Yuan Lirong is almost sixty, and business is not good, always wearing a sullen face. Her husband has fallen for someone else, won’t divorce, and still beats her viciously. Even now there’s still a scar on her left eye. She has a home she doesn’t dare return to.

This is a group of traditional but impoverished women come from the rural countryside. To them, fate is like a heavy bat: domestic violence, dead husbands, in prison…compelled by unrelenting family burdens and pressures: Children who need money to go to school, money needed to build houses in the countryside, sick family members who need money to go to the hospital.

No education, no skills, limited by age. This “profession” with almost zero requirements has admitted them.

Wu Xianfang is illiterate. Afraid of having money stolen, every so often she’ll beg a fellow-villager to deposit all her savings into her bank account to send home. Her sons are her biggest hope. In recent years, the elder one has become a driver, gotten married and moved into the bride’s home in rural Tianjin. The younger one is more worrisome, for a time asking for money daily, only later learning that he had fallen victim to a “pyramid scheme”.

She worked as usual during the days, but in her moments of free time could be found crying on the phone to her younger son, worrying so much that she couldn’t sleep at night, always a mess banging in her head, and over time, her hair began to fall out with a vengeance, until she became bald. To avoid scaring away customers, she spent over 80 kuai on medicine. She’d never thought that after eating the medicine, the hair that grew back would all be white. From then on, she began dying her hair jet black.

“It takes 150 customers to pay off the fine”

“Find a rich man” is a popular notion amongst the girls, but the meaning of which refers to those old men who are willing to spend several hundred kuai on them every month. In fact, after food and rent, 10-yuan brothel sex workers don’t make more than a few hundred kuai per month. And the rent has increased, each room now costing 13 or 15 yuan per day.

Even if they work 24 hours a day, there’s still an ever-present risk, one that threatens to take away everything they have in the blink of an eye — the police raid.

Routine inspections are okay, as its said the brothel owner has someone inside the police bureau, who will tip him off when something happens. When the time comes, the brothel owner is able to tell the girls to hide, turn off the lights and shut the doors, temporarily closing the business, reopening again after the police leave.

“What I’m most afraid of is some bad guy ‘setting a trap’,” Wu Xianfang says. Setting a trap means someone who comes pretending he’s looking for some action and gets evidence, then quickly calls the police, and when the police arrive and catch them on the scene, there’s no way to run. Offending customers, when business is too good, these could all bring trouble.

When being brought into the police station for the first time, it’s a 15 days detention. The second time, it’s reeducation through labor for a year and a notice to the family, or a fine of 3,000 yuan. 3,000 yuan, for a 10-yuan brothel sex worker means she has to receive 150 customers in order to pay it off.

One day at the end of the year of rabbit [2011], this happened to a thirty-year-old “sister”. She had bought a six o’clock afternoon train ticket home that day, had washed her hair and gotten ready when suddenly a customer arrived. She thought she might as well take this one, only to be caught/arrested. She came out three days later, apparently having been fined 3,000 yuan. She packed up all her things and went back to her hometown, and has never been seen again.

Almost everyone has run into trouble. For these sex workers who have no money, a fine is much more terrifying than detention.

Some bite their fingers and rub blood on their underwear while some simply risk their own lives, throwing themselves against the wall trying to commit suicide. Sometimes it works — One time, Wang Juhua had been caught on the scene once, and before anyone could react, she put one foot on the third floor railing, and the police let her go that time. She’s especially afraid of her son in college finding out these things about her. She always tells him: Mom works at a candy factory, a lot of candy, I eat them and eat them, and now I’ve gotten fat.

Wu Xianfang has also been caught twice. She’s not good with words and not very daring, so she quickly paid the fine to free herself, the first 600 kuai, the second time 3,000 yuan. “I’m afraid my son can’t reach me on the phone and will worry,” treating it like two months of wasted work. She had quit before, and had gone back home in shame.

But who would have known that in a moment of desperate need for money, she would return to this life. In 2011, Wu Xianfang once again had something to worry about: Her elder son’s family had no money to build a house, and she didn’t want her son’s in-laws to look down upon them; Her younger son had gotten away from the pyramid scheme and became a driver, but as he’s reaching 2 years of age, what if he can’t find a wife because he has no money? She worried about these things over and over, and decided to come back to work.

Nowadays the competition is fierce, you need to know how to flirt and provide companionship, and knowing how to sweet talk is also a skill. Wu Xianfang says that she’s shy, too old, and not good with words, so she moved to the mine-like basement.

To make things worse, she had an argument with one of her fellow-villager, who got angry, picked up a brick and broke the middle finger of her right hand. The hospital treatment cost her 3,000 yuan. The brothel owner talked to the fellow-villager many times, but the fellow-villager refused to pay even a cent. Wu Xianfang found herself tangled in yet another situation: Let it go, and that’s yet another two months of work gone to nothing. Seek revenge, and more money would be spent going to court, and what if the police send her in jail instead?

April 2012, it’s a busy farming season for rice transplantation, so there are fewer customers. Yuan Lirong is busy cross-stitching for her soon-to-be-married son, Wang Juhua had found someone new to depend on, “Ai Qing Mai Mai” [a popular Chinese pop song] always ringing on her cell phone, urging her to go out for tea in the evening, while some of the girls are enjoying the sun in the courtyard.

Wu Xianfang is in the basement dully waiting for business. Even though she’s moved some bricks to cover up the drain, the stench still comes up. At her doorway, old men pass by from time to time, sticking their head in to take a look at the goods on offer.

Even though her right hand is permanently crippled, even though it’s unclear when she’ll be arrested and taken away again, at this moment, a smile is on Wu Xianfang’s face, telling this Southern Weekly reporter that when her daughter-in-law’s family pig gives birth this August, she’s going to go home to feed them, and never come back.

(In order to protect the people involved, the exact locations are not mentioned, and the names in this article are pseudonyms.)

Comments from iFeng:

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凤凰网甘肃省陇南市网友 昆仑神鹰:

Poor mothers. They live in shame but inside they’re great.

凤凰网江苏省苏州市网友 手机用户:

The truly disadvantaged and vulnerable groups truly have no one caring for them, this is our society.

凤凰网湖北省黄石市网友 wgnimei:

This is our society, where people with money and power at work still seem like humans, but once off work become less than animals. People with money and power never care about these unfortunate people.

凤凰网吉林省吉林市蛟河市网友 见妞就抽:

After reading this, my heart really aches. I’ve been to a KTV once, where I also hired girls to sing with me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put my hands on them/do things to them. Everyone has sisters.

凤凰网上海市网友 netbai111:

Shocking, isn’t this a living hell?

凤凰网山东省济南市网友 dashuren:

These people should get respect.

凤凰网广西河池市网友 圈王:

People who are oppressed by bandits/criminals!

凤凰网广西百色市网友 xxllsy:

And society even cracks down on them. I think it’s funny, to know that so many people, including the young, are all still suffering from hunger.

凤凰网广东省广州市网友 都市农民:

Makes people cry.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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      lets keep it real…i would prefer: its sucks to be SUCH a whore !

      ever asked yourself who are their pimps ? Answer: their parents and relatives !

      China is all about pimping and whoring ! From the lowest to the highest level ~

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        Sadly, I’m inclined to agree.

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    Fucking depressing at the end of the week, Peter.

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            Truly sadness. Really. Looking down on people who bitch and complain but do nothing is one thing – exploitation of the downtrodden is another, even if they don’t know it’s happening.

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        It’s great that you did translate it, very insightful read.

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        No, no need to apologize. You did a wonderful job translating all of that and I’m very thankful that you did. I was really just expressing my sense of helplessness in the face of such soul-crushing misfortune. I’m certain the vast majority of us here reading chinaSMACK have much more fortunate lives than these poor women.

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            Why so? Even the poorest foreigner in China, if he comes from a western country like Aus or the UK, can go back home and get housing association property, welfare, medical care etc etc.

            To be poor in the UK, is to be middle class by Chinese standards, no doubts at all.

          • Rick in China

            I’m interested in your reply Alan, as you’ve often cited that “the poor” ie “teachers etc” it “people who read Chinasmack” may live fortunate lives..yet..

            “have much more fortunate lives” isn’t about wealth or social welfare.

            Not only was my comment an obvious (? Maybe..) attempt at a joke..but it was also a ‘revelation’ that wealth isn’t just financial or social. You often pick apart any post I mention teachers or disrespect those who are just trying to make it by, but in fact, as I mentioned in another thread, sometimes they’re the happiest – my personal amusement is that your reply reveals you also associate happiness to social welfare and financial prosperity as the primary means, ala “Why so? Even the poorest foreigner in China, if he comes from a western country like Aus or the UK”.

            Sure. Every white person can go home and eat. Good on them, congratulations for being born lucky.

            The point I was making, in few words.was that I don’t observe the average ChinaSmack reader as being so much more fortunate than a woman selling 10 kuai pussy. Take it for what it’s worth, but the average foreigner I’ve met here is doing nothing different – do you think most foreigners here are more than skin whoring themselves out as anything other than skin? Never seen advertisements as “If you’re from X country and have white skin please apply for Y job.”? What’s the difference? Other than where/to whom you were born, I see no difference between a 10 kuai prostitute and anyone who applies for job listed above. Do you truly believe most ChinaSmack participants are above that? Read some of the comments.

          • anon

            Rick, arguing for argument’s sake, yes, there are prostitutes who are as fortunate (in whatever measure) as chinaSMACK readers. The presumption is that they’re weathering burdens and choices that presumably most of us consider ourselves presumably fortunate for not having to presumably weather. There are presumptions here. I still think most of us inherently understand what I meant.

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    Wu Xianfang’s sons need to man the fuck up and secure the family first, house and wife can wait a few years

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      While I normally would say Chinese give up too much for their parents, I still believe it is a noble thing for a young man to at all times ensure his mother is not working as a prostitute.

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        What would said son say when his Chinese friend says “你妈卖屄”? “yes….she does, you want some pay me 15kuai!”?

        How can you possibly equate nobility and ensuring one’s mother, the person who [should] teach you values, sells her pussy for money, to a standard situation. If a child grows up with a mom who is selling sex for 10 kuai, there is no way he understands values at a level that can tell him he should protect his mother from this kind of humiliation.

        Your statement is ridiculous. Think about it. The solution is social education and standards of socioeconomic principal which takes years to foster. Your comment edges on a soapbox where you say “yah, obviously” and the victims in this kind of situation look at you like deer in headlights, “what?”.

        • anon

          Very interesting point there, the “to a standard situation” part. I think we all understand donscarletti’s point but you do bring in an interesting question. I don’t think its impossible or even necessarily unlikely that a mother can prostitute herself yet raise her children to have certain values such as abhorring (!) prostitution.

          For example, one of the women lies to her children about what she does, saying she works in a candy factory. When or if the kid ever finds out what his mother has really been doing, he may either spurn her or he might set out to rescue her from the sacrifices she’s made for him. Or nothing at all. Hard to say, but I don’t think believing a young man to ensure his mother doesn’t have to work as a prostitute is noble is necessarily ridiculous. You’re right that the victims of such a situation may not necessarily see it as we do though.

          Would like to see further discussion.

          • Rick in China

            You’re right to say it’s not *necessarily ridiculous”, and I’m sure situations as you mentioned exist. I don’t think it’s commonplace though. You can only lie to your children for so long – and I’m sure none of the mothers tell their 7 year olds “I sell pussy for 10 kuai”..but at the same time, the lifestyles these people can afford leads to little or no proper education, the blind leading the blind. They clearly think it’s an acceptable way to live – even if they’re extremely unhappy doing it. It’s a really sad situation, but the only way to pull these people out of it is to create a better social system where opportunities exist for the truly unfortunate such as these people.

          • anon

            I’m not sure if I’m inclined to agree with you. I think its quite common and easy to lie to your children given how common it is for many rural Chinese migrant workers to be living in another part of the country apart from their children (left behind with their grandparents to take care of), out making money, sending it home., only going back once or twice a year during the holidays.

            I get the impression that these people clearly don’t think this is an honorable profession but more or less feel they have little choice. Whatever little education they have, prostitution being an unsavory occupation seems to be included for the vast majority of them. As the article said, they’re “traditional” women, which suggests they have traditional mores, and didn’t seem to jump into the profession with glee. More like resigned themselves to it I gather.

            Absolutely agree with your prescription. I don’t think we’ll ever stamp out this sort of thing, but a better social system with greater opportunities would go a long way.

        • donscarletti

          The son’s an adult with a wife. How could he possibly be able to provide for his wife but not be able to give his mother an alternative to prostitution? The guy is a bum, pure and simple.

          • jeffli

            yep, I agree with donscarletti.
            what son allows their middle aged mother to whore herself against her will.

      • coala banana

        it would just be a “noble: thing if it were true that the child would be aware of the understanding that his mother would turn out to become a prostitute IF…….but i would argue that this is barely common….

        I am all into intentions behind actions, but what you mentioned is not the common case….its also to a high degree questionable if it were the common case, means that all children should send all their money home cause otherwise their mothers would turn into prostitutes….it would still be pimping from the mothers side: “either you prostitute yourself, or i must prostitute myself !!!”


  • typingfromwork

    Man this is fucking depressing. So much injustice and desperation in this world.

    • Ryo

      But this is their own doing. Her first mistake was to married a dead beat husband. Not to mention a wife beater. Second, if that wasn’t enough, she had kids with him! In this day and age, it just doesn’t make sense to have kids if you’re poor. And in her case, she is pretty much flat broke!

      So many cases these days of sons asking parents for money, house, and car just so they can get married. Why put such a burden on yourself? Wouldn’t she be happy working a regular job (something like selling vegetables or cleaning up trash cans or waiting tables) and not worry about kids?

      Kids are seriously overrated in this country. The parents and granarents brain wash the youth into having kids without planning. I can’t really care any less because with out them, who’d wash my car for 25rmb? Who’d pump my gas for free? Who’d deliver my packages for as little as 8 rmb for 1 day service? And the list goes on…

      I honestly don’t feel bad for them. You only have one life. And to fuck it up with a kid(s) is just dumb. Giving up your life for a “son” that most likely will just want all your money when youre dead is even worse. Call me selfish but this day and age, you have to be a little selfish to really enjoy life. And life is not all about making a copy of yourself, especially if you can’t afford it.

      • Notorious


        Kind of sad that you feel that way. The reason that, all we know are the facts of her story and not particularly what lead her to them. Not like this woman has a lot of options with her limited education. this is not like some woman in the west who has every opportunity afforded her and yet she decides to go out and have a bunch of kids without regard for her future. This woman can’t even read much less count money. I don’t see a person who is particularly bright and just because she does not have the wherewithal to make the right decisions doesn’t mean these people should be exploiting her.

      • A GUY


        While I admit that people have kids too soon most of the time, and the uneducated make more mistakes (and pay more readily and dearly for them), I find you comments lacking compassion or understanding for those who’s background’s are not the same as yours. To a person born into a virtual paradise of enjoyment (I’m assuming your from a wealthy place) the thought process of a person in this situation seems silly, but as a person who grew up with some degree of poverty and familial and educational dysfunction the need for children seems like the one straw of hope that they can hold onto, “my light is my child. if he can grow to be successful all this suffering and ugliness will have had meaning.”

        I have been fortunate to have overcome the disadvantages that my youth gave me, but most of my friends (who are now mostly drug dealers, drop out teen moms, bums, and smoked out pizza men) weren’t as lucky. As much as I would like to say that this is due to my superior mind or morals, or determination, it’s just not true. it was luck. Coming into teenagedom I was a mess of emotional need, I needed to make quick money to kill the feeling of poverty, I needed to fight the system that I felt kept me down, I needed to find a lover to make me feel worthy and to make this whole damn mess worth it, all these needs were a product of my environment and situation, and it was potently obvious that it was on all my peers minds as well. My friends fell to these needs one by one, Sally got knocked up while my sperm didn’t get home thank god, Scott started slingin to make some fast cash and got caught while I was too “Chickenshit to try”, I did drugs but happened to get sent away before we elevated to harder stuff while Darnell became a meth addict, etc….. These women are the same they just had one option in their society ,marriage. You may not understand desperation or the higherarchy of needs, but I do and this squalor and despair hits a-lot closer to home.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Surely working in a factory would be better than this? Even in a low paying factory you can make 1,500RMB. Being a domestic servant/cleaning lady etc. pays more.

    What a sad existence…

    • coala banana

      it IS a sad existence indeed, BUT the comparison you just made doesn’t make it a sadder existence when compared to a 1500 RMB factory job. It might be sad in most of OUR eyes, but is it sad(after a particular time as a prostitute) for her. It would be interesting to see IF a low paid prostitute (1500 RMB earnings a month) would switch to a 1500 RMB a month factory job. While most would argue yes, I tend to believe that many would give up the factory work after the first month to jump back right into prostitution. We can’t judge such things by OUR feelings alone, we must see it from the perspective of a prostitute, and thats a hard thing to do…..

      • The Dude

        Many pro’s in many countries can get menial jobs… yet most choose not to. Prostitution is easier, just as you say.

        I’m not saying this is the case here, but to be honest the main character in the story did do others jobs, in theory she also could have found another job. Why not save a little money and open a food stand? Wouldn’t take much for a little stand with wheels on. Hell, you could make one. Buy a bit of charcoal, get a piece of grated metal and cook up on it.

        But sometimes lying on your back is easier.

        Don’t know if that’s the case here, but in my opinion, once a prostitute always a prostitute. I don’t mean that as a moral judgement either… it’s simply a line that once it’s crossed very few go back for good… or they get older and become the madame’s.

        Sad story, truly sad.

        • coala banana

          that was my point ! what seems to be sad and disgusting to most here, the prostitutes probably don’t even see it that way. Its hard to imagine that you have to spread your legs 10 times day to some farmers, but i can imagine that once a women gets used to it, she will keep on doing it ! Take her out from the brothel and give her a 3 shift factory job for the SAME amount of money, and i bet that more then 90% of them would quit in a couple of weeks and go right back into prostitution.

          People (well women in this example), prefer to go the way of the least resistance. I think we overestimate their level of disgustingness and tend to underestimate their level of convenience and laziness !

          • Fu ZhiGao

            I think you’re right about crossing a certain line, but I still think that financially it’s a terrible choice. The Aiyi’s in big cities get paid more than this and there the age of someone is not so much of a big deal.

            A lot of time drug use is a part of the picture, especially in rural China.

            Factories in ZheJiang, JiangSu, FuJiang and GuangDong are all hiring at higher starting salaries, so it doesn’t make sense for someone young to get started in this line of business. I think a lot of young women are probably lied to and abused if they do.

            People who are younger and want to do this are better off at KTV type clubs where they can make a lot more. I know someone who is a hostess at one of those places and makes 10,000 a month just receiving customers and bringing them to a room.

          • coala banana

            agree with you on certain points. I think that every single one of this whores will have her own story to tell….when we believe the numbers in the article then yes, it is a terrible choice from a financial point of view ! There might be a good percentage of them who are forced into prostitution or are paying off some debts their dumb ass parents created (here we go again). China has a very big “grey zone” where certain things are not allowed but tolerated. Corrupt officials and police close both eyes when they get a share from such businesses. So there is not much a women can do i guess. Some which are smarter and know how to buy a bus ticket, might give it a shot and travel to the big city to make more money there. But again, for doing so she might need some contacts first ? I don’t know how much they are paid, but i do know that as you mentioned some might earn quite good. I was invited several times by my HK business partners to this KTV shit, and sometimes one of them take a girl to his room for 1k ?

            When i am in HK, my other partner usually goes 1-2 times a week in one of the top ktv clubs. Its not unusual that he leaves around 10k US$ during one night, which is kinda high in my opinion for some titty touching and her playing shy shy for 3 hours, no fucking involved. I usually just join 1 time a month, cause its hard to get hold of this guy outside the KTV club. Its always the same:

            a magnum bottle red wine, a bottle tequila, a bottle whiskey, 3 girls, singing songs for 3 hours, then he even gives each one a tip of 1k HK, so does the 2 waitress receive also 1k each. I don’t know how big the share of the girls is, but i think its big enough.

            So yeah, i believe you that some girls in china can make 10k and more a month. Offer them a 10k factory job, do you think the will take it ? I doubt so !

          • Fu ZhiGao

            I’m honestly not making up the 10k a month salary. That;s on the high end, but if you’re doing “the business” at one of the top places in a first tier city, you can make even more than that.

            There was a Global Times article a few years ago about high end prostitutes in Beijing at one particular club that flouted the law for a long time before it was shut down. Apparently, one girl there made close to 10k a night with some special customers. She was even able to buy herself a BMW. Tragically though she was murdered and I don’t think anyone was ever charged.

            You’re right that a lot of this is tolerated. I don’t see too many brothels with girls in the front in the downtown area of Shanghai, but as you get into the outer districts, you see it more and more. It honestly wouldn’t take too much effort to find these places and close them down. It just makes me wonder, why does the government care so much about pornography if they do basically nothing about prostitution everywhere?

  • pervertt

    Detumescent reading for anyone hoping for a perv. There are no words to describe the dedication of women like Wu Xianfang to their children.

    For those into classic Chinese cinema, you might remember the incomparable Ruan Lingyu, in “Shen Nu” (1934). The movie sensitively portrayed the life of a prostitute in pre-war Shanghai. Here’s a short clip for those of you who can receive Youtube. Zhou Xuan’s cheery “Ye Shanghai” doesn’t seem quite right given the difficult life of these women.


  • coala banana

    haven’t read the whole article, but lets face it, china is the country of most pimps per capita. Yes ! I claim that there are 100s millions of pimps in china, and 100s millions of male and female “prostitutes” !

    The article is nice, but its just one of the many simple facts people talk about. What people are ignorant about are this stories i hear from many of my staff from time to time. Nearly ALL send money home to their pimp-parents. The major part of their salary is send home and they just leave some money for themselves to pay rent and some minor daily life expenditures. This week alone i talked with 3 of my staff, and we went a bit into detail.

    One female office clerk asked me for advise, told me her father “invested” all the money she was able to save over the years, 50k RMB !! And that her father “business partner” disappeared with all the money ! The sad thing is that her father told her that his partner came back again, and convinced him to invest another 25k for another business adventure :-(…the REAL sad things is that this girl is crying, not cause the 50k are lost, she is crying cause she don’t know how to make another 25k to give it to her “loving” father. I tried to talk with her, to let her see the light, without success…

    Next day, the Junior Purchaser came to me, asked me about advise, cause his parents bought some “health insurance” for 35k a year (from the money he send them home), and he found the price kinda high, so he asked me if this is possible. He told me that this insurance was actually bought by his father just for his second wife. :-))

    Yesterday, the cleaner was all into tears, cause she found out that her parents wasted ALL the money she send them over the years, into some “strange” business deal, and the money is lost now ….

    I can just imagine, how many of such cases are happening, especially female children which are sent out to another province to find work and support their “families” at home. In all the cases i have heard about over the years, NONE of their parents at home actually work…most are in their 40s, early 50s, in good health, capable of working, but prefer to send their children out and let them work for them. Lazy ass motherfuckers. This is what I call pimping within the family. Brainwash your child, spoil him/her and then brainfuck him/her with a guilt complex, and send them out into the unknown to earn money for you.

    • coala banana

      How many young girls have to jerk dirty little cocks in massage parlors, or prostitute themselves ? Sending all the money home to their lazy-ass-i don’t give a fuck- parents, which always need something more….

      I remember some time ago another girl in my company asked me for advise cause, her parents demand from her to convince her new german husband, to buy them an apartment and “borrow” some money to start a business. She said that he already support them every month with some money cause he loves her and he also gave them already a few 10s of thousands which mysteriously disappeared:-(…now she asks me how to approach a foreigner in the best possible way to convince him !!!

      Sometimes i really think that i am toooo close with my staff, but hey this is china, when you are the boss, this kind of shit is what they expect from you….but what makes me think is that they are under SUCH a big influence from their parents side. Even they moved out, the parents and relatives call them again and again to pimp something out of their asses.

      China where prostitution is like Farming ??? Laugh my ass off….forget about real prostitutes, 100s of millions of young people prostitute themselves by selling their labor everyday to satisfy some greedy, selfish bastards they call parents and relatives. I know there are plenty of old and weak and poor parents out there which need support, but i have no sympathy whats or ever with lazy bastards who make children just for one sole purpose which is so they can support them later on. Fuck em !

      China is a country full of pimps, fact ! And they are good at it, since they had 5000 years time to practice this shit to perfection. Fuck ! After 5000 years i could bet that this shit has evolved to the level that babies are born with a guilt complex and desire to make their own life miserable for the benefit of parents and relatives which either can’t handle money or just like to use them.

      Glad i don’t have such problems, BUT for ALL you foreigners out there which support your chinese wives families financially, and let you wive stay at home to control the money ! Do the right thing ! Kick them ALL in their lazy complaining asses and tell them to find a job !

      • dim mak

        So are you some kind of fucking autist, or what?

        • coala banana

          i do have a savant syndrom, but it has actually nothing to do with my job….but with certain classical music and mathematics…

      • Leon

        I absolutely agree with you. I lived in south China for 6 years and saw this from my students all the time. everything they did was to fulfill what their parents wanted, not them. Born so their parents would have support later in life. I got really tired of hearing it over and over. Glad I never married into that.

      • cc

        Don’t knock those girls who jerk dirty cocks (little or large) they get good dosh for it and there not cheap either.

        • coala banana

          the point is not about if they are paid well for it or not. My point is the comparison about what they have to do (jerking cocks or working in a factory), and what they do with their hard earned money ! They send it back home to some lazy ass MFs which actually just use them. Some support their sick grandma, ok, but i bet that most just support some lazy ass bastards which don’t like to work and found a smart use to get rid of their female child and even pimp some money out of her ass.

          • cc

            I’d do the same if I had daughters, get out there and earn me money ya little bitches.

      • The Dude

        ‘This is what I call pimping within the family. Brainwash your child, spoil him/her and then brainfuck him/her with a guilt complex, and send them out into the unknown to earn money for you.’

        You’re my hero.

        ‘….forget about real prostitutes, 100s of millions of young people prostitute themselves by selling their labor everyday to satisfy some greedy, selfish bastards they call parents and relatives.’

        I think I’ve found my soulmate.

        ‘China is a country full of pimps, fact ! And they are good at it, since they had 5000 years time to practice this shit to perfection. Fuck ! After 5000 years i could bet that this shit has evolved to the level that babies are born with a guilt complex and desire to make their own life miserable for the benefit of parents and relatives which either can’t handle money or just like to use them….’

        Now… if we could just get these words of yours translated into Chinese and stick ’em on a few million T-shirts I think we could do a lot of good.

        I was going to suggest giving them away, but I think they’d be re-sold so as to send money back to those lazy bastards you so rightly categorized.

        If you come up with an action plan, do let me know. Currently all of got is some form of induced amnesia so they forget the slave drivers they call their disgustingly selfish parents…

        ..Oh… I should apologize to anyone Chinese… yes I know they fed you, yes I know they clothed you… they did what millions of parents do the world over WITHOUT expecting the child to enslave themselves to their wishes…

        We don’t want you to marry ‘that guy’ you love… no…

        You have freedom to choose another guy you don’t love… oh yes, by the way, you have to let him fuck you everyday if he wants, yes it’s the same as prostitution… but we mind-fuck you by calling it:

        ‘Chinese culture’

        No better than a pig sold at market… daddies happy with the family ‘face’ though. Oh he’s very happy, he turned his daughter into a whore… but let’s not think about that…

        Let’s think about how happy mummy and daddy is, and how little they truly love you because they put their own desires first and made you into a culturally accepted whore…

        No offence to anyone black, but at least they knew they were slaves and eventually fought to over-come it… but Chinese…

        No, oh no… I’ve yet to find any strong enough….

        How to teach a slave to fight against slavery when they don’t even consider it as such.

        When I come up with that solution I’ll be a happy man… sad thing is the slaves will then claim I’m going against ‘Chinese culture’.

        • coala banana

          “..Oh… I should apologize to anyone Chinese… yes I know they fed you, yes I know they clothed you… they did what millions of parents do the world over WITHOUT expecting the child to enslave themselves to their wishes…”

          it is a sick mentality, which is often found in certain social circles and particular cultures. Its the same when some dumb ass MF father tells me : “i take care about my children and wife” !!

          WTF ????

          when i tell him: MF ! do you want to get a fucking reward for that ? MF you ARE a father, so you are suppose to take care about them !

          Why this folks always want credit for something they are suppose to do ? They mention it cause they really think they make something out of the ordinary !

          Chinese, same like some muslim tribes bring this shit to whole new levels. It IS modern slavery i call PIMPIN’ ! This kind of parents actually don’t care about the well being of their children, what they do care about is their OWN share and benefits. When this benefits can be earned on the shoulders of their children then lets be it. Happiness of the children become secondary cause the happiness of the lazy ass parents is top priority !

          I witness this shit now for 7 years and was able to see first hand how good people, hard working man and women left my company cause of the pressure from home. I never succeeded to let them think over and to over think their priorities. They left good jobs, good paid jobs, cause their parents and relatives forced into a marriage with some sore looser. Countless times a discussed with them trying to show them other ways, offered to increase their salaries, free accommodation, but no chance, the family bondage is stronger then anything else. Obedient prostitutes made by pimp parents ! Its really frustrating to see young people throw away a career just to please their parents. And then they wonder when they live the rest of their lives unhappy and most likely get divorced.

          Some weeks ago i talked with the junior accountant, smart girl, very bright and educated. Graduated from one of the top universities. She worked 3 years for me, started with 2k and earned 5.5 before she left. She told me under tears that she resisted her parents for the last year or so, but now she must resign and move back to Hunan to get married with someone she don’t even know. She told me she met him just once and talked with him and his parents for around 30 minutes ! She told me that he don’t even has a PC or know how to use one. A young boy who never left his small city, while she has traveled over the whole country and we took her also to business trips to Thailand, korea, japan…fuck, i even paid her a 3 months stay in japan to learn the language better so i can use her to communicate with our japanese contacts better. I invested a lot of time and money in her, just to find out that she is forced to marry some dumb fool from the countryside who will most likely make her life miserable….its real sad ! Oh yeah, she also told me that she found it disgusting that he lets his fingernails grow and is a chain smoker ! Sad truth is that her aunty has arranged the marriage, cause she is relative with this boys parents, so everybody will be happy i guess, except this girl !

      • Alan

        I’d agree with all you wrote.

        I once knew an ex-gf’s lazy ass dad who was content to play majiang, sleep, smoke, drink with his buddies every day but would not get off his ass and get a job. So she had to work her ass off running a hairdressing salon just to support him.

        very common dude!

    • Jess

      Interesting, how much do you pay your staff? e.g. office clerk and cleaner. Just want to get an idea of salary in China, cheers.

      • Jin

        And i find it funny how his FEMALE staffs all ask for him for advice, even the cleaning lady… Nice story bro. Try harder next time.

        • BeijingRafl

          Actually, it makes perfect sense. The male staff will not discuss these things because of loss of face.
          Women the world over like to “share” their problems much more than men.

          • jin

            yes… and ofcourse his employee will tell their foreign boss about stuff like this….

          • coala banana

            well, male staff discuss their personal issues too when they trust you. But you are right, females do that much more often ! Maybe its also cause its easier to talk with someone about personal problems who is in fact not related to them or their culture, someone who can look at things from the outside. And when you are boss, they all think you are super smart. It takes some time to built up confidence and trust with certain people, but chinese people actually EXPECT from a (foreign)boss to take care about some of their personal issues too. Most of them left their families behind in another province, so a good boss (should) become something like an adviser. Males appreciate that much less then females. While most males just stay short time and jump from job to job, females are more stable and reliable, and care more about the work environment and appreciate the friendliness of their boss….just my experience..

        • coala banana

          i treat all in a friendly manner, and i personally tell each and every one of them that they can come to me if they have questions or problems. It looks like you know little about such things or working with chinese people. Chinese are not loyal, even you treat them good, they will go whenever a new opportunity opens. The only way you can make them stay a bit longer is by taking care about them. I have a friendly relation with all of my people. Its a lot of extra work and time, but i like it this way, and some of them appreciate it (after some time). Maybe that sounds unusual to you, cause you don’t have much or certain experience in life or never ran an operation on your own, so i can’t blame you for that….not here to convince anyone of anything. You have doubts ? Your problem !

          Chinese, even they appear cold hearted and feelingless most of the time, I can tell you that this folks are in fact VERY warm hearted, its just that they don’t have much chances and possibilities to release their warm heartiness, so they hide it deep inside…..

          • choloboy

            Hey CB, you absolutely right on what you said about the behavior of the mainlanders

          • Alan

            Chinese are not loyal, even you treat them good, they will go whenever a new opportunity opens

            Absolutely agreed. You would get more loyalty from a dog, so that says a lot.

            I have heard many stories like this. In many cases not only will they go, they will do so after screwing you over and stabbing you in the back.

          • coala banana

            I have heard many stories like this. In many cases not only will they go, they will do so after screwing you over and stabbing you in the back.

            To be honest this is most of the time the action of the males. Chinese males are jumpers, most are completely incompetent, even for technical jobs. When I started I had 70% males, now after 7 years, I have 90% females and just 10% males. Like I said, even
            for the technical Jobs ! Females in china are much smarter and can use common sense and logic much better then males. I once worked in co operation with jewelry manufacturers, companies with up to 3000 staff cutting stones and assembling jewelry ! 100% of the stone cutting is done by females and 95% of the assembly work. They told me the same after I asked them why they seem to have just females working for them , the answer was simple. their experience with males was that they steal and cheat all the time, not reliable, uneducated, and could never reach the skill level and speed of the females, so they too ended up with mainly employing female workers !

      • TheBigWhite

        The business I’m a partner in by necessity (50% rule and all that) pays between 4000-7000rmb for key players and that’s in a small provincial capital. Rookies get between 2000-4000. Cleaners, a couple of hundreds per month (or was it per week, not sure), it’s a fixed rate depending on sq m2 set by the office building.

        • these salaries seem a bit high for a small provincial capital. in shanghai salaries are pretty much on the same level. don`t spoil a country which has nothing else to offer but cheap labour without special skills.

        • fite

          Do know that many eastern european countries average salary vary between 300 and 400 Euros (2500-3500RMb), including Rumania and Bulgaria with all the advantages of being members of the European Union. There are so many other countries with cheap labour…

          Is it worth anymore to relocate industry into china considering the actual salary levels?

          • anon

            There are many arguments for it being still worth it. One argument is that China still has sheer numbers when it comes to cheap labor, that its easier to set up large-scale labor intensive industries here versus lower-population countries with similarly cheap individual cost of labor. Another argument is that China is not just a source of labor but also a potential market, so producing here has logistical advantages for seizing a growing market. One popular example is Apple and Foxconn. They would be hard pressed to do what they can do (large-scale production with quick turnover) in other countries. Humorously, this was also the underlying reason for why the arks in 2012 were built in China.

          • Little Wolf

            I was thinking something similar to this last week while watching the West Lake Impressions performance in Hangzhou, produced by Zhang Yimou. While some of the lighting and effects were spectacular it was boring as hell and I walked out before it was over. Between yawns I was thinking how no other country could pull this kind of performance off. There must be over 1000 people involved in that show nightly if you add up the performers, technicians, food service, ushers and various other jobs. The light “golf claps” just didn’t seem worth all the trouble when you can go to a Green Day concert and watch 3 small stickmen on a stage keep 20,000 people on their feet screaming for 2 hours nonstop.

      • coala banana

        have 4 cleaners,2k each.One more cleaner for the office i have in GZ (she gets 2.3, but just cleans 2 times a week, its part of the maintenance fee). An office clerk without work experience starts at 1.8.I have around 500 people in total. The thing about china is, that its expected from you to increase their salaries EACH 6-12 months, 2%-X% is common. Also double pay on chinese new year and moon cake packages. Engineers are around 5k-7k. Technical drawers around 3k, while student CAD staff is just 2k. My PA makes 4k. Managers 5-8k. My accountant i pay quite high, 15k basic salary and bonus depending on how much she saves me. Ordinary factory workers 1.6-2.0. Supervisers 3k. Machine shop supervisor 6k.

        i know, its all kinda high for china, but it also depends on what kind of business you ran and what product you produce..

        • coala banana

          just on euro and $US exchanges back into RMB, i loose 20% compared to 7 years ago ! new labor laws 4 years ago, since then salaries, expenditures, raw materials and costs of living increased in the same way…20%….started a small branch in india and vietnam some time ago to see how it works and will move everything there until the end of the year….they work for less then the half, are more skillful, less complicated, ready to work OT, weekend work, and nearly ALL speak english ! BTW, the first 3-5 years are tax free….what i could observe during the last, lets say 2-4 years, more and more middle sized companies, pack their things and either go back to their home country or to india, indonesia, vietnam….depending on what they produce….the times where one could make good money out of “cheap labor” are long time gone. the problem was always the bad quality and the missing sense for social and work ethics/responsibility in china. Its just no longer worth the pain, actually never was. But there was once a boom to go to china, the main reason was never the cheap labor alone, it was the hope that they will open their own market to foreign good, based on their membership in the WTO, so one could actually use his position here to sell one day into the domestic market. Fact is, not much has happened, its always to 90% export and china fooling around and force you to use chinese labor instead of modern foreign machinery…..guess, at some point i had to draw the line. I wouldn’t mind to stay, but the problem is all the shit which comes with the job and which shouldn’t be part of the job…..but again, the only thing which really shocked me was the fact about how bad chinese treat each others !

        • Foreign Devil

          Interesting to see the salary breakdowns. So 20 year old foreign English teachers still make more than upper managers and engineers in the average company in China while working a fraction of the hours. Crazy! I remember my first job in China. . not teaching english but getting paid 13K yuan I for one am very happy to see wages and workers rights go up in CHina. Now maybe some of the industry will as you say . return to the first world countries they left. Which I think is great! Wages are lowering in 1st world countries anyways to get closer to the global averages. The remaining industry, such as yours. . will chase the slave wage labor into western China or Vietnam, Bangladesh, Africa etc. . But I have to wonder how cheaply and easily can you move a whole manufacturing business?? A company is not exactly a travelling gypsy that can just pack and leave on a whim.

          • coala banana

            well, you can’t make that overnight. You first switch certain parts of it and let them run parallel in both countries over a particular amount of time to see how it works and to have a direct comparison.

            But i must disagree with some of your points. It s of course nice to see that certain individuals in china are paid higher and are getting closer to western standards. While it looks good on the first sight its actually bad for the country as a whole. Everything comes back to the intentions of the investor and the one who “rent” out his people as labor. For you being the “factory of the world” and what is more important, stay competitive in the future, you rely on cheap labour and laws which support such a way. I don’t blame china and the CCP that it goes in the wrong direction, cause what we see now in china is the surrender to western pressure. The reevaluation of the Yuan is one of them, the frequent price increases another one…all is a chain reaction. They try to make the switch towards domestic market, but at the same time make unattractive or less attractive for foreign investment, THE investment they actually rely on. I don’t think it will turn out positive. All sorts of bubbles and social disorders were created in the last years and are hidden everywhere. A country with 1.5 can never become a 1st world country, even the USA has big problems not to drift down to 3rd world standards. Many people means many problems which are harder to solve and many people which will be left behind unsatisfied cause they will not have any chance to participate and benefit from the “system”.

            This is exactly what this self righteous foreign liberals should ask themselves, before they point the finger on things like one-child-policies and such. While it looks inhuman from the outside, then come to china, spend some time here and then tell me that this is NOT the best they could do. Sooner or later something will happen, and china will get rid of 100s of millions, based on whatever circumstances. I just want to get sure that i will not be here when this happens…..i think it will be an orchestrated event between china and the western countries, where one side can save face and the other back it up. As much i distrust the CCP i distrust all the western powers !

    • Foreign Devil

      Yeah it continually amazes me how Chinese parents are able to guilt their offspring into doing so much. I guess it is also part of the Confucian value system. My own Chinese in-laws never ask me for money and even offer to help pay for my schooling or whatever (I refuse of course). They are not rich either.

      However the one thing they do absolutely expect is a grandchild. Neither my wife or I are very keen on having children. .. but she will do it for them. They offered to fully take care of their grandchild, which my wife is planning to let them do. She already told me she does not think she would be a good mother.

      She feels it is the only way to “pay her parents” back for raising her even though they would have preferred to have a son. Something she was always aware of.

      Another thing this article brings. up. . my richer female Chinese friends are so completely ignorant of the hardships of the middle and lower classes and rural immigrant classes. .it always astounds me! I as an outsider seemed to have much more understanding of the hardships than they did. I can understand the Mao’s desire to send all the rich spoiled youth to toil in the fields for a couple years. So they can appreciate better the hard life of those majority poor people. Not that think it was a good policy to be implemented.

      • coala banana

        well, you can’t blame the rich for being ignorant. It would just make sense if we would know for a fact that if the poor would become rich one day, that they wouldn’t turn out the same way !? Ignorance is not a habit of rich people alone, its a human habit. It exists in rich and poor people. While for the rich its about “turf protection”, the poor see the rich as the reason for their own misery. Fact is that most poor in china (or everywhere else, but in china to a much higher extend) are just pissed about the fact that they can’t be rich too.

        Let me tell you that china is still into deep shit cause of the fact that some poor dumb bastard will get a job not based on his qualification, but cause he is a relative to someone else. Its a society where you can just jump higher when you know certain people who will provide you the platform out of their own self interest. All commie countries have that in common. I am too from a commie country, was born there and grew up there. Dependent on how you performed in the war or on who you knew, you was pushed into a certain position, as a director of a factory by example, even you didn’t know shit about the job of a director. China has this system up to date, it has even increased with Deng and from then on sky rocketed.

        I don’t like the arabs, but they are cool people to deal with. When i worked in the emirates, they didn’t make a big deal out of it that they don’t know shit, it was always: here is the money, you make it possible !…while china on the other side welcome you, you get the job done, and then they like to kick you out of business or force you to hire some of their dumb ass relatives.

        I have a poor family background, not cause we were really poor, but all land and all we owned was confiscated. My father who was an engineer, was given a job as a watchman, just cause he refused to become a party member, so one day we left over night cause life was miserable. Let me tell you as a former poor child and young man, poor people hate other poor people much more then rich people. In fact the rich are a motivator, cause you see them and you like to become like them one day. The other poor just hold you back and remind you about the reality you found yourself in !

        I would rather have cancer then becoming poor again ! Fuck any kind of life which is not worth living, thats my credo !

        • Ami

          Out of curiousity: what is the exact reason (or reasons) why you don’t like the arabs?

          • coala banana

            sorry that i wasn’t more precise. I despise religious people in general. So i could also say that i don’t like christians either. So yes, the main factor is a religious one. I spend 6 months in the saudi arabia and the emirates and base my opinion on that.. I also have a friend from Marocco and one in Tunesia, very friendly people with friendly parents, invited me to celebrate ramadan with them. I have experienced that their friendliness disappears quite quickly when you tell them that you don’t believe in god. Suddenly you become an alien from another planet. Believing in the “wrong” god is still acceptable for them, BUT to believe in no god at all makes out of you a “no human” ! Its a tolerance issue i guess, while i step in for their rights to be religious if they like (even i don’t agree with their way of thinking), they all seem to be quite intolerant towards someone who doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.

          • Alan

            Believing in the “wrong” god is still acceptable for them

            @CB: Even if a muslim wants to leave the Islamic faith?

          • coala banana

            “@CB: Even if a muslim wants to leave the Islamic faith?”

            means death ! in some countries that would be enough reason to speak out the death penalty ! this folks still have a long way to go to civilization !

        • Alan

          don’t like the arabs, but they are cool people to deal with. When i worked in the emirates, they didn’t make a big deal out of it that they don’t know shit, it was always: here is the money, you make it possible !…while china on the other side welcome you, you get the job done, and then they like to kick you out of business or force you to hire some of their dumb ass relatives.

          Interesting post. I worked in Oman for a year so visited Dubai once or twice. Arabs do differ from Chinese, but do have a system of ‘wasta’ which is somewhat similar to ‘guanxi’, ie, place a totally inept and unqualified individual in a position which amounts to an iron rice bowl or shawarma sandwiches for life.

          Thanks for the comments man!

  • Li Peng

    About the whores: Pitiful women, working hard, getting abused, going nowhere. Michelle Obama should do this work for a couple of years so that she will lose her arrogance and entitlement mentality.

    • Fu ZhiGao

      Careful, the non-sequitur police might fine you if you keep making statements like that.

    • lonetrey

      You should do this work for a couple of years so that you will lose your arrogance and entitlement mentality.


  • diverdude

    I still believe it is due to overpopulation. I may be incorrect. I do understand that there are other factors at work, but I just can’t help but think it has something very much to do with overpopulation.
    Plus, does it seem to others who read here that somehow the peoples of East Asia just somehow did not evolve to be a successful sub-species? I mean, what am I missing? Yes, Western Europe had/has it’s share of ills, but doesn’t it just seem like East Asia just somehow evolved down the wrong track ?
    Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, N. Korea,China, … all suffered through famine… wtf ? isn’t it sty about overpopulation ???

  • Alejandro

    I feel sorry for any prostitute in this world but you gotta do what you gota do, right?

    andd as for the discussion about chinese pimp parents, I am very proud of my girlfriend who has been able to let me unbrainwash her after 3 years of being together. Just now I started to see the results and I’m very happy. however I know some people that have to pay everything for their wive’s families… and that’d suck asssssss

    • Christina

      hmm… I’m torn on this issue.

      I think supporting one’s parents is an obligation, since they are the ones who raised you. Once you get married, your spouse’s parents become your own and you should treat them as such. Think of it this way: your wife wouldn’t exist if not for these people, whatever their intentions were in having her.

      I draw the line at parents, though. Unless a relative needs help with medical care, I don’t think anyone should be obligated to fork over money. The problem is that parents often take advantage of their position as parents and demand extra money for this and that, which they then distribute to other relatives. I don’t even know how many hundreds of thousands of USD my dad has given to my grandparents, which they then handed out for various house-buying and wife-buying needs. I’m happy to see my relatives living a better life than they could otherwise, but at the same time, they didn’t earn it.

      • typingfromwork

        This is the kind of attitude that I despise in Chinese culture. I feel that the responsibility of looking after your parents should not be so backbreaking. It’s like a fucking weight on the heart of the individual to know that they’ll have to cater to the whims of the previous generation, while having to also provide for the next. This sets up a mindset of resentment so that by the time they grow older they put the pressure on their kids, and so the cycle begins anew. The absolute worse thing is how this behaviour fosters a lack of independent thinking- the individual is forever second guessing the intentions of their parents, nothing seems to be good enough and so they just give up trying to achieve anything for themselves, knowing that they will never see the fruits of their labour (and you thought Communism was insidious). It breeds generation upon generation of mediocre people, as their primary goal is to develop their young so that they can parasitise on them at a later date.

        Filial piety is something to be admired, otherwise you get situations where the society actively discriminates against the old- something I’m seeing a lot in Western societies and it’s disturbing. However it should never weigh you down like an anchor. I think it is absolutely fair that allowances to parents should be stopped if you’re hard up yourself or they are using it improperly. Thankfully most parents are fair minded.

        But really, I think it is just best if each generation can be financially independent themselves, and only help out when there’s a real need for it.

        • Christina

          How do you define need? Is it a life or death situation? Is it to maintain a standard of life? You can allow your parents to buy second hand clothes and nearly-expired food since it’s half off- they’ll live. Or, you can give them a little extra to allow them to live better.

          I absolutely think the Chinese attitude towards parents is better than the American one. I don’t understand how you say you hate this attitude in Chinese culture and then a paragraph later say filial piety is to be admired, because the attitude is derived from filial piety.

          I agree that children shouldn’t have to “cater to the whims” of the previous generation, but there is a definite obligation to make sure their parents are okay. Again- defining “okay” is hard, but it’s better to err on the side of generosity. Also- the reason why many elderly need looking after in their old age is because they spent all their money on their kids. It would be unthinkable to around in the future and tell my parents I didn’t owe them a thing- but thanks for the college tuition & car. Thankfully, my parents are secure enough to never actually need my help but I fully intend to thank them as much as possible when I’m established.

          In addition, I don’t think most parents breed so they can be a parasite later on in life. The money saved by not having kids could provide them SO much more than a kid who may or may not turn out well. As you mentioned, even if the kid turns out nicely, he’s got his own progeny to support.

          • coala banana

            china is different, while most western parents might try during their lifetime to work as hard as possible not to need help from anyone. Many chinese parents actually found it normal that their children work for them, EVEN the parents are still young and could easily work themselves. They prefer to sit back and send their female child to another province and let her send them money. I would give them credit when they would at least SAVE this money or a major part of it, but they DO NOT ! Most of the time they spoil it for some senseless shit. Life of a female is much less worth here then that of a male. Maybe many of them consider themselves misfortunate to have a female child, so at least they found some “use” for her. This are some lame ass MFs ! Pimps under the umbrella of 5000 years chinese culture ! Disgusting !

          • Little Wolf

            Hi Christine….if I ever married a Chinese girl I would never allow myself to become a fucking ATM machine for her parents. I’m not going to support them so they can sit around and play mah-jong all day. Even if they are poor and uneducated they can find a way to make themselves useful. My own mother is almost 80 and still works as a librarian and my father retired at 65 and it lasted about 6 months and he returned to work til the day he died. I realize it may be simplistic for me to say “if it’s good enough for my parents, then it’s good enough for hers.” Just because it’s the cultural norm here doesn’t mean I’m going be a part of it.

            To be fair though, if my wife wanted to take a job and give HER money to her parents, I would accept it (begrudgingly). Also, her parents aren’t going to live under my roof. And if any children are involved, they are welcome to have a relationship with them but will have zero involvement in matters of how they are raised.
            I’m not a complete asshole though. Obviously, I would help in cases of medical emergencies and such.

            I realize this puts me at the bottom of the barrel as far as “marriage material” despite my boyish good looks, charm and spectacular muscles ;)

            If you know any nice girls that have been orphaned….maybe you can introduce me.

          • typingfromwork

            I define need as life’s little emergencies, such as medical bills, accidents, lending a helping hand when they are down, and keeping them at a pretty respectable level as far as standard of living is concerned. I do, however, think that the parents should be financially independent, just as their child should be too- it just makes more sense that they should not drain their children’s resources, especially for frivolous things.

            I may have been a little unclear and unduely harsh. There are parasitic relatives in all cultures, however it just seems that in Chinese culture there are more parents who use the excuse of filial piety as a way to emotionally blackmail their offspring to do whatever it is that they want. That is the aspect of Chinese culture that I despise. I do think that filial piety is a good thing, so don’t get me wrong, honouring your parents is one of the best things to do as a human being- as long, of course, as they honour you back and not use it as an excuse to rob you of your hard work.

      • coala banana

        while you dad could probably afford to hand out hundreds of thousands to relatives, I was talking in my post about the hundreds of millions ordinary workers and numerous examples i have witnessed myself with my staff, which all work their asses off and send ALL of their salaries to their parents and relatives, just to realize that the fruits of years long work away from home, has mysteriously vanished and disappeared, or was wrong invested in some senseless shit.

        That is the problem with them. They have wrong understanding of values. These hard working children should understand to take over responsibility and become the BOSS of the family: I fucking earn it and work my butt off, so its ME who will decide what o do with it ! Period !

        What is happening in china, incl. the guilt complex they brainwashed them with is nothing else then PIMPING ! Pimp parents pimp their children’s minds!

        When you have a lot of money, its probably not even a huge sacrifice to give away some, but you can’t compare that to someone who earns just 2k rmb, keeps 500 for herself, and send 1500 home, just to realize that the 50k she has send home over the years were thrown away out of the window by some dumb ass parents ! That sucks !

        • pervertt

          Agreed. I think some are torn by expectations of what it takes to be a good child. Good children in my view are not ones who hand over their pay to their parents simply because it is expected of them to do so. Smart good children would look after their parents but also recognise the capacity of their parents to manage funds before handing over any dosh.

          • coala banana

            i speak from my own experience. When YOU are the one they rely on, then YOU must be the one who makes the important decisions. I will care about you, no question, BUT don’t expect from me that i will give EVERYTHING i earn to someone who is just waiting and expecting a hand holding all the time. I give my fucking sweat and blood and health to earn something just to give it away to someone else, CAUSE of the fact that he brought me into this world. What kind of fucked up reason is that ? No one asked me if i want to be born, I was made in hope that i can turn out into some fucking living pension for someone else ?? An important line must be drawn here !

            I was the youngest of 3 children, grew up poor with both of my parent working their asses off in 3 shit factory work for 25 years, when i realized that this is not what i want. When i came up with my first business ideas when i was 16-17…then i heard from my father, why i wouldn’t like to join my older brother who was cleaning cars and made “good money” with it:-). From that moment it was clear to me that i can’t learn a thing from my parents. I have to go my own way, started out good and made real good money when i was 18. Paid of my parents and brother and sisters debt, and made myself the fucking boss of this family. I came home and made it fucking clear that i am the boss now. I pay for all, so i make the decisions. It was hard for my father to accept that, but at the end he surrendered and turned his false pride and the fact that he was not competent enough to change our lives (which just hurts) into some pride for his son that he could do it.

            yeah, sure, maybe i should have done the same like the chinese i see, which just give everything to their parents. I am sure i would found myself cleaning cars the last 20 years so my father can be “happy”.

            This folks here must understand that with money comes responsibility and not senseless surrendering to fake values and ideas. And with fucking responsibility comes fucking decision making. Let my parents pimp my ass, just cause some fake ass cultural values say so and its expected from me to follow this BS rules, then i better go kill myself, or put on a mini skirt, some high heels, lingerie, put on some fake eye lashes and lipstick, and sell my asshole to the next pervert, its the same fucking ball park !

          • Notorious

            Pervert, I think it is a good practice to take care of ones parents, these filial responsibilities. 70 – 100 years ago iN America, parents had as many kids as they could. Kids were their retirement fund. Now it seems, when parents get too old Americans are dumping them into nursing homes where they die within a year out of depression and loneliness, and insurance nightmares. But overall, parents are pretty independent because we have social security which is a pool of government money that they contributed through their years as a worker and is returned to them in monthly installments after the age of 60. Do I want to work to 60? F*ck no.

            I want to ENJOY MY LIFE, so my goal at this moment is to create the wealth that I need so that I am not paying my lifes years to the firm I work for or whatever company I work for down the line. At this point none of us are any different than the women in this article paying our dues to the almighty dollar/kuai.

            I WILL be a burden to my children. I made them successful, and gave them whatever they wanted. So they will do the same for me when I cannot do for myself. I changed their diapers and when I’m old, they will change mine.

      • YayJee

        Why exactly is it that supporting one’s parents is an obligation? It was their choice to bring into the world a new human being who had no say in the decision whatsoever! The parents on the other hand have an obligation to handle the full responsibility that comes with that choice and bring up their child to the best of their ability. This, I believe is universal logic and basic ethics. Or maybe these attributes do not exist in China?

        There should be no such thing as an unwritten pay-back clause included with such a basic social contract! If the parents made their choice only to satisfy their own parents’ demand for a grandchild or to live up to worn- out traditions that should have been abandoned decades ago, well, then again that’s their choice. They have to foot the bill themselves!
        If they can’t afford it? Tough luck. Abandon the project and move on!

        Additionally, if the parents of one’s spouse have gotten themselves into a situation where they’re unable to financially support themselves, it should be up to themselves to find a way out of their misery as well. How can it suddenly become their children’s or the love-interest of their children’s responsibility? How can their children’s marriage entitle them to a slave?

        Under no circumstances should anybody’s off-spring be held accountable and made to pay for the misguided action or or evil financial motives of their parents!

        It is a despicable mentality to enslave people that way, but maybe people in China actually cherish passing on and watching this irrational self-flagellation?

        Call me selfish or free-spirited, that’s your opinion, and I don’t really care much for it…In my perspective, life should be enjoyed, not endured!

        • anon

          I think its the universal logic and basic ethic of the golden rule: treat others as you would others treat you? So you’d want to support your aging parents as you would hope your children would support you in your old age and infirmity.

          Or how about repaying kindness with kindness? That they fed, clothed, and sheltered you from when you were a helpless tot until you were an independent adult? Saying a parent who brings a child into the world has the obligation to bring that child up to the best of their ability is just as arbitrary as saying a grown child has the obligation to care for their ailing elderly parents. Why accept and demand one but not the other?

          You’re complaining about the minority of extreme situations that most people would agree with you on. Most people have a sense of fairness in addition to a sense of reciprocity and filial piety. Most parents and parent-in-laws do not happily and shamelessly impose, exploit, or burden their children or family-in-law. There are certainly some shameless and self-entitled people out there, just as there are bad people in almost every circumstance imaginable, but fortunately most people aren’t like that.

          By all means, criticize those who are actually “enslaving” people or abusing their relationships with others, but dismissing the entire concept and practice of children caring for their elders wholesale is extreme. People, and not just Chinese or Asians, do these things out of love in addition to filial piety. No man is an island.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Truly heart-wrenching. I don’t know what else to say.

  • Li Peng

    diverdude, I am not sure that east Asia evolved down the wrong track if you compare it to Africa and the middle east. Where would you rather be from? However, I do think that children are badly financially abused by their parents and other older family members in many cases. Perhaps Africa has an advantage in this. Barack Obama’s brother George lives in a squalid tin hut in Kenya. Barack is not giving the lazy bum one thin dime. That’s the spirit Barack! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CcHV2wFn640/SYRU4pO2uMI/AAAAAAAAFFE/ADdwX_9mWD4/s400/George+Obama.jpg

    • lonetrey

      And not a single fuck was given.

  • Li Peng

    Can someone tell me how the monkey ass licking story fits in with this?

  • Cleo

    It’s so inconceivable for other people how bitter and unfortunate poor people have it. That’s it for them. It doesn’t get better. They don’t get to eat ice cream or lobster or have too many clothes. It’s unbearable to think about it. I wish we were like Norway with a giant oil field that totally belongs to us and we can at least give these dead end people a comfortable last phase of life.

  • Dat Ankle

    Uh, didnt expect so much sympathy from the Chinese comments for the cheap sex workers

    • anon

      I think we’re all capable of simultaneously looking down upon these sort of people while sympathizing with the possible reasons for their situation in life. We judge but we can also empathize and use our brains.

      • Dat Ankle

        True, but I hope this story will help some of them to look past the line of work and think of their stories, both young prostitutes and older ones. I think people are more willing and wanting to believe that older ladies do it because they have to and younger ones do it because they want to.

        I would love to see more stories on Chinasmack of this kind of thing..

        • anon

          They have one every so often. chinaSMACK is always silly stuff mixed with some rather serious stuff. A good mix that keeps it entertaining for me personally.

          I think the fact that some people do actually use prostitution as a way to take shortcuts in life is why people look down on them even if they know that oftentimes these girls or women had no choice. That they look at older women more sympathetically is because of our ageism. We inherently believe older women are less desirable so they’re prostituting out of desperation rather than simply exploiting a natural asset. :)

  • [email protected]

    There are women in extremely rural areas of China who, in order to survive, will basically be a sex object to a group of male farmers or workers, living in a small one room house with all of them and doing the cooking, cleaning and of course sleeping with all of them. The women in those situations are not paid, only fed and sheltered. That story was sad to hear, but this one is sadder I think.

  • 愛女者


    • Stu


  • Jarhead

    One of my friend who works in Red Cross in HIV/AIDS outreach program, She even said that some of the FSW (female sexual workers) only charge for 5 Yuan to their client, and most of the client are migrant workers and they do not want to use protection so the risk to be infected by STD and HIV is very hight. It is trully the hell on earth.

  • pervertt

    Having read this and having listened to others who have first hand knowledge of China, I can honestly say that I would not like to be in the shoes of an only child in China. It must be a crushing responsibility to realise that your parents have invested all their hopes and dreams in you, and that you alone are responsible for their wellbeing until they die. No welfare state, no superannuation, no siblings to share the responsibility with. There is a huge demographic time bomb ticking away in China.

    • Christina

      It is a crushing responsibility, especially when you take into account long-lived grandparents. Each child will basically have 6 adults to take care of when they grow up.

      • coala banana

        you can just IMAGINE that its a crushing responsibility, since you don’t know about such responsibility yourself. Don’t generalize so much !

        Not all chinese children are responsible or are capable to act responsible. Who says that ALL chinese parents have just one child ?? All females i know have at least 1 more sister or brother, and most of the males i know have also at least one sister or brother too. Fuck, when i really think about it, i don’t even know a chinese who is a sole child to his parents. There are many ways to bypass the 1 child policy law, and if your first child is a female then you have the right to another one anyway, so please don’t make it sound like all chinese have just one child and this poor child has to take care about 6 adults, thats BS and far from reality in todays china !

        China is a pretty fucked up place when you compare it to western standards, BUT it is better then some places i have seen before elsewhere in the world, thats a fact. Another FACT is that chinese are NOT hard working people. Judging about work conditions and working hours compared to other countries, china is in the lower range. In most western countries people are working harder then in china. My staff have launch break of nearly 2 hours ! they spend 30 minutes eating and 1.5 hours sleeping at their desk, and after that they are done, and not of much use for the remaining 3 hours work. Its BS ! they work from 8(9)-5(6), and then go home. They can deny OT and have weekends off, compensate larger holidays by working saturdays. CNY everything stands still anyway for 2 weeks.

        yeah i know some folks assembling iPhones in SZ killed themselves, supposed cause of hard work ? LMAO, they kill themselves cause their GF run away with their best friend, or their parents put them under additional pressure, and even some did it cause of too much work, how it comes that they see suicide as THE ONLY way out of the misery ? Problems are much deeper ! this are 1.5 billion people and i could bet that their suicide rate is bellow of any western country. While you guys all seem to pity them, you want your nice fancy unnecessary electronic toys to be affordable to you. Oh yeah , the poor child who has to race care about 6 adults..the next moment turn your back and by a new mobile phone or mp3 player…lets not be hypocritical about it and pretend that you actually care !

        • Christina

          oh shut up and stop pulling arguments out of your butt.

          I didn’t say ALL chinese children are only kids- obviously, since my post was in response to perv’s, I was also referring to those families who DO only have one kid. Sheesh.

          Also, I was agreeing with the sentiment that it is a crushing responsibility, one that I am very happy I won’t have to take on. Whether or not I care about the children who have to bear that responsibility was neither mentioned nor relevant.

          Lastly- “All females i know have at least 1 more sister or brother, and most of the males i know have also at least one sister or brother too. Fuck, when i really think about it, i don’t even know a chinese who is a sole child to his parents”
          woooooooooowwwwwwwww cuz you know like, 60% of the Chinese population, right? Oh tosh.

          • Capt. WED

            Really? Everyone (around my age) I know in China are only child. That’s a lot of people. People and their friends, their girlfriends, their girlfriends’ friends, and so on…

          • Little Wolf

            Well, I don’t know 60% of the population but of the Chinese I know personally I would say more than half of them have at least sibling. (That’s real siblings, not a cousin they call “my brother” or “my sister”) By that metric, I have to agree with coala.

          • coala banana

            “Whether or not I care about the children who have to bear that responsibility was neither mentioned nor relevant.”

            oh, but it is relevant, cause the question about care vs don’t care is important here. Its all about intentions young girl ! You would like to come along as someone who cares, but we both know that you don’t care. You pity them, and there lies the problem, why pretend to be someone you are not. You don’t have to feel shame for your rich family background, and to feel pity about poor people for 5 minutes each day doesn’t make you more likable in the eyes of the poor.

            You said yourself that you see supporting parents as an obligation. Good for you, but how much value has something like that coming from a person which will never need to work hard to support her parents financially or any other way, except some handholding while at their deathbeds. Its deeply hypocritical girl !

            You support your claim with “since they are the ones who raised you”. Yes yours raised YOU, but what do you know about poor people being raised and their intentions, or the ones which are also rich. And apart from that raised can mean, raised good or raised bad.

            You also claim that “your spouse’s parents become your own and you should treat them as such” ! Fuck, how smart is that !, and you base that on “your wife wouldn’t exist if not for these people”. Thats ridiculous, thanking parents for your existence alone, but not on their actions. Give them credit cause they fucked with each other and you being the product of that rather then holding back with the thanks until you know for sure about their true intentions. See young girl, not everyone had the privilege to a result of deep love, we will never know. Maybe they fucked while deep drunk, or on the backseat of a car fucking the shit out of each other…

            You said it yourself that you “don’t even know how many hundreds of thousands of USD my dad has given to my grandparents”, fuck thats a lot of fucking money, which they then handed out for various house-buying and wife-buying needs. “WIFE BUYING NEEDS” ??? Really ??

            And then you come up with the usual double standard: “I’m happy to see my relatives living a better life than they could otherwise, but at the same time, they didn’t earn it.”

            so you ARE happy, even you know that they didn’t earn it ?

            Fact is you judge things out of your own comfort zone, and by doing so you sound like one of those spoiled children. The only difficult decision you will have to make in your life will be to chose between a white or black iPhone. It not just make your opinions and assumptions on this subject irrelevant, your own personal intentions become to a high degree questionable.

            I don’t need to know 60% of chinas population. I have 500 people from different provinces, and over the last 7 years probably over 2-3000 have worked for me at one point of time. I can’t remember that any one of them had no brother or sister, so yes its still a guess, but i would bet that the vast majority of chinese have at least 1 brother or sister.

          • Christina


            You are a sad, pathetic old man.

            1) Intentions are what count, according to you. Well I intend to buy my parents a Maserati or some other super expensive sports car and that’s sure as heck going to take some hard work. Just because I won’t need to support my parents financially doesn’t mean I’m not going to work hard, btw, because there are OTHER obligations in life, unless we’re like you and end up single and childless.

            2) How presumptuous. What could you possibly know about me to say I haven’t had huge responsibility or that I don’t care? I didn’t say whether or not I DID care in any previous post, so don’t assume what the answer is.

            3) HAHAHAHAHAH. I’ll give you some credit and say you know 10,000 people. Again, wooooowww. 10,000 out of 1,300,000,000
            Also, the sample of people you know are probably much more likely to have siblings than not, since your employees sound as if they are mostly from small rural areas.

            5) Wife-buying needs was obviously tongue in cheek- really, you must be reading at a 5th grade US public school level. It implied that getting married is expensive and requires a lot from the man- car, apartment, etc.

            6) At this point I really can’t take you seriously AT ALL anymore. Your arguments are like donuts- full of holes. But at least donuts were purposely made that way.

        • Alan

          Coala Banana shoots, he scores, he wins!

          Christina just got pwned and has to get down on her knees and suck the skin off his c**k….

          • Brett Hunan

            You are such a fucking loser I cant believe it.

      • coala banana

        “It is a crushing responsibility” ????

        what do YOU know about crushing responsibilities ??? have you ever been in such a situation to be under such pressure ??? somehow i doubt that, and i also doubt that you will ever have to carry such hardship in your life !

        but i am all open ears to hear from you vast life experience, apart from making tough decisions like the color of fingernails, foot manicure and hairstyles…you really try hard girl, but sorry you are as believable as a crack cocaine junkie. Or has this world and humanity actually reached the level where opinions about responsibilities and hardships of poor people are based on the experience of rich people ? You all feel “sorry” for all kind of crap, but none of you hypocrites would put money where his mouth is. Fell pity for each and every piece of shit, but wouldn’t go so far to tolerate them as your neighbor. As long as the poor, violence and dirt are far away from you, you guys will always keep on playing you fake liberal cards !

        • Little Wolf

          Now now coala, take it easy on the girl. She’s young and hasn’t had life beat the shit out of her yet. Give her a little credit for at least coming to this forum and making dialogue with the likes of us and making the effort to understand different points of view. I mean…..shit, man…..that’s gotta count for something.

          • coala banana

            of course it counts man, but it should also be about laying the cards on the table. I don’t claim that i know the poor cause i was poor too at one point in time. Fact is that i don’t give a shit about poor people i don’t know. Not cause i am probably rich by now, its cause i know my background and how i thought about certain things when i was poor. Poor hates other poor more then they hate the rich. I repeat again, other poor always hold you back and remind you that you too are poor, while the rich give you at least some motivation and once you made it applaud you for your efforts and success, while the poor hate your guts cause you made it out of the shithole. Fuck em ! I consider myself privileged cause i still operate with my street smartness and guerrilla tactics. Thats one of the reason none of my staff or business partners can fuck me over.

            Christinas posts are legit and she brings up some good points, no doubt ! But i question liberal intentions, cause they are hypocritical. I even believe this folks that they care a bit about the poor, but as i said, they just care cause they are not affected with it, they care out of their own nice and clean personal habitat, just to feel better about themselves. I am pissed sometimes cause of the stories my staff tells me. When i heard from the girl that her father has fucked up her 50k and that she even thinks about how to save another 25k so he can make another deal with the same person which fucked him over in the first place…fuck ! Over years you work your ass off and save everything you can to satisfy some lazy ass bastard you call father, and all for nothing ! That sucks ! Most chinese parents = pimps !

          • Christina

            What would you say if I told you my parents beat the shit out of me for years? That they often starved me and broke 3 bones?

            Does that count?

            My parents did nothing of the sort (they were all for corporal punishment but never beatings) but you wouldn’t actually know. Don’t be so presumptuous.

            In addition, humans were gifted with the ability to feel sympathy and I don’t think it’s necessary to suffer poverty or suffer from cancer to know how painful it is. Sadness/sympathy is but an echo of the actual suffering but it’s no less real.

          • coala banana

            you still have a lot of things to learn young girl. Take your time !

          • coala banana

            no it wouldn’t count. Its obvious from you posts that have no experience in life and was never confronted with some real problems. You don’t have the slightest clue about hardships and your sympathy is just a tool so you can feel better about yourself.

            You just talk from imagination and even have the nerves to mention cancer. Yeah of course, go to someone who has cancer and tell him/her: “i know you you feel, i don’t have cancer, but i can imagine how bad painful is” !

            are you really so ignorant and full of yourself that you can’t see how immature your comments are ?

            what would you say to this 10kuai whores ? that you have sympathy with their situation ? fuck ! Girl, you talk the talk, and i can advise you that in case, JUST IN CASE !, you will ever see poverty, sick people, people which are starving, then PLEASE do yourself and them a favor and keep your mouth shut ! Trust me on that, your sympathies are the last this people would like to hear from you ! Its nice that you seem to have some morals, but your comments are nothing else then a slap in the face of the ones which are already down and hopeless. Why not stick to your collection of barbie dolls or play playstation or whatever you tend to do, but please keep your fake sympathies to yourself !

          • elizabeth

            CB, there is no doubt you’ve had lots of experience in life from which you learned much about people but that does not make you the supreme authority whose point of view is the only valid one.

            There are other who have had equally if not more poignant experiences in life who do also have their own perspectives. Not all who were once poor (yes, very poor) view poor people like you do. I, for one, was in the deepest pits many times in life, but every time I managed to climb out of each, I feel more blessed and privileged and thus more sympathetic towards poor people and how they feel. I could also have chosen to hate and detach myself from many betrayals by hypocrites, but that would have made me bitter and life a suffering to me.

            If you wish to lay the cards on the table, that is what I would say to you. We have a choice which path to take whenever we face challenges in life – the positive or negative, both of which are motivation to success. You come across as someone very bitter and negative about life as a suffering perhaps due to the many hardships and betrayals you had experience. I appears that the bitterness is eating you away and you do not know how to deal with it and hence, detach yourself from everything that requires you to work through your emotions, obligations etc. That’s the way you seem to be dealing with the hurt.

            It is a pity that you do make valid points, but they only apply to a portion of people, and yet you assume that everyone is a hypocrite, if they do not appear to be ‘real’ to you. And please, not everyone who disagrees is a liberal.

            Apologies if I am too presumptuous, but I really think you would have been more credible if you had tried to see things from others’ perspectives instead of forcing your own and making judgments about their intentions.

            Hopefully, that is not your ‘guerrilla’ tactic for winning arguments. I’d prefer to see this as an exchange of ideas rather that debate.

          • coala banana

            “We have a choice which path to take whenever we face challenges in life – the positive or negative, both of which are motivation to success.”

            Why: “WE”, again girl ? i don’t know what else to tell you except to open your eyes ! Maybe you and me had a choice and became successful cause we made the right decisions at one or more moments in time. But do you REALLY think that ALL people can make choices or have choices ??? I would claim that even OUR (yours and my) “rights and choices” are veeery limited. I would claim that we just have an illusion of choices and rights. Having said that i veeery much doubt that billions of people on this planet which live in the devils circle of poverty can make at one point in time a decision or chose a path which will change their lives to the better. If you believe, that cause was able to overcome certain problems that EVERYONE can do it too ? Girl, we are not talking here about your BF breaking up with you and you were crying for 2 weeks and after that you saw the light again meeting someone else….you made it cause you had support from others, you have a family or friends you could rely on.

            I doubt that when you would be one of the thousand of kids sitting in the desert with a blow up stomach and you haven’t eat in a while, surrounded with nothing else then other kids which share the same destiny, that you could come with a great idea of a new path you could try to improve your situation.

            Sadly you still remain ignorant of facts, and think that “I” means “WE”….trust me young girl, most of the “WE’S” would pretty much take over YOUR problems in exchange for theirs. The funny thing is that most likely they would afterwards have a much better understanding then you do now, and you wouldn’t know what to do and would starve to death in a short time ignorant and naive as you are.

            You sound like most americans i have met in the US. When talking with them i had the impression that they have a hard time to believe that there is a world out there outside of the USA. Your world is not “our world” and “i” is not “we”….you should work on that ! Being young and inexperiences just counts as an excuse up to a particular level (low level), but keeping on insisting ridiculous claims you can’t back up, lets you come across just plain ignorant and naive !

            You are half my age, after some time you too might realize that actions are secondary, same as sympathies and hopes. You might realize that results is what counts. I wouldn’t even go so far to claim that double age means double smartness or intelligence or life experience. I still believe its what we make out of our time and years. now a days a 20 year old can be smarter and more experienced then a 40 year old. Could be, and i know some cases where this is obviously a fact, but that still doesn’t mean that its healthy for the 20 year old to have grown up so fast. I am glad to see that you still have many things to learn at your young age. You will know that you are improving when you look back one day and laugh or feel shame about the dumb things you have said and done. Thats a sign of improvement !

          • jeffli

            so what happens to be Cloaca Banana’s experience with the poor?
            donating 10 dollars to the Mormons? donating your hitachi 80486 to the local glee club?
            singing xmas carrols outside the ol’ folks home. $2.00 unicef lotto ticket?


            Cloaca your silver spoon is stuck in your rectum!
            did you
            1. swallow it at birth?
            2. stick someone else’s in there shortly after?

            now back to the topic, the fact that these poor wretches are in such circumstances shows that modern govt. has lost sight of Mr. Sun’s three principles.
            Local, state and central govt. are to blame.

          • Nyancat

            @jeffli can we get a pool going for number 2?

          • jeffli

            I’ll put 50 on number 1,
            all proceeds to go to cloaca’s chosen poor………..
            …. commemorative 2008 Wall St. Charity of barstards.

            He’d like that , he would… would Cloaca (|) + ( * ).

          • coala banana

            “1) You just confirmed how stupid you are…. have you ever heard of a STIPEND?? It’s supposed to cover things like, oh, you know, transportation and housing.
            2) How do I know?

            Cuz I LIVED with him and my mom.”

            You are too funny young girl !! So he was paid a PhD stipendium ? :-))), in Germany ? :-))))

            Girl you don’t know shit, you either made this up out of your penetration brain or fell for the crap he told you ! Call him out on that if that is the case! Hey, good luck with you Maserati and keep on polishing this silver spoon they feed you with all the time !

        • pervertt

          As Little Wolf said, Coala, a less aggressive response would have been appropriate to Christina’s comments. We all have our own life experiences, none of them are the same, and none of us really knows what path in life other people in this forum have taken. To judge Christina as someone obsessed with her fingernails or manicure or hairstyle is a tad harsh, if not unreasonable.

          The ability to empathise is, as far as I know, uniquely human. I don’t think any of us would have the remotest idea of what it is really like to sleep with a total stranger for 10 kuai. But that has not stopped most of us here from expressing sympathy for women like Wu Xianfang. That I think, is noble, not a cause for condemnation. We may not have the ability to help her financially, but tossing coins into an alms bowl should not be the price of entry into the sympathy club. If it was, there would be precious little written on human deprivation in the internet, and we would be all the poorer for it.

          Lastly, a hypothetical question for anyone reading this post. If there was a ‘donate’ button on ChinaSMACK, and you know that whatever you donate WILL find its way to the intended recipient, would you press that button and whip out your credit card?

          I think I know the answer.

          • coala banana

            sympathy ? thats how we call it now ? :-))))

            ok, why not give it a try and let liberal christina go to visit this poor ass folks and this 10kuai whores so she can tell that she feel with them and show some sympathy for their situation. I somehow believe that this people would tell all you who talk about sympathy that you can put that sympathy right up you a-holes. Sympathy doesn’t change shit, its just helpful for the ordinary liberal fuck to feel better about himself. Poor people don’t need sympathy or a warm handshake or a tap on the shoulder and its not helpful at all for them. Same like all this fake ass hopes and fucking prayers. Its easy to join the sympathy club, but its not helpful for the ones in need. Its also easy to talk about other peoples hardships and sacrifices out of ones comfort zone. This kind of people always just talk the talk but never actually walk the walk. They feel sympathy with the poor and underprivileged BUT their sympathy stops at the borders of their own neighborhood. They prefer to judge things from far away and couldn’t handle to be directly confronted with such problems. Sympathy doesn’t bring food on the table and doesn’t pay the rent, so fuck it ! It is what it is: a hypocritical tool used by self righteous liberals to feel good about themselves. Truth is they don’t give a shit, just don’t like to admit it !

          • Niels

            Your words are so true, Coala. Does showing sympathy make the lame mobile again? No – but buying a wheelchair. Does showing sympathy for a clueless student* improve anything? No – but buying books and correcting wrong grammer.
            You will only be judged by what you do.

            I enjoyed your words, Coala. They are backed up with experience that only comes from living a life.

            *chinese education system is a topic on its own

          • mr. wiener

            CB may be a life support system for a penis and real proof about how classy, suave and sophisticated the average European male really is…but the most annoying thing about him [apart from the avalanche of verbage] is that within his cynical musing he is so often making a valid point.
            He is the voice of experience coached in the voice of Serge Gainsbourg and Mr. Toad.
            Shine on you crazy diamond.

          • Christina

            Banana, how do you know I HAVEN’T visited the “poor ass folks” or that I haven’t given them much more than sympathy?

            Your claims about me are baseless and I think you make these arguments about how sympathy is useless because you yourself feel none and know that it makes you a heartless bitch.

            Sympathy in large enough amounts leads to action. Stop judging others especially when you know nothing about them and take a good look in the mirror. You feel bad for that girl who needs another 25k? Give it to her. Then give her another 50k. She’s definitely closer than your own neighborhood as she works for you, so YOU go walk the talk and give her what she needs. Don’t say what she needs is common sense- it’d be presumptuous of YOU to tell the “poor ass folk” what they need, and common sense isn’t something you can give her anyway, but cash is. Go do it, big man.

          • coala banana

            Niels, i hear what you say, BUT:

            “Does showing sympathy make the lame mobile again? No – but buying a wheelchair.”

            sympathy doesn’t buy anything, money does !

            “Does showing sympathy for a clueless student* improve anything? No – but buying books…..”

            again money buys books, not sympathy…

            I hope you don’t want to make it sound like all wheelchairs and books out their are “donations” from people with sympathy or the “right” intentions ? Even if this would be true, it wouldn’t mean shit regarding the big picture. It would still be just a drop on a hot stone. War on Poverty started in 1964. They had 48 years to get it right; more then $1 trillion is spend/donated/confiscated each year and transferred to “the poor”…..obviously it couldn’t help either. I would claim that sympathy has a much longer history then 48 years and 48 trillions US$ ?? Sympathy is in business from the beginning of mankind (according to christian dumb fucks around 6000 years, and based on reasonable people with common sense, around 100-250.000 years), how did it work out ? Fact is that sympathy, hopes and prayers are something that humankind must overcome to survive and to flourish and to make it to the next step of civilization.

            Sympathy is some worthless shit if not backed up with actions, and i have my reasonable doubts that any of this virtual liberals would put money where their mouth is. I say it clear, fuck their prayers and fuck their sympathies. From a poor persons perspective it cold look like this: “good for you that feel sympathetic to my problem, but now give me the fucking money!”

            From the rich guys perspective it look like: “lets make the visit short, it stinks here, so lets say a few words of sympathy give them some money and get the fuck out of here”…

            Fuck also all the mother theresa’s of the world. They all did more evil then good, thats a fact !

            Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone. It can also be seen as a relationship between people, a mutual understanding or affection arising from this relationship, some act or power of sharing feelings, an expression of pity and sorrow, maybe even a feeling of loyalty. Having said that and reading some of the posts i have doubts that the posters have honest feelings when talking about the poor out of their comfort zones at their nice fuzzy warm homes.

            I myself have paid from my OWN pocket surgeries in china over the years, cause all this people with “sympathy” obviously hadn’t sympathy enough to donate money to save the eyes of a child. I respect people which just say: i don’t give a shit !. I am cool with that, and prefer that over some liberal-pretending-that-i-care MFs who’s care and mercy ends right at the entrance of their estate where they live in.

            The devils circle of poverty can just be overcome with draconic measures ! Why let such people reproduce themselves, creating more poverty ? Let them die out ! Why let people get born with mental illnesses when we have the technology to produce just healthy babies. I don’t say to kill all the sick. Give them a decent living and care about them as long as they are alive, but get sure that no other ones are born.

            Times will come where this line will be drawn, cause there is no other solution to overcome the problem. People which are not contributing to society whats or ever will be considered waste and therefor they are useless. Liberals, out of their fake sympathy will
            want to keep them locked but fed so they can feel better about themselves. A life in a jail cell for the next 25-50 years has nothing to do with dignity and human rights, its a slow motion suicide ordered out of “mercy” from the self righteous. Death is honest and is fast, why let people suffer unnecessary ? So we can feel human ? Thats not humanity its senseless punishment which increases suffering !

          • coala banana

            “Banana, how do you know I HAVEN’T visited the “poor ass folks” or that I haven’t given them much more than sympathy?”

            its from what you write, just someone with no life experience at all would write such nonsense ! or live in lala land walking like an ignorant fool on this planet.

            Lets say even you did more then just sympathies, that wouldn’t change a thing, cause you still can’t claim that you know how a poor person feels or someone with cancer (that claim was ridiculous BTW).

            Young girl: “Sympathy in large enough amounts leads to action.”

            yeah! how smart is that. actions ? yes, maybe ?! but how about : RESULTS ??

            you can now claim that without sympathy there would be much more poverty, which would mean that you admit that what you and other do (in case you really do it) is nothing else then bypassing the real problem, no offering of long term solutions and problem solving. Its the common liberal “lets touch it up to make it look better” so we can feel good about ourselves. People like you don’t have balls at all (you anyway not), you touch up a little bit here and little bit there. You make the real problem looks a little bit better on the surface, and by doing that you in fact extend all the suffering which is going on, out of your own self righteous self interest. People like you do it cause you can’t handle the truth, you don’t want to know that this world is and can be an evil place, maybe you even do it to get sure that you contributed to the goal to at least keep the poor where they are, cause i doubt that you want them to settle in your backyard so you are confronted with them face to face, day to day?! Hypocrite ! You can fly to fucking Somalia and wash the starving babies asses over the summer and i would still call you a hypocrite ! Well someone is doing it anyway, but it still doesn’t change the fact that 16.000 of them die every day cause of hunger.

            But of course you and your rich friends donate, care, have sympathy for them, hopes and maybe you even throw in a couple of prayers into the deal with you god, who knows. 1 trillion US$ was spend over the last nearly 50 years to fight poverty, thats a lot of money young girl ! how about that as an action ! well, we could indeed describe that as an action, at least better then to pray and hoping for miracles, but even that didn’t do shit, cause RESULTS tell us that poverty has even increased.

            “You feel bad for that girl who needs another 25k? Give it to her.”

            again you don’t understand. I don’t feel bad for her, i am pissed that someone threw away money out of the window (cause of sympathy and a fake feeling of obligation to some lazy ass MF at home) and even after this bad experience and years of useless work, this human can’t see the truth and even consider how to throw more money out of the window. I claim, that this people KNOW the truth, BUT they prefer to close their eyes to it, cause of the simple reasons that it HURTS ! Yeah, truth hurts, and so does national pride, so does shame, and so does ignorance and many other things….YOU write your stupid comments out of ignorance and your lack of life experience. I would claim that you too know the truth, and there is no excuse for it, since everyone is able now a days to see it when he/her wishes to do so. The fact that many, like you, sound ignorant about certain facts, is out of weakness, cause they too can’t handle the truth. You guys would like to solve the problem but wouldn’t want to be in the position where a tough decision must be made. So you prefer to hold your breath, ignore problem and let others fight at the front. When things turn out good, you keep you mouth shut, and when they turn out bad, then people like you are the first ones which stick their finger out of their liberal assholes to point to the person who committed the “crime” !

          • Christina

            Coala Banana,

            You want the cards on the table?

            I am 20 years old.

            I am still a junior in university but I founded a club in HIGH SCHOOL that puts 6 local migrant children through high school and sees them through college EVERY YEAR. That was 5 years ago, so right now about 30 children have been able to attend school when they otherwise couldn’t.

            My father grew up dirt poor and for the first 5 years of my life, I did too while he was still working towards his PhD.

            Sorry you grew up totally poor- in all senses of the word. You have no morals, no compassion, and no brain in half your arguments.

            P.S. Did I mention I also survived cancer?

          • coala banana

            wow, you really make things worst for yourself young girl:-)))

            great, you founded a club in your High School, and at least you guys help directly then to senselessly donate money to one of the big orgs…I give you credit for that. and yeah, maybe your little liberal self righteous heart is in the right place, at least on this subject. But again, what about the results ? Giving other kids the possibility to go through HS is just an action, but it says nothing about the results and achievements. I am sure that most of them did well ?! BTW, how do you guys chose 6 local migrant children, cause i am sure that there are more then 6 migrants where you live, so what about the rest of them ? can it be considered unfair ? so again, how you chose when you play jesus, god or the good samaritan ? based on what you make your selections about who will get a chance and who you are going to kick in the nuts ?!

            So your father was dirt poor and was at the same working on his PhD ??? I myself have a PhD, didn’t know that dirty poor folks could afford to become a Dr. ?! I doubt that all his university fees over the years were paid by jesus, so what is the real story, could it be that “dirt poor” in your eyes and compared to your families situation now, could mean that your father at that time, just had a used japanese car and a 2 bed room apartment downtown ? damn girl, you leave so many loopholes in your argument. When your father and you were really dirt poor, but your father had obviously enough backup and money to make his PhD and feed his family, then what technical term we should give this prostitutes in the article, since they are obviously dirtier and poorer then you father and you ever was ? should we put them into the disgustingly dirty poor category ? The how about this poor bastards in africa who are waiting for their tuesdays bowl of rice ? in which category they fit in ? they are definitely bellow the whores in the article ?

            Girl, you really don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. You try helpless to make an argument but fall over you own legs all the time. I was poor yes, but i was poor based on the standard of my environment i live in, that doesn’t mean that i was hungry ALL the time, we just couldn’t afford certain things like other families could, but none of us wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to even sign in into a university or how to become a doctor.

            To become a Dr. and graduate from a university requires help and some pre requirements must be fulfilled, being dirty poor is definitely not helpful in such a process. You really sound like you call yourself poor cause you just have a collection of 20 barbie dolls but you girlfriends parents bought them 50 !

            “P.S. Did I mention I also survived cancer?””

            well, you didn’t mention that, and you know it ! funny thing is that i really expected that you will come up with something like that. So, no, i am not surprised that you had cancer and survived it ! What you want now for that ? Sympathy ? a reward ? the newest barbie and ken dolls ?

            ok, you survived it and couldn’t resist to use that as an argument:-)), hey, who paid for your treatment ? why not just consider yourself privileged that you HAD the care and treatment everyone should have, and keep it at that. Cause you should know that most people out there are not as privileged as you ! the sad thing is , that even you experienced cancer and survived it, you don’t seem to have learned anything from it. You still remain naive and ignorant about certain aspects of life EVEN you have experienced them physically. THAT is you problem girl ! Usually people which suffered hardships and tough life and made it out of the misery become smarter and wiser later on. You made “some” experience, but somehow i miss to hear that you learned anything from it…so yeah, you are guilty of ignorance, selfishness and naivety !

            What the world is coming to when dirty poor people can make a PhD and survive cancer ? was it probably cause they were NEVER poor to start with ? Try again young girly , i know 20 year olds who are faaaar ahead of you, without a daddy who is a doctor and without the experience of cancer. All that should have made a better and smarter person out of you, but obviously that doesn’t work out all the time:-)))

          • Christina

            coala, you’re so stupid it’s astounding.

            ever heard of a scholarship?
            he scored in the top 10 in the nation on the national exam his year and it caught the attention of quite a few charitable organizations. He was certainly dirt poor- think rural farmer’s family with too many kids. He rode an old bike in Germany and lived in a tiny bedroom rented within the apartment of two college aged german kids, and worked the graveyard shift at a bakery 3 nights a week- while working towards a doctorate- to make sure I was fed.

            Anyway, I only mentioned cancer because you said I couldn’t possibly know the pain…. wrong again. I didn’t expect anything more, since you think you know everything about, well, everything. This is the last time I respond to anything from you, no matter how tempting to point out the gaping holes in your tirades.

            I truly do feel sad for you- my father, so fulfilled, so on top of everything, experienced more than you could possibly know or care about, but he turned out to be an outstanding man. he rebuilt the school in his hometown, paid better teachers to go teach there, and paved all the roads leading to his village so the journey could be easier for others. You guys are the same age but you’re night and day and I am GLAD you couldn’t get a girl to have kids with you- the horror of having you as a relative would be too much to bear.

          • Nyancat

            Oh Christ (oh i know u hate that coala, religion burns u right?)! You still haven’t learnt have you, from my great experience I can tell that you’re full of hot air coala, you make valid points but here’s the thing anyone with half a brain can come down to the same conclusions that you give, it’s called common sense. I like how u changed ur MO from showing off in every post to now trying to be more compassionate and caring trying to garner some positive energy from the posters here eh… I still think you’re full of shit, for someone who is supposedly running a huge business you sure have a lot of time to post your comments, hell I only have a small company and I can only come on Chinasmack once in a while to bitch.
            And are you a tranny or something what’s your beef with the women here, first it was notorious and now it’s Christina? You have some issues man. People learn the ways of the world for themselves, you can lead a horse to water but you can make it drink, mull over that for a while.
            @ Christina don’t bother replying to CB he’s just trying to get you riled up, the best way to piss people off is to ignore them, this is an internet forum, it doesn’t really translate to anything in real life.

          • coala banana

            Ok, so let me get this straight!:

            someone is a dirty poor farmer from the countryside, but scored top 10nationwide and charitable orgs paid for his university fees and doctorate ? Hmmmmm….but he had enough money to rent an appartments and have bike in germany ? Was he German ? Are we talking about German countryside ???? Fuck !!! Most average decent living people in other parts of the world would very much prefer to be a poor in Germany rather then a working person in another country !!! Can’t believe you bring that shot even up, lol! Is that the story he sold you and you mom ?. Lol !,,,

            So suddenly he had a job in a bakery ? So he was a poor dirty farmer from the countryside with a bycicle an appartment and a job, attending university and paid a PhD while being one of the top 10 smartest people in the country ? Wow !,,!!!

            Hey inexperienced girl ! Ever been to Germany ?. The poor there are considered to be the richest poor in the world ! Fact !

            Damn, your heartbreaking story is Hollywood material ! Trust me your dad sold you this BS ! Next time tell him that you are old enough and he should fucking come up with what really happened !

            Btw! , I accept your white flag ! Take your time, grow out of your puberty and come back with more reasonable arguments, you did bad, even when putting your young age into consideration ! Lol !

          • Christina


            I can’t believe I’m doing this again..

            1) You just confirmed how stupid you are…. have you ever heard of a STIPEND?? It’s supposed to cover things like, oh, you know, transportation and housing.
            2) How do I know?

            Cuz I LIVED with him and my mom.

            Now, buzz off. You’re not even worth 1/10000th of the shit on the bottom of my dad’s old german bike.

          • coala banana

            Nyancat, don’t care what you or others think, and it’s obvious that i can find time to post. how ? Why care, since its anyway BS in your eyes…

            My beef with women ? Lol!

            First of all, notorious can’t be considered a women, she is a mutant, half frog half angry black bitch, Jesus freak and believe in vampires. Haven’t seen her in a while, most likely she is trolling on some black power or black supremacy forum right now…

            Christina ? Just called her out on the BS crap she posts….not more not less…if she can’t handle the heat, then she should think before she posts ridiculous claims ! Her opinion is valid as anyone else’s, even I think she would do much better on some Barbie dolls collectors forum !

          • Nyancat

            hmm funny how u don’t care what I think, but you did make it a point to explain to me why do do what you do to Notorious and Christina ergo you do care. Listen coala you would be taken a shitload more seriously if you kept your comments on topic instead of talking endlessly about yourself or indulging in personal attacks on others, it just makes u look…petty, just sayin’

          • coala banana

            What’s wrong with a bit of a pissing contest from time to time , damn, on another thread I even saw wiener and don scarletti getting into a pissing contest with others, never thought that i would witness that one day ….. so yeah, you better get used to this…..it happens when people disagree…..

            PS: notorious is NOT human, she might have a female lower body, but she has a frog head and eyes, so in my eyes she is a mutant , and a scary one on top of that !

          • Nyancat

            No. I won’t get used to it so get used to that. Btw a pissing contest with women? See you don’t play fair…unless you have a small penis? :D

          • Niels

            You misunderstood my words, Coala.

            Sympaty is a pile of shit. It does not help at all. Shallow words of so called sympathy make me explode and going through the roof.
            As I wrote above one will only be judged by actions. Actions are synonym with time and therefore with money.

            It was MY money and MY decision when I decided to buy books for that student. It was MY time when I corrected her emails, when I answered countless grammer-questions.
            You know why I still get emails from that girl? Not because I showed sympathy, but actions (money, time etc)!
            It took me some time to understand that chinese education system has some major flaws, that one can have a degree but not being able to speak two sentences in the language you have studied.

            BTW Did you read Nietzsche?

          • Notorious

            @Nyancat – Since I was thrown into this conversation, I’m going to bite. But just this one time.

            To all the women here, be aware of having any sort of conversation with Coala Banana. Be aware also, that any conversation with him will be civil long enough to extricate information about your life that he can use in an argument against you later. These tactics are as follows:

            1.) Make false accusations about women to entice them to correct said false information.

            2.) Use said “corrections” to paint an even more inaccurate picture of who they are to entice females to tell him even more.

            3.) Once he has annoyed them into giving him even more iunformation, which he uses to create an even more inaccurate depiction, he then uses insults as a method to beat them into submission mentally… if he can. If that doesn’t work, use racism, slurs and other tactics to silence them. When that doesn’t work, he’ll troll and stalk them until they give up posting altogether since any attempt at a civil conversation with other posters will be continually disrupted or sidetracked.

            4.) He does not argue or engage in pissing contests with other men (notice how he slithers away from Nyancat), since he is a coward who seems to skirt out of said “pissing contests” with his penis tucked firmly between his legs like a tranny pretending to have a vagina. In fact, he will begin to explain himself in pages long manifestos hoping to earn the admiration of other males long enough to hopefully blind them to his ways. Since his goal here, is attack any female who dares uses her voice to post an opinion as they are only walking vaginas to him and should remember to stay in their place while he objectifies the alleged women he’s exposed himself to, asking them to suck his filthy diseased dick (his words). There are only four or five women on Chinasmack — how many has he not argued with or harrassed?

            Small penis syndrome would be an understandment. This person is dealing with some type of deep seated psychosis and is clearly suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When I come here, I skipped his posts the moment I see his repulsive writings, He’s like a mental patient scribbling his writings on the wall using his own shit.

            He has an unreserved hatred toward me, because I was the first to call him out for

            1.) Exposing his penis to unsuspecting women, which in America will land you firmly on the registered sex offenders list

            2.) for calling bull on his fantasies about all the women he allegedly sleeps with – which in turn led to many others beginning to believe his stories were utter shite. Those fantastical stories have since declined though they do crop up from time time when he’s desperate for attention or someone else here is receiving all the praise in a discussion.

            3.) Despises the fact that I told him that I believe any woman who has given him a blow job after he exposed himself to him were likely employees at his “company” who were probably told to suck it or lose a job they desperately need. I do not seem women falling to their needs to suck off some worthless old laowei bum in China unless under some form of coercion. He even claimed some of them leave in anger, only to come back later to perform, which to me serves as evidence that he is some sort of predator who is bribing them and not the player he claims to be.

            Any response from Coala Banana will be laced with invectives, racial slurs and anything and everything he can find in his arsenal to DISCREDIT my observations about his pathetic existence. The only responsible outcome to such a life as his is to go kill himself. He is nothing but a worthless bottom-feeding laowei scumbag exploiting the workers in China. He can go fuck himself for all I care and anyone who entertains a conversation with this bum after all the garbage he’s spewed can go fuck themselves too.

          • coala banana

            understand niels, and i very much agree with you !

            yes i read most of Nietzsches works, a true genius. I studied in germany BTW !

            ” und da sah ich sie vor mir stehen, den Größten und den kleinsten menschen, und wahrlich ich sage euch, auch den Größten fand ich noch allzu menschlich !”

            priceless !!!

          • coala banana

            wow the angry black mamba is back ? feel boring on the black power forums ? refilled your batteries with “fuck white people” ? lol !

            nice angry black women post, so let me reply , since Niels brought up Nietzsche in this thread:

            : “…du gehst zu Frauen, vergesse die Peitsche nicht !”

            short and simple !

    • Foreign Devil

      ” I intend to buy my parents a Maserati ” are you joking about this Christina???
      Why the hell would your parents need a Maserati? What is your job that you could afford one? Or are you taking your husband/boyfriends money? If you anything like my rich Chinese friend who came to N. AMerica to study. You will be dependant on daddy’s money until the day you get married and then depend on husbands money.

      • mr. wiener

        FD I think Christine meant that sarcastically in response to CB jibes about good intentions.

        • Foreign Devil

          Oh my bad. I’m not used to Chinese people using sarcasm.

          • coala banana

            well, lets not be too fast assuming that it was sarcasm. Why ?

            how many chinese girls do you know (or fuck it, 19 year old girls in general) who know what a Maserati is ??? Maserati is a famous brand, but is it as know (to the common folks, or young girls) as Ferrari , Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes or BMW ?? I would say know. So when a young 19 year old mentions Maserati, then she indeed could have some knowledge about it. I believe that she is really full of herself and is feed with a silver spoon !

            Of course she wouldn’t buy it with her own money. Mammy and her go out with dads CreditCard and buy it for him ! This is how it works amongst rich people which never accomplished anything on their own. They buy you a present but you have to pay for it later on :-)

      • Christina

        I sense a whole lot of jealousy.

        I’m only 20 so I’m not married, but I do have everything in order. Funny how going to a top 10 university opens doors, if you have half a brain and some interpersonal skills. I have already secured a VERY well paying career with a lot of upward mobility, so within the next 10 years I will be able to afford a Maserati.

        I fully intend to buy my parents something they have always denied themselves because they put others first. My dad could have easily afforded a Maserati but chose to spend the majority of his money on his kids, his family, and philanthropy. He’s always liked cool cars but never considered buying one because to him, helping others is so much more important. He treats everyone else SO well, so I wholeheartedly believe it’s time somebody treated him the same way. A Maserati does not begin to cover the amount of gratitude I feel towards my amazing parents, but it’s a start.

        Also- the idea of girls using boyfriends’ money to buy superfluous items- agree with you on that one, it’s abhorrent. The one lesson my mom ingrained in me growing up was to always be independent. She’s an incredibly intelligent woman and I listened.

        • coala banana

          Hey wiener and foreign devil, how is that about sarcasm……seems my theory about a 20 year old which know about Maserati was dead on? ;-))))!

          • Niels

            I laughed so badly. Same with Aston Martin…

          • coala banana

            btw, sarcasm is a fine skill, it can even be considered an art form of communication, BUT it requires intelligence…based on that, wiener, how could you really believe that she was being sarcastic. I knew she was serious about it….the Maserati gave it away ! If she would have said Ferrari, then i would have given her the benefit of the doubt, but Maserati ? Come on !

            Its akin the one who pretend to doesn’t know shit about motorbikes but first come off with Bimota….not Harley, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki, but Bimota ! The chances that this person can be considered sarcastic in any given contact are veeeery low !

            fucking rich shanghai kids:-), they don’t even have to joke about it anymore or try to be sarcastic. They just have to say how it is living in a personal paradise surrounded by a shithole full with poor fucks !


          • mr. wiener

            My bad.
            However as I read back through these turgid pages of purple prose by both the snickerdoodle fan and the banana man I can’t help being reminded of the poetry of William Blake ,specifically his songs of innocents and experience. The first talks about the world as an idealized paradise where all things can be fixed. No problem is to great to master, such is the joyful optimism of youth.
            The second sees the world that has worn them down, the victories won, always coming at a cost, and the problems these small triumphs cause in their wake stretching on into the future in which you already know that your days are numbered, and the best of your strength already used up, such are the songs of experience.
            The world has a place for both of these.

            BTW CB, just remember, middle age is when your narrow waist and broad mind change places ;)

        • Alan

          I’m only 20 so I’m not married, but I do have everything in order. Funny how going to a top 10 university opens doors, if you have half a brain and some interpersonal skills. I have already secured a VERY well paying career with a lot of upward mobility, so within the next 10 years I will be able to afford a Maserati.

          You are SO obviously Shanghai ren, don’t lie.

          • coala banana

            Lol ! It’s also funny how the pre requirements to be accepted in a top 10 university, is to have just half a brain and some interpersonal skills. Seems that all it takes now a days to have everything in order and to be able to afford a Maserati is set by such low per requirements :-(

            Oh china , you and your spoiled children with half brains which drive maseratis , what have you done to this world ? this is so neveau rich shanghai ren style ! But hey, this rich kids indeed pity the poor ! Lol !

          • Capt. WED

            coala really? Spoiled children? Go watching some my super sweet 16. LOL.

            Ur just mad you are stuck in China LMAO.

            your shitty existence would stop if you expat laowai faggots just packed up and went back home to freedom instead of fucking hos in some 3rd world shit hole cos you afraid of your own women. stupid ass faggots.

          • coala banana

            i am not afraid of my own women, fucked quite a lot of them. But yes, i must give you right, after i compared some nice chinese women’s feet in shoe size 36 with some western women’s feet with 42, i had the feeling that i fucked males before i came to china. But lets be honest, chinese women are not really the best fuck one can get, some try real hard, but they are still worlds away to western sport fucking standards, means they always leave some drops behind, while western women won’t stop until the last drop is sucked out of the sausage !

            I dont blame chinese women for that, I blame the feminine chinese males for it with their long fingernails and stinking rotten foul mouths and their small dicks. Not really an appetizer for a hot chick and definitely not a motivator to give it all. Its more like, hold still till this stinking bastards is done and buy me a car and apartment, when he is done i will tell him what great fucker he is….!

          • Capt. WED

            I dont blame chinese women for that, I blame the feminine chinese males for it with their long fingernails and stinking rotten foul mouths and their small dicks. Not really an appetizer for a hot chick and definitely not a motivator to give it all. Its more like, hold still till this stinking bastards is done and buy me a car and apartment, when he is done i will tell him what great fucker he is….!

            LOL. Ur are mad at something. It goes to show what kind of vile prejudice exists inside of your being. There is no need to consider it for it simply cannot be true because you started with a false proposition.

            We can extrapolate though why CB is so mad. Everything I said about you must’ve hit home hard. BUT also likely from your wall of insane bullshit (which I never fucking read!!! just from a glance allows me a full prognosis of your fucking insanity you fuck) that you are definitely a person with deep personal issues. Is materialism not working out for you? Is having too much sex not enough???!!! Why are your insides so utterly rotten? is it cultural? Are you truly a white-devil?

          • coala banana

            not mad about anything, just excited to tell the truth from my point of view, based on own experiences. Don’t really remember what you said, but either way, NO, it didn’t hit me. I know it cause there is not much which can really shock me or hurt me in this world. Example:

            I could have a wife, come back home and found her in bed with 3 black studs, one in each hole. I would stand beside the bed and start to jerk off to it. Not cause it makes me really horny, but cause i know that i will later kick her out, so at least i want to have my fun too !

            I am just a realist and see things how they are and not how i want them to be. I have a fast reaction time and new plans and strategies just pop up in my mind, so there is not much time left for feeling bad or mad. Thats how i operate, always prepared for the worst case scenario, while i don’t hope shit. If i really want something i will make it happen, thats my strength !

            Don’t know if i would call that insane. Its just realistic, but maybe you are indirectly right and realism now a days really requires some inner strength and insanity, how else to handle all the truths life is preparing for us.

            Materialism is working well, but i consider it just a tool which lets me breath easier. Its nice to be able to buy whatever i like and not to feel bad about it, and the bets thing about is that you don’t have to discuss it with anyone else, you just do it. Its not happiness, but its some sort of freedom !

            I have nothing against the devil, i would shit on him the same way i would shit on baby jesus and his daddy.

            So yes, i feel most of the times very free and fortunate to be a person nothing can shock or surprise, not cause i have just experienced a lot in my life, its cause i accepted that truth hurts and there is nothing and no one who would help me except me myself. Self confident based on achievements and results, that it is i guess :-)

          • Capt. WED

            “So yes, i feel most of the times very free and fortunate to be a person nothing can shock or surprise, not cause i have just experienced a lot in my life, its cause i accepted that truth hurts and there is nothing and no one who would help me except me myself. Self confident based on achievements and results, that it is i guess :-)”

            Truth hurts? You reckon you are some sort of light bearer? A fucking arbitrator THE TRUTH? What I see is nothing but single-sided, hyperbolic reactionary fucking ramblings of a total douche (not to mention capitalistic faggot). Full anecdotes of his “life experience”. Not a nary of logic and reason and evidence in sight, in it’s place a train of passive yes-men following all nodding in agreement.

            I am just a realist and see things how they are and not how i want them to be. I have a fast reaction time and new plans and strategies just pop up in my mind, so there is not much time left for feeling bad or mad. Thats how i operate, always prepared for the worst case scenario, while i don’t hope shit. If i really want something i will make it happen, thats my strength !

            So you have no “guanxi” in this world? You pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps? You started from nothing? This is the internet and I’m the fucking king of the universe! CB’s gems of knowledge for the world–he writes fucking fortune cookies. Sorry that’s a diservice to fortune cookie writers.

            chinasmack is faggotry.

          • coala banana


            that coming from YOU, can be considered a compliment, so i will take it as such !

            hope you will find peace one day !


          • Christina

            Alan, shanghai girls have a rep for being leeches and gold diggers. Since I am independently wealthy, where do you get off making that comparison? I worked hard to get where I am today. I scored 2380 on the SAT without years of SAT classes and was offered full rides at the schools that do such things based on merit. I’ll be in the workforce at age 20 because I am graduating early. What “shanghai ren” in their right mind would choose working 60 hr weeks over using daddy’s money for a few more years? My future will be thanks to God and my own hard work.

          • coala banana

            wow young girl, another smart move:

            “Since I am independently wealthy…”…yes ? But you haven’t worked a day in your life (according to your own accounts) ?

            So how independent can you be, when your wealth is based on another persons accomplishments ?

            And now even “thanks to god” ???

            Its amazing how you people think that you have some sort of special relation with your god ! Don’t you think that this is to a high degree ignorant, that your god seems to have no problem with letting 16 thousand children die cause of hunger every day !! But of course care about little rich christina in lalaland and help her score 2380 on the SAT ?! Of course this same god will not stop there, he will stay busy and help rich christina make even more money and buy her daddy a Maserati ! This is how much god loves her !

            Keep him busy rich girl, bombard him with even more prayers so he can make your independent wealthy life even wealthier. Who gives the fuck about the poor ass kids which will die cause of nothing to eat.

            But hey ! At least you give them your sympathy !

            Strange guy he is your god ! he has blessed me too with money, and more and more is coming, but somehow he gave it to me without me ever asking him for it. Even i urinated on his holy book and wiped my ass with it. he STILL seems to love me more then the thousands of sick kids which die everyday. Yeah, he moves in mysteries ways, seems he favors the rich over the poor.

            Fuck, when i think about it, I too should praise fucking baby jesus for his help ! But nah, fuck this motherfucker !

        • Foreign Devil

          Hey Christina. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good impression of you. Seems smart, together and beautiful. But yes if I knew you personally and everything you said is true I’d probably be a bit jealous. .since I’m only human and all. But I wouldn’t let that jealousy affect how I treat you. Because I understand we all have to do the best with the cards we are dealt in life.

          See I dated a girl like you. At first I didn’t realize how rich her family was. because they were in China and her in Canada studying .. but seeing her never have to hold a job, never have to struggle and work summers. In fact during her march break and summer holidays she would just travel around the world on her parents money. Then to top it all off, while she was in school her dad bought her a half a million dollar condo in prime real estate area right downtown. Something I’d have to work most of my life to afford to buy. Needless to say our lifestyles did not match, though we had fun hanging out together.

          But jealousy is a naive emotion . because money does not always equal happiness. And somebody else will always be apparently more lucky or better at something than yourself. Comparing yourself to others is a dead end route. And other things in life like cancer, depression etc. . can’t always be removed with money (though it does help a lot).

          Still at 20 I don’t know how you know for sure you “have already secured a VERY well paying career with a lot of upward mobility, so within the next 10 years I will be able to afford a Maserati.”

          I guess you got that career guaranteed through your families “GuanXi”? Most 20 year olds still in school in this poor economy certainly have not secured Very well paying careers waiting for them. Even if they are in Harvard. Unless they will be using their parents or rich boyfriends GuanXi or working directly for their parents.

          Now a Maserati in ten years will cost around 200K. So if you save 20K per year for the next 10 years that is entirely possible. In fact I save more than that each year by living a frugal life. . but I certainly would not blow it on a car. However if I could rely on others to pay my rent and bills and didn’t have any student debts like you. I’d be in a good position to buy that car in 10 years and have plenty of savings left over.

          • Christina

            Sorry it didn’t work out with your girlfriend.
            She may be similar in coming from a wealthy family but the similarity stops there. I have worked every summer and almost every semester. I use a tiny little flip phone because I think the iphone is a ripoff (though my 13 year old brother has a 4S). I have never purchased a luxury purse in my LIFE and never ask my parents for anything superfluous. All the nice things I have are gifts from them or their friends- my jewelry, ipad, itouch, the few LV purses that I do own. My mom wanted to buy me a townhouse next to school but I adamantly refused.

            My summer internship this year will lead to a full time career. Fortune 500 companies recruit heavily at my school and they snatch up the students they consider exceptional. I am not calling myself exceptional- the company that hired me is. I used absolutely no connections to get where I am because all my dad’s contacts are scientists and I have no interest going down that path. With the career I’m going into, I can buy a Maserati within 10 years without having others pay my rent and bills. However, the student debt thing is true- I have none, because my parents pay my tuition.

            I suppose I was very lucky because a few of my friends who are from similar backgrounds and with similar qualifications are still looking for jobs. I know I am so very fortunate to start my career in a place that others work lifetimes to get to. However, I am also annoyed that others don’t seem to understand it IS possible for a girl to make it big without riding on the coattails of a boyfriend or husband.

      • Little Wolf

        I’m at a loss why anyone would waste their money on a Maserati in China no matter how much money they have. I have a wannabe crotch rocket that I like to take for day cruises in the countryside even though it is the rare occasion that it doesn’t turn quickly from a happy, wind-on-my-face, feeling of joy and freedom into an angry rage and hate-filled experience and it would be just as shitty on a Buell Firebolt or Ducati Monster.

        • Foreign Devil

          I think she lives in California.. at least her avatar photos are from the Golden Gate bridge. But yeah any car built for high speeds in China will then just roar more loudly while consume premium grade fuel, while it idles in the traffic jams. Even the Highways are slow moving, contents spilling endless truck convoys. Rural roads are full of tractors and water buffalo and scooters.

          • Christina

            Foreign Devil, the truly good schools are on the east coast ;)

            I go to cali for vacation and to visit friends- I think the fact that I DO have pics of the Golden Gate Bridge is a giveaway since locals don’t generally want to be caught acting like tourists.

          • Little Wolf

            Ivy League= truly good? Shit. Not any more.
            California still has Cal Tech, Stanford, Berkeley, Cal Poly SLO for Architecture, USC Film School is unequaled anywhere as is the Marine Tech program at Santa Barbara City College(A fucking junior college)

            Of course this is merely conjecture on my part. I never went to college, opting instead to join the police academy where I believe I hold the world record of being the only cadet in history to cook up and fix a speedball in a stall of a campus restroom before going out to march in full uniform under the drill instuctor’s nose for more than an hour.

          • mr. wiener

            Lil’ Wolf, I’m trying to picture you looking like Bobcat Goldthwaite.

          • Little Wolf

            haha…I don’t know what Bobcat looks like these days but he sure showed a whole new depth and dimension with his “God Bless America” film.(Which should be required viewing in every classroom of USA AND China)

            What can I say? I had some coke. I had some black tar heroin. I was going through my divorce. What else was I going to do?

            My sisters say I look like “Top Gun” era Tom Cruise but they’re my sisters and supposed to say things like that.

  • GodsHammer

    This is the system that we support and must give respect to internationally. This is the country that is making bids at world power…where Ferrari sells the biggest share of it’s inventory, that rejuvenated Gucci and LV…this is the place that it’s all happening… how? by burning the poor like firewood. It’s either there or the coal mine !

  • andywattbulb

    don’t people wack off anymore? ~ george carlin

  • Marlon

    I’d rather whack off than tap that.

  • Sean

    Great, wonderful, spectacular, benevolent, harmonious China!!!!!

  • Notorious

    Yet another reason why having a solid government with some social programs to help the poor is good, instead of this shit.

  • Capt. WED

    Damn Coala get off meth please. I know it’s easy to get meth in China but damn…

  • Capt. WED

    I didn’t read any of that. Who the fuck has time to read your wall of bullshit? I think you are perhaps a imaginative fuck who’s got a serious drug issue, or too much time on his hand. Either way if you really own factories you show precisely the ills of capitalism and also the ugly side of humanity. Either way your disproportionate ugly inner self servers to counter everything you say even if 50% of what you say has a bit of truth in it.

    Basically you are an asshole and you suck.

    Just shows how stupid Chinese people are and how fucked up the current world is this fucking stupid ass path that fucking westerners have bought / forced the world on. FUCK YOU.

    Earlier I saw some stupid book with a chapter that went on about how conformist societies suck. Yeah from the POV of fucking cultural fascists.


    • Capt. WED

      BEING FREE? Being free for some people is about the freedom to engage in mob mentality! Or freedom to invade another person’s privacy. Or a slew of other right my right to an asshole kid of freedoms. That’s fucking what freedom means to some of these people.

      • Notorious

        @Capt – that sort of freedom is what greedy men aspire to. Has nothing to do what regular everyday people experience. Besides, freedom isn’t free. A country with these rights has to keep other countries from trying to encroach on that freedom. It’s preemptive freedom fighting not fighting for freedom.

      • coala banana

        i for one don’t believe in freedom and rights and choices, they are ALL and EVERYWHERE just an illusions given to the masses. The ONLY way you can buy yourself some more free space then the ordinary dumb fuck on the street is by making some money. Money can buy you “some” freedoms and lets you relax better. It is how it is, we live in a capitalist money oriented society. It isn’t so bad in it when you have some cash, but of course it can suck big time, when you don’t have cash.

  • Capt. WED

    BTW Chen Guangcheng is BLIND FAGGOT. LOL.

    He’s nothing but a PAWN.

    • Capt. WED

      yeah let him come to the US where he can be just another eunuchs chinaman in US. LMAO.

      Like that chinaman ambassador.

      All pawns.

      • Notorious

        If Chen was a regular person and not an activist people have been trying to see for many years, and has been a topic of discussion as well in some U.S. circles, no one would care about what happens to him. But since he wandered into the embassy, our laws make the United States obligated to protect him. Otherwise, America, which likes to portray itself as sympathetic and a leader in human rights would be perceived as throwing him to the wolves, which would damage our standing greatly. So the United States has to do something for the man, whether they negotiate a better situation for him in China, or move him to the United States where all the liberal universities will i nvite him to speak through an interpreter and all the right-wing circles will criticize the government for taking on other people’s problems.

        • Capt. WED

          yeah he just wandered into the embassy.

          he actually believes in the lies???

          Sure what you say would make sense if we believe 100% in the narrative. but we know that narrative is full of lies.

          so Notorious supports the narrative only when her liberal sensibility is being tickled. Double think much? LOL. No. Should be schizzo much?

          • Notorious

            Capt, I can see and understand more than one point of view. I follow nothing blindly.

            If you knew how much of a conspiracy nut I truly am, on everything from the WTC 9/11 tragedy, to every other issue being a government conspiracy. I believe, the united states has been hijacked by U.S. corporations hell bent on globalization and domination. Any war we fight is for money. I never supported any war. 50% of the money we spend on defense should be used to build houses for the homeless and feed hungry children. Instead, we use it to fight for oil and some imaginary nation-less war on “terrorism”.

            I am not blind. I see the people there at the Embassy doing what is honorable and following the code. My mother is a 30 year government employee and belongs to no agenda other than to do her job. It’s the politicians and lobbyists at the top of the food chain where things get sketchy so anything that might have happened at the Embassy was done in the spirit that was intended. Not so sure about the decisions coming from the top.

        • Capt. WED

          “If Chen was a regular person and not an activist people have been trying to see for many years, and has been a topic of discussion as well in some U.S. circles, no one would care about what happens to him

          LMAO~~~ So you are saying they only care if the person supports their narrative and people who don’t fit that bill, people who can’t make them feel good about themselves get the same ol’ same ol’–fucked in the ass like the punk bitches they are? Prison-America?

          • Notorious

            it’s not about feel good. the reason why western countries and their citizens have it so much better than other countries who don’t share their ideals is the fact that THOSE countries don’t value the lives of their own citizens. America values the lives of its citizens so much, that they would put soldiers at risk to retrieve an american body even when they know the body is already dead. Other countries (or in this case, a wayward province like Shandong) stealing a man’s freedom because he dared speak up against forced abortions is ridiculous. the ONLY way to change things in your country is to speak up and protest. Take that right away, and you’re doomed to stand still, a country will never progress.

            So how could America turn its back on such a man? What is the fairness in that?

            Yes, America has its issues. MANY issues, but one thing it does is treat its citizens with enough importance to give each one a platform to speak against whatever social ill is plaguing them and so,t hey would stand behind this man since we believe those rights extend to everyone beyond our borders.

          • Capt. WED

            You are just repeating that same mantra. The US acts in it’s own self interest foremost. (see tragedy of the commons). It has it’s own ulterior and self-serving motives. Multiple narratives exists. The game US has been playing all along is they play one game out in the open, but at the same time also a different game in the shadows.

            America is also culturally fascist because there exist a hierarchy of *whatever* on a message of freedom and equality and is at the same time totally inconsistent (rich vs poor, minorities vs minority, old americans vs new americans). Out in the open they say one thing yet they send out conflicting messages subliminally. Therefore they simply cannot be believed. The narrative is a lie.

            citizens with enough importance to give each one a platform to speak against whatever social ill is plaguing them and so

            Only for things that is out in the open and fits the narrative. Anything outside of that narrative is simply willed out of existence.

            Repeat the mantra Notorius; double think it! Keep it skizzo.

          • Capt. WED

            I’m not hating on your mom.

            Some of the things you do is a sort of emergent behavior.

          • coala banana

            she is just schizo, same like you. You two would make a great couple ! you could lick her mutant frog eyes with your chinese toungue !

          • Notorious

            Ha, does it confuse you that I can see both points of view? Yes, I do believe America at its core holds certain values, and they are honest values. But on the other hand, our government has been infiltrated by people with negative intentions.

            As for my mom, we’ll we couldn’t be more different. I like Obama, she does not. I care about people, she doesn’t give a f*ck, most people get on her nerves. Even in her government job, citizens irritate the crap out of her while I feel sorry for them when she tells me their stories. Not to mention she’s 4’9 and I tower over her at 5’5 lol. so are we the same? No, I think she’s mean to people even if she adores me.

          • Notorious

            Oh, and is America ‘culturally fascist’? Well… let me put it this way… Ask any chinese person what they define as beautiful and they will point to a white person. It would be less easy for America to dominate the world if the rest of you guys didn’t set them up as idols even when they look down on you, in other parts of the world. THe arab countries (which I dislike), are the only ones who have rejected America’s cultural hegemonization. They don’t worship white women or their sexuality, they don’t want America’s democracy, which is just a euphemism for capitalism. They’ve rejected it all and now that America realizes that it cannot influence the middle east we’ve set our sights on Asia and what do you know, these countries are all too willing and it starts with your reshaping your IDENTITY to suit theirs.

            So yes — there is good and bad in America. Good where Americans are concerned, bad if you are not in line with our goals.

          • Capt. WED

            Notorious, you could just easily say they’re adapting in an globalized culture. You are extrapolating a little with your own set biases me thinks toward things which you have minimum real exposure of. Sure on some superficial level it may seem like that but trust me China is far from a complete westernized society and culture. Part of that is because we live in the modern world, e.g. concrete structures, western style clothing. Basically you are not being outrageous with your assement but I think you are completely off the mark.

          • Capt. WED

            For example you say the middle eastern countries don’t worship white women which I assume you meant that China does. Is that really a correct assessment? Well you do see white people in advertisements in China, it’s another thing to say it’s because China worship white women. Maybe they do it because European/western civilization make the advert seem more sophisticated. Other than that I would like to see some actual figures behind this so called worshiping of white women.

            I hope not tbh. I love eating these streetfood for breakfast:



            To do your own thing doesn’t mean everything, every culture, has a dichotomy us vs. them. LOL.

            Oh wait!!! This is exactly what I mean by America cultural fascism! YOU ARE IT! LOL LOL LOL!!! That and they keep on fucking with my mind THAT’S FASCISM TO ME! LOL.

  • Notorious

    This story is why I believe, having a government in this situation is pointless. What reason is there to have a government if they are not serving the people? What are they there for otherwise? To serve themselves? To push forth some other political agenda, which again doesn’t serve the people but serves them and their bloodlines?

    If a government does not protect those who cannot protect themselves, it is a pointless government. Women should not be forced to do what these women must do to survive. Even worse, a son who would ask his mother to whore herself to help him. He should rescue and protect this mother. This is truly a dastardly thing he allows to happen. Truly tragic and sad.

    • Diana

      Totally agree. This makes me so mad and also sad. I almost burst into tears reading this.

  • Justin

    Read an article about a similar woman in Mexico City working as a prostitute well into her 60s. It’s really, really sad. Prostitution can’t truly be said to be a victimless crime, but it’s one of the few for which the victims themselves are victimized twice over.

  • steve

    sounds like a good deal 10/15 rmb wish i could find one near me i am used to paying 300 rmb in Thailand

    • mr. wiener

      I’m sure she wouldn’t know what to make of classy guy like you.

  • dim mak

    ITT sad fucks with no sense of filial piety. It’s the only Confucian value that’s somewhat distinguishable from other moral systems, and the only one worth paying special attention to. My mom is the most bombastic materialist ever, hasn’t said she loves me since high school, favors my siblings and doesn’t even address me by my name. I’d still clean out the bank account for her if she really needed it.

    If you’re Chinese you owe it to your family, your people, and your nation to be filial. Not even kidding.

  • Rick in China

    Something I didn’t see mentioned – so, they get “between 10 and 30 kuai” — does that mean their clients negotiate? If they start at 30, the guy will be like, “No way! I’ll give you 7” and they can manage to agree on 15?

  • dan

    Going to china 29th may and stumbled across this article .. It made my eyes fill with tears .. I am a middle aged male .. these woman should not be left like this .. some sort of social reform is needed to help the chinese people ..

    • julio

      To be a chinese, I really appreciated if the author would like to bring me there where these stories happened. it looks like a story.

      10 RMB, just a bowl of noddles

  • HarryCrawtch

    The article gives me a weird boner.

    • Dimitri

      You deserve to die.

  • tommy

    China has more billionaires than the USA, with less than half the size of economy (although you just can not measure the amount of underground economy in China, it is MASSIVE) Much more than westerners could ever possibly imagine, then multiply that by a thousand or so. China has a long way to go in managing this 4.5 USAs of people in making it fair. They are doing a good job catching up quickly in providing much more for their people than they had, but have a lot more ground to pick up, especially in wealth-taxation with rates significantly too low. I would LOVE to see some communism in China, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon. The only communism there is the one-party system, which allows quick decision making for the economy, which really, has been working out bigtime in their favor the last 20 years vs western style corrupt 2 party impotent systems ie. usa, australia, uk, greece, etc.

    These people could have chosen some of the multitude of government jobs available that many don’t want to take, and gotten paid much more. Shame they didn’t. Also, they could earn more selling goods in nearly any street. the average salary in China is about 3,000 RMB a month. 110 a day considering most work 6 days a week and for 10 hours a day.

    It seems sensible how many women turn to sex for 100 rmb a hit given that in the USA $100 a hit would yield the same income of $3,000 a month if they did this once a day vs working ten hours a day. Why work when you can have a bit of sex and get paid for it? Men willing to pay make this an easy take for women. Twice a day not seeming too bad to have sex? Most men say they would gladly do it twice a day so, $200 rmb for not working at all, and just having sex twice a day, two times the national average? or for $50 rmb you do it twice a day and you have the national average income without working? Most men would line up in the millions. This puts it into perspective really. $10 rmb seems a bit far fetched to me as in China there are an incredible number of petty little things you can do to earn more than this, even for the disabled and elderly. Seems a serious lack of education of options if this is true.

    Also, anyone who says that CHINA as a nation is to blame for this is sick. China has actually put many many many sex slave ring conspirators to death, something most western nations would never do. China is making improvements quickly, although could make many more and will.

    This is definitely an education issue for these poor as there are labor shortages supreme in many areas at the 1500-3000 rmb per month level. Many factories just can not find the labor they need right now due to rising labor costs and strong rmb vs southeast asia/india/africa and those regions increase in capacity in the last few years.

  • tommy

    I just did some online research and it seems while there are your $3,000 USD varieties of prostitutes in China, there seem to be the averages in big cities around 500-800 for those targeting foreigners, to 350 for those targeting local high income, to 250 targeting average people or those with private practices.

    In rural areas this number drops from 250 to 100-180. These are generally agency rates so the girls get less, maybe 50% of the money, so 50-90 rmb. This seems accurate with this article.

    As for 10rmb, this seems very far fetched, although possible for the highly uneducated who somehow don’t have the intelligence to look for a job even as a street cook or who cant pick up some fruit and sell it on the street to make the same or more in a day, and who can not ask for a job…….pretty far fetched. Its pretty hard not to make more than either 2,000 rmb in china in a job, or more self-employed with 1.4 billion customers around you. Just imagine 4.5 times the population of your city, in 1/4 of the space. Its like a rock concert exiting, pretty much all the time, everywhere you go in china urban areas. If you cant sell some fruit or food or a few widgets or clothing or just anything, your really bucking the numbers and should try smiling or being nice to customers.

    Hard to imagine anyone this lost in life, but it’s possible. I would like to go to these places and ask these people why, with all the other options, they do this. This article would be a lot more interesting if it provided a meaningful look into some research here.

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  • Ken

    Hmm. I somehow fail to have sympathy for those that CHOOSE prostitution. Lack of education, lack of opportunity…blah blah blah. Fact is, hard work beats hard luck. No matter where you are. That being said, its not like sex is wholly unpleasant for women. Let’s face it. These women have a choice and everyone makes their own fate. Despite what the article says and this being the oldest profession, far more people have other work and do just fine, with or without an education. Prostitution is a choice. I have no sympathy for hazards of the job.