10 Severed Bear Paws Seized at Chongqing Airport

A Chinese police officer holds up a severed black bear paw that was smuggled into China and discovered at Chonqing Airport, headed to Shenzhen.

A Chinese police officer holds up a severed black bear paw that was smuggled into China and discovered at Chonqing Airport, headed to Shenzhen.

From NetEase:

Chongqing police seize 10 bear paws at airport

January 19th, a logistics company that had arrived at an airport to ship seafood was discovered by security to have 10 bear paws, with the Forestry Police becoming involved to investigate. According to preliminary information, these 10 bear paws were smuggled from outside the country, with Chongqing only being a transit point.

[Above] Photo of police officer holding up a bear paw.

A Chinese police officer holds up a severed black bear paw that was smuggled into China and discovered at Chonqing Airport, headed to Shenzhen.

January 19th 9:30am, a Chang’an van stopped at the Jiangbei Airport freight station. Opening the door, a man around 30 years old got off and unloaded 7 cartons. “Shipping to Shenzhen.” The man told the staff that the cartons held seafood inside.

A Chinese police officer holds up a severed black bear paw that was smuggled into China and discovered at Chonqing Airport, headed to Shenzhen.

According to regulations, all items shipped by air must be opened and inspected. Security screener Little Li carefully and cautiously opened the black plastic bags in two of the cartons and was shocked to find two furry black animal paws inside.

A severed bear paw seized at Chongqing Airport after it was smuggled into China.

The 10 seized bear paws were all rear legs, all severed at the joints, the exposed muscles and flesh at the wounds having already discolored. The police determined that these bear were slaughtered at least half a year ago based upon experience.

The styrofoam boxes that held bear paws smuggled into China and headed for Shenzhen.

Photo of the styrofoam boxes that held the bear paws.

A severed bear paw seized at Chongqing Airport after it was smuggled into China.

Photo of the seized bear paws.

Comments from Tiexue:


Customs officials will soon have good food to enjoy.


Humans! Eating anything and everything!


Every half kilogram is only 500 yuan or so, how many kilograms can a bear paw be? Is it worth the risk???


Rich people are becoming more and more evil/depraved with what they eat these days, eating bear paws, eating cat meat, even fetus soup!


First time I’ve seen a bear paw.


I’ve had bear paw before, just one bite, it was too greasy, but I didn’t think it was that different from other meat!


This bear paw is really big. If the bear was alive and took a swipe, I bet it could crush a person’s head.


I really don’t understand what’s so good about bear paw that so many people want to go eat wild game. They’re not bothering anyone, why go kill them?


I’m more interested in how they’re going to destroy the bear paws…

Comments from NetEase:

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At first glance, I thought that person had grown a beast’s paw [on himself].

反对派临时跟贴局 [网易浙江省网友]:

LD, how should this bear paw be handled? Steamed in broth or braised in soy sauce?!

mydogisalex [网易香港网友]:

Shameless humans… In this world, there is nothing more frightening than man.

鸭脖拉罕 [网易上海市网友]:

Were they destroyed? If they weren’t destroyed, then they may end up on the dining table of government leaders.

還我河山 [网易河南省网友]:

Without demand, there wouldn’t be the slaughter. What I want to know is, just what kind of people in this country have the ability and means to buy these things?

疯刘桑 [网易上海市网友]:

The rabble sure don’t have the extra money to go eat these things!!! How about first finding out where they were headed to!

norules [网易北京市网友]:

The shipper is quite stupid too, and also, how do the police normally handle the things they confiscate?

火星X网友 [网易广东省揭阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Don’t worry! It won’t be wasted!


Punish severely.
Don’t just punish the killer, because as long as there is a market, there will be a source. Without demand, there is no supply. They all have to be punished severely.

還我河山 [网易河南省网友]:

Shipped into the country, so who then is the buyer?

大片儿刀砍鬼子 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

A half-year old bear paw can still be eaten?

近视700度 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]:

Corrupt officials once again have fresh stock to eat. What puzzles me is, why is that those who earn the most income are corrupt officials, those who have the most relaxed work are corrupt officials, those who have the most women are corrupt officials, those who have the most exotic delicacies are still corrupt officials… why?!

loverlinzhunv [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

How come no one has noticed the police officer’s leather jacket, I’m so envious!!


Truly TM inhuman.


Everyone look at the third photo, has Fatty Kim III [Kim Jong-un] come to China to be a police officer???

黄易马赛克部小李 [网易浙江省网友]:

This was meant to be given to a government leader/official.

苯甲醇 [网易北京市网友]:

This whole thing is just going from one government leader’s mouth to another government leader’s mouth.

城管局张局长 [网易河南省安阳市网友]:

I only care about how this stuff is going to be handled…

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • GodsHammer

    10:1 says that these come from Canada. I would kill someone that I see with a bear paw…seriously disgusting food fetish that the Chinese have with exotic animal parts.

    • GodsHammer

      Sharkfin soup, Bear claws, Tiger penis, Rhino horn… why can’t it ever be chicken breasts and push-ups with these rich, fat, dough-ball, black-teeth, baijiu-breathgreasy little fucktards.

    • Rick in China

      You’re a fool. I’m from Canada, and there are strict regulations around Bear hunting – certain seasons and locations, requiring tickets etc, and every hunter I know abides strictly by policies like not killing mothers (ie see cubs nearby) or young ones. Butchers and taxidermists seem good about being strict on the rules also to cut down on illegal poaching.

      There are lots of bears in lots of areas, and when there is an overlap/conflict in numbers with other species or with settlement areas the hunting is opened/closed accordingly.

      One of my favorite meats is bear pepperoni — butchers generally mix bear with pork when they make up these tasty treats, and it tastes fantastic.

      • anon

        I wouldn’t say he’s a “fool” for thinking 10:1 they come from Canada. Just because there are strict regulations doesn’t mean some people still take the risks to break and circumvent them.

        • GodsHammer

          Rick...I’m from Canada and we have had a growing problem with poachers every spring. They kill the black bears when they are freshly out of hibernation and leave their carcasses stripped of paws and gall bladders.
          Northern Ontario and Quebec have more black bears than the rest of North America (and likely the rest of the world combined) and HUGE tracts of land. Supervised? Seems that you may have forgotten that the government doesn’t have total control over every fart you squeeze out. Don’t call me a fool for betting that these are Quebecois bears.

  • Tom Swift

    Although there is no shortage of bears in Canada, if you go hunting, you eat the animal. Cutting off pieces for some ancient medicine or delicacy is barbaric. No wonder there is virtually on more wildlife left in this country. It’s all been eaten or used to boost virility or some other stupid reason.

    • GodsHammer

      Exactly, eat better, stop smoking, and get some exercise is the best recipe for having longer life AND better sex.

    • anon

      10:1 the Canadians who are cutting off pieces are not doing so for ancient medicine or delicacy, they’re doing so for profit. They don’t care what its used for, they care about how much they can get for it.

    • Rick in China

      You’re presuming that the rest of the animal was discarded.

      I’d wager that in China there is actually MORE of a slain bear that is utilized than in Canada, even though we teach young hunters the “You kill it, you eat it” rule.

      In Canada, it’s general practice to gut an animal where it dies. If you shoot a bear and track its body down, you’ll use a gutter knife – which basically means you ram it up the animals asshole and ‘unzip’ it from ass to sternum, then rip out all the organs and let it bleed out a bit in the forest. Why? Weight. Ever tried lugging a bear through the trees? In China I’d wager every organ would be utilized to its fullest and sold to some sap who thinks it will give him a gigantic hard on or long life. It’s even more gruesome for Moose……you need to quarter those bitches in the forest – chop off their head, then saw its body in 4 — because it’s one heavy m’fer.

      • E Puff

        I think it’s disgusting and barbaric to do these things to animals.

        • Exactly so, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to go hunting when you can go 10km down the road and buy whatever you like in a supermarket.

          It’s just another disgusting human addiction (to death and violence) with people making up excuses about “population control” (Mother Nature never had to deal with population control before humans got their grubby hands on guns right?).

          That being said, I absolutely believe with very little doubt that this was killed by some chinese F.O.A.B. to be sent back to the ‘glorious motherland’ for whatever ridiculous reason.

          Absolutely disgusting.

          • My Name is Lee

            Think about it, this is no more disgusting than when you see a chicken wing in the supermarket freezer or a lump of beef…
            Shut up and become vegetarian!

          • So you obviously fail reading comprehension tests….

            “…absolutely no reason for anyone to go hunting when…”

            Did I mention which animals? No, I was speaking of hunting in general (hence the lack of specifics….). My reasoning being that enough animals are already dying for food that there’s no need to go out and take pleasure in killing more.

            I further point out that hunting is just another addiction that people have to death and violence.

            The fact that this occurs because of some absolutely ridiculous set of “traditional retarded medicine” (heavy sarcasm on the medicine part) makes it all the more putrid. These animals weren’t even hunted for food (which might be forgiven) or for sport (which is already barbaric), they were hunted for money and stupid thinking.

            The argument that if I complain about this I should become vegetarian is pathetic at best. Maybe you should have just gone all the way and suggested veganism….

      • Foreign Devil

        People in Canada don’t eat bear meat though they do hunt bears sometimes. The meat has too many parasites among other reasons. That said I’d still be pissed to see Chinese come here to Canada and poach our animals. .after they’ve already poached and killed nearly all large game in China (and most of the small games too).

        • Rick in China

          Are you kidding? We do too eat game meat. Moose, deer, elk, bear, your facts are wrong.

      • Interested

        As top predators, we human should kill other predators down the chain. But venison is my favorite. Wild game meat is really healthy.

        • Uberche

          As I have a gun and that makes me a stronger predator than you, I should hunt and eat you. Deal.

          • Interested

            Obviously you are cannibal. You can be charged with attempted murder. Good deal.

            Personal threat like this can land you in jail if you live in USA.

          • Somethin Somethin

            Yeah right buddy. Good luck getting a district attorney to go after somebody for saying I’m gonna kill you on the internet.

        • E Puff

          I really fucking hate deer hunters. I live in a city where these animals (i’m talking about the humans) go out to shoot some innocent deer. It really bugs me. They don’t hunt because they’re hungry, they hunt because they’re mean assholes who like killing creatures that value their lives as much as we do. I truly believe animals have feelings too.

          • GodsHammer

            Gotta shoot dear where I come from, to help keep the population in check. That’s what happens when you hunt wolves (because they eat livestock etc), the deer become a nuisance…a tasty nuisance ;) .

          • mr. weiner

            mmmmmmm…venison!!, nearly as good as kangaroo. [now sold legally in most Australian supermarkets]

      • GodsHammer

        Of course it’s for profit. Wager all you want, but these are killed by poachers not ‘hunters’. Aside from having no respect for the MNR game laws the difference is that hunters use meat, skin etc. Poachers kill these bears in the spring when they are weakest and their fur is least lustrous (after a winter of sleeping and fasting).
        In Chinese medicine (and the Chinese are the only ones who pay enough to make it worth the risk) the gall bladder and the paws are the tonic. Nothing else is worth dragging from the forest.

  • Song of the Article

    The Teddy Bear song
    -Kitty Wells



  • donscarletti

    I’d have it embalmed and put it on my desk as a management tool. Good workers get to high-five it, bad ones get it swiped at them.

    • Rick in China

      That’s an awesome idea!

      • deputamadre

        hahaha, best comment ever.

    • typingfromwork

      You must obey…. THE CLAW.

  • mr. weiner

    Paws up if you are waiting on hongjian’s reaction to this.

  • hooots

    “This whole thing is just going from one government leader’s mouth to another government leader’s mouth.”

    Yep probably. Cops, you were supposed to let that go through! These guys didn’t get the memo about the “seafood.” Somebody’s getting suicided…

    P.S. I bet the bears are from Russia. They wouldn’t let that shit out of Canada.

    • anon

      Your postscript is inadvertently more correct than you know. When reading “black bear” we above jumped to assume it was Ursus americanus, the American black bear which is native to North America and is likely to come from Canada. However, reading the article on Tiexue, the context actually suggests this is the Asiatic black bear, or Ursus thibetanus, which is found in North Asia and could come from Russia, Korea, Japan, and from within China itself. Probably betrays a bit of Canadian-centrism from us. Oops.

      • hooots

        This is coming from someone who knows nothing about the black market for dead bears, but yeah it just seems way easier to get bear from Russia or some other country close by than shipping it all the way from Canada. I’ll ask my Chinese friends where they get their bear. Usually what’s frightening to me is common knowledge to them.

        • mr. weiner

          I’ve heard in some cases poachers will even try their best to wipe out a species in order to make their stock piles of animal parts worth more.
          E.G Rhinos and elephants that have already had their horns or tusks remove by rangers to discourage poaching being exterminated and left to rot. It stands to reason in a nastily logical kind of way that in high risk businesses like poaching or drug dealing people want to make as much money in the shortest time possible so they can retire with their skins intact.
          killing a panda would probably be an automatic death penalty. Bears and tiger bits have been coming in from russia for some time and are getting rarer. The really killing time will be when the species are so near extinction that the rewards will be to great for any would be poacher/smuggler to resist.

  • IDK

    @网易四川省成都市网友, in case you or any other Chinese nationals bother reading this utterly tedious column of comments: Every society has had their share of baofahu pricks showing off their trophies of endangered animals (or parts of endangered animals) to their airhead baofahu friends. The law is one method of dealing with this problem; education is another. With the help of a new generation of enlightened Chinese this will (hopefully) soon come to an end. In the meantime, woe on those bears, tigers, rhinos, sharks and … many more …

  • andywattbulb

    It will make your penis grow!

  • Jesus

    5000 yrs of civilisation eventually produced a civilisation of barbarians. Well done China! Keep it up!

    • mr. weiner

      Jesus that’s not very forgiving of you.

      • themig

        he is probably a spanish man named’Jesus not the prophet

        • Jesus

          yes themig……. intelligent ! :D

        • mr. weiner

          ummm…..yeh I kinda realised that.

  • typingfromwork

    Fuck me this is absolutely discusting. Good find for these customs guys. This backwards eating-animal-parts-will-make-my-peepee-grow bullshit believe that some Chinese have must stop. And that goes for the rest of the fuckers in the rest of the world who believe in this shit too.

  • Interested

    In USA, any car seized by police will be property of police department. Often such car will be awarded to the patrol officer who caught it. They love ferrari with loaded drug.

    So what is the problem if USA can do it?

    • moop

      thats not true at all. good try though. things like cars that have become property of the state or department actually go to auction. you’re trying to mislead people, and you’re a total fag for doing so

  • shuhao

    I would give another 40 yrs for China to catch up with the western worlds morality.If there’s no major change in the current world order.

  • White Phosphorus

    I hate confessing to this, but last year during CNY, I visited a friend in Fuzhou, and her friend took me to see a bunch of government officials and business people for dinner, and I was kind of pressured into eating bear paw and snake soup. It was really weird, the bear meat tasted a bit gamey but like pork, then snake, well, it was tough and I have never eaten either of the two things ever in my life. To save them face, I took maybe 2 small bites, and then drank a lot of the white chinese liquor until I appeared intoxicated, and requested to leave. Looking back, it was a horrible thing to do, but I really don’t know what else i could have done at the time. Worst of all, those Fuzhou peoples were kind of making fun of us (Cantonese people) for eating everything that walks and has legs….yet I have never eaten any bear or snake ever, and that’s the kinda stuff they were eating. What hypocrites..

    • Jeffli

      Its dissapointing you didn’t stand up and say this is wrong. I suppose every saturday morning at YUM CHA you are also forced to eat shark fin soup too?

      I tell my coleagues and connections strait up –
      NO – endangered species on the table! thats it.
      When they ask why I ask them how they will explain to their grandchildren why there’s not bears or rhinos anymore.

      • White Phosphorus

        No, Jeff, I don’t eat shark fin soup.

        • AND Why U name White Phosphrous? Do you likey give cock a burn 4 long time?

          • Jeffli

            Aah Capt. Wet!!
            how are you old chum? You eat these wierd animals as well as your fathers ###IS ?

            Oh Say high to your mum, tell her she can come over after 5pm to pick up her mobile phone, she left it here this morning when she went back home :-) – We had an argument and she left in a hurry.
            :-D Surprised I never see her on the SOFA here?

            and hows your infection going? ready for next years bout of birdy flu? haha bear chops sizzling are they?
            see Capt. Wet or should that be Capt. C########R? Your nom de plume? Ha Ha

          • White Phosphorus

            I’m guessing that’s the kind of stuff your mother does to you on a daily basis- she likey give your cock a burn 4 a long time. I feel sorry for you. Perhaps you should realize that it’s time to move out of your mother’s basement and get a real job.

        • Jeffli

          Great then I’m preaching to the converted!
          have a nice day!

          • White Phosphorus

            Thanks Jeff for reminding Capt. WED to be more appreciative. He should be ever so grateful to his mother for supporting his sorry ass with her night job.

            And I do love bears very much. Rhinos I don’t really care for.

    • LMAO Cantonese and Fuzhounese LMAO.

      But hey, to Americans all Chinese.

      • White Phosphorus

        Really? I didn’t know that! Now if I could just find that dog biscuit, I’d give it to you for stating the correct terminology! GOOD BOY!


        agree..cantonese, fuzhounese…whatever…same human trash part of that country named Junk Guo

        • White Phosphorus

          If you despise human trash so much, then maybe you should stop indulging in everything that is related to human trash. Maybe you should get a clue and not even visit this human trash website. Unless you like eating human trash, is that some kind of closet fantasy of yours? How about all of us human trash Chinese defecate on a giant hamburger bun and treat you to something you love indulging in?? I know you’ll accept the offer because you just seem to LOVE indulging in everything that is human trash.

    • anon

      Pretty sure your snake soup didn’t include any endangered species and its more commonly eaten around the world than bear so I don’t think you should feel you have to “confess” to eating that. The snake I’ve had was more like fish to me.

      As for bear paw, if you have a thing against eating endangered animals, that’s fine. Otherwise, meat is largely meat. You may not think it is “normal”, but there’s no real logical argument for discriminating. An animal had to die regardless. Other than the endangered species argument, pretty much only vegetarians and vegans have the moral high ground on this issue.

  • Ray

    Its too barbaric to eat these bear paws, imagine you are cutting like a chickens wings off and then selling/eating it…. oh wait….

  • Jeffli

    These old Chinese men are too stubborn to stop eating these things, They know it doesn’t make you better, they ‘re just bitter old stubborn fools! 5000 years of culture and history and they still eat like cavemen – even the chopstick has not evolved!
    Now these bastards are breaking into European museums and zoos killing anything with a claw/penis/ horn or green gall bladder.
    Un-cultured brats – no different from those poachers in central Africa.
    I hope they choke or get disease from these animal parts they’re eating!
    we should genetically engineer a bear that causes syphillis to th eperson exposed! – Oh wait, thats already been done by these bastards – look at their mothers! hah!

    • DAK

      Forks and knives are very barbaric utensils.

      • Jeffli

        they’re better than chopsticks!

        • jin

          tell me whats so barbaric about chopstick?
          fork and knife = stick it into a piece of meat and slice it.
          chopstick = pick up the meat and put it in your mouth.
          please in the future dont talk stuff like this again.
          it makes you look dumb, well you are dumb but it will make you look dumb even though you are already dumb, so stop doing it cause it will make you look dumber.

          • mr. weiner

            Hey, what ever gets the job done. Knives and forks are great if your food comes in large bits. Chopsticks are cool for food that has been cut to size and your right hand is possibly the best option for countries were they don’t have toilet paper. Learn a bit of the local ettiquet if you are in a different country and try not to sneer when when visitors to your country pass the port to the left [or is that the right?]
            Oh yeah I’d issue hunting licenses to whoever wanted them…provided they used traditional methods for hunting….spears and dogs for big game, whoever is up for that definitely has no problem with their shlongs.

        • jeffli

          firstly Chinese chefs do not know what a fillet of meat is, great example – chicken presented like a road accident in food (broken bones, bone shards (causes dental issues), guts hanging off bits.
          its like the chicken was violently bashed against the wall and then chopped up with a blunt object into oversized morsels! (5000 years of cooking culture???)
          now eat this slippery rubbish using two slippery chopsticks. add e.coli for taste.

          lets look at the slippery spaghetti and noodles shall we? If you don’t want to be eating out of your bowl like a hungry dog then knife and fork is the answer.

          the best chinese food is not in china!

          • mr. weiner

            IMHO chopstcks are the best for noodles, though some noodles are so slippery even a fork is not going to help you much. Keep working on your chopstick technic, it’s always fun to out chinese the chinese.
            If by “the best chinese food ” you mean that greasy overpriced pesudo-Canto crap they serve in western chinese resteraunts ,than you can keep it.
            Taiwan is a great place for food as they have nearly every region of china cuisine here. I have to exercise not to get fat regardless of wether I’m eating with chopsticks or knives and folks;]

      • White Phosphorus

        I don’t know how YOU use a fork and a knife, but most NORMAL humans can use these utensils with care and grace.

        • DAK

          You are still slicing, dicing, and pricking. Instead, you should grab, hold, and eat, not killing your food.

  • DRaY

    Whiteman Logic!!!
    We destroyed most of the planet, killed off thousands of exotic breeds of animals, we just shoot em and put them on the wall…
    How dare you eat something that would make a great trophy or rug!!!! You guys are soo uncivilized!!

    All your comments are retarded!!!

    • Mike


  • LeBlanc

    I’m really starting to get sickened by the Chinese. They almost have Rhinos extinct now bc they believe rhino horn will give them increased sexual stamina (ever heard of Viagra)? Then there was an article on what they do to dogs for Chinese new year’s. Now this. You can’t really blame the average chinese for the Rhino horn bc obviously only the corrupt officials can afford such things (which is even more frightening, that people in positions of power aren’t smart enough to realize that ingesting Rhino horn has NO salutary benefits of any kind).
    Then you add on consuming aborted fetuses bc some chinese believe it is “good for the skin (and I’ve seen it with my own eyes so don’t tell me it’s an urban myth).

    I can’t think of anything equally contemptible in Westerners as far as cruelty to animals or as repulsive as the consumption of human fetuses.

    • mr. weiner

      Sorry to hear Chinese folk haven’t lived up to your expectations
      I think I remember reading some articles about how some of these traditional remedies,e.g powdered rhino horn for fevers, did actually have medicinal value. Of course asprin [originally a folk medicine made from birch bark] works just as well or better. I think the rarity of the animals driving up the cost also adds snob value to taking these, not to mention the placebo effect of giving someone deer antler rather than viagra to put lead in their pencil.
      I’ve never heard of anything in the west to equal fetus eating, but I think placenta is recycled to make expensive facial creams. They used to use PMU [pregnant mare urine] for this too.

      • jeffli

        thats the point! – Of course asprin [originally a folk medicine made from birch bark] works just as well or better. So why kill rhinos???

        so you have a cold lets kill a rhino? born with a small (##K lets kill a tiger and eat its penis, too much heavy metals in the poor quality chinese food systems so lets eat bears and bear bile?

        I’m sure if I eat your childrens freshly extracted pituitary gland I’ll make my #### bigger or some thing (HGH) is that justifyable too?
        as for eating fetus ok I give that but don’t tell me what high culture they are! some not all animals will eat fetus! A N I M A L S ! – this is cannibalism! -1966

        • mr. weiner

          Wasn’t justifying jeffli. just saying some of these folk remedies did have some medicinal value, but are now outdated by more modern medicines. The only reason they are still doing it is traditional or for showing off. Cool your jets friend.

          • White Phosphorus

            Please forgive Jeff! He regularly exhibits patterns of excessive spazziness when he realizes that the world actually contains many different types of people who hold very different types of opinions on a variety of controversial topics. It’s like an impulsive, schizophrenic child with turret’s syndrome. Us normal, functioning people need to be more understanding of those special individuals like Jeff.

        • DAK

          Chinese have long used deer antlers for physical and sexual healing. Now, NFL players have taken noticed and using them for athletic performance enhancement. The Chinese know what they are doing. But if it is not a white person doing it, then you are less cultured, less evolved.

      • Chinese people DO NOT EAT fetuses.


        A while back some jackass did an “art” thing where he supposely at some fetuses.

      • WiiWiiOnMama

        Urea is in 80% of pharmaceuticals (farmed from animals) and urine is a proven aphrodisiac.

        The thing is, it doesn’t kill endangered species to have your girlfriend piss on you.

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  • xiaohouzi

    What a backward bunch of hicks! Too bad there are so many barbaric morons living in China. They give China a really bad name. Let’s hope they can be educated or at least find work that doesn’t kill anything or anyone.

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  • FaecalFocaccia

    Evolution passed many Chinese by.

  • Russell Kompinski

    Right to bear arms