10 Ways To Become Famous On Chinese Discussion Forums

Jiao Shou

Jiao Shou

From Mop:

Brother will teach you the 10 different ways to become famous on discussion forums, forum newbies must read!

First way, think of a name that leaves people speechless

If you want to become known on the discussion forums, the first step is think of a resounding name, one that is memorable. This kind of name, can be bizarre, can be of extraordinary literary talent, can be silly/humorous, can be one that rolls off the tongue easily. Of course, within this method of becoming known is also a shortcut, which is to first investigate what is the most popular ID on the discussion forum and then think of a similar or matching name, and you’ll be able to attract many people’s attention.

Note: Intentionally changing your name to be similar to another person’s, impersonating famous people, can easily result in you being banned! Unless you don’t care about the consequences…

Second way, make a completely original portrait/profile picture

If you feel the name you thought of for yourself is nothing special, then there is another method, making an unusual/unique profile picture. This kind of profile picture can be of a pretty person, inciting people’s imaginations; can be unusual, causing people to spit out their food; can be elaborate, amazing people. When your profile picture becomes famous, your ID will naturally become famous too. It is the same as using your ID to become known, this also has a similar shortcut, which is to borrowing the profile picture of an ID that has been famous for a long time, creating an illusion for the masses, who will have a deep impression towards the new ID that is using this profile picture.

Third way, have an eye-catching signature

If you feel both your internet name and profile picture cannot attract people’s attention, then putting some effort into your signature can also help you become known. Writing an unbelievable thing or posting an eye-catching picture in your signature can both leave deep impressions on people. Of course, wit this method of becoming known there is also a small shortcut, which is to make one’s signature extremely extremely long, best if it is the kind that makes people have to roll the mousewheel many times before they can scroll past it. This way, when that person is exhausted, they must curse: *****, what are you trying to do with such a long signature? Although you are being remembered through being cursed, you are still becoming known.

Fourth way, make a shocking post

Discussion forums exist and live for posts, so if you want to become known, and if you do not make posts, only giving yourself a good name, a good profile picture, a good signature, then that kind of renown will only be temporary/short-lived. If you want to become known, the fundamental thing is to make posts. Well-known posts can be about genuine emotions, can tug at people’s heartstrings, can be outstanding writing/literature, can be awe-inspiring, can be controversial, anything. After some time, the ID posting these posts will become a popular figure amongst people’s talk.

Fifth way, be a commenter admired by others

On discussion forums, popularity comes from the number of replies. If you want to quickly become famous on a discussion forum, replying a lot is the most practical method. Because you are already on the discussion forum, you can’t avoid paying attention to the ranking of most replied to posts. If some ID is often on the throne of “today’s reply champion”, it will certainly attract various people’s attention. However, this method’s weakness is that it is very tiring, and you need a lot of energy and endurance to accomplish this.

Sixth way, have an insufferably arrogant attitude

If you want to become known on a discussion forum, you must have a distinct personality. This kind of personality can be an arrogant contempt for those who are not handsome or beautiful, can be a very learned/educated/intelligent attitude, can be a very honest attitude, can be an “I am a thug, I’m not afraid of anyone” attitude. Overall, this kind of personality will leave an indelible deep impression on people.

Seventh way, become discussion forum wealthy/rich

In general, those who are new to discussion forums will all ask “what is the use of the discussion forums ‘money’ and ‘prestige’?” For example, on Mop, the money here is called MP, and a lot of new people will ask when they first get here will ask “What does MP do?” and many old Moppers will tell them that MP can be used to buy various props, allow you to sticky your own posts, allow your own posts to be on the discussion forums’ front-most rows; and MP can also be used as currency, inviting people to help you solve various knotty problems/issues. At the same time, those netizens with a lot of MP will be worshiped by those newbies.

Eighth way, enter a talented faction/group/gang or alliance

This “entering” includes establishing and joining. Establishing a faction/group/gang and enlisting many well-known forum personalities will make you the center of all these people, so your reputation will definitely increase a large amount. And when joining a well-known faction, you can write what faction you belong to in your title [a short description usually underneath your forum name]. which will also make other people see you with new eyes. This way, after becoming the head of a faction or an important member, becoming a known person, you can also find your on “family” on the forum, and can be taken care of/looked after by many. Again, using Mop as an example, it has many different types of alliances, according to geographic location, hobbies, and other divisions. For example, one famous one is called “Church of the Wretched”, and the famous person “Wretched Man” originated from it.

Ninth way, take on an famous apprentice

Taking on an apprentice is a very effective method of becoming known. Because first, ordinarily people taking on an apprentice will make a post, and this kind of post will be extremely popular. Next, ordinarily after people have acknowledged someone as their master, they will write in their title that they are “so and so’s disciple/follower/apprentice”, and so the master’s name will follow the apprentice’s name wherever he goes. Again, if you can take on a good apprentice, and the apprentice is a credit to himself, then he will also reflect well on the master, causing many people to say, “So and so, you truly adopted a good disciple.” And at this time, though the master is only riding along on another person’s praise for his own apprentice, not mentioning anything about his own work, surely he is laughing inside.

Tenth way, be a random moderator

If you cannot accomplish the previous methods, but still want to become known, then go apply to be a moderator. The reason is because even if you are a guest, after entering a discussion forum, you probably need to look at those moderator’s names. So, no matter how obscure you are, as long as you become a moderator, that will still attract the people’s attention, entering the discussion forum’s hall of fame in one fell swoop.

Comments from Mop:


Why bother, just start a -gate [scandal] and then create an ID to complain that you are the male or female in the XX-gate, hoping that everyone will not human flesh search you, that you have a lot of stress whatever whatever. I guarantee you will become famous.


Obviously, my ID is very niubi~


Becoming known is difficult, becoming a known Mopper is even more difficult!


Lou zhu is truly lacking in knowledge and experience. Trying to make it big on forums these days without multiple identities cannot hope to become known. Look at brother’s [mine]!


Yeah, this summary makes a lot of sense.


Why do you want to become known?
Just for the effect of suddenly appearing and surprising everyone?
I still prefer being low-key, famous people have a lot of pressure/stress…


Lan zhou shao bing! [means: LZ SB]


Wouldn’t it be better to be obscure like brother [me]?


Brother’s [my] first standard/rule for being on discussion forums is…to be low-key.


Having read everyone’s replies, I now know, that the world is truly big after all, that I am truly very foolish, very naive~~~~~~But I resolutely implement/follow my own “soy sauce passerby” guiding ideology, fame is nothing in my eyes!!!

[The “soy sauce passerby” refers to a person who was interviewed on television but chose to say he was only passing by.]


After reading this post, I went out of my way to look at the LZ‘s ID!! I conscientiously tell you: I will remember you!!! Maybe you will become famous!!

Where fame may be more useful. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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