10-Year-Old Chinese Auto Mechanic Kicked Out Of School

A 10-year-old Chinese boy holds a screw.

From Mop & Tiexue:

10-year-old boy: Forced out of school, his “hobby” is being an auto mechanic

He is only 10-years-old, his height at most 1 meter, and his name is atypical: Wang Wei. However, his ability is even more atypical: He already has 4-5 years of work experience, and he is already a skilled auto mechanic.

Don’t believe it? Please take a look at the photographs—-

1. This is a private tire repair shop in the Bijie suburbs of Guizhou province. On July 8th afternoon, when I came here to fix my tire, this bare-chested guy happened to be adding grease to a large vehicle.

A 10-year-old Chinese boy is a skilled car repairman.

2. “You…you can dismount and repair tires?”

“Why can’t I? Are you underestimating me? Of course I can! I’ve been coming to the auto repair shop often since 4-5 years ago, just watching I’ve learned how.” He said this while bringing over a socket wrench and breaker bar and heh, look, he really did loosen that lug nut!

A small Chinese boy removes lug nuts from a car.

3. When to use his hands, when to use his feet; where to pull, what to twist, he was methodical, orderly, and very familiar with using the modern tire removal tool.

He truly is a skilled child tire repairman.

10-year-old Chinese boy is an experienced car mechanic.

4. My god, what a pity—-before I could get my camera on him, he used his two small hands, his two small legs, and his gaunt chest to grab, lift, and up, the 20-25kg tire was efficiently removed and lying on the “operating table” that half his height, obediently awaiting his “diagnosis”.

This only increased my respect towards him.

A 10-year-old Chinese boy dismounts a tire.

5. Little Wang Wei said while working that he just turned 10-years-old this year. He studied at Bijie 16 Primary School, and finished sixth grade last school year but when he went to register for the next school year, the teacher said his grades were not good, and would not let him register.

“Although my grades are not good, I am not naughty, and am disciplined/observe the rules. However, I too don’t know why, but the teacher still puts me in the last row [of the classroom]. I am short/small, and the classmates in front of me are all taller than me, so I can’t see the blackboard, can’t see the teacher, so of course my grades will become even worse.”

A 10-year-old Chinese boy is a skilled car mechanic.

6. “Look, I told you it must be a nail, and you were afraid it wasn’t. It’s this big wood screw—-Relax, I guarantee your tire will be fine!”

A 10-year-old Chinese boy holds a screw.

7. It turns out that this tire repair shop is owned by his uncle, and the main technician is this older brother wearing the yellow shirt. Little Wang Wei said, him working here is not because someone hired him to be child labor, that he doesn’t get paid, so him fixing cars is completely something he does as a “hobby”.

A 10-year-old Chinese boy works at a tire repair shop in China.

8. So does he plan to rely this, fixing cars, to make his living in the future? He said he hasn’t thought about this question, but, he wants to go to school, and next school year, he wants to find a school to attend. “Only thing is I don’t know is will the school want/accept me?”

A 10-year-old Chinese boy is a skilled car mechanic.

After fixing/mending the tire, his little friends invited Wang Wei to go bathing and swimming.

Seeing him and his friends walking away arm in arm laughing, I thought: If I were a teacher, I would accept little Wang Wei to my class to learn, and give him a seat appropriate for his height.

What about you teachers looking at this group of photos?

Comments from Mop:


Continue working, and in the future he will definitely become the world’s number one auto mechanic.


What kind of teacher is this?
When I think back to when I was going to school, my grades weren’t very good either.
Our junior high separated the students, those children whose grades were poor not allowed to go to school.
My parents had to give over 8000 [RMB] so that I could [continue] to go to school…
Eventually I was able to get accepted into high school…
Not letting such a small child go on, isn’t this teacher being too cruel?


In reality, this kind of thing in society has always been happening, just undiscovered/unnoticed!


Even if this child doesn’t go the route of going to school, learning, and then working,
simply based on his clever skill,
his willingness to work hard, he will definitely become an outstanding technician.
While I’m at it, an outstanding technician doesn’t necessarily make less money than a white collar worker.
ps: I am a girl, I like mechanical engineering, but was forced to learn applied mathematics by my family after the gaokao [a standardized university entrance examination], and became a teaching student [to become a teacher later].
However I like mechanical things, so I secretly went to technical school to learn how to operate excavators and forklifts during my vacations,
and now already have a special operating license.
Operating the excavator I always have a sense of pride and achievement, and now, as I am almost about to graduate, with that garbage second-rate diploma I have, there aren’t many companies that want to hire me, whereas forklift and excavator operators at construction and engineering sites are actually in high demand. What more =。= the wages are not the least bit low.
I now really regret having gone to a second-rate university and what more, studied mathematics for teaching.
The most important thing was that I didn’t like [what I was learning], so everyday going to class was torture.
The only pity is that my family is opposed, so I can only accept the path my family has prepared for me after graduation and teach mathematics in an elementary school…
I don’t want to say anymore, talking about this makes me sad…


If China wants to do something, it should first do something to improve the education system.


A tire is something a child simply isn’t capable of moving, and screwing on lug nuts is even harder. If he it is screwed on too loose, the car will be damaged…

He should go to school.


In the sixth grade, the students with poor grades will pull down the average grade of the graduating class. In this society where pay is linked with performance, he has become a sacrifice.


When he grows up he will definitely become a great mechanic. If he can get on an F1 team, then his possibilities are endless!


Work hard, and who knows, maybe one day he will be an automotive mogul.


In the Heavenly Kingdom [nickname for China], schools and hospitals are used to increase the government departments’ income.
What educating of people and imparting of knowledge? What saving of lives and nursing the hurt? We’re out now~~~~~
Damn social morals, damn twisted values, damn development!

Damn chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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